Name: Degenerate
Alias(es): DGNR8
Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ, USA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230lbs
Signature Move(s):
D-Spike - Shooting Star DDT.
Finishing Move(s):
D-Slam - Inverted Facebuster/Reverse Powerbomb.
Theme Song: Thousand Foot Krutch - "Fire It Up"
Manager: - None
Championship History*:
EMF World Heavyweight Champion x 1
EMF Intercontinental Champion x 1
EMF Extreme Champion x 3
EMF Television Champion x 2
EMF Tag Team Champion x 1 (With Tony Ikeda)
TAW World Heavy Weight
EMF Grandslam Champion
Bio: Degenerate has been a classic fairy tale story of a hard working wrestler.  Degenerate came out of high school knowing he wanted to be a professional wrestler.  He spent his early years traveling from indy venue to indy venue working for every last dime he could scratch together to keep going.  He signed his first big contract with Total Attitude Wrestling (TAW) and even became their first world heavy weight champion.  Degenerate quickly took Tony Ikeda and CaRnAgE under his wing when they arrived and the three formed their own group the Best Wrestler's Organization (BWO).  Degenerate fought alongside his new comrades up to and including after the merger between TAW and the Extreme Measures Federation.  During a faction verses faction cage match in 2001 Degenerate injured his neck and caused him to remain out of action for some time.  He has had a couple of returns but the nagging injury has put him on the shelf a couple of times.  Now after a few new innovative surgeries his neck is finally strong enough for his return to the ring.  After his big return in the late 2000's Degenerate has been on a mission to prove he's still got what made him a world champion in the past. Degenerate is a well respected veteran of the ring and one of the best bets to truly test the skills of any opponent.
Character Status: Active
Character Face: Shawn Michaels (Degeneration X Years)
Handler: Tony Ikeda
Contact Information:
Forum Name - Degenerate & Tony Ikeda
E-mail - N/A
Facebook - N/A
Google + - N/A
Twitter - N/A
Yahoo - N/A
Other - N/A

*Championship history not always accurate. If not current please contact a site administrator to have information corrected.

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