EMF: Unleashed

("Siriously" blasts on the PA system as Sirius Jericho breaks the fabric of time, and space with his serious stare into the camera.)

King-I'm sure we didn't need that.

Kris Gaffney-Guess not...

("Cry of Achilles" blasts on the PA system as Roman Sinos walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This man is known as the Black mask.

King-So why is he angry?

Kris Gaffney-Yeah, I forgot...only angry people wear the mask.

[Ramon Sionos and Sirius Jericho stand in the ring. Sirius Jericho points to Roman Sionos, Roman grabs Jericho and puts him into a wrist lock, Sirius Jericho is in serious pain. Roman hits a short arm clothesline that knocks him down on the mat. Sirius Jericho gets up to his feet, and Roman picks up Sirius up, and he hits a body slam. Roman backs up, and he hits a diving double elbow smash. He goes into the cover on SIrius. The ref counts the 1.............2......KICK OUT by Sirius Jericho!!!]

JR-Sirius Jericho hasn't gotten out of the blocks just yet.

King-Did you expect anything else?

Kris Gaffney-Things are about to get SIRIUS!!

[Soinos puts on a chin lock as Sirius Jericho gets up to his feet, and he is able to get to the side of Roman, and he hits a belly to back suplex that puts down Roman.]

JR-I take that back.

King-Sounds like you for almost two decades.

Kris Gaffney-We have been doing this for that long...damn...

[Sirius Jericho gets up to his feet, and he measures up on Roman, he sets him up, and he drops him for the Dark Circle. Roman goes into the cover on Sirius Jericho. The ref counts the 1................2................3!!]

JR-Roman Sionos wins!!

Kris Gaffney-So glad he didn't use his trademark...that would make me hate him instantly.

("Hail Booker King" blasts on the PA system as Booker King walks to the ring, yelling "hail Booker King".)

JR-He does realize he's not a real King, right?

King-I would argue...but it's just his last name.

("Rocksteady" blasts on the PA system as Matthias Barlow walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Here comes the new comer to the EMF, he has a lot of talent.

Krsi Gaffney-Yeah, but does he live inside a Burger King like Booker?

[Matthias Barlow and Booker King pace around the ring. They lock up Matthias is able to put Booker King into a hammer lock, and then into a side head lock. Booker King tries to find a way out of the hold, he backs up, and he hits a shoulder block that knocks down Booker King. Booker King gets up, he charges at Matthis, Matthis is able to duck out of the way, sets up Booker King, and he hits a german suplex on Booker King. Booker King is hurt. He gets stomped on the downed Booker King]

JR-This might be bad for the King.

King-It is?

Kris Gaffney-We weren't talking about you...

[Matthis picks up Booker King. Booker King counters with a rake to the eyes, and then he hits a thurst kick.]

JR-That might have turned the tide for Booker.

King-I somehow doubt that JR..

[Booker King wait as Matthis gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, Booker King goes towards Matthis. Matthis sets up Booker, and he puts him on the top rope. He hits a few clubing blows. He climbs up, and he hits the straight jacket german suplex. Matthis goes into the cover on Booker. The ref counts the 1...............2.................3!!]

JR-Matthis surprised Booker, and gained the victory.

(Copyright information flashes on the screen. We go into a highlight video of how many of the matches came together. Once that has concluded we go into a introduction screen that welcomes us to Unleashed 2017. Pyrotechnics blasts on the stage. The lights turn on, and fans yell, and wave their signs.)

JR-Welcome everyone to Unleashed. Tonight we have a great show for you lined up. I'm good ol' JR joined by Jerry "the King" Lawler, and Kris "KG" Gaffney.

King-Tonight Max Gunner puts his title on the line against Casper Santaruz in a cage, that should be a war.

Kris Gaffney-This has to be the first PPV with no Cyrus, I want to cry...

Hell awaits" blasts over the PA system. The crowd erupts into madness, a chorus of cheers and boos fills the arena. Cyrus Black appears on the entrance ramp as the pyrotechnics go up around him. Cyrus stops and looks around the sold out arena for a moment before making his way down the ramp, he's wearing a Nirvana T-shirt, dark jeans and a pair of white sneakers.)

KG: This night just took an left turn down ungreat street.

J.R: Folks we haven't seen Cyrus Black since he lost the World title at First Blood last month.

K.G: I have it on good authority that Cyrus is here tonight to retire from professional wrestling and as a celebration I'm throwing a party in the back after the PPV is over with.

(Gaffney pulls out a party hat and puts it on. J.R and The King shake there head at him.)

J.R: Unfortunately Gaffney you could be right. This man was badly burned at First Blood, I'm surprised he's even still walking. This could be Cyrus Blacks farewell from the EMF and wrestling as a whole.

(Cyrus slides in the ring as he is passed a mic. He smiles and waves at Kris Gaffney who flips him off. Cyrus starts laughing, as the chants from the crowd grow louder and louder. Cyrus soaks up the atmosphere for a moment.)

Cyrus: Fuckers and fuckettes, the people's hero is in the house. Wouldn't be a pay per view without the EMFs M.V.P now would it?

(Cyrus throws his arms up in the air, as the jeers and cheers bellow out from all corners of the arena.)

Cyrus: Apparently I've been put in the shelf indefinitely.. yup I've listened to the goons in the back run there mouth and spout there lies, I've read the dirt sheets, I've seen the tweets, I've heard all the rumours surrounding me over the last month. Everyone seems to know why I haven't been seen since First Blood, there's therioes ranging from the plausible.. I'm injured, I've spat my dummy out of the pram and quit, Prez Mike finally grew a set of grapefruits and fired me for being an insubordinate asshole... then there's the implausible theories... I've been kidnapped by the sausage munchers because I refused to join them, I'm tied up in Kris Gaffney's bed and he's keeping me prisoner like Kathy Bates in misery, I've contracted a deadly life threatening STD from Christy Hemme and I've been quarantined because it could wipe out the entire human race...."

(Cyrus shakes his head and lets out a laugh, the crowd are laughing to l, as are The King and J.R. Kris Gaffney isn't amused.)

Cyrus:...the truth is a lot more simple and boring I'm afraid. I took a break. Don't worry this isn't a Nostalgia promo, I'm not gonna come out here and make up every excuse under the sun as to why I lost at First Blood. Unlike some I don't make ludicrous excuses for my losses. I lost at First Blood because I wasn't good enough on the night. Max Gunner was the better man. He deserved the win and he deserves to be the World Heavyweight champion. I don't like him, he's doesn't like me, but he's a hell of a wrestler and I take my hat off to him... but make no mistakes, I'll take that World title back whenever I choose to, and I don't care who I have to go through to get it.

(Cyrus runs his hand over his face and hair as he pauses to look out around the crowd again.)

Cyrus:... so spoiler alert... I'm not out here to quit or retire... sorry to burst a few people's bubbles... the EMF is my home. It's where I've always wanted to be. From the moment I stepped into this company I wanted to build a legacy and in less than two years I've achieved more than most wrestlers have achieve in a lifetime. I might have lost the title at the end of last year but no one can deny that 2016 was the year of Cyrus Black. I held the World Title for longer than anyone last year, in fact I dominated the World title scene in 2016. I held the World title for a total of 223 days. Fun fact, I've held the World title for longer than Tony Ikeda has... and he's a legend in the EMF...

(Cyrus smiles and shrugs his shoulders as he turns around and looks out at the commentary team.)

The King: That is impressive...

K.G: Shut up King!

(Cyrus continues to speak.)

Cyrus: ..I'm not dissin Tony in anyway but facts are facts. Here's a better fact, I headlined NINE... yes NINE pay per views in a row last year... from April to December I was in the main event of every PPV. The haters and naysayers can bump there gums all they want but 2016 was MY YEAR! And Everything I've achieved in the EMF I've done on my own. I am in control of my fate, I don't need friends, I don't need to join a stable to help me to achieve success, i certainly don't need to have my tongue up Prez Mike or John Cena or anyone else's ass to get where I want to be. When it's all said and done I will look back on my legacy and I'll be able to say that I have no regrets because win lose or draw I've done things my way. And that leads me to why I'm out here... I'm in control of everything that happens to me, and I get to decide what road I should go down next, and the road I'm taking leads me directly to one man....

(Cyrus turns to the camera and pauses for a moment, a calm but serious expression on his face now.)

Cyrus: Troy Gafgen.

(The mention of Troys name gets a loud reaction that matches what Cyrus got when he first came out)

Cyrus: Its never been a secret that I've always admire you Troy. It's never been a secret that I've had respect for the way you've handled your business here in the EMF. I've mentioned it serveral times. You're one of the few men associated with the EMF that doesn't repulse me. However 6 months ago your business became my business...

(Cyrus points to the EMFtron. We see a clip of last years Survival of the Fittest. Cyrus had just retained the World title. Prez Mike calls down Troy to the ring and Troy hits Cyrus with the crack of dawn leaving him laying out cold in the ring as the PPV goes off air.)

