EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen.)

(The lights are off. Pyrotechnics blasts down on the stage.When they end the lights turn on, and fans stand up, and yell, and wave their signs. The camera sweeps around the arena as fans stand, and wave their signs.)

JR-Welcome to Saturday Shockwave. Tonight the EMF comes to you live from the home of the NBA Champions Golden State Warriors. I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Kris “KG” Gaffney.

King-Tonight we have many great matches, including the TV championship being put on the line as the champion Wade Wilson takes on Joey Gambino in a hell in a cell match.

Kris Gaffney-Plus the World Champion tonight takes on the Extreme Champion as Logan Riley takes on Walter Melon.

JR-That’s not all for Logan however, because he’ll also be taking on the former world champion in Zack Ryder…speaking of which that’s the match we shall be starting this night off with….

(“That’s entertainment” blasts on the PA system. Logan Riley walks out on the stage holding the World Championship. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-The first match of the evening pits the current world champion against the former World champion.

King-This is also only the first of two matches for Logan Riley.

Kris Gaffney-You got to wonder if he’s thinking about the last match over this one.

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage, he has his web camera taking footage for his web show as he walks down to the ring.)

JR-That would be a mistake as Zack Ryder is someone not to be taken lightly.

King-I guess it only takes one match to turn thinks around.

Kris Gaffney-That is true.

[Logan Riley and Zack Ryder stare down each other. Zack Ryder yells wooo! Woo! Woo! This bothers Logan Riley, he throws a fist to the face. Zack Ryder ducks under, he runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, he leaps in the air. He hits a flying forearm shot to the face that connects. The world champion goes down on the mat, he gets up quickly.Zack Ryder see’s this coming, jumps in the air, and he connects with a standing drop kick that knocks him backwards. He falls over the middle rope, and he falls to the outside of the ring, and on to the floor around ring side. Logan Riley is slow to get up to his feet, Zack Ryder goes over to the ropes sling shots himself over the top rope, and dives with a cross body block. He hits a cross body block. Zack Ryder hits a few fists to the face of the world champion. He picks up Logan Riley, he throws him into the ring under the ropes. Logan Riley rolls into the middle of the ring. He slowly gets up to his feet. Zack Ryder climbs up on the apron, and then up to the top rope. He waits as Logan Riley is getting up to his feet. Logan Riley turns towards Zack Ryder. Ryder leaps off of the top rope, and he connects with a missile drop kick. Zack Ryder quickly goes into the cover on Logan Riley. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…….2…KICK OUT by Logan Riley. Zack Ryder claps to the crowd as he is getting them involved. He see’s Logan Riley in the corner, and he gets a smile on his face as he waits until Logan Riley is up to his feet. Zack Ryder runs at Logan Riley, and he hits a running clothesline in the corner. Logan Riley stumbles around, and then he falls down into a seated position. Ryder grin only widens as now he knows that his plans are going exactly how he wanted them to.]

JR-Ryder has Riley set up for the broski boot.

King-Should be…interesting.

Kris Gaffney-Always is.

[Zack Ryder backs up, he fists pumps Woo! Woo! Woo! He runs to Logan Riley, but Logan Riley is already up. He hits a clothesline that puts down Zack Ryder. Logan Riley picks up Zack Ryder. Then he lifts him up, and drops him backwards into the top rope. He stumbles around, he waits for Zack Ryder to stumble towards him, he kicks him in the gut, and he double under hooks him. He lifts him up, and drops him for a sit down double under hook power bomb. He puts Zack Ryder into a pinning combination. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……………….2………………KICK OUT by Zack Ryder!! Logan Riley shakes his head to the ref thinking that he could have gotten the three count there. He hits a few stomps on the downed Zack Ryder as he starts to plan out his next move.]

JR-Logan Riley might be considering to go for the Final Cut.

King-I guess the quicker he gets this match over, the better for him.

Kris Gaffney-I guess as long as he doesn’t do it too quickly, and gives Ryder an opening.

[Logan Riley measures up on Zack Ryder, he goes for the Final Cut. Ryder ducks under. Logan turns around into the Rough Ryder. Logan blocks it. Zack Ryder counters into a hurricanana into a pinning combination on Logan. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………..2……….3!!]

JR-Through all the fast pace action Ryder gets the victory.

Kris Gaffney-DIdn’t listen to me.

King-To be fair…I wouldn’t have either.

JR - This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Prince Donte Shujaa!!!

