EMF: Shockwave

("Noam Dar's theme" blasts on the PA system as Noam Dar walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Noam Dar should bring a fast pace to this match.

King-But is he good enough to beat a King?

Kris Gaffney-When it's Booker King, you better hope so.

("Hail" blasts on the PA system as Booker King walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring)

JR-Booker King is going to give Noam a challenge.

King-I would say something, but he's a fellow King.

[Noam Dar stands in the ring, Booker King yells "SUCKA" and he goes for a side kick, but Dar is able to duck under, and he hits a drop sault that sends Booker King stumbling backwards, and he falls out of the ring. Booker King is slow to get up to hsi feet, and Norm Dar runs to the ropes, he ocmes off of the ropes, and he hits a summersault dive over the top rope. Both wrestlers are down on the mat. Noam Dar grabs Booker King, and he throws him into the ring as he plants for his next move.]

JR-Not quite the start that Booker King expected.

King-He might not have expected, but we sure did.

Kris Gaffney-I didn't...

[Noam is up to the otp rope, he measures up, and he leaps off of the top rope. But Booker King catches Noam Dar with a side kick.]

JR-Booker hits the side kick.

King-I'm sure his day is now complete.

[Booker King measures up on Noam, he runs to the ropes, he goes for the sccissors kick. But he moves out of of the way. Booker King turns around into the slammer by Noam. Noam goes into the cover on Booker for the 1.....................2...................3!!]

JR-Noam Dar with the successful debut.

("Boyaka JOB" blasts on the PA system as RVT walks on the stage, and he gets smashed by JOB Mysterio flying up to the stage.)

King-Quick someone pin someone so we can get this over.

JR-That would be too easy.

("Fall from Grace" blasts on the PA system as Christian Carter and X Saber walks to the ring. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Were not sure if these two men will be a team for long, so it should be interested to see if it works.

King-We need to make a tag line for this match...don't we?

KRis Gaffney-I sure hope not.

[JOB is thrown into the ring, RVT goes for a kick to the head of X Saber. He ducks under, and he pushes him to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. X Saber hits a spinning spine buster that plants down RVT. X Saber gets up to his feet, and he makes the tag into Christian Carter. Carter comes into the ring, and he runs to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, and he drops a diving elbow drop to the face of RVT. He goes into the cover on RVT, the ref counts the 1.................2.........KICK OUT by RVT!!]

JR-So far X Saber, and Carter are working well as a team.

King-I'm sure they realize they need to make a good first impression on the EMF.

[He grabs RVT by the hair, and he throws him into the corner. Carter goes for a splash, but RVT moves out of the way, RVT dives, and makes the tag to JOB Mysterio. JOB spring boards up, and he hits a seated senton.]

JR-JOB Mysterio with a great move!

King-Hope Cody Rhodes never comes to the EMF to face JOB Mysterio.

Kris Gaffney-That could never end well.

[JOB Mysterio calls for the 911 even though no one set up for it. JOB Mysterio spins in the ropes, spins, and spins some more. He falls out of the ropes right into Christian Carter who hits the Final Testament. Christian goes into the cover on JOB. The ref counts the 1...............2.............3!!]

JR-That....probably should have been expected.

King-This is why I hate you JR...

("The Vengeful one" blasts on the PA system as Chris Moxley walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Here comes a new comer to the EMF.

King-We will see if this a start of a new career.

Kris Gaffney-Just as long as he doesn't end up like AN ARKIE, I'm sure he'll be fine.

("Siriously" blasts on the PA system as Sirious Jericho changes the course of Western civilization by his SIRIUS STARE into the camera.)


King-Think this is phase Sirius will ever grow out of?

Kris Gaffney-Probably not.

[SIrius Jericho slides into the ring, he charges at Moxley, Moxley hits a spine buster. Jericho is in a lot of pain. Jericho rolls out of the ring to try to regroup. Sirius Jericho gets up to his feet, and then gets run down by a clothesline. Chris Moxley throws SIrius Jericho into the ring. Chris Moxley climbs up to the apron, and then up to the top rope. He measures up on Sirius Jericho who si getting up to his feet. He leaps off of the top rope, and he goes for a cross body block, and connects with it.]

JR-Cross body block!!

King-Good thing it wasn't back body drop.

Kris Gaffney-Somewhere it would make hobo Vince McMahon shed a tear

[Moxley gets up to his feet, and he picks up Sirius Jericho by the hair, Sirius Jericho pushes him off, and he hits a running ezuguri. Sirius Jericho falls down to a knee.]

JR-This might be bad for Chris Moxley.

King-You would think that, but no...

[Sirius Jericho goes for the Sirius breaker, but he pushes him off. Moxley hits a kick to the gut, and he drops Sirius for Package Piledriver. Moxley goes to the outside of the ring, he climbs up to the top rope. He hits the 450 splash. Moxley goes into the cover on Sirius Jerihco. The ref counts the 1.................2...............3!!]

JR-Moxley wins this match with a brutal finisher combo!

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen, and we go into the Shockwave video.)

(Once that ends we go into the darken arena. Pyrotechnics blasts off on the stage. The lights turn on after the fireworks end. Fans yell, and wave their signs.)