Cyrus: One of the proudest moments of my life and you tried to ruin it Troy. The thing is I don't even blame you for what you did. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing in your position. You, Troy are one of the guys that I have wanted to wrestle since I first came here. You were the World Champion when I first joined the EMF but you never took much notice of me. Then you left before we had a chance to do battle and I never had a reason to come after you. Then you did what you did at SOTF. See everyone else seems to have forgotten that you laid me out cold at the end of that PPV, even the president of this company seems to have forgotten about it because nothing's been said about it since. It's been brushed under the carpet. But I haven't forgotten. The minute you laid your hands on me Troy you gave me a reason to come after you and now you've got a problem pal.

(Cyrus leans over the ropes and looks out at the crowd.)

Cyrus: So how about it? Do you people wanna see Cyrus Black versus Troy Gafgen one on one for the first time ever? Two of the greatest in the history of the EMF doing battle in the ring. Oh and for anyone who's thinking that I'm crazy cause Troys no longer in the EMF, well that's bullshit cause he's around, he's always around. Just so we're clear here I'm not competing in an EMF ring again until I get Troy Gafgen to accept my challenge. I don't care if it's next week, I don't care if it's at the next PPV, six months time, a years time, I don't give a shit. I'll gladly let Troy pick a time and a place, but until he does you won't see Cyrus Black wrestle again inside an EMF ring. I'm gonna come out on shockwave every week and I'm gonna call out Troy until he responds. Troy can come and accept my challenge himself or he can get Prez Mike to do his dirty work seen as the two of them seem to be tight. Either way I'll get what I want eventually.. and anyway isn't Troy Gafgen versus Cyrus Black best for business?

(Cyrus comes off the ropes and points towards the camera that's filming him.)

Cyrus: So what do you say Troy? Shall we dance? Or are the rumours true.. are you nothing but a spineless little bitch?

(Cyrus drops the mic and climbs out of the ring as his music hits.)

K.G: Do you believe the nerve of this guy? Calling out a legend in Troy Gafgen like that.

The King: I gotta admit I do wanna see that match!

J.R: Cyrus Black has challenged Troy Gafgen to a match and he says he's not competing in an EMF ring again until the match is made official. I don't know how this ones gonna play out.

("Close your eyes" blasts on the PA system as Christian walks out on the stage, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This is a rare appearance for Christian.

King-Did they retire him, and not tell us?

Kris Gaffney-Sounds reasonable to assume that.

("Whispers in the dark" blasts on teh PA system as Zacharris Slane walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This new comer has been impressive lately.

King-We'll see if he can beat Christian.

Kris Gaffney-Well it's not a retirement match, I'm pretty sure Christian doesn't have an advantage.

[Christian and Zachariss Slane pace around the ring. Zacharris Slane gets close to him, and he ducsk under, and he hits a hard fist that stumbles Christian. Christian takes a few moments to register what happened. Then he charges at Zacharris, he side steps Christian, and he throws him against the ropes, he bounce soff of the ropes. Zacharris hits a hip toss that sends Christian flying down on the mat. Christian hits hard on the mat. He slowly gets up to his feet, and he gets hit with an upper cut that puts down Christian. Chistian slides out of the ring, and he holds his face as he walks around ring side. Zacharris slides out of the ring on the side that Christian isn't paying attention, he quickly comes behind Christian, and he grabs Christian faces, and then he smashes his face against the ring steps. Christian head hits hard. Christian is stunned, he double under hooks Christian, and he hits a quick double under hook suplex that puts him down on the mat around ring side. Zacharris Slane not wanting to get counted out, or win the match by count out grabs Christian, and he throws him into the ring. Zacharris puts him under the middle of the ropes, and he hits an elbow. Christian rolls into the middle of the ring. Zacharris jumps on the apron, and he climbs up to the top rope as he waits for Christian to get up to his feet.]

JR-Christian might be in trouble here.

King-He's Captain Charisma JR, he'll figure a way out of this situation.

Kris Gaffney-Or will he? Tune in next week...

[Christian turns around, and SLane leaps off of the top rope, and he goes for a cross body block. But he moves out of the way, and he crashes down on the mat, and slowly he gets up to his feet stunned, Christian hits a running clothesline that knocks down Zacharris Slane. Slane goes down on the mat, and he slowly gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Christian is a bit dazed still, but stays on his feet allowing Zacharris to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet Zacharris throws a fist to the face. Christian ducks under, and he hooks Zacharris Slane, and drops him for a diving DDT. Christian goes into the cover, the ref counts the 1...................2.................KICK OUT by Zacharris Slane. Christian rolls up to his feet, and he falls into the corner. He is in the corner. Slane charges at Christian. Christian coutners with a boot to the face that stuns Slane backwards. Slane tries to charge again. CHristian dives out of the ropes, and he uses the ropes to sling shot both boots into the face of Zacharris. Christian goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope. He measures up, and he hits a missile drop kick.]

JR-Christian might be heading towards a win.

King-Starting his career with a PPV win...what do you think about that Charlotte?

*Charlotte gives a thumbs down*

[Christian goes to the corner, he measures up on Slane. He goes for a spear, but Christian stopped enough to push him forward. He almost goes into the ref. Christian hooks Slane, and drops him for the Kill Switch. Christian goes into the cover on Slane. The ref counts the 1...............2.............3!!]

JR-Christian with the victory.

King-I don't think anyone saw that one coming.

("Insatiable" plays over the PA System as Tiffany makes her way out for her match with Rachel Cena.)

JR: Tiffany tried to cash in Money in the Bank on Laura last month, but Rachel cut her off.

King: Laura seems to have forgiven her though.....

Kris: But things are still heated between her and Rachel.

("I am the Fire" plays as Rachel's voice over booms around the arena as the former women's champion makes her way out.)

JR: This is Rachel's first Pay Per View match that isn't for the Women's Title.

King: It might be an interesting change of pace for her....

Kris: Or maybe she'll take her frustations out on poor Tiffany....

(The bell sounds and we are under way. The two circle each other and then lock up in the middle of the ring. Tiffany hits some hard right hands and then throws Rachel into the ropes. Rachel bounces back and Tiffany hits a neckbreaker, taking her down. Tiffany stomps away on Rachel but Rachel makes it to her feet. They trade some blows again and then Rachel throws Tiffany into the turnbuckle. Tiffany stumbles out and Rachel runs and takes her down with a clothesline. Rachel stomps away on the legs of Tiffany, clearly targetting one of them. Tiffany battles back to her feet and hits some shots to Rachel but Rachel runs and hits a chop block to the same leg. Tiffany goes down hard and the referee yells at Rachel as she goes to work on the leg again, dropping some elbows on it. She then picks Tiffany up and throws her into the ropes. Tiffany grabs hold of the ropes to prevent herself from bouncing back. Rachel runs at her and clotheslines Tiffany over the top but she lands on the apron. Tiffany then grabs Rachel and suplexes her hard out of the ring to the floor.)

JR: That can't be good for Miss Cena....

King: Tiffany is a former champion too, let's not forget. She knows her way to the top.

Kris: A win here has to put her in line for a title shot.

(As Rachel climbs back to her feet, Tiffany leaps off the apron and hits an axe handle, taking her down. Tiffany jumps down and as Rachel gets to her knees Tiffany kicks her in the side of the head. She then picks Rachel up and throws her into the ring. Rachel stumbles to her feet and Tiffany has climbed up to the top rope. Tiffany leaps off looking for a head scissor but Rachel catches her on her shoulders and then nails a powerbomb on her. With Tiffany down, Rachel grabs her legs and steps through into a Sharpshooter! Tiffany screams out in in pain as Rachel tightens the hold. Tiffany tries to claw her way to the ropes but Rachel pulls her back, preventing it. Tiffany still refuses to give up. Eventually she is able to edge closer to the ropes and then lunge and grab the bottom rope. She clings to it for dear life as the referee counts 1..... 2...... 3...... 4...... Rachel breaks the hold. Tiffany smartly rolls to the outside of the ring, landing on the floor.)

JR: Rachel caught Tiffany and almost put her away....

King: She's much too experienced to get back in and let Rachel catch her again though.

(Rachel decides to follow Tiffany out of the ring. Tiffany gets back to her feet but stumbles and Rachel hurls her into the steel steps. Rachel pulls Tiffany up and nails her with the Get Bent on the outside. She then slides into the ring while the referee is busy counting out Tiffany. He reaches a count of 7....... 8....... 9............ but Tiffany is able to just about slide into the ring and break the count. Rachel lets Tiffany herself up using the ropes and then rolls her up for 1....... 2....... KICK OUT! We see Rachel had the tights but it still wasn't enough. Rachel calls for the Bastardisation. She pulls Tiffany up and hooks the arms but Tiffany counters into a big back body drop! Rachel stumbles to her feet while Tiffany composes herself and then leaps into the air and nails the TNT on Rachel! Tiffany throws an arm over her for 1........ 2.......... Rachel moves her foot to under the bottom rope and the referee spots it. Tiffany looks stunned and annoyed. She calls for her finisher one more time.)

JR: Tiffany coming as close as you can to a win.... but it wasn't enough.

King: One more should do it.