[Prince Donte Shujaa comes to the ring. ]

JR - and his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Matt Faris!!! (crowd cheers ******)

[Matt Faris walks to the ring. Earl Hebner is the referee for this contest. Matt Faris gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from Prince Donte Shujaa. Matt Faris drops Prince Donte Shujaa with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat. (the bell rings) Prince Donte Shujaa grabs Matt Faris's leg and takes him down. Matt Faris gets hit with the shooting star press from Prince Donte Shujaa. Earl Hebner counts. ...1 Matt Faris kicks out. Prince Donte Shujaa uppercuts Matt Faris. Prince Donte Shujaa get nailed with a double axhandle chop from Matt Faris. Matt Faris knees Prince Donte Shujaa and rolls back to his feet. Prince Donte Shujaa spins aroround Matt Faris's back and DDT's him into the mat. Prince Donte Shujaa is up again. Kneelock submission applied by Prince Donte Shujaa. Earl Hebner asks Matt Faris if he quits. ... ... Matt Faris trys to escape. ... Prince Donte Shujaa breaks the hold. Prince Donte Shujaa hits Matt Faris with an elbowdrop. Prince Donte Shujaa climbs to his feet. Matt Faris stands up. Prince Donte Shujaa short lariats Matt Faris. Matt Faris is back on his feet. Prince Donte Shujaa pins Matt Faris against the ropes and chokes him with his forearm. Matt Faris with a headscissors takeover on Prince Donte Shujaa. Matt Faris is back on his feet. Prince Donte Shujaa stands up. Prince Donte Shujaa hits a spinning leg lariat on Matt Faris sending him to the mat. Prince Donte Shujaa kicks Matt Faris on the mat. Matt Faris gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Prince Donte Shujaa. Prince Donte Shujaa stands up. Prince Donte Shujaa fist drops Matt Faris on the mat. Prince Donte Shujaa moves back to his feet. Matt Faris is back on his feet. Matt Faris with a Russian legsweep on Prince Donte Shujaa. ]

JR - If Matt Faris keeps using moves like that Russian legsweep he could win the match!

[Matt Faris is up again. Matt Faris locks Prince Donte Shujaa in the kneebar. Earl Hebner is checking for a tap out. ... (AHHHH!) ... ... Matt Faris tightens the hold. Prince Donte Shujaa escapes. Matt Faris stomps Prince Donte Shujaa's head. Prince Donte Shujaa gets hit with the shooting star press from Matt Faris. Earl Hebner counts. ...1 ...2 Prince Donte Shujaa kicks out. Prince Donte Shujaa uses a snap mare takeover on Matt Faris. Matt Faris gets hit with the shooting star press from Prince Donte Shujaa. Earl Hebner counts the pin. ...1 ...2 Matt Faris escapes. ]

JR - Prince Donte Shujaa should have known he wouldn't win the match with that.

[Matt Faris is back on his feet. Prince Donte Shujaa hits Matt Faris with a heart punch. Matt Faris gets hit with the shooting star press from Prince Donte Shujaa. Earl Hebner counts the pin. ...1 ...2 Matt Faris kicks out. Matt Faris stands up. Prince Donte Shujaa applies the clawhold on Matt Faris. Prince Donte Shujaa puts Matt Faris in the double underhook position and gives him a doubl underhook backbreaker. Prince Donte Shujaa and Matt Faris go to the floor Earl Hebner starts the count (.1) Prince Donte Shujaa leg drops the throat of Matt Faris. Prince Donte Shujaa rolls onto Matt Faris connecting with a knee. They head back into the ring. Matt Faris sets Prince Donte Shujaa up DDTs him into the mat. Matt Faris climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on Prince Donte Shujaa. Matt Faris Choke Slams Prince Donte Shujaa. Prince Donte Shujaa looks to be out cold! Prince Donte Shujaa gets hit with the shooting star press from Matt Faris. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 ...3

JR - The winner of this match, Matt Faris!!!

(“Ultimate Countdown” blasts on the PA system. Daniel Bryan walks out on the stage. He nods his head, and starts to do the “Yes” taunt down to the ring side area. He enters the ring.)

JR-Last week Ryder and Bryan had quite the match.

King-It doesn’t seem like the out come that Bryan wanted.

Kris Gaffney-God knows that everytime I had a match, all I wanted was to suffer a crushing defeat.

King-Could have fooled me…

JR-This is Nice Guy Buddy Friend’s debut match.

King-That we can talk about, right?

JR-I guess you can put it that way King.

King-We’ll see what he can do against someone other than JOB Mysterio.

Kris Gaffney-I think that broke the rule.

King-Insert Mountie LAWL reference here.

[Nice Guy Buddy Friend plays to the crowd showing off how in shape he is, Daniel Bryan nods his head, and he kicks his head. Nice Guy Buddy Friend is dazed. Daniel Bryan rusn to the ropes. As Daniel Bryan comes off of the ropes, Nice Guy Buddy Friend almost takes Daniel Bryan’s head off with a diving clothesline htat puts him down on the mat. Nice Guy Buddy Friend picks up Daniel Bryan off of the mat. He pushes him to the ropes, and he holds him there, and he hits a knife edge chop that echo’s through out the arena. Daniel Bryan holds his chest as he’s in a lot of pain, and he puts him on the ropes, and he hits another one. He gets warned by the ref. Nice Guy Buddy Friend does what the ref wants. Daniel Bryan as he see’s an opening attempts to go for another kick to the head. Nice Guy ducks under. He hooks Daniel Bryan, he lifts him up, and he drops him on the top rope. Daniel Bryan falls on the top rope, and then down on the mat. Clearly in a lot of pain, Daniel Bryan is slow to get up to his feet. Daniel Bryan gets hooked for the Unfriended. Before it’s hit, Daniel Bryan ducks under it. Nice Guy turns around, he ducks under a running ezuguri to the head. Daniel Bryan falls face first into the mat. Nice Guy drops an elbow into the back. Nice Guy puts his knee into the back of Daniel Bryan, and he hooks him for a half camel clutch. The ref asks Daniel Bryan if he wants to give it up. Daniel Bryan refuses, Daniel Bryan after a few moments is able to try to power his way up to his feet, but as he’s doing this Nice Guy Buddy Friend decides to attempt to stop this right in it’s tracks. Although this is what Daniel Bryan was expecting as he quickly moves out of the way. Buddy Friend goes hard down on the mat. Daniel Bryan takes a moment to rest up. He watches as Buddy Friend is getting up to his feet. Daniel Bryan runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. Buddy Friend picks him up, and drops him down into the mat with a spinning spine buster!!]

