EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen.)

(The lights are turned off as pyrotechnics rain down on the stage. The lights turn on as they end. The camera scans the crowd as they yell and wave their signs. After a few scans the camera gets a zoomed out shot to display the location information. We get one more shot of the crowd as JR begins to talk.)

JR-We come to you from the home of the Jazz. Welcome to Saturday Shockwave. Tonight two submission experts will clash as Brandon Leno goes up against Ricky Vegas. I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. I’m joined by Jerry “the King” Lawler and Kris “KG” Gaffney.

King-Ricky Vegas has taken so much pride in submission that it was traumatic for him to not to win by it.

Kris Gaffney-I should have done that for my finisher.

King-Missing your finisher isn’t abnormal for you Gaffney…especially when you never were able to ever use it.

Kris Gaffney-….

JR-Let’s get this night started.

("Bad, Bad Man" plays over the PA System and out comes John Cena. He has a microphone in his hand, and heads straight to the ring.)

Cena: Several weeks ago, my assistant Catherine Walker decided to put together a little Battle Royal to determine her first challenger. For whatever reason.... the rule was that in order to get into the match, the woman had to have slept with me in the past. I can only assume this was to spite Miss Jackie.... but what do I know. This match ended in controversy when Nikki Bella won the match, despite the fact she should not have been eligible to compete, as I have not ever had relations with her, despite what she might want you to believe! It should therefore have been an easy decision to award the victory to the runner up.... my ex-wife, Natasha Jones. Unfortunately, the other women who were eliminated by Nikki had a legitimate complaint that they could have won the match, and as a result, Velvet Sky ended up winning a contenders match, and challenging Catherine. But now that that match is out the way, I think it is only right to reward the true winner of the Battle Royal.... and announce that Catherine's next challenger will be.... Natasha Jones....

("Million Dollar Theme" plays over the PA System, and Natasha Jones heads down to the ring. She too has a microphone in hand, and addresses her ex-husband.)

Natasha Jones: Look John.... I'll keep this brief, because I hate sharing this room with you. I like Catherine. We both know you don't. We both know you have an issue with her being the champion. But I will not be a pawn in your game. I will not be the one who goes out there and dethrones her for you. You spent so long trying to dethrone Miss Jackie and now what? You're not happy with the result? Thank you for the offer.... but I respectfully decline the reward. I'm happy to know that I am better than all your other "conquests", but I don't need the Women's Championship to validate that.

Cena: Look, Tasha, we can go back and forth on this all night.... but this match and this controversy wasn't my doing. Catherine is to blame for this sitaution. But if you don't want to fight her..... that suits me just fine. I guess, the championship match goes to.... whoever was the last woman out of those who were ELIGIBLE to be eliminated before you did.... I don't know who that was.... someone roll the footage....

(Footage from the Battle Royal plays, showing Nikki Bella, Natasha Jones and AJ Lee as the final 3.... Cena rolls his eyes as "Light It Up" plays over the PA System and AJ Lee skips out onto the ramp, then skips down it and into the ring, and just skips around them.)

Cena: Sure.... AJ..... fine... that can't go wrong I'm sure. Can we put this whole match behind us now? Good luck AJ.... and Natasha.... I'm sure I'll have the midfortune of seeing you around soon....

(Cena leaves the ring as Natasha just keeps watching AJ skip around the ring. Eventually, Natasha shrugs, and nails AJ with "Your Heart Won't Go On!" to boos from the crowd before she exits too, leaving AJ laying in the ring.)

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out with his web camera taking footage for his web show. He steps inside of the ring, and poses in the ring.)

JR-Zack Ryder has proven himself over the years.

King-And now he can prove himself again.

["No One Survives" blasts on the PA system. JT Maverick walks on the stage. JT Maverick walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-It’s not going to be easy. JT Maverick has shown us he’s the real deal.

King- We’ll see if translate to the big matches.

Kris Gaffney-So he can win the big one like Dolph Ziggler…that’s tough for some.

(“Wrath and Cowardice” blasts on the PA system. Syd Khatru walks out on the stage, and he walks down to the ring.)