(Tiffany stalks Rachel as she tries to get up but when Tiffany leaps for the TNT Rachel pushes her off and she crashes to the mat. Rachel slides out of the ring and retrives a steel chair. She slides into the ring where the referee rushes over and tries to grab the chair. As this is going on, Tiffany gets to her feet, but suddenly Rachel's twin comes from under the ring and sprays her with something. Tiffany stumbles back as Rachel lets the ref take the chair, and kicks Tiffany in the midsections and lays her out with the Bastardisation! Rachel hooks the leg for 1........ 2........ 3!)

JR: God damn it! Tiffany put up a good, fair fight, but Rachel steals it.

King: The exact same way Tiffany used to steal every match....

Kris: Stephanie McMahon told me we can still be outraged!

("Philips theme" blasts on the PA system as Adam Philips walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Philips is in an interesting situation here.

King-The fact that he barely knows one competitor, and he knows the other one very well?

Kris Gaffney-His brain might explode.

("Mercenary Man" blasts on the PA system as Steven Steele, and Steven Steele walks to the ring.)

King-Seriously...no one see's that there is a new stable member here?

JR-We know King, but for the time being Steven Steele is going to be difficult to defeat here.

("Call me the devil" blasts on the PA system as Lucifer Morningstar walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Here comes the new comer, not much is known about this man.

Kris Gaffney-Other than he's the devil?

King-That's stupid Kris.....we all know who that is....excuse me for one moment..*runs off seemly sick*

The bells rings. Lucifer Morningstar and Adam Phillips look at each other and nod, they both charge towards Steele, but Steele steps forward and takes them down with a Double Clothesline. Steele grabs Phillips by the tights around his chest and lifts him all the way up into a Gorilla Press Slam. Steele walks to the corner and throws Phillips on top of the turnbuckle. Phillips is helpless strung across the ropes. Steele comes down hard with a Double Axe Handle Smash onto Phillip’s back. Lucifer gets to his feet, charges Steele, and connects with a Busaiku Knee to the back of Steele’s head, causing him to bump into Phillip’s and not him to the outside. Lucifer hops on the ropes, then connects with a Springboard Huricanranna sending Steele over the ropes, and down on the outside right next to Phillips. As both men are getting to their feet, Lucifer bounces off the ropes and runs towards them. He leaps through the ropes and attempts a Suicide Dive, but Phillips and Steele are ready and each delivers a Forearm to the face of Lucifer, stopping him dead in his tracks.

JR- Lucifer had the early advantage. But that risky maneuver just leveled the playing field.

KG- No one can be on The Devils’ level. Or they would be dead. Literally.

Steele turns to Phillips but Phillips is already in the air, Phillips connects with a Step-Up Enziguri, knocking Steele off balance. Phillips connects with a Dropkick, sending Steele’s back hard into the ring post. Phillips charges and leaps, but Steele catches Phillips and drives his back into the barricade. Steele grabs Phillips, as he turns to whip him into the apron, Lucifer comes out of nowhere with a Corckscrew Plancha. All three men are on the ground. Lucifer gets to his feet first, grabs Phillips and rolls him in the ring. He goes for the cover..the ref counts..One..Tw…Steele pulls Lucifer out of the ring by his leg. Lucifer hits the outside hard. Steele picks him up, and positions Lucifer on his shoulders. Steele begins the Torture Rack, then runs, turns, and drives Lucifer’s back hard into the ring post. Meanwhile, Phillips is up and planning his spot. After he sees Steele drop Lucifer, Phillips climbs the top turnbuckle, leaps, and connects with a Corkscrew Cross Body Block, taking Steele down hard on the outside.

JR- Lucifer and Phillips are digging deep in their arsenal in attempt to take out the big man Steele.

KG- I liked Shaq as Steel.

Phillips gets to his feet, grabs Lucifer and rolls him into the ring. Phillips goes to the corner and climbs to the Top Turnbuckle, he leaps, 450 Splash, Lucifer gets his knees up and Phillips bounces off in pain. Lucifer stands over Phillips and taunts him for a few seconds, then bounces off the ropes, hops over Phillips, and bounces off the other ropes. Before he can attempt his move, Steele is in the ring and catches Lucifer off guard with a Clubbing Forearm to the side of Lucifer’s head. Steele drags Lucifer to his knees, sets him, and lifts him for a Delayed Vertical Suplex. While holding Lucifer in the air, Phillips delivers a Leg Sweep, and takes Steele’s feet out from under him. He drops, and Lucifer drops right on top of him..before the ref can get in position to make the count, Phillips drags Lucifer off Steele. Phillips goes for a Clothesline as Lucifer gets to his feet, but Lucifer ducks, Phillips turns and is met by The Devil’s Soul, but the force knocks him out of the ring. Lucifer runs to the corner, climbs to top turnbuckle, but before he can do a move, Steele is up and right in front of him. Lucifer jumps, attempting a Tornado DDT, but Steele stops his momentum and slams Lucifer hard onto the mat. Steele bounces off the ropes and comes down with a Splash, but Lucifer moves out of the way. Steele gets to his feet, Lucifer was waiting and connects with The Devil’s Kiss. He goes for the cover…the ref counts…One..Two…Three!

JR- Lucifer Morningstar has won this match. He is one step closer to the Television Title.

The King- That means the Television Title division is one step closer to being ruled by the Devil himself JR. I would not want to be involved with that.

("Off the chain" blasts on the PA system as Connor Wicklow walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Connor should know how big this match is.

King-Last month didn't work out so well, he better do it this month.

("Game on" blasts on the PA system as Tony Ikeda walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-He's not going to have an easy match here though.

King-Tony Ikeda has won many titles.

Kris Gaffney-He's been here a long time too.

King-Some speculate how long...

Connor Wicklow and Tony Ikeda are sizing each other up as the bell rings. They approach each and lock up in grapple. Tony gets the advantage and pushes Wicklow to the ground. Wickow gets up and charges at Tony, Tony goes for a Clothesline, but Wicklow ducks, and stops his momentum. Tony turns towards Wickow, straight into a Pele Kick, knocking Tony off balance. Wicklow runs up and connects with a Running Knee to the face of Ikeda. Wicklow goes for the cover…the ref gets in position…he counts..One..Tw…kickout by Ikeda. Wicklow gets to his feet, Ikeda is a second behind him. Wicklow chops Ikeda across the chest. And again. And again. Ikeda takes a step back, Wicklow connects with a Dropkick that bounce Ikeda off the ropes when Wicklow comes up and connects with a Flying Forearm, knocking Ikeda to the mat. He reaches over to grab Ikeda, but Ikeda grabs Wicklow and rolls him up for the pin..the ref counts..One..T…kickout by Wicklow. Wicklow and Ikeda get to their feet at the same time. Wicklow charges, but Ikeda knocks him down with a Shoulder Block. Wicklow gets to a knee when Ikeda comes across his face with a Knee that sends Wicklow back down to the mat. Ikeda picks up Wicklow and whips him into the ropes, Wicklow bounces back, Ikeda catches him and takes him hard to the mat with a Spinebuster.

JR- This match has all the excitement the fans could have hoped for in this TV Title match.

The King- It’s still anyone’s match JR.

Ikeda picks up Wicklow and whips him into the corner. Ikeda charges but Wicklow catches him with a Double Boot to the face, knocking Ikeda back a few steps. Wicklow quickly hops on the top turnbuckle then jumps and connects with a Flying Front Dropkick sending Ikeda flying across the mat. Wicklow walks up to Ikeda, plants his feet, leaps and connects with a Standing Moonsault. Wicklow looks at Ikeda then walks to the closest corner. He quickly hops on the top turnbuckle, turns, sets up, and leaps. Wicklow is downing down with both knees but Ikeda is able to roll out of the way at the last second.

JR- Wicklow was trying to finish it off by taking a risk.

The King- Yeah and that risk backfired JR. We will have to see if Tony Ikeda can seize this opportununity.

Both men are on the mat. After a few seconds, Tony uses the ropes to pull himself up. Wicklow is getting to his feet. As Wicklow gets to his feet, he charges at Ikeda but Ikeda ducks and grabs the ropes, sending Wicklow flying over the ropes and onto the outside. Tony drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Tony grabs Wicklow and brings him to his feet. Ikeda connects with a few hard right hands before he grabs Wicklow’s head and smashes his face into the apron a few times. Ikeda grabs the arm of Wicklow and whips him face first into the ringpost. Wicklow falls to the ground. Ikeda walks over and stomps on Wicklow’s chest a few times before picking him up and rolling him into the ring. Tony picks up Wicklow, he sets up Wicklow up for the Full Nelson Suplex. He goes to lift Wicklow but Wicklow blocks it. Tony tries again, but again Wicklow blocks it. Wicklow is then able to maneuver his body out of the Full Nelson. Tony attempts to grab Wicklow, but Wicklow sidesteps. Wicklow grabs Tony by the head, sets him up, lifts, and connects with Zero Signal. Wicklow hooks the legs, the ref counts…One…Two…Three!

JR- Wicklow did it! Wicklow pulled off the upset over Tony Ikeda.

The King- What an impressive performance by the new Television Champion.

("Headstrong" blasts on the PA system as Nostalgia walks to the ring with Eminem walks to the ring.)

Kris Gaffney-This must be killing King not to say what he wants to.

JR-I know...