JR-Daniel Bryan thought he had the match going back into his favor, but Buddy Friend quickly made sure that was not to be.

King-He isn’t going to get his spot.

Kris Gaffney-Not yet anyways.

[Buddy Friend goes into the cover on Daniel Bryan, the ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2…KICK OUT by Daniel Bryan. Buddy Friend takes a few moments to wait on Daniel Bryan to get up to his feet. Buddy Friend see’s Daniel Bryan in the corner, he runs at Bryan, but Bryan moves out of the way at the last moment, and he throws him hard into the ring post. He hits his head, and stumbles backwards, and he lands right into the waiting Daniel Bryan who lifts up Buddy Friend, and drops him with a belly to back suplex that puts him down on the mat. Daniel Bryan realizes that he doesn’t have enough time to rest up if he wants to do what he wants to do. He goes to the outside, he climbs up to the top rope. He jumps off of the top rope, he connects with a diving head butt. It seems to effect Daniel Bryan as much as Buddy Friend. Daniel Bryan still dives, and puts his arm over the fallen Buddy Friend. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2…KICK OUT by Buddy Friend!!Both wrestlers are down on the mat, and the ref starts his standing ten count as both wrestlers try to get up to their feet 1………..2…….3…………..4……5……Buddy Friend crawls into the corner…………6…………7……Buddy Friend is up to his feet. But just as he is, Daniel Bryan is already on his way, and he connects with the face of Buddy Friend with a running drop kick in the corner. Daniel Bryan backs out of the corner, and he stumbles out of the corner. Daniel Bryan hooks under the arm of Nice Guy Buddy Friend. He executes it, and puts him into a bridge into a pin. The ref goes into position. The ref counts 1…………………2…..KICK OUT by Buddy Friend. Daniel Bryan takes a few moments to rest up, he slowly gets up to his feet. Buddy gets on his knee’s, and he hits a kick to the chest. (YES!!)]

JR-Daniel Bryan connected…can Buddy Friend think of a way to counter.

King-I’m sure there is no simply way to counter this…this move is fool proof.

Kris Gaffney-Again…were being so sarcastic today….glad we don’t exist in text…it would be much tougher to figure that out whether or not we were being sarcastic.

[Daniel Bryan goes for the kick to the head. Buddy Friend ducks under, and Daniel Bryan spins in a circle. Buddy Friend kicks Bryan in the gut. He sets him up into a piledriver set up, he lifts him, and drops him with his finisher Killing’em with kindness. Bryan seems down for the count. Buddy Friend goes into the cover on Bryan. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………….2……………3!!]

JR-Buddy Friend saw the opening, and took advantage of it to gain the victory.

(“Game On” blasts on the PA system. Tony Ikeda walks out on the stage. He walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Like his tag team partner, Tony is trying to recover after losing the world championship.

King-It worked for Ryder.

Kris Gaffney-Great logic.

(“heavy sits the crown” blasts on the PA system. The Spider King walks out on the stage holding the IC championship. He walks down to the ring, and he enters the ring.)

JR-Daryl has been great in the big moments…

King-Not so great in everything else.

Kris Gaffney-Guess a Spider King doesn’t do that…

[Tony Ikeda and Daryl Prichard stand in the middle of the ring. They talk trash, and then they start to throw fists to the face, neither wrestler backing down. Daryl Prichard ducks under, and he see’s Tony trying to create separation running to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes. Daryl Prichard is able to hook Tony Ikeda, and throw him towards the ropes with an arm drag release that sends Tony Ikeda flying, and he crashes down on the mat. Slowly Tony Ikeda gets up to his feet, and then Daryl Prichard hits a kick to the gut that doubles him over, and he puts him into a side head lock, and brings him over into a side head lock take down. He puts on the pressure Tony Ikeda. Tony Ikeda gets up to his feet, and Tony Ikeda backs him up into the ropes, and he whips him off of the ropes. Tony Ikeda is stunned enough that Daryl Prichard is able to hit a shoulder block that knocks down Tony Ikeda. Tony Ikeda gets up shocked. He kicks him in the gut that doubles him over, and he hooks him. He lifts him up, and he drops him for a double under hook suplex that puts him down on the mat. Daryl Prichard goes into the corner, and he yells for Tony Ikeda to get up to his feet, Tony Ikeda stumbles up to his feet. He turns as he see’s Daryl Prichard approaching punching his face with a Stone Fist, Tony Ikeda is able ot duck under it, he hooks Daryl Prichard, and attempts to go for one of his full nelson moves, but Daryl Prichard is able to block it. Once he’s on his feet, he is able to shift his weight enough to hit a snapmare that sends him flying across the ring.]

