Name: Maria Kanellis
Alias(es): N/A
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115lbs
Alignment: Face
Signature Move(s):
Bronco Buster - No Description.
Seeing Stars - Handstand Calf Kick.
Split Legged Fist Drop - Move Description.
Finishing Move(s):
Beautiful Bulldog - Running Bulldog.
Leaping Clothesline - From elevated position.
Theme Song: Zebrahead - "With Legs Like That"
Manager: - None
Championship History*:
EMF Women's Champion x 3
Bio: Maria Kanellis is best summed up in one word.... confusing. One minute she will come out with something so amazingly intelligent you'd wonder why Stephen Hawking isn't borrowing ideas from her. The next moment, you realize why. Because 95% of the time, the intelligence that Maria possesses goes on vacation, and what is left is someone so stupid and easy to manipulate you wonder how she is able to get dressed in the morning. Her stupidity has lead her to a number of embarrassing situations, such as trying to wear underwear when posing for Playboy, or thinking that Bret Michaels was actually Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. But Maria is a good person at heart and is loyal to her good friends Jackie and Amy. She was also in a fairly long term relationship with Mickie James, mainly because Mickie had manipulated her into believing she was a lesbian. This recently broke up and Maria is yet to let anyone know where she will go from here, although we doubt she even knows herself.... just like we doubt she knows which shoe to put on which foot. In the ring she managed to capture the Women's Championship 3 times, and that would be a great achievement, if she hadn't then tried to return the belt due to it's inability to hold up her pants.
Character Status: Active
Character Face: Maria Kanellis
Handler: Michael Browning
Contact Information:
Forum Name - Mickie James, John Cena
E-mail - N/A
Facebook - N/A
Google + - N/A
Twitter - N/A
AIM - EMF Cena
Yahoo - N/A
Other - N/A

*Championship history not always accurate. If not current please contact a site administrator to have information corrected.

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