JR-Syd Khatru last week got a victory.

King-Now it’s a matter of stringing together the victories.

Kris Gaffney-Again tough for some.

King-By some I’m going to assume you mean you.

[Zack Ryder plays to the crowd who is cheering for him. JT Maverick also seems to be getting a reaction from the crowd. Syd Khatru tries to take advantage of the least experienced wrestler (within the EMF) here, and he pushes him towards the ropes, and he tries to roll up JT Maverick up, but Maverick is able to grab a hold of the ropes. He rolls towards the middle of the ring. Syd Khatru tries to get up to his feet, but JT Maverick is quick, and he runs towards Syd Khatru, and hits him flush on the nose with a running knee strike. Syd Khatru gets up to his feet. He gets up in the corner. JT Maverick runs to the corner, and he connects with a running forearm shot to the face in the corner. JT Maverick grabs the arm of Syd Khatru, and he brings him down after ducking under with a side Russian leg sweep.]

JR-Syd might have been rocked with that knee.

King-Syd decided to test JT Maverick.

Kris Gaffney-I guess he passed.

[JT Maverick goes into the cover on Syd Khatru. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………….2….Zack Ryder comes into the picture, and he drags him off of the cover. JT Maverick gets up, but Zack Ryder hits a few hard and quick forearm shots to the face. This seems to effect JT Maverick. Zack Ryder tries to whip JT Maverick off of the ropes. JT Maverick reverses the whip. Zack Ryder bounces off of the ropes, and he ducks under a clothesline by JT Maverick. Zack Ryder continues to the other side of the ring. He bounces off of the ropes, and he jumps in the air, and he connects with flying forearm shot to the face. Zack Ryder waits for JT Maverick to get up to his feet. Zack Ryder kicks him in the gut that drives the air out of him. Zack Ryder sets him up into a vertical suplex position. Zack Ryder connects with a fisherman suplex without a bridge.]

JR-Ryder must not have thought that JT Maverick was wore down yet.

King-Or he’s not perfect.

Kris Gaffney-No one is.

King-That is an un-perfected statement!

[Zack Ryder gets up, but he gets blasted with a super kick by Syd Khatru who recovered. Zack Ryder stays on his feet, but he does turn his back. Syd Khatru grabs Zack Ryder in a reverse facelock, and drops him with the Dukkah.]

JR-Zack Ryder might be in trouble.

King-Syd really wants that release of footage from ramp entrance.

Kris Gaffney-I think we all want that.

[Zack Ryder gets up to his feet, and Syd goes for another super kick, but Zack Ryder is ready for this one. Syd turns around, Zack Ryder hits the Rough Ryder. Ryder see’s JT Maverick getting in the ring. Ryder tries to run towards him to clothesline him over the top rope, but Maverick throws Ryder over the top rope. Maverick goes into the cover on Syd. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……………2………….3!!]

JR-Ryder had this match won, but Maverick being there caused him to have to make sure he wasn’t, and that’s what cost him.

King-It’s almost like that third guy can screw it up for you.

Kris Gaffney-Yeah…shocking?

(“Find the real” blasts on the PA system. JCM yells at the crowd who boo’s, she walks to the ring.)

JR-JCM has had issues with Becky Bayless.

King-Who doesn’t have problems with Becky?

Kris Gaffney-Clearly not Triple M.

(“Tay Conti’s theme” blasts on the PA system. Tay Conti walks to the ring, and she steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Tay didn’t seem to enjoy Jesica’s research.

King-It is hard to find her wiki pedia page.

Kris Gaffney-That should be enough to justify anything she said.

[Tay Conti steps inside of the ring, and yells “where do you get your information. Jesica Cole-Mann seemly not wanting to reveal her sources hits a kick to the side of the head. This rocks Tay Conti, who falls backwards. Jesica Cole-Man runs and she hits a front drop kick that knocks her backwards to the ropes, and she falls out of the ring. Jesica Cole- Mann runs to her, and hits a running ezuguri to the side of the head that makes her fall against the ropes. JCM grabs Tay Conti by the hair, and starts to club her chest area yelling FAKE FAKE FAKE everytime there is a blow to her chest. She lets Tay fall down on the mat.]