JR-Daryl might have gotten lucky there.

King-I’m sure Daryl would disagree.

Kris Gaffney-It’s his spider-King senses.

[ Daryl Prichard gets up, Tony Ikeda hooks him, and drops him for a full nelson slam. Quickly Tony Ikeda goes into the cover on Daryl Prichard. The ref counts 1…..2…KICK OUT by Daryl Prichard. Tony Ikeda has to take a few moments to rest up. But he notices that Daryl Prichard is already starting to get up to his feet. Tony Ikeda grabs his head, and drops down driving his head into the jaw of Daryl Prichard. Tony Ikeda gets up, he hooks him, and he throws Daryl Prichard into a t-bone suplex. Daryl Prichard gets up, then stumbles into the corner. Tony Ikeda runs, he jumps, and he connects with a flying splash in the corner.]

JR-Tony connects with the splash.

King-No comment that it links to Sting somehow?

JR-Not everyone who does a splash in the corner is doing a stinger splash.

King-Good we have that cleared up.

[Tony Ikeda yells for Daryl Prichard to stumble towards him. Daryl stumbles towards him. Tony Ikeda hooks him into a full nelson. Daryl counters with a snapmare. Tony Ikeda goes flying, he gets up, and he gets hit by the Stone Fist by Daryl Prichard. Tony goes down. Prichard goes into the cover on Tony. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……………2………….3!!]

JR-Daryl Prichard connects with the Stone Fist, and got the victory.

Kris Gaffney-Shouldn’t he change the name to…something like the Kingly Fist?


(“The Duck Song” Blasts over the loud speakers and out walks Jack Heyman wearing a pink button up suit with watermelon pin stripes and a mic in hand. He stands on top of the stage.)

JHeyman: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Jack Heyman and I am the advocate for the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED EXTREME CHAMPION! HE IS THE WATERMELON KINGPIN, standing at 6’2” weighing in at 205 lbs. He is WALTER MELON!

(Out walks Walter Melon from the back. He finishes his last bite of a watermelon and tosses the last bit of it out into the crowd. He hast he extreme championship around his waist, wearing Watermelon speedo and nothing else. They both begin their walk to the ring, but Walter motions for Jack Heyman to go back to the locker room, Heyman listens and Walter continues to the ring.)

Jr: This is the first time these two face off one verses one, should be an intense match with these two competitors. Their styles should match well together.

KG: If the Melon Gods allow it.


("That’s entertainment” blasts on the PA system. Logan Riley walks out on the stage, TV title on his shoulder, he steps inside of the ring. Holding title in the air, he's staring at Wade ready to go.)

Announcer: And his opponent. From Muncie Indiana. He stands at 5'10" and weighs 255lbs. He is the Extreme Measures World Champion, LOGAN RILEY!

Jr: The World Champ is looking to teach the Melon Club a lesson.

KG: Wont be easy, Walter's a god.


(The two stand across the ring from one another. Walter reaches in his speedo pulling out a grape, tossing it in the air and catches it in his mouth.)


(The match begins, Walter leans against the turnbuckle eating grapes from his speedo. Logan unsure if he's being baited slowly walks towards Walter, once close enough Walter goes to hand him a grape, Logan smacks it out of his hand and tosses a hard right connecting to Walter's chin. Logan steps back and lunges forward with a hard lariat in the corner which lifts Walter's feet of the ground and he falls on his ass back against the turnbuckle. Riley circles around, charges Walter smashing his knee right to Walter's face. Walter drops to the ground. Walter begins pulling himself to his feet, Riley kicks his gut, hooks Walter's head and lifts him with a virticle suplex. Riley back to his feet, lifts Walter, grabs Walter's arm and whips him into the ropes and on the return Riley hits him with a lariat hard enough that causes Walter to flip in the air and crash to the mat. Walter on his belly begins to get to his hands and knees as Riley slowly stalks him. Riley lunges forward hitting Walter with a soccer kick right to the ribs which causes Walter to roll to the edge of the ring. Using the ropes he pulls himself up standing on the outside apron. Riley charges him attempting a spear to knock Walter off, but Walter steps aside and when Riley comes through he's met with a knee to the face which hangs him up on the middle rope. Walter hooks Rileys head and falling backwards pulling Riley with him plants Rileys head into the ground with a DDT outside of the ring. Walter stands up and stomps Rileys gut and then Walter digs his foot into the throat of Riley before jumping into the air and landing with both feet stomping on Rileys chest as the refs count begins.)

Ref: ONE!

(Walter reaches down to lift Riley to his feet, but on the way up Riley lifts Walter over his shoulders and hits him with a fishermans carry.)

Ref: TWO!

(Riley catches his breath as Walter's grabbing at his stomach as he slowly gets to his feet. Once Walter stands and turns around Riley charges him and connects with a vicious knee to Walter's body which causes Walter to flip over and land back first into the ground.)