("Violent Persuit" blasts on the PA system as Jason Cross, and Connor Wicklow walks to the ring, and they step inside of the ring.)

JR-I hope this team is not going to take their opponents lightly.

King-That has not worked well for wrestlers against celebrity's

Kris Gaffney-One day we'll over come the power of being famous in another area!

As soon as they enter the ring, Nostalgia and Eminem run at Cross and Wicklow. Nostalgia takes Cross down with a Thez Press as Eminem takes Wicklow down with a Thez Press. The bell rings. Nostalgia and Eminem both begin unloading lefts and rights to the face of their respective opponents. In unison Nostalgia and Eminem pick up Cross and Wicklow as they get up and attempt to whip them to the ropes but Cross and Wicklow reverse it sending Nostalgia and Eminem bouncing off the ropes. As they come back Cross and Wicklow attempt Clothesline but both Nostalgia and Eminem duck, bounce off the ropes, Nostalgia connects with a Flying Forearm on Cross as Eminem connects with a Flying Forearm on Wicklow. Jason Cross rolls out of the ring, Nostalgia follows. Eminem is stomping on Wicklow as Nostalgia approaches Cross. Nostalgia and Cross begin exchanging blows. Inside the ring, Eminem grabs Wicklow by the head and lifts him to his knees. The ref is busy yelling at Nostalgia and Cross, Wicklow hits Eminem with a lowblow, then tackles him and begins hitting Eminem with lefts and rights. Outside the ring, Cross blocks a right hand by Nostalgia, and connects with a hard Foreman to the face, then a quick knee to the gut. He grabs Nostalgia’s head and smashes it on the barricade. Cross looks over and Wicklow, then looks down at Nostalgia. He makes sure Nostalgia is looking and he says, Come Get Me!. Cross begins walking up the ramp. Nostalgia gets to feet and begins to follow Cross. Wicklow pauses as he sees Cross walking up the ramp with his back turned. Cross begins running, Nostalgia follows suit.

JR- This match has been total chaos. In the mayhem Eminem shocked Wicklow with the W. Where is Cross going?

The King- I don’t know, but Nostalgia is not letting him avoid this confrontation.

KG- Run Forrest Run! Sorry. Always wanted to say that.

Cross gets backstage. Nostalgia follows. The EMFtron fuzzes then shows Cross takes a few steps then stop and turn. Nostalgia comes backstage. He is a step away from Cross when he is blind sided by a devastating European Uppercut from Cesaro suddenly coming into the shot. Nostalgia falls. Logan Riley appears on the screen and grabs Nostalgia by the hair and turns him face to face and says “This is what’s coming before I take that Intercontinetal Title.” Logans sets up Nostalgia and connects with The Final Cut onto the hard concrete. Graveler comes out of nowhere with a chair and smashes Nostalgia in the chest a few times before dropping the chair. Cross begins to walk over to Nostalgia. But out of nowhere Gunner, Ryder, and Tony Ikeda come to Nostalgia’s aid. The Amalgamation did they set out to do so they retreat with the content of success. The Illuminati members and Tony Ikeda check on Nostalgia Nostalgia until the medics arrive.

JR- Cross set up Nostalgia. I don’t know if they made a deal or if Cross jumped ship. One thing is for sure, Nostalgia chances of winning the Intercontinental Title tonight took a big hit.

The King- JR, he will be lucky if he makes it to the match.

Meanwhile, Wicklow is still watching Cross, as Eminem creeps up, grabs Wicklow from behind and rolls him over for a over…the ref counts…One…Two.Kickout by Wicklow. Eminem gets up and attempted another Thez Press, but Wicklow evaded it, Eminem went into the ropes and his neck bounces off. Eminem staggers to his feet as Wicklow gets to his feet. Eminem is now a few feet from the corner when Wicklow runs and connects with a Front Dropkick sending Eminem into hard into the corner. Eminem falls and hits the ground. Wicklow grabs Eminem’s arm and drags him to the center of the ring. Out of nowhere, Cross comes from over the barricade. He slides in the ring behind Wicklow. Wicklow feels something behind him, he turns and Cross connects with The Bang. Then he walks over to Eminem, picks him up, and hits him with The Bang. Cross slides out of the ring and makes his way back through the crowd to a sea of boos. Both Eminem and Wicklow are down. After a minute of so, Wicklow rolls out of the ring. He gets on his knees, reaches under the ring to pull out a chair. He slides the chair in the ring. He turns to go get another chair, then walks back to the ring. He begins to set up both the chairs when Zack Ryder runs down the ramp. Ryder slides in the ring…Wicklow turns and Ryder connects with a Dropkick that sends Wicklow back into chairs. The ref calls for the bell. Ryder goes over and checks on Eminem.

JR- Did that even count as a match?

The King- There was a bell at the beginning and the end so I guess so.

(Radio blares across the loud speakers as Zack Ryder runs out on the ramp. The crowd erupts in cheers. Ryder makes his way to the ring, giving high fives and taking pictures with the fans.)

JR: The crowd is going absolutely crazy right now, as Ryder looks to make it into a #1 contender ship match against EMF new comer Lucifer for the TV title… and not only that he is looking to pick up a win for Illuminati.

Kris Gaffney: This is the first match of the night with Illuminati vs Amalgamation, the second being Nostalgia vs Logan Reilly later tonight for the IC title.

King: Isn’t the display disgusting, I hope he wins so Lucifer can wipe that smile from his face!

(Burn my light plays across the loud speakers, Resurrected 1 walks out to the ramp, the crowd is flooding him with boo’s. He walks to the ring, giving everyone booing the middle finger.)

Kris Gaffney: That’s uncalled for!

King: But hilarious, Res has had some things to say about both Ryder and Cesaro and he thinks he can go to that contender’s match… Res and Jason cross were fighting for dominance in their new stable the Mercenaries.

(Cesaro's theme blares on the sound speakers as Cesaro comes out to the ramp. The crowd is in a mixed reaction of boos and cheers.)

JR: Cesaro is ready to take both me out and grab the TV title, the title that was vacated by Max Gunner, the world champion… if Cesaro can stop Ryder from getting in the Contender ship match, it will not only be a win for Amalgamation over Illuminati but a way to show Gunner anyone can grab the TV title.

Kris Gaffney: This will be a great match! We will be right back, after a quick look at our main event of tonight!

(A short promo plays showing previous wins from Gunner and Casper and then clips from their promos earlier the week, and then the title “No one wins in a hell in the cell, but who will get less punishment”)

Kris Gaffney: A good match that will be, and now we go to this triple threat.

(All three men are standing in their corners, waiting for the belt to ring, Cesaro staring at Ryder who is directly across while he cracks his neck. Res1 looks at both men, a determined look on his face.)


(Right out of the gate Cesaro takes off after Ryder, Cesaro hits a European uppercut. Ryder falls back into the corner, Res1 runs at Cesaro who jumps and connects a European uppercut to Res1, clotheslining him.)

JR: Early dominance from the gate from Cesaro.

(Res1 is back to his feet and does a standing drop kick but Cesaro is able to just move his feet out of the way. Res1 is back up and Cesaro goes towards him, he hears a whistle and turns around to see Ryder on the top turnbuckle, Ryder leaps and hits a missile dropkick right to the chest of Cesaro, both me roll to their feet, Ryder runs at Cesaro and hits a nice clothesline. Cesaro rolls to his feet Ryder runs at the ropes, bounces off, runs back at Cesaro and hits a superkick to the Cesaro’s gut, Ryder backs up to hit a superkick to his face and get blind-sided by an axehandle from Res1!)

Kris Gaffney: Ryder trying to pay tribute to his former Illuminati team mate by hitting a super kick to the Amalgamation!

(Res1 looks Cesaro who is still at this knees, Res1 smiles and runs at Cesaro hitting a flying shoulder block. Ryder is back to his feet and runs at Res1, Res1 ducks under his clothesline attempt and runs to the opposite ropes, both men are running at each other and Res1 slides to the ground Ryder jumps over and Res1 leaps into the air and brings Ryder down hard with a neck breaker! He goes for the pin.)


(Res1 looks up to see Cesaro is back to his feet, Res runs at him and Cesaro flips Res1 with a hip toss. Res1 stands up and is right by the ropes, Cesaro runs and clotheslines him over the top rope. Cesaro climbs out to the apron and goes to jump at Res1 but feels a hand on his shoulder, he is spun around and gets a punched by Ryder! Ryder comes to the apron and hits Cesaro again, Cesaro kicks him in the gut, Ryder stumbles back and Cesaro puts him in a side headlock, Cesaro drops off of the apron and delivers a nasty brain buster Ryder! Cesaro looks around for Res1, who had crawled back in the ring, he turns around and sees Res1 coming at him with a suicide dive! Both men crash hard to the floor at the front of the ring, Res rolls over and gets on the barricade. He looks around the arena and jumps landing a five-Star frog splash to Cesaro! Res1 rolls over, hands on his ribs, he slowly gets to his feet and walks over to Ryder, he pulls Ryder off of the apron, he gets on the apron and goes for a five-star on Ryder but Ryder rolls out of the way! Ryder approaches Cesaro and drags him to his feet, he drags him to the side of the ring where the barricades meet. He leans Cesaro there and backs up, he runs jumps off the barricade and hits a dropkick to the chest of Cesaro who then goes over the barricade!)