JR-Jesica has come out quickly in this match.

King-John Cena must be proud.

Kris Gaffney-But then again…Cena was extremely proud of his Revolution jacket…so…

[JCM allows Tay Conti to crawl up to her feet, JCM runs towards Tay Conti. Tay Conti counters by diving out of the way. JCM hits her head hard. And she turns around. Tay Conti hits a few forearm shots to the face that stuns JCM, she runs to the ropes, and she comes off of the ropes, and she hits a bicycle knee to the face in the corner. JCM falls out of the corner, and Tay goes into the cover on JCM. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……….2…KICK OUT!!]

JR-Here comes Tay.

King-I guess she really doesn’t like someone who doesn’t do her research.

King-Guess not.

[Tay Conti waits for JCM to get up to her feet, Tay lifts her up on her shoulder, but JCM struggles out of the back. And drops her with a diving DDT. JCM goes to the outside of the ring. She climbs up to the top rope, she jumps off of the top ro pe, and comes down on the chest of Tay for the Better Than YOU!! JCM goes into the cover on Tay. The ref counts 1……….2……3!!]

JR-Tay had JCM on the ropes, but she was able to counter and it got her a victory.

("Light It Up!" plays over the PA System and AJ Lee skips out onto the ramp.)

JR: Earlier tonight, AJ unexpectedly found out she has earned a shot at the Women's Championship....

King: But first she has to take on Velvet Sky, who lost a title match just a few weeks ago at Return of an Era.

Kris: If she wins this one, she'd have a good argument to get another shot....

("Angel on my Shoulder" plays next and Velvet Sky comes out.)

JR: Velvet was unable to get the job done against the Women's Champion, Catherine Walker.

King: Didn't I just say that?

Kris: Yea, but it was such a good point, it was worth mentioning twice....

(The bell sounds and the match is under way. AJ and Velvet circle around the ring. Velvet charges at AJ and knocks her down with a clothesline. She then begins stomping away at her. AJ rolls and grabs the bottom rope, leading to the referee pulling Velvet back. AJ gets up and Velvet runs at her and hits a neckbreaker. Velvet drops into a cover for 1...... kick out! Velvet waits for AJ to get up and throws her into the turnbuckle. She charges at AJ but AJ kicks her legs up and connects with the midsection of Velvet. Velvet stumbles back and AJ runs and hits a kick to the side of the head, taking Velvet down. AJ then goes down and hits a few shots to the head of Velvet Sky.)

JR: Both of these women want to make a good impression here.

King: Velvet must be running out of chances to do that given her less than straightforward relationship with our boss....

Kris: If that mattered, I'm sure Catherine wouldn't be the champion....

(AJ lets Velvet climb to her feet, and then she hits a suplex. She drops into a cover for 1..... 2..... kick out. AJ looks frustrated, but she climbs to the top rope, and waits for Velvet to get up. AJ then leaps off and hits a crossbody for 1.... 2..... kick out! AJ taunts the crowd, seemingly believing she can put Velvet away here. Suddenly, Catherine Walker walks out onto the stage with the EMF Women's Championship around her waist. She starts to head down the ramp, and AJ goes over to the ropes and shouts at her. Velvet Sky recovers and with AJ disracted, gets behind her and nails the Beauty Mark! Velvet hooks the leg for 1..... 2....... KICK OUT!)

JR: Velvet Sky must have thought that was it.... but AJ Lee had other ideas.

King: What is the champion doing out here....

Kris: Scouting the competition I would think...

(AJ pulls herself up on the ropes, and Velvet wastes no time going for the Beauty Mark again.... but this time AJ keeps hold of the ropes, blocking the move.She grabs Velvet who is behind her, positions her, and then bounces off the ropes to hit a Shiranui on Velvet! AJ picks Velvet up and applies the Black Widow hold. AJ stares down Catherine as Velvet taps out! AJ jumps up to celebrate as her music plays, but before she can, Catherine blasts her with the title belt. The crowd boo as Catherine stands over AJ and raises the title belt.)