(Riley lifts Walter to his feet, grabs his arm and whips him aggressively I to the steel steps which break apart upon impact and sends Walter flying over rolling into the barricade grabbing at his knees.)

Ref: FOUR!

(Riley eyes Walter as he pulls himself to his feet. Riley runs around the corner of the ring in the direction of Walter and hits him with a shoulder that causes Walter to flip right over the barricade.)

Ref: FIVE!

(Walter using the barricade to pull himself to his feet, but Riley reaches over grabbing Walter's head, he hooks Walters head and looks behind himself.)

Ref: SIX!

(Riley lifts Walter with a virticle suplex and plants him into the ground.)


(Riley lifts Walter, putting Walter's head between his legs and lifts him up onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position.)


(Riley walks forward and slams Walter hard into the edge of the ring with a powerbomb.)

Ref: NINE!

(Riley wastes no time, grabs Walter and rolls him in the ring and Riley slides in himself before the ref makes the ten count and hooks Walter's leg.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!.....(KICKOUT!)

Jr: Wow, Logan Riley is bringing the fight to Walter, pretty clear he's been in control since the start of this bout.

KG: Walter is just setting the bait Jr. Dont you know anything?

King: What... Where is Melonia?

(Riley back to his feet, lifts Walter and whips him hard into the corner. Riley then rushes Walter and attempts a spear, but Walter quickly moves out of the way and Riley dived shoulder first hard into the post. Walter leaving Riley hanging there climbs atop of the turnbuckle leaping into the air and driving his elbow straight into Rileys spine which bases him to flop off the rope and onto the mat grabbing at his back. Walter grabs the top rope and aggressively begins to stomp Riley on the ground until Riley is able to roll out of the ring and stumble away. Walter bounces off of the opposite ropes and on the return dives through the ropes right as Riley turns back around connecting hard which knocks them both to the ground.)

Ref: ONE!

(Walter back to his feet, leans back against the ring. He reaches into his speedo pulling out a handful of crushed grapes and shaming them into his mouth, then rubbing the extra juices onto his face which seemingly brings his energy back to 100 as he runs forward and kicks Riley right in the ribs.)

Ref: TWO!

(Walter begins lifting Riley, hooks his head and drops Riley with a DDT.)


(Walter begins taking everything off of the top of the announcers desk.)

Ref: FOUR!

(Walter with a stomp to Rileys face. Walter lifts riley and rolls him on top of the desk he just cleared.)

Ref: FIVE!

(Walter hits Riley with a hard right to the face and then slides into the ring.)

Ref: SIX!

(Walter climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off right at Riley attempting a frog splash, but Riley rolls off of the table which causes Walter to crash through himself and resets the refs count.)

Ref: ONE!

Jr: That's why they call those high risk maneuvers.

KG: I'm pretty sure the Melon Gods have told him that Jr.

King: Has he really been eating grapes that just sit in his wrestling tights?... Safe to say he is very motivated by his fruits...

(Riley leaning against the barricade walks over and begins pulling Walter to his feet. Riley stuffs Walter's head between his legs and grabs the back of Walter's tights as he lifts him and falls back connecting with a piledriver.)

Ref: TWO!

(Riley lifting Walter up, lifts him with a Gorilla Press and walks forward tossing Walter through the middle ropes right back into the ring before sliding in himself. Riley hooks the leg.)

Ref: ONE!.....(KICKOUT!)

(Walter with a quick kickout. Riley stands and begins pulling Walter to his feet, walter pushes Rileys hands out of the way and then two begin trading punches until Walter steps back into the ref which causes the ref long enough for Walter to throw a kick to Rileys nuts and riley drops to the ground as Walter goes for the pin.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!.....(KICKOUT!)

JR: COME ONE! That was a cheap shot by the Extreme champion.

King: Your just not extreme enough Jr.

KG: The Melon Gods told him to go it, so it's ok.

(Walter back to his feet. He stands in the corner waiting for Riley to stand back to his feet, when he does Walter begins charging him and right when Riley turns around hes hit with a slingblade right to the mat and Walter climbs the turnbuckle. He stands on top, eats a grape from his speedo and leaps off connecting with FRUIT SMASH! And then Walter falls into cover on Riley.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!..... THRRRRR(KICKOUT!)

JR: BAH GAWD! I cant believe Logan kicked out of that. You cant get any closer to a three count than that was.

KG: I guess the Melon Gods weren't ready for this to end yet. If Cyrus Black was here, he'd of won already.

King: This would all be much better if Melonia was ringside...

(Walter smacks the mat and begins yelling at the ref that backed into the corner. Walter grabs grapes from his speedo and shoves them in the refs face and then turns and heads towards Riley. Walter lifts Riley to his feet and attempts to whip him into the ropes but Riley reverses it and whips him. Riley follows and attempts a lariat, but Walter dropped down pulling down on the top rope causing Riley to flip right over. Riley hits his back on the ring as he falls out, but stays on his feet. Walter quickly climbs out of the ring, he grabs Rileys shoulder and spins him around attempting to throw a punch that's blocked by Riley and then Riley connects with THE FINAL ACT! Which causes Walter to drop and roll right under the ring.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!.....