JR-Welcome to Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the Thunder. I'm good ol' JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry "the King" Lawler, and Kris "KG" Gaffney.

King-This probably isn't a good sign for JR...we should come here more often.

Kris Gaffney-Tonight we have the match between Lucifer and Cesaro for a TV title shot.

King-So is this James Bond vs. The Devil? Awesome!

Laura: For months, I have tried to explain to Christy Hemme that I did not attack her last year. I did not cost her the EMF Women's Championship. I have offered all the evidence in the world that, despite being at ringside, I was not the blonde haired woman that attacked her and helped Rachel. Why would I do that? But Christy chose not to believe me, and to come after me. At Unleashed, she chose to force me to defend my championship inside Hell in a Cell. I hope that after the events of that match, My Aunt Christy will believe me. I hope that this proves what I suspected all along, that it was in fact Charlotte that attacked her, and not me. I tried to tell her not to trust Charlotte, and she ignored me. She's paid the price for that now. If she can, I would like to ask Christy to come out here so we can settle this once and for all.

(Laura waits, and after a few moments "Walk, Idiot, Walk" hits over the PA System. Christy Hemme comes out on to the ramp but she is obviously hurting after being thrown off the cell. Christy does manage to get down the ramp, but it isn't convincing. She slides into the ring to address Laura.)

Christy: Laura... all I can say is I'm sorry. I should never have doubted you. You've always been straight with me, but I jumped to the wrong conclusion. You were right all along, I should never have trusted Charlotte, and now it has cost me my only chance at the Women's Championship. That said, I don't want to fight you any longer. The right woman won, and I just hope we can put all this behind us and move on.

Laura: I wouldn't be so sure it's your only chance, Aunt Christy. I don't want to fight you anymore either, but you were a worthy challenger. Tonight, we're going to have a battle royal to determine my opponent for Payback, and if you're able to compete, there's a place in it for you.

Christy: I appreciate that, I really do, and I'm going to do my best to compete in it.

(Laura and Christy hug it out in the ring when suddenly they are interrupted by "Recognition" playing over the PA System and Charlotte Flair making her way out.

(Laura and Christy hug it out in the ring when suddenly they are interrupted by "Recognition" playing over the PA System and Charlotte Flair making her way out. She has a microphone.)

.::Charlotte Flair::.-Oh, isn't this just heart warming. I hate to break up this little cry in, but I hate to tell you two, what I did...it had nothing to do with you. You want to believe that it had to do something with that championship Laura holds in her hands, or keeping Christy away from the title, then once again you're mistaken. What I did was for my own benefits, and for my own ends. I had a vendetta against certain people, and I got my revenge by any means necessary. Rachel gave me the chance, I took it, and I won't apologize for that. Hell, remember it was this company who fired the first shot, I just finished the war.Trust me, I know that if you were in the same situation, you would do the same. In fact I'm sure you'd do worse. So I'm sure you're going to go on your "I hate Charlotte war", but I have no doubt that during it, you will show yourself to be complete, and utter hypocrites. As for anything that's coming, I say bring it on. BECAUSE I AM TIRED OF THESE MOTHER F'N FREE LOADERS IN THE F'N CENA MANSION!!

(She throws down the microphone.)

(Chesapeake Energy Arena has been a customary stop for EMF every year, and 2017 is no different. The crowd is hot, with good and bad guys getting their fair share of attention. Signs litter the audience and regular chants pick up and slow down, only to pick back up again. The fans are, undoubtedly, ready to see the wrestlers rumble.

'Feelin' Good' hits the PA without any warning, making the crowd go wild. Edward Winter' absence at the Shockwaves of 14th and 21st January had not gone unnoticed. More surprising had been the Intercontinental Championship that had been on the line in Nostalgia vs Logan Riley. The wrestling world had run rife with speculation, but no one came up with any reasonable theories for Edward Winter's inexplicable leave from EMF shows. It is only natural that he'd be welcomed back with great enthusiasm; the crowd wants their beloved superstar back in a ring.

For his part, Winter doesn't disappoint, either. He walks out to the arena, wearing one of his many suits. The strangely tinted blue Armani fails to hide the black of the microphone that is held firmly within his hands.

However, instead of making his way to the ring, he stops close to the entrance. Taking in the sight of the crowd before him, he brings the mic up to his lips.)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that this may be my last appearance in EMF."

(The unexpected words garner cries of surprise. Winter pays them no heed.)

"It is not due to some random journey of soul-searching that I decided to embark upon, nor am I going to try out for the, say, Ultimate Fighting Championship or join the faculty at Harvard for any groundbreaking research. I am not leaving because EMF has gotten too hard for me; on the contrary, I am leaving because it has gotten too easy."

(The crowd and the announcers alike are stunned briefly. There is a deafening silence in the arena at Dallas, Texas.)

"As Logan Riley lay at my feet, destroyed by a simple splash in the corner, I took a few seconds to think about the state of the EMF. Max Gunner, the World Champion. Nostalgia, welcomed back with open arms. The Mercenaries, spreading cancer with their continued and Daryl Prichard and Zack Ryder, infecting the viewers with eye herpes with their sub-par wrestling. It was unthinkable, that the greatest promotion on earth had been reduced to this, that EMF had grown to be a place where the unintelligent, the untalented and the uneducated reigned. Logan Riley, the most consistent of the roster had been defeated by me handily, and there was no one left for me to slap down. No one worth slapping down, anyway."

