Name: Randal Keith Orton
Alias(es): Randy Orton, The Viper, Apex Predator.
Hometown: St. Louis, MO, USA
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Signature Move(s):
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker - No Description.
Rope Hung DDT - No Description.
Randy Orton Stomp - Multiple stomps while circling a fallen opponent.
Dropkick - No Description.
European Uppercut - No Description.
Full Nelson Slam - No Description.
Finishing Move(s):
RKO - Jumping Cutter.
Running Punt Kick - Running Kick to the head.
Theme Song: Rev Theory - "Voices"
Manager: - None
Championship History*:
EMF World Heavyweight Champion x 1
EMF Intercontinental Champion x 1
EMF Extreme Champion x 1
EMF Tag Team Champion x 1 (With CM Punk)
EMF Television Champion x 1
EMF Grandslam Champion
Bio: Randy Orton first made his name famous by his works in World Wrestling Entertainment holding multiple championships for the organization.  He has been a well trained and groomed third generation superstar son of "Cowboy" Bob Orton.  Randy Orton eventually left WWE at the end of his contract and signed with the Extreme Measures Federation.  He accepted the staff role of EMF Attitude Commissioner and has been one of the most popular superstars.  He had a well noted feud between himself and Dan Godwin but still awaits for the final one on one score to be set.  Randy Orton has held multiple championships and likes to let everyone know that crosses his path that he has no fears of punting their skull in and ending their careers. He is also one of the few members of the esteemed "Other World".
Character Status: Active
Character Face: Randy Orton
Handler(s): Tony Ikeda & Mike Walker
Contact Information:
Forum Name - Randy_Orton, Randy Orton, Tony Ikeda, Prez_Mike
E-mail - N/A
Facebook - N/A
Google + - N/A
Twitter - N/A
Yahoo - N/A
Other - N/A

*Championship history not always accurate. If not current please contact a site administrator to have information corrected.

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