(Riley grabs Walter's feet that are sticking out attempting to pull him out, but seemingly having a difficult time.)

Ref: THREE!..... FOUR!.....

(Finally something gives and Walter comes sliding out as Riley pulls him. Once out riley turns Walter to his back and once he turns Riley is squirted in the eyes with a bottle of Lemon Juice that Walter had. Riley grabbing at his eyes unable to see as he stumbles backwards. The red confused on what to do. Suddenly Melonia comes out from under the ring holding a watermelon that is wrapped up in veins that are filled with thorns, she helps Walter to his feet and hands him the melon. As Walter spins to face Walter still unable to see Walter takes the thorned watermelon in the air and smashes it hard onto Rileys head. The ref calls for the bell.)


Announcer: Your winner by disqualification. LOGAN RILEY!

Jr: Now that was uncalled for. This is no way for a champion to act.

KG: Gods make the rules Jr.


( Walter slides Riley into the ring as Melonia climbs in, Nakamango and the rest of the Melon Club come running out and they all begin to stomp Riley in the center of the ring. All of a sudden Wade comes running out, chair in hand with a shirt that read "SHOWTIME IS MY FAVORITE WRESTLER!" Wade slides in the ring and Apple Juice goes after him but is met with a chair to the head, then Walter is met with a chair to the back and as Wade goes to swing the chair at Nakamango he is met with a hard shot to the nuts from behind from Melonia. Wade drops to the ground and out runs Paige. Once Paige slides in the ring Nakamango and Omegrape grab her Melonia hits her in the gut with the chair in the ring and yells at her to watch. Nakamango holds Paiged head up as the rest of the melon club begin stomping out both Wade and Riley in the middle of the ring. Melonia grabs Paige and tosses her ontop of Wade as Walter Melon points up to the arena ceiling spinning his hands and the melon club leave the ring as a noise is heard. When we look up we see Jack Heyman turning a wheel which releases a massive bucket filled with fruit punch all inside the ring ontop of Logan Riley, Wade Wilson, and Paige. Walter holds his Extreme championship on the air and they all begin laughing and taunting Off Constantly as shockwave goes to commercial.)

(The lights go out and lights come on switching from red to green as we hear "Money" by Pink Floyd over the loud speakers. The fans sing along and we hear a mixture of cheers and jeers as "The White Devil" Joey Gambino steps out from the back. He stand at center stage sporting black shades and a black suit. He look out to the crowd and then rips the suit off and tosses his glasses into the crowd. He taps his chest and yells and then begins his walk to the ring. Focused and confident Joey climbs into the ring and feeds off of the fans awaiting the match to begin as he looks at the Hell InA Cell around him with a smile on his face.)

Announcer: This match is a Hell In A Cell for the Television Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 245 pounds, standing 5'10" he is the White Devil, JOEY GAMBINO!

Jr: Well, last March didn't go in Joey's favor, but this one on one match should hold no distractions for either.

KG: Only if the Melon Gods say so.

King: What? Wheres Emma?

('X Gonna Give It To Ya'- DMX blasts over the loud speakers. Out from the back comes Wade Wilson, TV title around his shoulder. He plays to the fans on the stage on both sides getting them screaming louder and louder. He skip down the ramp slapping hands with the fans. Once inside he hands the ref his championship. He looks at Joey and winks at him and waves. Joey just smirks as he points at the Cell and a breaking symbol with his hands.)

Announcer: And the champion, fighting out of Canada. Weighing in at 210 pounds, standing 6'2", he is the Television Champion, the Merc With A Mouth, WADE WILSON!

Jr: Wade and Joey clearly dont like each other. Wade's hoping to retain his championship and teach Joey a lesson.

KG: What's the lesson? How to not be as good as Cyrus Black 101?

King: What? No Paige? This is bullshit!

(The ref holds the belt in the air and walks it around the ring before handing it to the official outside who walks it out of the Cell.)


(The cell door is locked as the match begins. Both competitors look around at it with smiles on their face. Wade and Joey both nod and waits no time sprinting at one another. Wade baseball slides right under Joey's legs, Wade quick back to his feet and continues running bouncing off of the next ropes and on the return he attempts to jump clean over Joey, but Joey grabs Wade by the ankle and yanks him hard into the mat. Joey then grabs the other foot, holding both feet by his waist Joey begins to spin Wade around and around, faster and faster as Wade is lifted up off of the mat he begins to yell "WEEE" as the fans count the ten seconds and Joey let's go of Wade and he goes crashing into the mat grabbing the back of his head. Joey lifts Wade, whips hip against the ropes and on the return wraps him up and delivers a vicious and fast scoop slam planting Wade to the mat. Joey postures up to one knee, hooks Wade by the back of the head and delivers two hard elbows opening up a gash on his forehead. Joey stands up, stomps Wade in the gut, jumps in the air and smashes his back into the side of Wade, climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off with an elbow to the chest of Wade and honking the leg.)

Ref: ONE!.....(KICKOUT!)

