Name:  Joe K.
Character(s): Alex Salvatore;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Tag Team (1); Extreme (2);
Most Noted For: X-Cold/Salvatore Feud, Evil President Gimmick, being a RPer that will RP for a storyline and not bail on you!
Prez Mike's Words: Probably the best heel in EMF history.  I could easily compare Alex Salvatore to the Ric Flair or HHH of the EMF!

Name:  Michael Walker
Character(s): X-Cold; Stephanie McMahon; Chris Jericho; Amy "Lita" Dumas;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (5); Intercontinental (1); Tag Team (1); Television (1);
Most Noted For: X-Cold/Salvatore Feud, X-Cold and Stephanie storyline, being a one person staff as the Prez and still writing long RP's! All the Other World storylines (including World of Pain), the Other World theory (and more, just don't want to brag too much).
Edge__'s Words: It goes without saying that the EMF wouldn't be around without X-Cold/Prez Mike. Since it was so long ago, I don't remember why I wanted to quit after a month after I started the EMF, but Mike was there to take over and has been going strong ever since for five years now. Five years, take a minute and think about that. Pretty impressive, right? Especially considering he ran everything and RP'd well simultaneously, and always tried to make everyone happy. X-Cold deserves to be in the HOF for all his titles, wins, feuds, RP's, and accomplishments.  He was there in the pre-EMF (the WWAC) and he went on to win 5 titles. I like to think of X-Cold as the Hulk Hogan of EMF, almost always the dominating face, tons of fans (real and fictional). Through the early days of "Feel the Chill, bitch!" (Had to put it in here!), to feuds with many other EMF Hall-Of-Famers like Salvatore, HHH, Matt Dragon, and Primetime, X-Cold was an EMF mainstay for years and set the bar high for all the subsequent and future superstars to live up to. If you want to know how to become a good RP'er, just take a gander at some of X-Cold's past RP's, you'll see good story lines, funny quips, banter, and jokes, and overall entertaining writing.

Name:  Mitch Barczykowski
Character(s): Hardcore Barczykowski;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Tag Team (3); Extreme (1);
Most Noted For: Being the leader of one of the longest standing stables in EMF history the hOrDe, being one of the more constant RP's, also making kick ass banners for a lot of the EMF wrestlers!
Prez Mike's Words: Though I haven't seen Mitch around lately, hope you see this. Hardcore even though not getting world title shots in the early days of the EMF Hardcore didn't quit. He and a bunch of real life friends made a stable known as the hOrDe. You could always count on a Hardcore or hOrDe RP. He helped a lot by making banners for any wrestlers that couldn't. Because of those reasons Hardcore is now a part of the Hall of Fame!

Name:  Tim Ploof
Character(s): Steve Hiroko; Krystal Hiroko;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Tag Team (1); TV (4);
Most Noted For: Being the Greatest TV champion in EMF history, just recently sent a record becoming the first EMF wrestler to hold any belt 4 times. Steve and Krytal Hiroko vs. X-Cold and Stephanie. Being the more loyal to the EMF than alot of people
Prez Mike's Words: Their are some of you that think that Hiroko hasn't done enough. Well that's very untrue, he has been the only one to hold the TV title high, well others rather throw it in a trash can. When I took the Prez's job, Steve Hiroko and Krystal was my first hire as EMF Prez. Believe me I have never regretted it, because not only of what he has done. But as loyal as he stays to the EMF through the good and bad times both Steve and Krystal Hiroko deserve to be here!!

Name:  Jordan Lovell
Character(s): HHH; Jeff Jarrett; Stacey Keibler;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (3); Intercontinental (1);
Most Noted For: Leader of the nWo, feud with X-Cold, first impact player of the EMF, brings the best RPer out of you can be with his storyline idea's.
Prez Mike's Words: HHH came into the EMF and proved to be the EMF's first impact player. It wasn't long till HHH was able to get the IC title over X-Cold. He and Jeff Jarrett probably wrote some of the better RP's of the early EMF in my opinion. The storyline of X-Cold taking Stephanie away and HHH chasing brought the roof down with the RP's that storyline had from both Roleplayers. It's no doubt that even though HHH had to leave the EMF after a short time, he will live on as fastest character to have ever gain success here in the EMF.