"Jason Cross? A fool who couldn't fight his way of a bar brawl. Connor Wicklow? He couldn't fight his way out of a match against a woman. Daryl Prichard? He couldn't fight his way out of a fucking revolving chair."

"Leysh had been summarily beaten. His buddy, Max Gunner, was as handy in a ring as he was with his words - repetitive to the extreme, with his 'I will kill slash murder slash annihilate you!' routine substituted with his 'Muay Thai kicks' in combat. It would have taken me less than five minutes to beat him. Nostalgia? The man's awkward speech is rivaled only by his awkward movement inside a ring: that particular pensioner shouldn't have come running in for a Blast from the Past again. Keith Anderson? He's probably never going to return, and the only worthy opponent I could have found, Logan Riley, had been forced to eat his words."

"So, I took a break. I decided to give EMF some time and look for any real, talented competitor to come barging in. Maybe we would see Angelus Archer return. Maybe we would see John Cena lace up those boots again. Maybe we would see Daniel Massoud.. hell, I seriously thought we would witness the second rise of the Wasabi World Order. Yet, I stand here, seeing no change, no man who can challenge me. I have come to a decision, people, one you may not wish to hear: wrestling has gotten to small to hold Edward Winter's interest."

(The audience vocalized their dismay, but Winter wasn't done yet.)

"My -leave- is not permanent. I only seek competition. I leave now because there is no competition, but I may, no, I will return when someone sufficiently strong emerges. I give you my word. But for now, all I can say is this."

(A humongous amount of 'We won't let you go!' chants are heard, but a deathly quiet blankets the arena again as Winter speaks.)

"Give me a call when Cyrus Black returns."

('Feelin' Good' plays for one final time, before Winter walks backstage.)

("Zacharris Slane's theme" blasts on the PA system as Zacharris Slane's walks to the ring, and he enters into the ring.)

JR-Zacharris Slane has shown promise.

King-Well that can only get you so far.

Kris Gaffney-Guess we'll see what happens.

("Fire it up" blasts on the PA system as Degenerate walks to the ring, and Degenerate steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Degenerate is a long time veteran in the EMF who has a lot of success.

King-Who knows how far he would have went had he not have that injury early in his career.

Kris Gaffney-Somehow I blame Wes Ikeda.

[Degenerate rushes in, and he hits a forearm shot to the face of Zacharris Slane who goes down on the mat. Degenerate hits a few quick stomps on the downed Zacharris. He gets up to his feet, and he pushes off Degenerate. Degenerate stumbles backwards, and then Zacharris charges at Degenerate. Degenerate counters with a drop toe hold that sends him flying into the second rope. Zacharris Slane falls on the second rope, but he falls off, he holds his neck as he rolls around on the mat in pain. Degenerate measures up as Slane gets up, and he charges, and he leaps on the second rope, he spring boards off of the second rope, and he plants down Zacharris Slane with a swinging DDT. Degenerate goes into the cover on Zacharris, the ref counts the 1..................2................KICK OUT by Zacharris Slane.]

JR-Almost three there, but Zacharris was able to kick out.

King-That's why he's had so much success.

Kris Gaffney-Whether it continues tonight...remains to be seen.

[Degenerate puts on a chin lock on Slane. Slane fights up to his feet, and he hits a few elbows into the gut. Then he is able to get to the side of Degenerate, and he plants him down with a belly to belly suplex. Both wrestlers are down. SLane gets up to his feet, he runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes, he leaps in the air, and he hits a splash on Degenerate. He rolls off, and he calls for the end of the match.]

King-So glad he decided to do that other move...or this might seem like a match were not suppose to talk about.

Kris Gaffney-Indeed.

[Slane picks up Degenerate, and he hooks him for a power bomb, but Degenerate counters with the D-Slam. Degenerate goes into the cover on Slane. The ref counts the 1.............2..........3!!]

JR-Degenerate with the victory after the counter.

("Off the chain" blasts on the PA system as Connor Wicklow walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Connor is on his way to his first defense.

King-In the mean time, he has to face a former TV champion.

("Radio" blasts on the PA system as Zack Ryder walks out on the stage. He walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This is a probably a big match for Ryder.

King-Facing a current champion always is.

Kris Gaffney-For the title or not, it can go a long way.

As the bell rings, Connor Wicklow wastes no time, charges at Ryder and connects with a Front Dropkick that sends Ryder through the ropes and onto the outside. Connor runs and bounces off the ropes farthest from Ryder, he runs, jumps, and connects with a Suicide Plancha. The ref starts his count as both men are getting to their feet. Wicklow gets to his feet first. He charges at Ryder, but Ryder moves and Wicklow runs directly into the barricade. Ryder grabs the back of Wicklow’s head and bounces it off the apron before rolling Wicklow into the ring. Ryder reaches over to grab Wicklow, but Wicklow counters with a roll-up…the ref gets in position..he counts..One…kickout by Ryder. Both men get to their feet immediately. The approach each other and lock in a grapple. Ryder uses his strength to push Wicklow to the mat. As soon as Wicklow gets up, he is met by a Clothesline. Ryder gets up, then immediately comes down with an Elbow Drop, then another, then another. Ryder goes a quick cover…the ref counts…One…T…kickout by Wicklow.

