Name: Phillip Brooks
Alias(es): CM Punk, Second City Saint, Straight Edge Savior, Voice of the Voiceless
Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 222lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Signature Move(s):
Shining Wizard - No Description.
Finishing Move(s):
Pepsi Plunge - Diving Double Underhook Facebuster
Go To Sleep - Fireman's carry into facial knee strike.
Theme Song: Living Colour - "Cult of Personality"
Manager: - Ashley Massaro
Championship History*:
EMF World Heavyweight Champion x 1
EMF Intercontinental Champion x 1
EMF Extreme Champion x 1
EMF Television Champion x 1
EMF Tag Team Champion x 1 (with Randy Orton)
EMF Grandslam Champion
Bio: CM Punk is a literal cult icon in the wrestling business.  He has spent his tenure in all major organizations and throughout the independent circuit.  He started getting his feet wet in Mid South Wrestling put really put his name on the board in Ring of Honor.  CM Punk has spent time with other major organizations including Total Non-Stop Action and World Wrestling Entertainment.  CM Punk has accumulated plenty of gold and has been a top draw being involved with long lasting storylines and feuds.  His most popular may be his past feud with Raven.  After spending time with all of the previous companies, CM Punk inked his name to the biggest stage of them all as he stepped into the Extreme Measures Federation.  CM Punk is an EMF Grand Slam champion as he has earned every active championship available and has a solid win/loss record.  Punk has made his biggest claims to fame by promoting his straightedge lifestyle.  More than just a gimmick to Punk, it his his real life moniker. CM Punk has the ability to draw the best and worst out of any crowd, but no matter his attitude, when he returns to Chicago, IL, his hometown, there is no superstar loved more.
Character Status: Active
Character Face: CM Punk
Handler: Tony Ikeda
Contact Information:
Forum Name - CM Punk & Tony Ikeda
E-mail - N/A
Facebook - N/A
Google + - N/A
Twitter - N/A
Yahoo - N/A
Other - N/A

*Championship history not always accurate. If not current please contact a site administrator to have information corrected.

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