Name:  Nathan Lutz
Character(s): Sandman;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (2); Tag Team (1);
Most Noted For: Commish. of the EMF, Time with the hOrde and DX, being a constant RPer (like Hardcore)
Prez Mike's Words: I just want to say that Nate was the only help I could get when I was pretty much alone on the Staff. Though he wanted to retire from the ring, I told him it would help the EMF more if Sandman was to stay.His stay in the EMF lasted seven months straight and even more with his short returns after. Without deserved many more championships than what he got, but even through that he still roleplayed. He was a bit down about never becoming world champ. again, but now Sandman is retired in the EMF I hope one day he returns to finally get that Extreme championship that he was never able to capture

Name:  Bob Wurtz
Character(s): Shawn Michaels;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (3); Intercontinental (1); Television (1);
Most Noted For: Being a great RPer, the Clique, holding the world title more times than everyone expect for X-Cold
Prez Mike's Words: HBK was without a doubt a great character and it's reflected in the world championships that he has earned. Bob even helpped me out with the results, it was a very tight race between himself and Road. But in the end he was able to pull away from Road by one vote and now HBK will live forever in the EMF Hall of Fame.


Name:  Chris R.
Character(s): Road;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (2); Television (1); Tag Team (2);
Most Noted For: First wrestler to get all titles (the First, and to date the Fastest Grand Slam Champion), Matt Dragon/Road feud, Salvatore's hitman, being a great and loyal RPer, Total Destruction stable
Prez Mike's Words: Road and I have been in feds together since our first one and we have both grown as great RPers. So Road had a great career in the SCF and EMF, when I get off my lazy ass I'll create a SCF HOF he and the Game will be the first two in there. But till then, Road will live forever in the EMF HOF.

Name:  Matt Barrett
Character(s): Matt Dragon; Trashman; Edge__;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (3); Intercontinental (2); Extreme (1); Tag Team (1);
Most Noted For: Matt Dragon/Road feud, being first Prez in EMF history, Trashman extreme match's and the Total Destruction stable
Prez Mike's Words: Matt Dragon will be the one that will be officially considered to be in the Hall of fame, but I figured we should also give credit to Barrett's two other character. As soon as he stepped into the EMF Matt Dragon made an impact and made himself feared in the Extreme Measures Federation in very little time. His match's with Road will always be remembered as one of the greatest series of match's ever. When people like X-Cold had retired Matt Dragon was one of the superstars that picked up the ball and ran it all the way to the top. Trashman also one of the orinigal members that put the Extreme in EMF, he will go down as one of the greatest extreme wrestlers ever. On to Edge__ hell the EMF might have never been made if it wasn't for him, he did all he could in the month he owned it before giving it to Joe which was then handed over to me. Since then he's still been seen in the EMF and the EMF thanks him for his work.

Name:  Ryan Addison
Character(s): Punisher;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (3); Tag Team (3); Extreme (3); Television (1)
Most Noted For: Being a dependable RPer, for dominating in the EMF, for winning most titles, being friends with former VP Shane McMahon, Cocky newbie gimmick
Prez Mike's Words: Picture that you are reading through the EMF board and you see what seems to be a OOC post that says that a character could beat 99% of the EMF talent and the only challenge would be X-Cold. Many people at one time thought that Punisher was nothing more than a cocky newbie that thought he could take the EMF by storm. Well we were wrong on two points, because he could take the EMF by storm and two he was just using the cocky beginning as a start for his character and was actually very cool OOC. Punisher during his time in the Extreme Measures Federation was a very feared name and people knew that it was a matter of time before he won the world title. In fact his character was so dominate you would think that he would have won many other titles. He recently returned, finally won the world title and had a well deserved long run as champion.

Name:  "Redderz"
Character(s): Counterfeit; Puppet Master;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Television (1);
Most Noted For: Being a very skillful funny RPer, most of his storylines most notable "the search for Hardcore Barczykowski"
Prez Mike's Words: Counterfeit was different to say the least. At a time in the EMF that it was unheard of to use a humorous character to get to the top. If Counterfeit wasn't the first, he was the most effective to do this with his style. His RP's quickly won him fans in the EMF and got him the world championship. Counterfeit was a character that was not serious most of the time, but still he was done so well that he was able to win a world championship. Counterfeit was also known to have a split personality known as the puppet master and he would also mention that Hulk Hogan was his idol and then denied that he was past his prime. So whatever the case, Count a mania will always run wild in the EMF HOF.

Name:  "Beer Baron"
Character(s): Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw);
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight [1(Bradshaw)]; Tag Team (2);
Most Noted For: Being apart of the nWo, one of the first great tag teams, being the first ever tag team in the HOF
Prez Mike's Words: nWo, three letters that struck fear in the hearts of the early EMF superstars. Go against them, you would have probably have to run into the APA and an ass kicking will follow. The APA were a big part of the first New World Order storyline (Faarooq was also with Triple H when he was searching for X-Cold) and part of the first breed of Extreme Measures Federation superstars. Bradshaw was even a one time world champion, but after Bradshaw dropped the title. The APA called it a career and haven't been heard from since. While some might have forgetten the APA had on the early EMF, they will now always be remembered in the EMF Hall of Fame!

