Name: April Jeanette Mendez
Alias(es): AJ Lee
Hometown: Union City, New Jersey, USA
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 107lbs
Alignment: Nuetral
Signature Move(s):
Shining Wizard - No Description.
Shiranui - Backflip Three-Quarter Facelock Falling Inverted DDT..
Wheelbarrow Bulldog - No Description.
Finishing Move(s):
Black Widow - Octopus Hold.
Theme Song:Jim Johnston - "Let's Light It Up"
Manager: - None
Wrestlers Managed: - Troy Gafgen (Current), John Cena (Former), Nostalgia (Former)
Championship History*:
EMF Women's Championship x 1
Bio: AJ Lee entered the EMF when she heard they were hiring for a new General Manager for the Divas division. As a former General Manager for WWE's flagship show Monday Night RAW! she had the experience to become a real contender for the position. Ultimately, EMF Co-Owner John Cena whittled the applicants down to just AJ Lee and former WWECW General Manager Tiffany. At Unleashed 2013, the 2 faced off in a Tag Team Match, where the team of AJ Lee, Amy Dumas and Christy Hemme defeated Mickie James, Natasha Jones and Tiffany to secure the job for AJ. Since becoming the permanent Divas General Manager, AJ has shown a bias towards her hero, Amy Dumas, and constantly makes decisions which she believes to be in the best interest of her "BEST FRIEND FOREVER". Amy on the other hand, likes to ignore AJ whenever possible, seemingly not sharing her excitement at the prospect of the two of them working together. Eventually AJ got sick of this treatment from Amy and took to dressing like her former hero, and pretending to be her, while running herself (Amy) down and attempting to replicate aspects of Amy's career (such as allowing John Cena to spank her repeatedly live on TV). AJ has also been hugely involved in the male divisions, becoming the manager for then Intercontinental Champion Troy Gafgen and trying to aid him in becoming World Champion. At EMF Whiplash 2013, Troy challenged Cena in a 2 fall match, where the first fall was for AJ's contract, and after Cena won AJ's services, AJ screwed Troy over to help her new client retain the gold. Cena soon fired AJ as his manager however, and now AJ is going to have to attempt to reconcile her differences with Troy. In April 2015, following the suspension of Nostalgia's manager, Christy Hemme, AJ seemingly broke up with Troy and became the manager of the then World Champion. This didn't last long as AJ would cost Nostalgia the title, allowing Troy to win it. Troy would return the favor the next week when he helped AJ steal the EMF Women's Championship from Mickie James, making her champion for the first time.
Character Status: Active
Character Face: AJ Lee
Handler: N/A
Contact Information:
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*Championship history not always accurate. If not current please contact a site administrator to have information corrected.

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