JR: It looked like AJ wanted to celebrate her win.... but Catherine had other ideas.

Eddie: Well this was just a random match.... was it worth celebrating?

Kris: Why are you here? This isn't a Catherine match....

Eddie: Oh... isn't it? *he vanishes into thin air*

(“Game On” blasts on the PA system. Tony Ikeda walks out to the stage, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Last week Troy and Tony’s attempt to get a shot at the Tag Team Championship came up short.

King-This wasn’t the way to follow that up.

Kris Gaffney-Maybe he likes a challenge.

(“I’m better than you and you know it” Is said over the loud speakers right before Lamb Of God- “Overlord” hits. The crowd erupts in boos as the lighting begins to flash green and gold. The ramp fills with images of money as Azar Vulcan steps out from the back with a smug grin on his face. He stops atop of the ramp laughing at the fans.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds and standing 5’11”. He is The Best In The World, Azar “Mastermind” Vulcan!

(He puts a left fist into the air and makes his way down the ramp. He pretends as if he’s going to fist bump the fans, but gives them the middle finger instead and laughs. He stops at the ring, jumps up onto the outside ring apron, grabs the top rope and leaps right up over the top rope, spins in the ring with his arms out and stops in the center of the ring. He holds his hands out cockily taking in all of the fans boos, slams his hands down to his crotch in an X formation and then puts two middle fingers up before walking into his corner and relaxing against the ring post with a smug grin as he awaits his match to begin.)

JR-Challenge is the right word, but Tony has been every sort of match, you can’t discount him.

King-Maybe…but I can and I will!

Kris Gaffney-Easy enough.

[Tony Ikeda and Azar Vulcan stand in the middle of the ring. Tony Ikeda hits a few fists to the face that knocks him backwards. Tony Ikeda runs to the ropes, and Azar Vulcan is able to counter with a running knee lift into the gut that doubles over Tony Ikeda. Azar Vulcan runs to the ropes, and he connects with a swinging neck breaker that puts down Tony Ikeda who holds his neck. Tony Ikeda rolls away from Azar Vulcan, and he tries to get up to his feet. Azar Vulcan runs towards the corner, and he connects with a knee lift into the gut that stuns Tony Ikeda. Azar Vulcan brings him towards him. Tony Ikeda gets pulled him towards him. Azar Vulcan hooks him, and he connects with a northern lights suplex with a bridge. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………2…KICK OUT by Tony Ikeda. Azar Vulcan quickly holds Tony Ikeda’s arm on the mat. Azar Vulcan connects with a knee to the arm that causes Tony Ikeda pain. Azar repeats this and connects with a knee to the arm. Azar Vulcan holds Tony Ikeda with an arm bar. Tony Ikeda is slow to get up to his feet, once he’s up to his feet Azar Vulcan looks for a way out of the hold. Tony Ikeda backs Azar Vulcan to the ropes. He whips Azar to break the hold. Azar Vulcan bounces off of the ropes. Azar Vulcan connects with a running shoulder block that knocks him backwards. Azar Vulcan connects with a step up ezuguri to put Tony Ikeda down on the mat.]

JR-Azar Vulcan is able to knock down Tony Ikeda.

King-I’m certain that was harder than Azar thought.

Kris Gaffney-Well he is old.

[Azar Vulcan waits for Tony Ikeda to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Tony Ikeda kicks him in the gut that doubles him over. Azar hooks him into a vertical suplex. But Tony Ikeda is able to shift his weight, and he goes for a brainbuster, but Tony Ikeda is able to shift his weight, and he hooks him into a full nelson suplex. Tony Ikeda into a full nelson, and he drops him with a full nelson suplex that puts down Azar Vulcan. Tony Ikeda throws his arm over the downed Azar Vulcan. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref goes into position to make the count. Tony Ikeda takes a few moments to rest up. After a few moments both wrestlers get up to their feet.]

JR-Tony Ikeda might have bought himself the time he needed.

King-Seeing how Tony is…all he has is time.