Name:  Jason S.
Character(s): Scott Tazte; Def Metal;;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (1); Tag Team (1);
Most Noted For: Carrying the EMF along with HBK in a down period in the EMF
Prez Mike's Words: While Tazte showed up a few months after I took the EMF. We soon found out that Tazte had been in the EMF before as Outlaww. Like Matt Dragon needed Road to make a feud that would push the EMF through a down period. Shawn Michaels needed Scott Tazte to push the EMF through one of the more down periods in EMF history. His character image was somewhat hurt due to the fact he claimed to be Matt Hardy. He was actually close to getting into the EMF HOF when I left it to a public vote for the next HOFer. But recently that cloud has been lifted from Tazte and he now doesn't claim to be anyone. Now Tazte has made a very Tazte-riffic entrance into the EMF Hall of Fame!!

Name:  Daniel M.
Character(s): "Primetime" Dan Massoud;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (6); Extreme (1); Television (1); Tag Team (2);
Most Noted For: Carrying the EMF for a time in the fall of 2001, Being a long very loyal RPer, nWo/Alliance, tieing X-Cold's world title mark.
Prez Mike's Words: Stange how things come about, but I meet Dan while in another efed. He tried to get me for his efed. But I told him I couldn't due to my holding a efed as well as RPing in the fed he found me at. He came to the EMF as a alright RPer, but with time he was able to become the great RPer we know him today. He's been loyal as hell and his accomplishments speak for themselves. So no question in my mind that Primetime has earned his way into the Hall of Fame!!

Name:  Jon
Character(s): Blindside;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (2); Extreme (4); Television (1);
Most Noted For: Being a loyal RPer, great extreme champion, his feud with Primetime before he left when he finally became world champion
Prez Mike's Words: The best thing that can be said about Blindside is that he worked his way up the hard way. He never quit even though he was mid carding for a good amount of time. He slowly got better and he finally got his time to shine in the main event. He became world champion before he left. He really made the extreme championship mean something when he was around and earned a lot of respect from EMF superstars past and present. So there is no doubt that Blindside has earned this spot in the Hall of Fame!!

Name:  Matt Logerfo
Character(s): Matt Logerfo; Method Man; VP Matt;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (2);
Most Noted For: He's most noted for his staff work, being the very first VP of the EMF, had a good career as well
Prez Mike's Words: Logerfo to me is more noted to me with his staff work then his career as a RPer. He was one of the one that orinigally opened the EMF along with Edge__. When I had family issues and I had to take a month away from the EMF, he helped me to bring it back and got it back on it's feet again and it's been going since. Not to take any credit from his career as well, he was a really talented RPer. He was in and out of the EMF, but in the periods he was in the EMF he would always find his way into any title hunt and he won his fair share of titles (lol I don't remember that far back to tell you them) and had some good feuds. Logerfo is one of the reasons the EMF is still around still to this day and for a very good career he earned this spot in the HOF (Logerfo if I missed a point, sorry it's been too long)

Name:  Tony Ikeda
Character(s): Tony "The Badd Boy" Ikeda; CaRnAgE; Degenerate;

Honorable metion characters also handled by Tony: CM Punk; Tammy "Sunny" Sytch; Ashley Massaro; Randy Orton;  (NOTE- these characters do not have HOF character rights, so they are avaliable to be used by any RPer if they are open to be taken):
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (2); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (1); Television (1); Tag Team (1); Attitude World Heavy Weight (1); Attitude Internet (1);
Most Noted For: Other side of the wWo Lockdown, being a loyal RPer, having a very good record, had some other decent storylines and working his way up top to bottom
Prez Mike's Words: Wow this was a badd turn out, a badd choices, what a badd day for the HOF! LOL j/k, but in all seriousness Tony first came into the EMF when TAW merged with the EMF. At first he wasn't exactly the best, but he slowly got better. He was determinded to get better and he did it the way it should be done by working his way through the ranks. He got to the main event and has been a force in the EMF since. His most notable storyline he was apart of was probably the wWo lockdown, though he wasn't really willing at first to be apart of that. Still he put a good effort anyways, he's been very loyal which is hard to find and hasn't complained (other then one bad time we had, but oh well). The way Tony's character was, it always reminded me of X-Cold. So that's why I even worked a storyline with Badd Boy that X-Cold became his trainer. BB has done a lot, but regardless...all I have to say is that there will be a lot of Badd days (or puns...whatever comes first) in the HOF!