King: Damn!

(Ryder gets back to his feet and walks over to Res, he rolls him into the ring. Res1 begins to get to his feet, Ryder runs in a clothesline him! Ryder drags Res to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner, He kicks Ryder in the gut and Ryder falls to his butt. Ryder backs up to the corner to the right and yells “Woo Woo Woo” he runs at Res1, he hits a massive face wash that is known as his signature move the “Broski Boot” Ryder drags Res1 to the center of the ring and goes for the cover, but Cesaro is back to his feet.)


(Cesaro rolls Ryder onto this back, grabs his legs and begins to spin in circles with the “Cesaro Swing” the crowd counts the rotations.)


(Cesaro lets Ryder go, Ryder lands hand and lays staring at the ceiling. Cesaro drags Res1 to his feet and tosses him in the air for a catching finisher, Res falls right into a “Very European uppercut” Cesaro goes for the cover)

King: Yes, Cesaro has won!


(Somehow Ryder was able to break up the pin, Ryder slowly crawls to his feet by the ropes and Cesaro runs at him, hitting a clothesline that cause both men to crash to the outside. Cesaro and Ryder brawl on the outside while Res1 slowly gets to his feet, Res1 stands up and falls right to his knees, he stands again and stumbles around the ring.)

JR: Res1 will not give up!

(Res1 shakes his head and catches his breath, the then takes off in a light run towards Ryder and Cesaro. Res1 grabs the top rope and flips over, crashing into both Ryder and Cesaro!)

(Cesaro is the first to his feet, He drags Res1 to his feet and Irish whips him in the ring. Cesaro enters the ring, and he kicks Resurrected 1 in the gut. He sets him up, and he hits the Neutralizer. Cesaro goes into the cover on Resurrected 1. The ref counts the 1.............2..........3!


King: Yes, Cesaro won! And now he gets to face Lucifer in the future for #1 contendership to bring the TV title to the Amalgamation!)

(Scene fades to a promotional video for Nostalgia vs Logan Riley for the IC championship.)

(This is entertainment blares across the loud speakers as Logan Riley walks out to the ramp. In his hands, he holds Amelia. He laughs and points the bat towards the ring. He walks to the ring and walks around the ring and sets the bat leaning on the barricade.)

JR: This one isn’t scheduled to get bloody but in a title match between the Illuminati and the Amalgamation anything could happen!

Kris Gaffney: Exactly, with the vacated Intercontinental Title on the line, one must wonder how far Logan will go to secure the victory for the Amalgamation.

King: I just hope someone gets smacked with the bat!

(“Headstrong” sounds off as a groggy Nostalgia walks out to the ramp. He pumps up the crowd a little and heads to the ring.)

Kris Gaffney: One has to wonder if that assault earlier in the night has fazed Nostalgia, one must wonder if he is even in shape for this match.

JR: Nostalgia is a lot of things, but he isn’t one to run away from the fight… even if he should consider it.

King: Oh boy, can’t wait for this one!

(Nostalgia stands in his corner, groggy but competent. The Ref goes and checks on Logan in his corner and then he brings them both into the center of the ring. Around the Ref’s waist is the vacated title. He holds it in the air as the crowd goes crazy in excitement. )

King: Here we go!

(Both men go back to their corner’s and stare each other down.)


(Logan runs at Nostalgia and clocks him in the jaw with a strong right hand! Logan starts landing a flurry of punches to Nostalgia’s face. The ref backs Logan up, Logan pushes the ref and delivers another right hook, causing Nostalgia to go sideways over the ropes. The ref backs Logan up again and yells he will Disqualify him. The Ref waits for Nostalgia to get back in the ring, the whole time keeping his hand on Logan preventing him from attacking Nostalgia. Nostalgia is back in and tells the ref to let Logan go. Logan charges again and delivers another right hook, and then the flurry of punches begin again as Nostalgia is already busted open! )

King: Woo!

(Nostalgia ducks under one of Logan’s punches and lands an uppercut on Logan. Logan stumbles backwards, stunned from the blow, Nostalgia spins real fast and hits a spinning roundhouse kick to Logan. Logan stumbles to the side, still on his feet though! Nostalgia runs and hits a drop kick, taking Logan off of his feet and sending him back into the corner. Nostalgia kips up to his feet and runs at Logan, delivering a nasty face wash! Nostalgia sits on the ropes for a minute and then backs up off of them. He grabs Logan’s feet and lifts him up for an “Alley-oop” sitout powerbomb. Nostalgia slowly rolls to his feet, once to his feet he goes to the center of the ring, and begins to taunt, the blood going at a nice steady stream from the cut of his cheek. Logan starts to stand, using the ropes to help him. Once up he runs at Nostalgia, who reverses it with a “Hurricanrana”, Both men get to their feet and Logan jumps at Nostalgia, delivering a clothesline.)

JR: What an even match so far!

(Logan and Nostalgia both slowly make it to their feet, and stare each other down, anticipating the opponents next move. Logan makes the first move and swings at Nostalgia, the first hit connecting, Nostalgia is able to duck the next one and reverses it into a back suplex! Nostalgia drags Logan to his feet and sends him at the ropes, Logan rebounds off and does a superkick type move to Nostalgia’s left knee, Nostalgia falls to his knees, Logan lifts him up and throws him backwards with a belly-to-belly suplex. Logan goes to the down Nostalgia and grabs his left knee in DDT position and hits a leg DDT, Nostalgia grabs at his knee and Logan stomps down hard on it. Logan drags Nostalgia to his feet and kicks the knee again. Nostalgia is on his knees and Logan backs up, he goes to “Superkick” Nostalgia but Nostalgia ducks the kick and lifts Logan up like a popup powerbomb! Nostalgia drops Logan down hard with a sitout powerbomb!)

Kris Gaffney: Logan looking to perhaps copy and make fun of the ex-Illuminati member Leysh by stealing his finishing move and Nostalgia made him pay for it.

(Nostalgia rolls Logan away from him and then begins to stand up, but is unable to put any weight on his left knee.)

JR: Logan has successfully injured Nostalgia!

(Logan begins to stand up and Nostalgia limps over to him, Nostalgia jumps at Logan just as he gets up and hits a flying forearm to Logan’s nose… Logan is busted open! Nostalgia landed on his knees, but was smart enough to keep his left leg extended as to not further the knee injury. Logan is leaning on the ropes at the blood pours from his nose and Nostalgia jumps fast and hits a clothesline sending both men over the top rope. Nostalgia lands hard on his left leg, he yells in pain and starts punching the ground, meanwhile Logan lay on the ground, nearly underneath the ring, the ref begins his count.)

**ONE……. TWO………THREE…......FOUR………FIVE**

(Cesaro is running down the ramp, steel chair in hand! The ref doesn’t notice!)

JR: Turn around ref!

(Cesaro jumps on the apron, then springboards off the top rope and smacks the ref right on the top of the head with the chair! Cesaro drops the chair, pulls the ref to his feet and hits a “neutralizer” right onto the chair! Cesaro then tosses the ref out of the ref and slides out by Nostalgia and Logan, he drags Logan to his feet and gives him a light smack to his face to wake him up. Logan snaps back into realty and reaches under the ring, and grabs a kendo stick! Cesaro holds out Nostalgia’s injured leg, while nostalgia winces in pain. Logan steps forward and breaks the stick on the knee! Nostalgia grabs his leg and starts rolling around on the outside of the ring in pain, Logan smiles and grabs Nostalgia’s good leg and drags him in front of the announcer tables. He walks over to where Amelia is, and grabs the bat. He tosses it in his hand and laughs. He points it at Nostalgia and then places it on his shoulder. He motions for Cesaro to bring him Nostalgia. Cesaro drags Nostalgia to his feet and Irish whips him towards Logan, Logan swings and connects with Amelia right against the right side of Nostalgia’s face! Nostalgia is throw to his left and lands face first on the padded concrete. Logan raises the bat above his head to finish the job when “Gods gonna cut you down” blares across the speakers! The crowd goes crazy and sees Max Gunner walking down the ramp, a pissed off look in his eyes. He marches to the ring, Logan sends Cesaro at him, Cesaro and Gunner battle for a minute, but Gunner is able to get the upper hand and throws Cesaro behind him with a “Belly-to-belly” suplex! Gunner runs towards Logan and leaps, hitting him with a “Superman” punch! Logan stumbles backwards, releasing Amelia, which rolls into the ring by the corner. Gunner yells and runs at Logan, spearing him through the barricade. All four men are down!)

King: Well this certainly got interesting!