JR- This has the makings of a slobberknocker King.

The King-I almost feel like I have nothing to say.

Kris Gaffney-Wouldn't be the first time.

Both men get to their feet. Wicklow charges at Ryder, Wicklow ducks a Clothesline by Ryder and bounces off the ropes. Ryder turns ready and connects with a Low Dropkick, taking out Wicklow’s legs. Ryder grabs Wicklow’s right leg, and comes down hard with an Elbow Drop to the knee. Ryder gets up and grabs the left leg, then comes hard with an Elbow Drop to his left knee. Ryder grabs Wicklow and picks him up, he sends Wicklow into the corner with an Irish Whip. Ryder charges and connects with a Clothesline. Wickow drops in the corner. Ryder pumps his fist, runs across the ropes, and connects with a devastating Facewash. Ryder takes a few seconds then drags Wicklow out of the corner. He goes for the cover and hooks the legs…the ref counts..One..Tw…kickout by Wicklow.

JR- I thought Ryder had him there.

The King- Close but no cigar

KG- If you get a cigar, can it be a Cuban?

Ryder pumps up the crowd before grabbing Wicklow and bringing him to his knees. Ryder is setting up for the Rough Ryder, but Wicklow slides under Ryder and outside the ring. Wicklow takes a few seconds to gather himself as the ref counts. Wicklow walks the outside of the ring and slides back in on the opposite end from Ryder. Ryder and Wicklow approach each other and begin exchangiong hard rights. Wicklow comes across with a knee to the gut, grabs the back of Ryder’s head and smashes it into the turnbuckle. He jumps on the ropes then off, grabs Ryder, and connects with a Springboard Bulldog. He goes for the cover…the ref counts..One..Two..T..kickout by Ryder. Wicklow climbs the ropes. He gets to the top, he leaps, but Ryder moves out of the way. Wicklow lands on his feet. Ryder and Wicklow charge at each other and knock each other down with a Double Clothesline. The ref starts his count. As he gets to four both men are getting to their feet. They approach and begin talking smack, when Connor comes across with a Forearm Smash. Then another, then another. Wicklow grabs Ryder’s arm and attempts to send him the corner with an Irish Whip but Ryder reverses and sends Wicklow into the corner. Ryder charges but Wicklow uses the ropes to jump backwards and over Ryder. Ryder turns, Wicklow jumps, but Ryder is able to catch him and use Wicklow’s momentum to hoist him on the top turnbuckle. Ryder climbs to the second turnbuckle. He is attempting to set up Wicklow for a Superplex. Wicklow gathers himself and connects with a few elbows to the side of Ryder’s head. He is able to loosen Ryder’s grasp, then knees Ryder in the face, knocking him to the mat. Ryder is on the ground, Wickow sets up, and leaps, and connects with a 450 Splash…he hooks the legs…the ref counts… One…Two…Thr…kickout by Ryder.

JR- By Gawd! What resiliency! How did he kick out of that?

The King- Ryder wants to make a splash in the Television Title division again.

KG- Marco!

Ryder is still wincing in pain. Wicklow walks over and hits the downed Ryder with a few stomps as he plans his next move. Wicklow decides to return the favor. He grabs Ryder by his right leg, then comes down hard on his right knee. He does this two more times before switching over to the left leg and left knee. Wicklow grabs the right leg of Ryder, and puts him in a Single Legged Crab. Ryder is writhing in pain. He is using all his strength to inch to the ropes. Finally, he gets to the rope. The ref counts to four before Wicklow breaks the hold. Out of nowhere, Cesaro comes running down the ramp. This distracts Wicklow and the ref for a second. While the ref is yelling at Cesaro, Jason Cross comes from the crowd. He sneaks behind Wicklow, taps him on the shoulder and connects with a Bang KO. He hops out of the ring and walks over to Cesaro. The two begin walk back up the ramp.

JR-Both wrestlers are down.

King-That was out of no where.

Kris Gaffney-Somewhere Randy Orton approves of this situation.

[Zack Ryder is slow to get up to his feet, and he measures up on Wicklow who is getting up to his feet, he goes for the Rough Ryder. It's coutnered into a stack power bomb into a bridge. Connor has Ryder in a pinning combination. The ref counts the 1....................2.....................3!!]

JR-Connor Wicklow is able to survive this match.

Kris Gaffney-Survive is right

("Cry of Achilles" blasts on the PA system as Roman Sionis walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This is the battle of the new comers.

King-Remember when these were rare?

Kris Gaffney-Not that were complaining.

("Rocksteady" blasts on the PA system as Matthis Barlow walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Both of these wrestlers are looking to make an impact on the EMF.

King-Luckily this isn't the WWE...or Matthis might have to worry about someone by the name Roman.

Kris Gaffney-And so he should be.