[Tony Ikeda is slow to get up to his feet. Tony Ikeda hooks Azar into a full nelson, but before he can go for the full nelson suplex, Azar counters with a snap mare. Tony gets up right into the Money Maker to the face. Tony goes down. Azar goes into the cover on Tony Ikeda. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…….2……3!!]

JR-Azar Vulcan was able to think quickly, and it led him to victory.

King-Where is that victory guy when you need him?

("The Best Damn Thing" plays over the PA System and out comes Ashley Irvine, accompanied by Laura Cena.)

JR: These 2 are in a rather... interesting scenario at the upcoming Pay Per View.

King: I can't be the only one hoping they lose.

Kris: It won't benefit you.... you never did get to see the Jackie/Stephanie tape.

King: I still live in hope...

("Dirty Little Girl" plays next and out comes Mickie James, accompanied by Rebecca Michelle.)

JR: You could argue that the mindgames of Mickie James have tricked Laura and Ashley into this horrible position....

King: That's kind of been her MO since the day she debuted.

Kris: It could be about to pay off big time though....

(The bell sounds and Ashley and Mickie stare each other down with Mickie saying something to Ashley that we can't hear. Mickie then makes a finger licking gesture at Ashley, which enrages Laura on the outside. Ashley charges at Mickie and takes her down with a shoulder block. Mickie springs up but straight into a clothesline from Ashley. Mickie jumps up again and Ashley runs and goes for another clothesline but this time Mickie ducks underneath it. Ashley turns around and Mickie unloads on her with right hands. She goes to whipe Ashley into the ropes, but Ashley reverses it, sending Mickie bouncing off the ropes. Ashley leaps up and hits the KMB on Mickie James! Mickie goes down but then sits up and smirks at Laura, implying she enjoyed it, as Laura gets even more annoyed. Mickie climbs to her feet and Ashley runs at her but Mickie grabs her and throws her over the top rope. Ashley lands on the apron but Mickie mocks Laura some more.)

JR: Mickie James seems more interesting in annoying Laura Cena....

King: I'm not sure that's the smartest strategy....

(Ashley rolls back into the ring and Mickie picks her up, but Ashley hammers away on her with hard right hands which stagger Mickie back. Ashley scoops Mickie up and then runs and drills her down with the Boulder Holder! Ashley goes into the cover for 1..... 2...... Kick out by Mickie! Ashley looks over at Laura who encourages her. Ashley smiles and climbs to the top rope. She positions herself and then leaps off, looking for the Rock Slide, but Mickie was waiting for her and throws the knees up. Ashley is doubled over in pain and Mickie grabs her from behind and rolls her up for 1...... 2...... kick out! Mickie lets Ashley stumble up, and then drills her down with a DDT. She stares at Laura on the outside as she picks Ashley up again and bends her head backwards like she's about to go for the Long Kiss Goodnight... but Ashley hits some elbows and knocks Mickie away. However it's too late because Laura Cena has already rolled into the ring and unloads on Mickie James. Rebecca Michelle slides in too and a brawl breaks out between all 4 women with rhe referee calling for the bell.)

JR: Well that was always likely to happen....

King: Laura Cena needs to learn to control herself.... if she gets DQed at the Pay Per View it'll be awful for her....

Kris: Way worse than anything Mickie would do in the ring....

(“Judas” blasts on the PA system. Troy Gafgen walks out on the stage with AJ Lee who is skipping around the Troy Gafgen. Troy enters the ring.)

JR-Troy and the Wretched Nobody have had a long history.

King-We’ll see what happens tonight.

Kris Gaffney-Troy is looking to bounce back after being pinned. This would be a good way to do it.

We hear the gentle sounds of a music box eerily creep throughout the arena growing more ominous, as Lux Aeterna Tenebrosi Stellata plays.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen…. Brace yourselves!

Smoke crawls across the canvas surrounding everyone in the ring, at ringside and the front row of the audience. Grace walks out into the middle of the stage smiling ear to ear as the arena lights flicker again, through the strobe we see The Wretched Nobody appear from nowhere.