(Cesaro is the first to his feet, and then Gunner, both men walk towards each other. The brawl right there by Nostalgia who is still clutching his leg, Cesaro gets the upper hand and pushes Gunner into the barricade, Cesaro climbs on the apron and springboards off of the top rope trying to hit a cross body but Gunner moves out of the way, causing Cesaro to hit the ground. Gunner checks on Nostalgia, who tells him he is fine. Nostalgia begins to stand up, Gunner goes back to Cesaro and drags him to his feet, and then he drags him to the announcement tables, Cesaro pushes Gunner and hits a European uppercut but Gunner kicks him in the stomach and lifts him up and drops him with a “Crispy-bomb” through the table! Gunner didn’t notice Logan get to his feet and Logan runs at Gunner and hits a clothesline. Logan gets to his feet and looks over at Nostalgia, who has climbed to his feet by the corner post. Logan walks towards him, reaching into the ring and grabbing Amelia. He kicks Nostalgia in the gut and Nostalgia is back to his knees, he holds the bat in one hand and makes Nostalgia give a duck face with the other one. He laughs and raises the bat above his head, Nostalgia looking him right in the eyes, telling him to bring it. Gunner is back to his feet and he hits an axehandle to the back of Logan, Logan drops the bat and stumbles forward, and then he leans on the barricade. Nostalgia looks to the ground and sees Amelia, he stands up and grabs the bat, the is still limping some but he acts like the knee doesn’t hurt anymore. He points the bat at Logan, Logan sees this and laughs. He holds his hand out and tells him to hand it over. Nostalgia swings and hits Logan right on the top of the head, blood pours down for the wound! Logan stumbles to the side and lands on his knees, facing the ramp. Nostalgia swings and hits him in the back of the head with Amelia! Logan is out on the outside, Nostalgia lifts up the bat to hit again but Gunner stops him, finish it he says. Nostalgia drags Logan to his feet and tosses him in the ring. Nostalgia goes in and drags Logan into a fireman’s carry and then drops him into a piledriver with a “ego buster” He looks around for the ref, Gunner goes to help him up, Cesaro is back to his feet though and climbs to the apron, but he is pulled off by Zack Ryder who just ran through the crowd. The two brawl while Gunner helps the ref into the ring. Nostalgia covers Riley. The ref slowly counts the pin.)


(Cesaro can’t believe it, he looks towards the ring and goes to enter it but Ryder hits him with a “Rough Ryder”! Gunner slides out of the ring and gives it to Nostalgia, who just lays in the ring staring at the ceiling.)

Kris Gaffney: Nostalgia has won the title…. But at what cost?

(Gunner and Ryder help Nostalgia to the back, intercontinental title around his waist. Some refs and doctors come out and help Logan and Cesaro to the back)

("Striken" blasts on the PA system as Daryl "Graveler" Prichard walks on the stage. He looks at the Slaughter House with a stare. He continues down to the ring. He enters the cage, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Daryl Prichard has studied his match.

King-Seemly first hand.

Kris Gaffney-So it would seem, but watching it, and being in it is a total different thing. This is known to be one of the bloodiest matches the EMF has.

("Violent Pursuit" blasts on the PA system as the extreme champion Jason Cross walks out on the stage. He holds up the Extreme Championship, and he continues to ring side. He enters the cage, and hands the title to the ref. He waits for the bell.)

JR-Jason Cross is entering a whole different world.

Kris Gaffney-That's for sure JR.

King-He's been impressive thus far, we will see how he does with this test.

["The Crippler" Jason Cross and Daryl "Graveler" Prichard stand in the middle of the ring. Both not paying much attention to one another as they pace around the ring. They are looking around the cell that is around them. The bell rings, the Extreme Champion Jason Cross tries to rush in, and attack Darly Prichard. But Prichard was able to see him coming in, and then he hits a few fists to the face of Jason Cross. Jason Cross stumbles backwards. Daryl Prichard tries to whip Jason Cross to the ropes, but it's reversed by Jason Cross. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard bounces off of the ropes. He lowers his head, and then he hits a kick to the head. "The Crippler" Jason Cross stumbles backwards. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard measures up. Graveler charges, and he hits a clothesline over the top rope. He sends Jason Cross and himself over the top rope. Daryl Prichard is able to hold on to the top rope, and he is able to put himself down on the mat around ring side. Daryl Prichard picks up Jason Cross by the hair, and he then he smashes him into the cage, once, twice, three, and four times. On the fifth time Daryl Prichard throws him high up on the cage. He bounces off, and Jason Cross gets hit with a clothesline that knocks him down on the mat.]

JR-The hell in cell have come into play.

King-More than one time.

Kris Gaffney-I think Jason Cross knows that.

["The Crippler" is on his hands, and knee, and he hits a kick to the ribs that makes him roll away in pain. Daryl Prichard grabs "The Crippler by his hair, and he lifts him up, and he puts him over his shoulder. He runs at the ring post, and then he tries to throw him into the ring post, but it's slide out of the back, and he throws him hard into the ring post. Jason Cross watches as Daryl Graveler goes down on the mat in pain, and then he grabs him by the hair, and he throws him into the ring, but he keeps him under the ropes, and on the apron. Jason cross climbs up to the apron, he looks behind him, and he backs up into the turnbuckle. He pulls himself up to the second rope, he measures up, and he leaps off of the second rope, and he hits leg drop from the second rope on Daryl Prichard. Prichard holds his face in pain as he rolls into the ring all the way. This allows the Extreme Champion Jason Cross to look under the ring, and he pulls out a barbwire chair.]

JR-Oh for the love of...

Kris Gaffney-Seemly JR isn't a fan of this match.

King-That's ok, because I'm not a fan of him.

[Jason Cross slides into the ring, he looks a the chair, and he laughs as Daryl "Graveler" Prichard gets up to his feet. Jason Cross circles around Prichard, and he hits a chair shot on the back, the barbwire rips at the flesh of Daryl "Graveler" Prichard. The camera gets a close in shot, and shows that back of Daryl Prichard now has some cuts on it, and blood is slowly going down his back. Jason Cross put down the chair, and he looks like he's thinking of some sort of move. He throws the chair down on the mat, and he pulls up Daryl Prichard by his hair, and then he sets him up into a vertical suplex. Jason Cross tries to lift up Prichard. But it's blocked, he tries to lift him up again, but it's blocked again. Then Jason Cross lifts up Prichard for the vertical suplex, but he is able to shift his weight, and land on his feet. "The Crippler" Jason Cross turns around right into a super kick to the chin. Jason Cross falls backwards, and into the corner. Daryl Prichard charges, leaps, and he hits a jumping clothesline in the corner. Daryl Prichard backs out of the corner. Jason Cross takes a few steps out of the corner, and then falls back into the corner in a seated position. Daryl Prichard looks like he has some sort of idea. goes into the corner, and he stomps Jason Cross in the corner, and then he follows it up with a boot to the throat. He backs out of the corner.]

JR-Prichard has something on his mind.

King-He could be thinking anything in this match.

Kris Gaffney-There was a reason why this was Angelus Archer favorite.

[Daryl Prichard grabs the chair, and then charges into the corner, and he surfboards it right into the face Jason Cross Cross is screaming in pain. Daryl Prichard throws the chair away, he see's that Jason Cross has a cut on his forehead. He goes over, and he hits a few mounted fists to the face. Jason Cross is bleeding a bit more. Daryl Prichard brings out Jason Cross, he sets him up, and drops him for the choke slam. Daryl Prichard falls backwards into the ropes. The ref starts his count 1......................2.....................3....................4.................5...............Jason Cross is trying to pull himself up to his feet..................6.................7..........Daryl Prichard see's that Jason Cross is going to make it, so he turns, and he goes for the weed wacker on the pole. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle, but before he can get it Jason Cross is able to set up Daryl Prichard, and he hits a power bomb off of the top rope, Daryl Prichard crashes down hard on the mat below, both wrestlers are down on the mat.]

JR-This might not be good.

King-Both wrestlers need to get to their feet.

Kris Gaffney-You'd think that might be easy for Cross, but he did just take a barbwire chair to the head...so...yeah...

[ The ref starts his standing ten count. 1...................2.....................3.................4..............5..............Daryl Prichard grabs the chair, and he sets it up while using it as a post to get up to his feet. Jason Cross is also able to get up soon there after. But clearly both are shakey trying to stay on their feet. Jason Cross charges at Daryl Prichard. Prichard counters with a drop toe hold that sends Jason Cross face first into the chair. Jason Cross rolls around in pain, and then Daryl Prichard waits as Jason Cross gets up, Cross is now bleeding a little bit by his forehead. He tursn around. Prichard hits a kick to the gut, and he hits a DDT on Jason Cross. Daryl Prichard looks toward the turnbuvckle with the weed wacker on a pole. He goes to the top rope, and he grabs the weed wacker.]

JR-Darly Prichard has the weed wacker.

King-This might be bad.

Kris Gaffney-You think King?

[He starts up the weed wacker, he charges at Jason Cross. Cross counters with a drop toe hold that sends him flying into the barbwire chair. You can see some of Graveler's blood start to seep on the chair. Jason Cross grabs the weed wacker, and he starts to use it on Daryl Prichard's back. It starts to chew up Graveler's flesh as blood starts to pour. Finally Cross stops, and he backs off as Graveler is bleeding bad. The ref starts his standing ten count. 1..............2...............3................4...........Prichard tries to pull himself up, but he falls down before he gets back up on his feet............5.............6.............7..........Prichard is trying again, he's struggling.....8..............Prichard is up breaking the count. He falls on the ropes to keep himself up. Jason Cross charges, and Prichard counters with a hot shot that sends Cross into the top turnbuckle. Prichard grabs the weed wacker, and he smashes Cross face first into the weed wacker. Prichard measures up, and he starts to use the weed wacker on his forehead. Cross screams in pain, finally Prichard stops this. THe camera gets a shot that Cross is now bleeding like crazy. His entire face is covered in blood.]