Roman Sionis and Matthis Barlow are circling each other as the bell rings. Roman and Matthis grapple. Roman gets the advantage and puts Matthis in a Side Headlock. Matthis uses his strength to push Roman off and into the ropes. Roman bounces off and ducks a Clothesline from Matthis. Roman bounces off the fair ropes, jumps and connects with a Flying Clothesline, knocking Matthis to the mat. Roman bounces off the ropes and comes down with a knee to the face of Matthis. He grabs Matthis and drags him up by his arm, then uses a Irish Whip to send Matthis hard into the corner. Matthis’ back nails the corner as he falls to the mat. Roman charges forward, leaps, and drops a knee to the back of Mathhis’ head. He flips Matthis over and goes for the cover…the ref counts..One..Tw…kickout by Matthis Barlow.

JR- Roman tried to sneak an early win there.

KG- I feel he underestimating Matthis Barlow’s sneakiness.

Both men get to their feet. Roman casually walks over to Matthis, Matthis catches him offguard with a hard right hand, knocking Roman back a step. Matthis charges and connects with a Diving Shoulder Block, sending Roman to the mat. Matthis grabs Roman’s arm and locks in an ArmBar. Roman is fighting and gets to his feet. He is able to break Matthis’ grasp, only to be taken down by a Short-Arm Lariat. Matthis this time gets Roman in a Headlock. He runs forward and jumps, smashing Roman’s face into the mat with a Bulldog. He flips over Roman…he goes for the cover…the ref counts… One..Tw….kickout by Roman.

JR- This is still anyone’s match to win.

The King- Or someone’s match to lose.

KG- There is no crying in Wrestling!

Matthis bounces off the ropes, leaps trying to connect with an Elbow Drop, but Roman moves out of the way. Both men get to their feet. They begin exchanging hard right hands. Roman blocks one of Matthis’ rights and connects with a Forearm to the face. The another, then another. Roman goes for one more Forearm, but Matthis ducks and uses Roman’s momentum to lift him and drop him down with a Michanauku Driver. Matthis goes for the cover…the ref counts..One..Two..T…kickout by Roman.

JR- I thought Matthis had the victory there. Roman showing heart.

The King- Heart JR? Or intestinal fortitude?

KG- I farted too.

Matthis goes to pick up Roman, but Roman rolls him up for a pinfall… the ref counts…One..Tw…kickout by Matthis. Matthis gets up to his feet, fairly quickly for some reason. He goes for a super kick, but Roman ducks under. Roman sets up Matthis, and he hits the Dark Cries on Matthis. Roman goes into the cover on Matthis. The ref counts the 1.................2.............3!!]

JR-Matthis not taking his time cost him, Roman wins!

(96 Quite Bitter Beings blares across the loudspeakers, Rick Grayson walks out to the ramp. He walks to the ring, the crowd in a mix of “Grayson Senior”, “Welcome Back” and “Daryl Prichard” chants.)

JR: These fans are in a mix of emotions, let’s see if he can build off their cheer

Kris Gaffney: I’m personally extremely happy he has made his return and it’s appears he is gunning after Daryl Prichards if you saw his latest promo.

(Mercenary Man sounds off; Steven Steele walks out to the ramp. He heads to the ring.)

King: It’s a god! In the flesh, I don’t believe it.

Kris Gaffney: You do that every week King, every single week

(Both men stand in their corners, the ref checks them and points at the bell)


(Rick runs and dropkicks Steele into the corner, Rick rolls to his feet and send another dropkick into Steele chest. Rich grabs his arm and Irish whips him to the ropes, on the round catches him with a neck breaker. Rick and Steele both get to their feet, Rick swings at Steele and Steele ducks, then he hits Rick with a German suplex, and another one, and another one! A triple rolling German suplex! Steele drags Rich to his feet, puts him in a side headlock, lifts Rich up and falls backwards with a delayed suplex. Steele is back to his feet, he drags Rick up and puts him on his shoulder, he swings Rich backwards while holding his leg and falls hitting a flapjack! Steele helps Rick up and Rick throw a wild uppercut! Steele stumbles backs wards and Grayson grabs him and hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Both men are down, but Steele makes it to his feet first, Steele drags Grayson to his feet and tries to slap on his finishing submission hold, but Grayson reverses it. He hits a few fists to the face that makes Steven Steele back up into the ropes, and he tries to whip him to the ropes, but it's reversed. He bounces off of the ropes, Grayson leaps in the air, and he hits a flying forearm shot to the face that knocks down Steven Steele. Steven Steele is down on the mat. He is slow to get up to his feet, and he hits a kick to the gut, and he plants him down into a DDT. Rick Grayson calls for his own finisher. Grayson sets up Steele, and drops him for the Arnis Bomb. Grayson goes for the cover on Steele.)


JR: What a way to return, picking up a victory.

(Scene fades to commercial.)

(Renegade blares across the loudspeakers as Casper Santaruz walks out on the ramp. He looks around at the crowd and walks towards the ring.)

JR: Casper is looking to pick up a win against Logan Reily this week, maybe looking for some sort of revenge for his loss to Daryl Prichard a few weeks ago.

Kris Gaffney: I expect a good one to come of this.

(That’s entertainment sounds off as Logan Reily walks out on the ramp, Amelia in hand. He points the bat at Casper and walks to the ring)

KING: That bat, Amelia, was a very decisive factor in the Intercontinental Title match at Unleashed 2017.