Ring Announcer: Making her way down the aisle the lovely, and loathsome Morose Rose - Miss Macabre, herself, Grace Brutal! Her Dark Star hails from The Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Salem Massachusetts and at Six Foot Eleven inches tall – at Four Hundred and Twenty Pounds he is… the five Time EMF Heavyweight Champion of the Woooooorld! THE WRETCHED NOBODY!

Nobody slithers under the bottom rope, and slides back sitting in the corner. Nobody reaches for the top rope and pulls himself back to his feet. He rolls his neck and glares hard at the floor as he rocks from side to side in his corner.

JR-A good way to do it, but damn sure not easy.

King-It never is.

Kris Gaffney-Guess that’s why it’s worth going after.

[Troy Gafgen and the Wretched Nobody pace around the ring. The two long time rivals figuring out what their first move. Troy Gafgen decides to just say screw it, and he runs towards the Wretched Nobody, and he hammers fists to the face. The Wretched Nobody is able to block one of the fists, and he hits a head butt that knocks Troy Gafgen backwards. Troy Gafgen holds on to the ropes. The Wretched Nobody runs at Troy Gafgen, but Troy Gafgen is able to counter with a back elbow that makes the Wretched Nobody stagger backwards. The Wretched Nobody attempts to go for a trephination, but it’s ducked under by Troy Gafgen who connects with a few clubbing blows to the back of the Wretched Nobody, and then he pushes him to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes. The Wretched Nobody goes for a fist to the face as he spins around. Troy Gafgen ducks under, and he drops him with the chaos maker. Troy Gafgen goes into the cover on the Wretched Nobody. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2…KICK OUT with authority.]

JR-What power by the former World Champion.

King-Their both former World Champion.

Kris Gaffney-Ha! Their not anymore.

King-At least they were at some point.

Kris Gaffney-……..

[Troy Gafgen trying to make sure that The Wretched Nobody doesn’t gain any momentum waits until he gets up to his feet. The Wretched Nobody gets up to his feet. Troy Gafgen geos for the mental maelstrom, but it’s countered by the Wretched Nobody who throws him against the ropes. Troy Gafgen bounces off of the ropes. The Wretched Nobody spikes Troy down on the mat with a standing spine buster. The Wretched Nobody falls against the ropes, and he takes a few moments to rest up. Troy Gafgen is slow to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. The Wretched Nobody hits a kick to the gut that doubles him over, and he whips Troy Gafgen off of the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. The Wretched Nobody lowers his head, and he connects with a big back body drop that sends him flying through the air, and he crashes down on the mat. Troy Gafgen is slow to get up to his feet. Troy Gafgen turns around and the Wretched Nobody grabs Troy Gafgen around the throat, and he lifts him up, and he drops him with the spine chiller.]

JR-Troy might be in trouble.

King-Grace sure thinks so.

Kris Gaffney-But let’s not focus on the negative…let’s talk about AJ!!

[The Wretched Nobody knowing how dangerous Troy can be grabs him by the hair and he puts him up on the top rope. The Wretched Nobody hits a few fists to the face. He climbs up to the top rope, and he hooks Troy Gafgen, and he tries to go for a super plex, but it’s countered by Troy Gafgen who brings his elbow down on the face of the Wretched Nobody. This shocks the Wretched Nobody enough as Troy holds the Wretched Nobody into a literal press as he has a good hook on his legs as the ref counts 1………….2………….3!!!]

JR-The Wretched Nobody knew how dangerous Troy was…but even that might just have been his downfall.

King-Guess you can be too careful.

Kris Gaffney-I can’t be.

King-Winning was never possibility for you, so I don’t think you ever had to worry.

JR-Brandon Leno came up short in his persuit of the IC championship, but this could be a big win as a bounce back match.

King-First things first though.

Ricky comes onto the ramp with a huge grin, accompanied by Miss Meadows and a pair of nameless showgirls. On occasion, he will toss commemorative casino chips into the crowd. Once arriving at the ring, Miss Meadows will instruct the showgirls to wait backstage.

JR-Ricky Vegas as mention before takes extreme pride in his submission ability.

King- He’s learned to control not being disappointed in not winning by it, but not by a lot.