JR-We knew this wouldn't be for the faint of heart.

King-What is Graveler going to do?

Kris Gaffney-Calling for Pikachu?

[Daryl Prichard brings out a steel table, he slides it into the ring. He slides into the ring. He sets up the table. He grabs Jason Cross who has pulled himself up to his feet. Blood still pouring everywhere, and he puts him on the table. Daryl Prichard hits a few forearm shots to Jason Cross on the table. He goes to the outside of the ring. He climbs up to the top of the table. Prichard leaps off of the top for a frog splash. But Cross gets off the table, and he BANG KO's him right on the steel table. Prichard falls down on the mat, as does Cross.]


King-I'd say Graveler might be done...but Cross doesn't seem to be any better.

[Both wrestlers are not moving as the ref starts his standing ten count. 1..................2...................3....................4...............both wrestlers start to stir..........5.................6.............7...both try to make it up to their feet............8....................Graveler attempts to stand up, but through the blood loss, and the effects of the Bang KO, he falls back down.........9..............Cross barely makes it up to his feet.........10!!]

JR-Cross does it!! Cross wins it in blood bath.

King-This is why this match doesn't happen often.

(Cross falls back down on the mat as the crowd cheers for both competitors.

("Walk, Idiot Walk" plays over the PA System as the Hell in a Cell is lowered and Christy Hemme makes her way out.)

JR: Christy Hemme is no strnager to Hell in a Cell, in her most recent one she was half a second from winning the title.

King: Rachel Cena took some Extreme measures to retain it.

Kris: That's why she was a great champion!

("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" plays next as the EMF Women's Champion, Laura Cena makes her way out. She has the belt around her waist but no Catherine due to the stipulation. She hands the belt to an official outside the cell. She steps inside the cell and the door is slammed shut and locked by an official. The bell sounds and we are under way. Christy runs straight at Laura and hits a big clothesline. She then stomps away on her before picking her up and throwing her into the ropes. Laura holds onto the ropes so Hemme runs for a clothesline but Laura dumps her over the top and she hits the floor. As Hemme pulls hersef up, Laura runs and hits a baseball slide, sending Hemme hard into the steel. Laura gets out of the ring and picks Christy up and throws her back into the wall of the cage and then hits a suplex into a bridge as Hemme bounces off for 1...... 2........ kick out! Laura doesn't want to let up and measures Hemme for a spear. Laura charges at her but Hemme grabs her and hurls her hard into the ring steps. Laura lands in a seated position so Hemme runs at her and hits a neck snap on Laura. Laura is down and Hemme covers for 1...... 2....... kick out!)

JR: Both women scoring a near fall early on.

King: Neither has done anywhere near enough yet.

Kris: At least they're using the cell to their advantage.

(Hemme picks Laura up, kicks her in the midsection, and plants her down with a DDT. Hemme goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. As Laura gets up, Hemme hits her in the midsection with the chair and then in the head, taking her down. Hemme drops into a cover for 1....... 2......... kick out! Hemme looks annoyed and grabs the chair again. She's waiting for Laura to get up but before Laura does she grabs Hemme's foot and executes a drop toe hold and as Hemme goes down she hits her head against the chair. Laura transitions into the WT..... H and tightens the hold as much as she can. Hemme is screaming in pain but has nowhere to go as Laura keeps the hold applied. Hemme tries to crawl but on the outside there is nowhere to go. Hemme is however able to grab the chair and swing it at Laura. Despite the horrible angle she catches Laura in the head and is able to break the hold. She is however unable to take advantage. Hemme claws her way to the apron and uses this to stand back up. She looks over at Laura who hasn't moved and then climbs up onto the apron and from there to the top rope. She leaps off the top rope and nails the FFG on Laura! Hemme hooks the leg for 1....... 2.......... KICK OUT!)

JR: My God! I thought that was it for sure!

King: Laura kicking out on pure instinct.

Kris: That was almost as close as last time for Christy....

(Hemme looks frustrated and is still struggling a little herself. She pulls herself up using the apron again and calls for the Twist of Fate. She picks Laura up and positions her but Laura catches Hemme and repositions her. Laura drills Hemme down with a Tombstone Piledriver, much like her sister used to do. Laura doesn't look happy about using the move, but it was necessary. Laura takes a few moments to compose herself before eventually going into the cover for 1....... 2......... KICK OUT! Laura looks really annoyed. Laura looks annoyed and calls for the Royally Screwed to put this one away. She picks Christy up into position but Christy grabs hold of the wall of the cell to prevent Laura from dropping her. Christy is able to escape and climbs up on the inside of the cell to get away. Laura doesn't seem to know what to do and waits for Christy to come down. When she doesn't, Laura follows her. The two trade right hands up near the top of the cell (on the inside). They keep brawling and eventually both women lose their grip and crash to the floor. Both women are down and the referee looks concerned.)

JR: That wasn't good....

King: IF one of them could have held on, they'd be the champion.

Kris: Shame they didn't.

(The referee calls to the outside official who begins to open the cage so the trainers can enter it. The referee opens the cell door and the trainers go in to check on Laura and Hemme. A trainer tries to examine Laura but she kicks him away and starts to get to her feet. So too does Hemme. Both want to continue the match so the referee decides to let them fight. The trainers exit but before the referee can lock the door back up again, Hemme kicks it open and exits the cell. Laura follows her out but Hemme has gone over to the time keeper and grabbed the ring bell. She turns to blast Laura with the bell but Laura meets her with a SPEAR! Hemme drops the bell and Laura covers for 1...... 2...... KICK OUT! Laura looks at the weapon, and shakes her head.)

JR: Laura still likes Christy Hemme.... she doesn't want to use a weapon on her.

King: And that's why Christy will probably win.... she'll do whatever it takes.

Kris: Some Aunt she is.....

(Laura calls for the Royally Screwed again to end the match. She hoists Hemme up but once again Hemme grabs onto the cell, this time the outside. Hemme pulls herself free and this time climbs up the outside of the cell. Laura gives chase and once again the two of them exchange blows while holding on to the cell. Hemme then grabs Laura by the hair and rams her face into the cage. Laura holds on but when Hemme does it again, Laura loses her grip and falls to the floor. Luckily they weren't too high up but Laura still looks hurt. Hemme looks down at her but decides to climb to the top. Suddenly we see Hemme's friend Charlotte running down the ramp to boos. Charlotte climbs the other side to join Christy on top of the cell.)

JR: What is Charlotte doing?

King: Christy has this in hand.... she doesn't need her.

Kris: Although this backfired on Christy last time....

(Christy was measuing Laura for the FFG off the cell but Charlotte pulls her back. Hemme seems annoyed but Charlotte seems to be pointing out what happened last time. She instructs Hemme to climb down but Hemme doesn't want to. Charlotte then motions something to Hemme and gets into position to moonsault Laura off the top of the cell. Hemme smiles and agrees to climb down. She steps next to Charlotte to do so, and then Charlotte grabs her, and pushes Hemme off the cell! Hemme crashes through the announce table to a mixed but shocked response from the crowd. Laura has since recovered and looks up, shocked at what happened. She has no choice though and hooks the leg of Hemme for 1..... 2........... 3! As soon as it's over the trainers are back to check on Hemme as Charlotte smirks from the top of the cell.)

JR: What the hell is this about? I thought Charlotte and Hemme were on the same page?

King: Guess again JR....

Kris: The Queen of Antarctica wins with help from The Queen of Pay Per View.

King: When did she get that name?

Kris: Who knows....

("Live Forever" blasts on the PA system. Casper Santaruz walks from the backstage area to the Unleashed set stage, he receives a mixed reaction. He stares down the cage. Then he continues down the ramp. He climbs up the steps, and he waits for Max Gunner.)

Howard Finkel- From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 224 pounds. The Hell Sent Massacre, CASSSSSSSSPER SAAAAAAAAAAAAANTARUZ!!

JR-Casper Santaruz is looking to silence the critics here.

King-Win the World Title, I think that will do that.

Kris Gaffney-Because that has always solved everything in professional wrestling!

("God's gonna cut you down" blasts on the PA system as Max Gunner walks out on the stage to loud cheers from the crowd. Max Gunner raises the world championship up, and he puts it over his shoulder as he continues to the ring. He steps inside of the cage. He hands the belt to the ref, and he waits for the bell.)

Howard Finkel-From Jackman, Maine. Weighing 265 pounds. He is a member of the Illuminati, and the World Heavyweight champion.....MAX...GUNNER!!

JR-Max Gunner on the other hand has a lot to prove here as well.

King-So many champions have come, and gone. Being able to defend the title is as important, if not more important than winning it.

Kris Gaffney-I'm sure some would agree.