JR: Of course, it was Nostalgia who gained the upper hand when he smacked Logan Reily with his own bat. One has to wonder what is going through Logan’s mind right now.

(Both men stand in their corners, the ref checks them and makes sure they are ready. He signals the bell)


(Casper and Logan both circle each other, but Casper lunges at Logan and they are soon in an elbow and collar tie up, Logan gets the upper hand and Irish whip Casper at the ropes, on the rebound Logan hits a back body drop. Casper is back to his feet, Logan puts him in a side headlock and plants him with a DDT. Both men are back to their feet, Logan Irish whips Casper, Logan pulls back and clotheslines Casper. Logan stands above Casper, who slowly gets to his feet, and taunts. Logan drags Casper to his feet and goes for a belly-to-belly overhead suplex but Casper slips out of it and kicks Logan in his gut, Casper Irish whips Logan into the corner. Casper runs and Logan, jumps and connects with a flying forearm! Logan stumbles forward, Casper grabs his trunks and pulls him backwards, using the momentum to do a German suplex, Logan’s head hitting hard on the middle turnbuckle. Casper drags him up and sets him in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Casper puts him in a side headlock, climbs the turnbuckle and hits a superplex!)

JR: Could that, be it?

(Casper goes for the cover.)


(Casper is in disbelief and stands up, he drags Logan to his feet and does a “Snapmare” He runs at the ropes behind Logan and on the rebound hits drop kick to the back of his head. Casper drags Logan up and kicks him in the gut, he hooks his arms but before he can react Logan lifts him up and hits a “Bama Slam” type move. Casper gets to his feet and gets an elbow to the back of the head. Logan yells, signalling a “Final Cut” Casper stands up and Logan goes to hit his finisher but Casper kicks him in the gut. Casper underhooks Logan’s arms again and hits a underhook piledriver, also known as his finishing move the “Grave Robber. “Casper covers Logan.)


JR: With that Grave Robber Casper picks up the win.

Kris Gaffney: I think Casper is ready to face Graveler again gentlemen, I think this one might be personal for him now.

("Violent Persuit" blasts on the PA system as Graveler, and Cross walks to the ring. They slide into the ring.)

JR-As weird as it seems, this team seems to be the one that might just get along.

King-They seemed to put thing

("Burn in my light" blasts on the PA system as Resurrected 1 walks out. "God's gonna cut you down" blasts on the PA system as Max Gunner walks to the ring.)

JR-This should be a very...interesting match.

King-Who would have thought these two could be a tag team.

Kris Gaffney-Probably, no one.

[Max Gunner and Max Gunner stand in their corners. Graveler and Cross talking things over. Resurrected 1 trying to talk things over with Gunner, but Gunner is only half listening to him, but more keeping focused on what he has to do. The bell rings, and both Daryl Prichard, and Max Gunner are throwing fists to the face. Daryl Prichard is able to duck under one of the fists, and he hits a few fists to teh face that makes him back up into the ropes. Gunner is able to reverse Daryl "Graveler" Prichard. Prichard bounces off of the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. Max Gunner hits a diving clothesline that puts down Daryl Prichard. Prichard holds his face, but he attempts to get up to his feet, and he hits a kick to the face that knocks down. Daryl Prichard gets up to his feet, Gunner pulls him the rest of the way, and he hits a few knee lifts into the gut, and then he sets him up in a waist lock, and he hits a release german suplex that sends Prichard flying. He crashes down on hte mat. Slowly he gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Max Gunner hits a quick standing drop kick that knocks Daryl Prichard to the corner. Max Gunner backs up, he runs, and he hits a splash in the corner. He backs out of the corner, and he stumbles out of the corner Max Gunner sets him up, and he hits a northern lights suplex with a bridge. The ref counts the 1..................2............Jason Cross sling shots himself over the top rope, and he drops a sling shot elbow drop on the stomach of Max Gunner. This allows Cross to get out of the ring, and Gunner looks annoyed, he decides to make the tag to the Resurrected 1. Max Gunner picks up Prichard as Resurrected 1 goes up to the top rope.

JR-Max Gunner despite some early disagreements have worked well with Resurrected 1

King-That's not saying much at this point.

Kris Gaffney-I guess no news is good news.

[He measures up, and Gunner hits a body slam. Resurrected 1 takes a bit too much time, he leaps off for a frog splash, but Daryl Prichard moves out of the way. He crashes into the mat. Both wrestlers are down on the mat, slowly the wrestlers get up to their feet. Daryl Prichard wanting to get the match back into his team control throws a fist. Resurrected 1 is able to duck under, and he measures up, and he hits a super kick that makes him fall backwards, and Jason Cross makes the tag. Resurrected 1 goes after his former teammate, but it's blocked, and he hits a shoulder block into the gut.This stumbles him backwards, and then Jason Crosss gets into the ring, Resurrected one throws a fist, he ducks under. Cross sets up Resurrected 1 and he hits a belly to back suplex that puts down Resurrected 1. Jason Cross hits a few mounted fists to the face. resurrected 1 turns it around, and he hits a few of his own. Jason Cross is able to monkey flip resurrected 1 off, and then he gets up as Resurrected 1 does, and he hits a few knife edge chops to the chest. This knocks Resurrected 1 backwards, and he tries to whip resurrected 1 to the ropes, but it's reversed. He bounces off of the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, Jason Cross hits a flying forarm that knocks down Resurrected 1 down. Jason Cross backs up as he waits for Resurrected 1 to get up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet, Jason Cross turns around Resurrected 1, and he sets him up, and he hits a whiplash spine buster that plants him down on the mat. Jason Cross goes into the cover on Resurrected 1. The ref counts the 1.........................2............................KICK OUT by Resurrected 1. Jason Cross seems to be gaining momentum however.]

