4/18/23- The temporary forums are now live here. Be sure to sign up as soon as possible as I will have to accept everyone. Also, because I can't promise we are going to get our forums within the week, I can't promise I can get to your RP's. So anything that was posted on the previous forums for the card which is now the 22nd card needs to be reposted on these forums to count.

Prez Mike

4/17/23- The revised Saturday Shockwave card is posted here. I will be posting an alternate forum link with more information here soon (assuming our usual one doesn't return soon) with more information.

Prez Mike

4/14/23- The Saturday Shockwave results are here. Sans a few matches.

Prez Mike

World Champion

Jackson Gunner
Intercontinental Champion
Wade Flow
Extreme Champion
Television Champion
Jay White
Tag Team Champions
Wade Flow and Jackson Gunner
Womens Champion
Eva Marie

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April 22nd, 2023


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