[Max Gunner and Casper Santaruz stands in the middle of the ring getting last moment instructions. Casper the challenger attakcs the champion trying to get the upper hand before the champion can be ready. Casper grabs Max Gunner, and he throws him hard into the cage side. He falls down on the mat. Casper Santaruz quickly goes for the door, but Max Gunner is able to recover fairly quickly, and he hits a clubbing blow to the back of Casper Santaruz before he can get out of the cage . Casper Santaruz falls against the turnbuckle. Max Gunner hooks Casper Santaruz, and he tries to go for a german suplex release, but Casper Santaruz is able to over rotate so he lands on his feet. Casper Santaruz runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, he hits a flying forarm shot to the face that knocks down Max Gunner. Max Gunner gets up holding his face. He throws a wild fist to the face, and Casper Santaruz is able to duck under, and then he hooks him into what seems to be a set up for a atomic drop. He lifts up Max Gunner, and he drops him into an atomic drop slam that puts Max Gunner on his face. Casper Santaruz pushes Max Gunner on his back. He goes into the cover hooking the leg. The ref counts the 1....................2................KICK OUT by Max Gunner. Casper Santaruz gets up to his feet, and he tells the ref to count quicker. But finally he lets it go, and he hits a few stomps on the downed Max Gunner.]

JR-Casper Santaruz needs to keep the pressure on.

King-This is a big match. If he can sneak in a quick opening flurry win, I'm sure he's not going to be bothered if he can win that way.

Kris Gaffney-Well, him getting frustrated isn't going to lead to anything good...I'm sure were about to see that.

[Casper Santaruz picks up Max Gunner, and then he hits a forearm to the face that stumbles back Max Gunner into the corner. Casper Santaruz measures up, and he charges into the corner. Casper hits a running knee to the face of Max Gunner. Gunner falls back into the ropes dazed. Casper Santaruz turns around, and then he hooks Max Gunner for a bulldog out of the corner, but as Casper tries to execute the move, Max Gunner pushes him off, and he hits hard into the mat. Casper is in a lot of pain as he is slow to get up to his feet. He see's that Max Gunner fell back into the corner, and he charges at Gunner. Gunner counters with a inverted russian leg sweep into the turnbuckle. Casper Santaruz hits his face on the top turnbuckle. Casper stumbles out of the corner holding his face. Max Gunner tries to put him into an arm bar for the Crispy Bacon. But Casper is able to block it, and he counters into a snap mare. Max Gunner gets thrown across the ring. He gets up to his feet. Casper Santaruz charges at Max Gunner. Gunner counters with a one man flap jack that sends Casper Santaruz face first into the steel cage. Casper stumbles backwards after hitting the steal side. Casper hooks Max Gunner with a waist lock, and he hits a german suplex, and he rolls up, and hits another german suplex.]

JR-Max Gunner is doing rolling german's here.

King-I wonder if he is doing this because he's connected to an olympic gold medalist?

Kris Gaffney-What would give you that idea?

King-Just thinking out loud...

[He gets up to his feet, and he hits another rolling german suplex, and then another. Then finishes it off with the fifth german suplex. He crashes into the mat. Max Gunner takes a few moments to rest up, and then Gunner raises up to his feet. Casper Santaruz is up to his feet stunned holding the back of his neck. Casper throws a fist to the face, and Max Gunner ducks under. Max Gunner grabs him by the arm, and brings him in for a few short arm shoulder blocks, then on the last one. He whips Casper Santaruz to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes, Max Gunner hits a belly to belly over head throw that sends him flying, and he crashes down on the mat. Casper dazed gets up to his feet, and once he gets upt o his feet. Max Gunner is able to push him into the corner. Max Gunner hits a back elbow inot the corner on Casper Santaruz. Max Gunner tries to whip Casper Santaruz out of the corner, but it's reversed by Casper Santaruz. Max Gunner crashes into the corner, and Casper Santaruz charges, and goes for what seems to be a seated senton, but it's countered by Max Gunner who sets him up for power bomb, likely his finisher the Crispy Bomb. Casper realizing he is in trouble hits a few punches to the head. This makes Max Gunner fall backwards into teh corner, and Casper uses the cage to climb out of danger. But Max Gunner is quickly able to respond as Casper is trying to get up the cage side, Max Gunner hits a clubbing blow to the back. He's in pain.]

JR-Casper might be in trouble here.

King-Out of the fire into the frying pan.

Kris Gaffney-That's debatable, seeing how he avoided Gunner's best move.

[Casper Santaruz is stunned. Max Gunner tries to climb up, and he hits a few clubbing blows to the back, and he tries to german suplex Casper off of the top of the turnbuckle. But Casper Santaruz is able to hold on to the side of the cage for dear life. Realizing that it's not going to work Max Gunner climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and he hits a few clubbing blows. But Casper Santaruz answers back with a few back elbows, one that hits Gunner flush on the jaw which stuns him enough for Casper to hit a few head butts on Max Gunner. Another, and another, then Casper hooks Max Gunner, and he hits a russian leg sweep off of the top rope. Both wrestlers crash down on the mat. Casper does a reverse summersault with the momentum that last move hit. Both wrestlers are down as the crowd cheers with that last move. Both are struggling to get up to their feet. Casper Santaruz looks up, and he realizes that he's near the door. He calls for the door to open, he starts to crawl towards the door. He's about to leave through the door, but suddenly Max Gunner is up, and he dives for Casper Santaruz, and he is able to grab a hold of his leg. Casper Santaruz tries to fight him off, but Max Gunner holds on for dear life. Casper touches the floor with his hands, but that's not good enough to win the match. Max Gunner drags him back into the ring. Casper Santaruz gets up, he hops on one leg, and he hits a ezuguri to the side of the head. Max Gunner is dazed, since he isn't on the top rope, Casper Santaruz hooks Max Gunner, and he hits a less impactful version of the combuston.]

JR-He just hit a modified combuston.

King-Yeah, but that might have just been to buy him sometime.

Kris Gaffney-He probably wished he was in position when he was on the top rope to hit that move, but the position made it impossible, he had to settle for the russian leg sweep.

King-Although that could have been the difference in the match.

[Casper Santaruz takes a few moments to rest up as he falls to a knee, and Max Gunner tries to pull himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes, he turns around. Casper Santaruz is able to take down Max Gunner with a double leg take down, and then he goes for the sharpshooter. Max Gunner is able to struggle to avoid the move for a time. Max Gunner kicks Casper Santaruz off. Santaruz falls backwards, and he hits his head on the cage. He stumbles foward, Max Gunner small packages Casper Santaruz. The ref counts the 1...................2....KICK OUT by Casper Santaruz. Max Gunner is able to float over into an attempt to lock on the Crispy bacon. Casper Santaruz struggles to attempt to get out before it's locked in, and then it seems that Gunner has Casper locked into the Crispy bacon, paniced Casper counters by rolling Max Gunner on to his shoulders. The ref counts the 1................2...........Max Gunner gives up on the Crispy Bacon attempt, and he rolls to the opposite side of the ring from each other. Casper charges at Max Gunner, but Max Gunner counters with a standing spike spine buster.]

JR-Max Gunner almost drove Casper through the mat with that move.

King-That wouldn't be good...then Casper would have won, right?

Kris Gaffney-A Hall of Famer would say yes.

[Max Gunner falls against the ring ropes, he is trying to think what is next, he decides that he should try to end this match, Max Gunner hits a kick to the gut, and he calls for the Crispy Bomb. Max Gunner sets him up, he lifts him up. But as he's about to drive down Casper for the Crispy Bomb, it's blocked, and put right into Hell's Gate. Max Gunner stunned that Casper is able to hold on to it. Gunner struggles to get out, but it looks like he's fading. Desperate Max Gunner does a flip over into a jack knife cover. The ref counts the 1....................2....................Casper lets go of Hells Gate, and kicks out because of it. Both wrestlers are down on the mat. Max Gunner staggers up to his feet. Casper charges at him, and he hits a spear that sends Max Gunner's back, and back of his head right into the side of the cage. He hits hard into the cage side, and he falls down on the mat. Gunner is in a lot of pain, but not quite out.]

JR-This might be a chance for Casper to escape here, the hell's gate, and that spear might give Casper the chance.

King-He can't do it, can he?

[Casper goes to the cage wall, he starts to climb up the cage. He gets up to the top of the cage, and then he climbs over the side, he is about to drop down. But Max Gunner who can't stop it, but was able to roll near the cage's door, and he is able to kick the door open, and Casper crotches the top of the cage. Casper is in a lot of pain. Max Gunner still in a lot of pain pulls himself up with the help of the ropes to try to get himself outside of the door before Casper is able to recover, but it's clear how dazed he is. He is just trying to save his title reign. As Gunner goes through the door, Casper uses the cage side, and the cage door to get enough momentum to hit Max Gunner flush right into the face. The force does reopen the door, but Gunner is hit hard enough that he falls backwards, he hits the ropes, and still falls through the door, and on to the floor. MAX GUNNER WINS!!]

JR-What a hell of a fight.

Kris Gaffney-Had Gunner had just fallen through the ropes, Casper would have been able to win this match.

King-That's what happens sometimes even to the best laid plans.

(Gunner is having issues getting back to his feet as he is handed back the world championship, finally he gets up to his feet as the ref holds up his hand as Unleashed goes off the air.)