JR-Resurrected 1 is in trouble here.

King-He needs to resurrect his chances.

Kris Gaffney-I see you over estimate his chances to resurrect!

[Jason Cross waits as Resurrected 1 gets up to his feet, and he goes for the Bang KO, Resurrected 1 pushes him off. Resurrected 1 runs, rolls gets up, but Jason Cross hits the Bang KO, but Resurrected 1 was near the ropes, and Max Gunner was able to tag in himself as he hit the mat. cross gets up, Cross goes for a kick to the gut. Gunner catches it, and he throws him around. Cross goes for a spinning kick, but Gunner ducks under, and he pushes him forward right into Graveler. Max Gunner rolls up Jason Cross into a pinning combination. The ref counts the 1................2................3!!]

JR-Gunner and Resurrected 1 were surprisely able to stay together long enough.

King-I guess so...

(Resurrected 1 and Max Gunner celebrate on the turnbuckles. Resurrected 1 gets down, and he turns right into a big boot by Max Gunner. Gunner grabs Resurrected 1, he sets him up, and he drops him for the Crispy Bomb. Gunner looks down at the downed Resurrected 1. He flips Resurrected 1 off, and he leaves the ring.)

(We come back from a commercial break and the ring is full of Divas, ready for a battle royal. We see Christy Hemme has managed to make it to the match and her opponents are AJ Lee, Torrie Wilson, Maria Kanellis, Bayley, Tiffany and Harley Quinn. The final competitor makes her way out and it's Charlotte Flair who enters with "Recognition" playing over the PA System. Charlotte comes out and enters the ring. She starts to remove her Ric Flair style robe but for some reason, the bell rings early. Hemme takes advantage and lunges straight at the unexpecting Charlotte and hurls her straight over the top rope and out of the match. CHARLOTTE FLAIR IS ELIMINATED. Hemme is yelling at Charlotte but this allows Bayley to come up behind Hemme and try and push her out of the ring. Hemme goes between the ropes instead of over them and lands on the apron. She tries to get back in but an angry Charlotte grabs her and throws her to the floor, seemingly not knowing she didn't go over the top and so isn't eliminated. Either that or she doesn't care because Charlotte continues to assault Christy, taking it to one of Christy's legs with hard shots and then applying the figure 4 before branching into the figure 8 on the outside. We return to the ring where the other women are now fighting it out. Maria tries to irish whip Torrie into the corner but Torrie counters it. Maria hits the turnbuckle hard and falls to a seated position. This allows to Torrie to hitch up her shorts and it looks like she's going for a Stink Face to Maria, but before she can, Harley Quinn grabs hold of her and throws her straight out of the ring. TORRIE WILSON IS ELIMINATED. Harley grabs hold of Maria and picks her up. Before she can throw Maria out too AJ Lee rushes over and hits a kick to the head of Harley, staggering her. AJ hits another kick and Harley falls backwards against the ropes. AJ runs and tries to dropkick Harley out but Harley catches her in mid air and throws her straight over the top rope and out. AJ LEE IS ELIMINATED. Harley turns back and right into a TNT from Tiffany!)

JR: Harley Quinn going on a tear.... but Tiffany may have just stalled it.

King: But while Harley is down... she's not going to be eliminated!

(We are down to Tiffany, Harley, Maria and Hemme who is seemingly unable to recover from the assault by Charlotte. Maria runs over and hits some hard shots on Tiffany while Harley is recovering. She throws Tiffany across the ring and then clotheslines her down when she comes off the ropes. Maria calls for the Beautiful Bulldog but then is distracted and turns around into a SPEAR from Harley. Tiffany has got to her feet and trades blows with Harley. She backs Harley up into the ropes and then clotheslines her over the top. Harley lands on the apron. Tiffany backs off but Maria has come up behind Tiffany and irish whips her hard across the ring. Tiffany lands on the opposide apron but Maria charges at Harley instead. Harley pulls down the top rope and Maria flies over it and MARIA KANELLIS IS ELIMINATED. Tiffany climbs up to the top rope from the apron and when Harley gets into the ring she leaps off looking for a crossbody, but gets met by a Superkick from Harley. Christy Hemme rolls into the ring unnoticed and tries to climb up to her feet. Harley picks up Tiffany and hurls her straight out of the ring. TIFFANY IS ELIMINATED. But before Harley can turn around Christy just grabs her from behind and dumps her over the top rope. HARLEY QUINN IS ELIMINATED AND CHRISTY HEMME WINS! The bell rings and Hemme's theme plays as she falls to her knees in the ring.)

