Name:  N/A
Character(s): Chris Benoit;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (3);
Most Noted For: 3 World Heavy Weight Championship reigns.
Scott Mann's Words: In the words of many, Chris Benoit was the founding face of TAW. What can be his highest achievement? Well, being a three time world champion of TAW is that. Chris Benoit was a crippler of other wrestler's dreams while here in TAW as he was voted into the hall of fame with flying colors. This great native of Canada has yet to finish his book in TAW and will be back someday, just will he be in his top form when that time comes? We salute Chris Benoit's hard work and determination to be the best he could be in TAW and that is why he is the number one inductee to the hall of fame. Congratulations Mr. Benoit.'