Name:  Daniel White
Character(s): Wasabi; Rachel;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (1); Television (3); Tag Team (1); Attitude World (1); Attitude Internet (1);
Most Noted For: Being the leader of the wWo, wWo lockdown, helping change the bar for a time period in 2002, RPing a style that has only been pulled off 3 times in the EMF history
Prez Mike's Words: WHAT?!?! WASABI IN THE HOF! Over my dead body *someone whispers in his ear*....god damn it...stupid j/k. All joking aside, like Primetime it was a weird story how Wasabi came to the EMF. Around the summer of 2001 I was into wrestling media (not anymore, can't download media because of my stupid computer take that Lars) and I offered to give a theme on a wrestling media board known as "wrestlevideos2". Oddly enough the theme was "Primetime" Elix Skipper and who asked for the theme...none other then the future RPer of Wasabi. Because of this side thing I did, I was able to show Dan the EMF and the EMF was never the same. He started out not as good, but slowly got better as he tried out things for his character and found that humor was the best style of RPing for him. This at the time was only really attempted (and was successful at it) by another EMF HOFer Counterfeit. Dan knew that he was going down a road less trailed by EMF superstars, he also was aware of the shadow of Counterfeit he walked into with it. Though through that he (and the rest of the wWo) went down that road more then Counterfeit did (though to be fair to Counterfeit, he wasn't in the EMF as long). He helped change the bar for a while in the EMF some where in 2002 and made humor more frequent thing to show up in roleplays, thus changing the bar in the EMF. As well as helped fueds such as the wWo vs. bWo wWo/EMF vs. nWo and many more. So I have no doubt in my mind that Wasabi does deserve to be here, so Wasabi will now truly go down in EMF history that "built his house" (lol just in case you didn't get that....that is the phrase that is repeated over and over in the theme he asked for)

Name:  Matt Raw
Character(s): Raptor; Hobo; Toby;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (1); Intercontinental (1); Extreme (1); Tag Team (1); Attitude World Heavy Weight (2);
Most Noted For: Great, creative RPer, being able to use the humor style of RP's to gain success (only done by two others..Counterfeit and Wasabi), being apart of some great storylines, some great feuds, being very helpful and good to work with
Prez Mike's Words: Man, this must be the first dinosaur EVER in the Hall of Fame *gets passed an angry note*...wha....Raptor's not a anyone would believe THAT...HAHA...anyways all joking aside. Raptor along with his other characters was apart of the wWo stable that got Wasabi into the Hall of Fame as well, just as well had great moments as Wasabi. His accomplishments won much with the same style as Wasabi, so he had just as much to do with "changing the bar" (wWo lockdown as well as many other things the wWo did) as I noted in Wasabi's HOF profile as Wasabi did. Had great feuds with Def Metal, the nWo and many others. Both Raptor and Wasabi were also very cool to work with. So in honor of Raptor getting into the Hall of Fame...we are renaming the EMF Hall of Fame...Jurassic Park! *gets a death glare from Matt*...alright maybe not, oh well great job man you earned your place here in the HOF...and oh yeah...he STILL hasn't beaten Primetime...*runs off the stage before getting sniped*

Name:  Rob Siddon
Character(s): Jarred Carthallion; Angelus Archer;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (4); Intercontinental (4); Extreme (1); Television (1); Tag Team (4); Attitude World Heavy Weight (1);
Most Noted For: Very loyal, Championships, helped me out and had many different good feuds
Prez Mike's Words: The first thing I can say about Rob the RPer is that he's extremely loyal. He's been in the EMF through good, and bad times for him. Even when things just weren't going his way, he stuck in there and always kept going (baring a few times when he had to take a few breaks from the EMF for various reasons). I don't believe he has a storyline that absolutely stands out. But he has a lot of very good feuds along the way. Such as Wes/Jarred, Primetime/Jarred, and Jarred/wWo (both Raptor and Wasabi) come to mind off the top of my head. (probably his most long term ones) Though the real surprise comes just recently as his second character Angelus has stepped in and has been a great world champion. Which was probably unexpected even to the RPer (from my understand). But with that said, I know this has been a goal of Jarred/Angelus since he stepped foot in the EMF, and it's well deserved without a doubt.