Jr: Joey keeping up an intense pace, usually that's Wade.

KG: Melon Gods making some interesting changes...

King: Its because Paige isn't ringside.

(Joey stands, lifts Wade up and then grabs his arm whipping him into the turnbuckle. Joey Sprints at Wade and ducks down for a spear but Wade uses the turnbuckle to push himself up and over Joey, but Joey slides out of the ring, runs around the outside and quickly slides back in and sprints at Wade attempting a hard lariat as Wade turns but Wade ducks, runs at the ropes and jumps up with a springboard moonsault, Joey catches him in the air on his shoulder, turns and slams him with a vicious powerslam. Joey lifts Wade to his feet, whips him towards the ropes and Joey runs behind following, once Wade his close enough he jumps up onto the top rope, springs off of it towards the cell, runs up the Cell just a little and springs off of the cell pushing himself even higher into the air and back into the ring with a moonsault on top of Joey as Joey runs right into it dropping to the ground. Both men are down.)


Jr: BAH GAWD! I've never seen anything like that.

KG: I bet Logan Riley taught him that.

King: I could do that.

(Wade staggers to his feet, Joey worked himself into the corner where he sits back grabbing at his body against the post. Wade runs at him and delivers a bronco buster and then rolls off of Joey back to his feet. He lifts Joey up to his feet pushing him against the turnbuckle. Wade climbs up and starts landing punches as the crowd counts.)


(As Wade holds his hand for the final punch Joey wraps up Wade's legs, places him on his shoulders, runs, leaps in the air and delivers a sit out powerbomb and then lays down. Now both men lay there, Joey trying to get to his feet. Finally Joey staggers up and Wade uses the ropes to pull himself up. Joey runs at Wade, Wade drops down pulling the top rope down and Joey flips right over to the outside hitting his back on the apron and staggering forward into the cell. Wade runs to the opposite rope and on the return he jumps well over the top rope with a suicide dive driving Joey right into the cell, but also hitting his own already cut open head onto the cell and both men drop. Wade able to pull himself to his feet with the help of the Cell. He lifts Joey up, as they are coming up joey throws an elbow to Wade's gut, hooks Wade's head and delivers a virticle suplex. Joey rolls over, pushes himself back up. Joey lifts Wade, grabs Wade's arm and leads him back a little before whipping him hard into the ring post which causes Wade to crash into it and flip in the air before landing to the ground. Joey taking a couple deep breaths walks towards Wade. Joey reaches down grabbing some of the patting on the ground and ripping a good amount of it up exposing the concrete floor. Joey grabs Wade by the head lifting him to his feet, Joey puts Wade's head between his legs and attempts a powerbomb but is reversed by Wade with a hurricainrauna which sends Joey flying into the air right into the cell and the to the ground. Wade back to his feet, lifts up Joey, Wade tucks his head and attempts a northern lights suplex onto the exposed concrete, but Joey is able to use is legs to jump, push off of the cage and spin dropping Wade head first into the concrete with a DDT leaving a blood imprint where his head smacked the concrete.)

Jr: Wow, what a brutal reversal by Joey.

KG: I bet the Melong Gods saw that coming.

King: If only Paige and Emma were here...

(Joey takes his time getting to his feet. He lifts Wade up, places him against the ring and then whips wade into the cell and when wade bounces back Joey hooks around the body, spins and delivers a suplex right on the concrete. Joey back to his feet, slides Wade into the ring and slides in himself covering Wade.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!(KICKOUT!)

(Wade kicks out. Joey sits up shaking his head and then stands up. Joey lifts Wade to his feet, he grabs wade with both hands by the throat and tosses him halfway across the ring, Wade smashes the mat, rolls landing into the corner, Joey rushes at him, once close enough Wade ducks, catches Joey and tries to flip him outside of the ring but Joey lands on the outside apron, before Joey can do anything Wade grabs the rope and kicks Joey in the head causing him to fall off the apron to the ground. Wade climbs the turnbuckle. He looks at Joey on the ground crawling towards the side of the cell reaching for it. Wade wipes blood from his eyes, leaps off the turnbuckle to the cell, Wade climbs a ways up and waits. He looks back at Joey as Joey climbs to his feet, as he turns around Wade pushes off of the cell with his feet doing a corkscrew moonsault right on top of Joey causing them both to crash to the ground. The crowd begins "Wade Wilson" chants as Wade climbs to his feet. He stands beside the downed Joey and leaps up with a standing shooting starpress. Gets back to his feet and slides Joey in the ring. Wsde gets in and goes for the cover.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!(KICKOUT!)