Kris Gaffney-This match should give what he has sneaked for a while though.

[Ricky Vegas and Brandon Leno stand in the middle of the ring as the bell rings. Ricky Vegas takes down Brandon Leno with a double leg take down, and he grabs a hold of the leg of Brandon Leno with an attempt to go for the Black Jack. But Brandon Leno kicks Ricky Vegas off, Ricky Vegas falls backwards to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. From the mat Brandon Leno brings Ricky Vegas down with him with a drop toe hold, and Brandon Leno hooks him with a side head lock Brandon Leno holds on the pressure, this doesn’t cause enough pain to make Ricky Vegas tap, but it’s clearly not a move that he wants to be in long as he slowly powers himself up to his feet with Brandon Leno holding on to the hold. Ricky Vegas backs up Brandon Leno, and he whips him off of the hold, and he bounces off of the ropes. Ricky Vegas gets hit with a running shoulder block. Ricky Vegas gets up to his feet. Ricky Vegas is dazed. Brandon Leno pushes him to the ropes, and he puts him into the corner. Brandon Leno hits a elbow to the face. Brandon Leno puts Ricky Vegas left leg on the middle rope. Ricky Vegas connects with a kick to the quad, and a few more times. Ricky Vegas is brought out of the corner, and Brandon Leno hits a kick to the leg which almost brings down Ricky Vegas, Brandon Leno makes sure that he doesn’t go down. Brandon Leno whips him to the ropes. Brandon Leno bounces off of the ropes. Brandon Leno goes for a drop kick, but Ricky Vegas is able to catch it.]

JR-Brandon Leno might have made a mistake.

King-Think he realizes it?

Kris Gaffney-If not, he’ll realize it really soon.

[Ricky Vegas this time is able to turn Brandon Leno, and he has Brandon Leno in the black jack!! Brandon Leno yells in pain as the ref asks if he wants to give up. Brandon Leno refuses to quit. Brandon Leno is able to spin and kick Ricky Vegas, Vegas is able to hold on, and gets up to his base, but before he can Brandon Leno is able to bridge up a bit, and he rolls through this sends Ricky Vegas forward, and he hits hard into the top turnbuckle face first. This breaks the hold. Ricky Vegas is in the corner, and Brandon Leno runs towards him, and he jumps in the air, but Ricky Vegas is able to move out of the way. Brandon Leno hits hard into the top turnbuckle. Ricky Vegas grabs Brandon Leno, and he brings him out of the corner, and he runs with him towards the corner, and he throws him hard into the ring post. Brandon Leno crashes into the corner. Ricky Vegas waits for Brandon Leno, and he staggers out of the corner. Ricky Vegas lifts up Brandon Leno, and he drops him with a body slam, Ricky Vegas picks him up, and drops him with another body slam. Ricky Vegas brings him up, and he drops him with another body slam to complete the three of a kind.]

JR-Ricky Vegas is making a come back here.

King-We’ll see if he has enough to lock on one of his many submissions to get the victory.

[Ricky Vegas goes over to where Brandon Leno is, but out of no where Brandon Leno hooks on the Acid Trip!! Ricky Vegas is surprised!! He struggles, after a little bit looks like he’s going out, the ref checks his hand, but Ricky Vegas arm shoots up, Ricky Vegas grabs a leg of Brandon Leno powering it as he twists it, and he locks in the Back jack. It’s now time for Leno to scream after a while Leno has his hand up to tap, but he is able to turn on his back. Leno kicks him off. Ricky Vegas finally lets go of the hold. Ricky Vegas goes towards. Leno hooks him with the Acid Trip, and this time he is in the middle of the ring and Leno is watching his hands. Finally Ricky Vegas goes out, the ref checks his arm. It goes down, and the ref calls for the bell. BRANDON LENO WINS VIA SUBMISSION!!]

JR-With an excellent sequence of counters, it is Brandon Leno who wins this match.

King-Ricky Vegas had fought to the end.

Kris Gaffney-That is true.

(Leno celebrates the win before falling back into the corner realizing what a fight he just went through as Shockwave goes off the air.)