Name:  N/A
Character(s): Xtreme Deema;
Championship(s): N/A;
Most Noted For: Very loyal in developing year for the Extreme Measures Federation, the HoRde, and being an important early face here in the EMF
Prez Mike's Words: Wow, this was a LONG time coming and it's too bad that it didn't happen sooner. Xtreme Deema was one of the early faces in the Extreme Measures Federation, when I took the EMF one thing I tried to do was to push the HoRdE. A stable that Deema was much a part of as fellow Hall of Famer Hardcore Barczykowski. They were a very big part of the EMF in it's first few months, which are the most hard months for any e-fed. In a way it's sad that Deema must have stayed on the ballot longer than any wrestler in EMF Hall of Fame history. But finally Deema will be forgotten no more in the Hall of Fame, quite possible the last of the worthy first generation of EMF superstars to be inducted.

Name:  Christina Hancock
Character(s): "The Black Widow" Katrina; Sierra Van Der Pohl; Mercedes McGillicutty; Eric Bischoff;
Championship(s): Women's {[Katrina (5)] [Sierra (1)] [Mercedes (1)] [Rita Van Toad (1)]};
Most Noted For: Being one who brought the one's to bring the womens division to a new level, uncountable good storylines (including the storyline of the year for 2004 (including World of Pain), quite a few slammies (including Female wrestler of the year for 2004.) possibly having the most women's title reigns overall, being a loyal and great member to the EMF for years.
Prez Mike's Words: While Stephanie McMahon-Walker, and Krystal Hiroko can say that they were the reason the women's division was brought to the EMF in the first place. The division wasn't truly taken seriously. In fact, some called for the division to be folded completely in early 2001. That was until "The Black Widow" Katrina came on the scene. She along with others (such as Natashia, Rob's Amy Dumas..and others...) helped make the division into something worth while. From there, the division would go on to gain new heights, with at least one of Christina's characters somewhere in the mix. In the EMF boom period at the end of 2004. There was many people who played a part in the success of that time period. Christina was one of those people. Even though she didn't compete much in that time period. Her work on our storyline World of Pain helped make e-feds fun for me again. Which is why it is still one of my favorite storylines to this day. It also helped made her Sierra character a big time player in the EMF. The fact that she won the Female Wrestler of the Year for that year shows how important Christina the person was to that time period (among others). Whether it was competing for championships, or making storylines. Christina's characters always meant a lot to the Extreme Measures Federation. Not just because they were good, and she had great idea's. Because of the type of person she was as well. Personally as someone who's worked with her on quite a few storylines, I know that she is without a doubt one of people I have most fun writing storylines with. She's an awesome member and person, personally I think that should count for something when we think of the people who did something "special" in the EMF. Which is why I'm happy that the first female HOFer turned out to be her, congrats!

Name:  Michael Browning
Character(s): John Cena; Jackie Gayda; Natasha Jones;
Championship(s): World Heavy Weight (5); Intercontinental (2); Extreme (1); Television (1); Tag Team (2); Women's (7);
Most Noted For: Storylines, winning championships, being loyal member/staff member, and a big part of the EMF for many years.
Prez Mike's Words: Coming into the Extreme Measures Federation, Michael is one of the EMF's success stories to say the least. He didn't have any experience in e-feds, and learned more, and more as he went along. He soon became one of, if not the best RPer of his time. Which is especially impressive considering the EMF was on a huge high point. The belts are listed, I think we all know what he has done as his character John Cena, and Jackie Gayda. However, If there is one thing that I can say about Michael is that his legacy not only lies in the championships he won, and how long he held them. But also in the storylines he made, and the characters that resulted in these stories. I personally wrote a storyline with him known as Uncontrollable Passions, which is without a doubt the longest running storyline in EMF history. In my personal history, I've written a lot of storylines with a lot of people, some of these RPers were some of the greatest of all time in EMF history, others failed to truly reach their potential. Definitely Michael is without a doubt one of the best one's I've worked with, someone who has never left me hanging, be it for storylines or in his staff work, which is extremely rare. RPer wise, Michael has developed into a great RPer, I always looked forward to reading his RP's, no matter how large, they were always entertaining. Also a guy who is very loyal to the EMF, and fun to have around. As well as he always seemed to enjoy learning from me, and others. I do take some personal pride into the fact he seemed (note: to me at least) developed a lot of the traits that made me the RPer I was, and still am to this day from the stand point of storyline writing, and RPing.  Finally the last thing I must say about him is that he's a great friend to me, and personally I don't know if I'm the easiest person to know. It's never easy to sum up a Hall of Fame induction, all I can hope is that I did them close to justice they deserve, and I can only hope I did a semi-decent job on why John Cena, and Jackie Gayda have earned their spot in the EMF Hall of Fame!

Name:  Matt V.
Character(s): Twilight;
Championship(s): Extreme (1); Tag Team (1);
Most Noted For: Being undefeated in singles matches for a year, Extreme Title run, being loyal member, and starting the TwiLighT rip off phenomenon
Prez Mike's Words: N/A