(Joey kicks out and Wade stands back to his feet, he picks Joey up to his feet whipping Joey into the ropes Wade follows and right as Joey hits the ropes Wade hits a lariat that sends Joey right over back to the outside and against the cell. Wade runs to the opposite side, bounces off and on the return jumps clean over the top rope attempting a cross body but Joey moves out of the way and Wade crashes hard into the cell and bounces off crashing into the ground. Joey uses the time to catch his wits. He spits blood out from his mouth before walking towards Wade. Joey picks Wade up and puts him in a gorilla press. Joey runs forward throwing Wade right into the Cell door which causes the Cell door to break open and Wade to go flying to the outside and crash to the ground. Joey smirks and slowly makes his way towards Wade. Joey begins to lift Wade to his feet, once up Wade pushes Joey into the Cell and when Joey bounces forward Wade delivers a vicious Superkick dropping Joey to the ground. Wade walks around the cell to the announcer table and begins to clear it off. Wade wipes blood from his eyes again as he begins to head back around the cell towards Joey. As Wade turns the corner Joey is up and starts to run at him, Joey dives for a spear but Wade throws his knee up cracking Joey in the face causing Joey to drop. Wade lifts joey up and walks him towards the announcer table, Wade lifts Joey up and delivers THE DEAD POOL! Wade stands looks up at the top of the cell and smirks. He picks Joey up and lays him on the announce table and begins to climb the cell slowly. Once on top Wade looks down at the downed Joey, Wade smiles and waves fo the crowd then makes the suck it symbol to his crotch, makes guns with his hands yelling "PEW PEW!" And without hesitation turns around and does a double rotation moonsault from atop of the hell in a cell towards Joey, but Joey is able to roll off of the table and Wade comes crashing hard right through the table and lies motionless on the ground. Both men down.)


Jr: BAH GAWD! Wade Wilson just went through our table from the top of that cell! He jumped with no thought of his own well being, all for the championship!

KG: I think hes just trying to impress Emma.

King: Now where am I supposed to sit?

(Joey finally to his feet, the outside official is checking on Wade to make sure he's breathing, Joey pushes the official out of the way and grabs Wade and lifts him up off the ground and puts him onto his shoulder and begins to carry him around the cell to get inside of the cell and pin wade. Before they get inside somehow Wade pushes off of Joey and leaps up hitting him with a dropkick that sends him flying head first into the Cell door which cuts Joey open as he falls to the ground. Wade pulls himself up as the fans scream for him. Wade wipes blood from his face and takes some deep breaths as Joey starts getting back to his feet. Wade climbs the outside of the cell. When Joey stands he follows Wade up. Eventually both men bloodied stand on top, they work their way towards one another and begin trading punches back and forth atop the center of the cell.)

Jr: How are either of these men still standing, never mind still fighting?

KG: Ask Walter Melon to ask the Melon Gods.

King: It's because of Paige and Emma. If I had the chance to go home to either one of them, I'd keep getting up also.

(Wade able to duck a punch from Joey, grab him connecting with a northernlights suplex. Wade buck to his feet, leaps up attempting t drive his shoulder into Joey, Joey rolls and Wade drives right into the cell top elbow first. Joey and Wade both to their feet, Joey kicks Wade's gut, hooks his head and delivers a virticle suplex and without letting go stands him up delivering a falcon arrow. Joey back to his feet and grabs Wade. Joey picks him up nailing THE HIT! Which causes the top of the cell roof to collapse and both men come dropping down into the ring causing the ring to break. Both men lay flat on their backs. And the ref checks for pulses before beginning a ten count with both men being down.)


Ref: ONE!.... TWO!..... THREE!..... FOUR!..... FIVE!..... SIX!...... SEVEN!...... EIGHT!..... NINE!.....

(Somehow Joey is able to roll over and pin Wade.)

Ref: ONE!....... TWO!....... THHHRRRRRR(KICKOUT!)

Jr: BAH GAWD! So much fight in these two, what a slobber knocker! One of these men have to stop fighting eventually!

KG: Cyrus Black would have won already.

King: Wade just wants to impress Logan Riley.

(Joey puts both hands to his bloodied face as Wade lays there, barely coherent. Joey very slowly crawls out from the broken ring and towards the turnbuckle where he sits, head in hands as if he is thinking "how to put this man away." Joey looking angry pulls himself to his feet, he limps around the divot they created from the crash and grabs ahold of Wade's arm dragging him out. Joey picks Wade up and and goes to attempt a psycho driver to Wade which is the beginning of THE HIT! But Wade reverses it, circles around and punches Joey in the back of the spine, somehow staggers forward as Joey turns hes met with a kick to the gut, Wade delivers THE DEAD POOL! both men down on the ground again. Wade crawls to the corner, climbs the turnbuckle. When he reaches the top he stays hunched over taking two deep breaths, stands and wipes his eyes from blood, leaps off delivering a double rotation ASSASINS FLIGHT! And when he lands he stays on top. The ref counts.)

Ref: ONE!..... TWO!....... THREE!


Announcer: Here is your winner. AND STILL! Television Champion, the Merc With A Mouth, WADE WILSON!

Jr: Bah Gawd, Wade did it!

KG: I would hate to see either of their hospital Bill's.


(As Wade slides off Joey, Wade's music blasts and the cell begins to lift as Emma and Paige both slide into the ring, the official handing the ref the TV championship. Both Emma and Paige both run past one another to aid to their men. Paige helps Wade stand and medics come running down to help Emma with Joey, Wade stands with Paige holding him up, the ref hands him the title and then paige lifts Wade's hand. The two celebrate with screaming fans yelling "YOU DESERVE IT!" As Shockwave goes off air.)