JR: Christy Hemme pulls out the win, and is on route for yet another title shot.

King: Isn't that her 4th in 5 months?

Kris: Err..... 4th time lucky?

(Christy is clearly hurt as the referee raises her arm and we go to commercial.)

("Cesaro's theme" blasts on the PA system as Cesaro walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Tonight Cesaro goes against the ultimate evil.

King-This is like Hell on Earth 2002 all over again.

Kris Gaffney-The fabeled YOU GOD vs. YOUR DEVIL match!

("Call me the devil" blasts on the PA system as Lucifer Morningstar walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

Kris Gaffney-Here comes Lucifer...I hear he believes he's the devil...but we all know that was...

*King vomits all over the place*


Kris Gaffney-But then again...just like it was always said, the devil takes many forms.

Lucifer Morningstar and Cesaro are standing toe to toe as the bell rings. As soon as he hears the bell, Lucifer connects with a hard right hand, then another, knocking Cesaro back a step. Cesaro then comes forward with a European Uppercut. Then another, even harder, knocking Lucifer to the mat. Lucifer spins, connects with a Leg Sweep, and knocks Cesaro to the mat. Both men get to their feet quickly. The lock up, they struggle across the ring, pushing each other back and forth. Finally, Cesaro gets the advantage and sends Lucifer down to the mat. Lucifer immediately gets up as Cesaro approaches and catches Cesaro offguard with a Step Up Enziguri, knocking Cesaro down to the mat. Lucifer runs, springboards off the ropes and connects with a Springboard Moonsault. He hooks the legs…the ref gets in position…One…Cesaro powers Lucifer off him. Lucifer and Cesaro are again standing toe to toe. Lucifer cocks back for a hard right hand, but Cesaro connects with a European Uppercut. Then another, and another, and another, knocking Lucifer into the corner. Cesaro charges and connects with a European Uppercut. He grabs Lucifer’s arm and sends him into the opposite corner with an Irish Whip. Cesaro charges and connects with a Running European Uppercut. He grabs Lucifer’s arm again and again sends him into the opposing corner with an Irish Whip. As he charges this time, Lucifer evades and Cesaro bounces hard off the turnbuckles. Lucifer leaps up, grabs Cesaro, and brings him down with a Crucifix Pin. But before the ref can even get in position, Cesaro rolls through still holding onto Lucifer. He uses his strgenth to whip Lucifer’s body around and drop it down on his knee for a Spinning Fireman Carry Backbreaker. Cesaro goes for the cover…the ref counts…One..T…kickout by Lucifer.

JR- These two are bringing all they’ve got to this match.

The King- As long as no one’s soul is taken tonight; it’s a win for everyone.

Cesaro grabs Lucifer and drags him to his feet. Cesaro whips Lucifer into the ropes, he ducks for a Back Body Drop, but Lucifer stops and connects with a kick to Cesaro’s face, standing him up. Lucifer follows with a Spinning Heel Kick, knocking Cesaro to the mat. Lucifer hops on top of Cesaro and begins unloading lefts and rights to the face of Cesaro. Cesaro uses the strength in his legs to lift up and catch Lucifer’s arms while he is cocking back and rolls Lucifer into a pinning combination…before the ref can count Lucifer rolls out of it and connects with a Low Dropkick to the face of Cesaro. He goes for the cover…the ref counts…One…Tw…kickout by Cesaro.

The King- This match is as even as it gets JR.

JR- You’re right King. The first one to make a mistake is likely to be the one to lose this match.

Cesaro and Lucifer are both on their feet, circling each other. They go to lock up, but Cesaro comes across to the knee of Lucifer’s gut. With his unnatural strength, Cesaro deadlifts Lucifer for a Gutwrench Backbreaker. Cesaro grabs the legs of Cesaro and signals it is time…he locks in Lucifer’s ankles and begins the Cesaro Swing…the fans count along…1..2..3..4..5…6…7…8…9…10…Cesaro lets go of Lucifer who flies across the ring as Cesaro stumbles backwards, a bit dizzy. Cesaro gathers himself and walks over to Lucifer. He grabs his head and sets him up for The Neutralizer. He cracks his neck, but as he does, Lucifer is able to reverse with a Back Body Drop, sending Cesaro over the ropes and onto the outside. Harley and Maze move in on Cesaro but Luke Cage and Paige walk over as well to ensure no shenanigans ensue. Luke Cage helps Cesaro to his feet, meanwhile Lucifer is running towards them, leaps, then drops and takes out Cesaro and Cage with a Corkscrew Plancha.

JR- Lucifer is pulling out all the stops to get the better of Cesaro

The King- Hopefully not all the stops JR. I don’t want to be possessed by a demon tonight.

Lucifer gets to his feet first, he grabs Cesaro and rolls him into the ring. Lucifer runs to the corner and climbs to the Top Turnbuckle. He leaps…attempts the 666…and connects. Before he can go for the pin, Paige hops on the apron and waves him over. Lucifer checks out Paige then walks over. Paige grabs him and kisses him. Allowing Cesaro time to recover and get to his feet. Lucifer pushes Paige off and turns around, and moves out of the way as cesaro accidentally catches Paige with a European uppercut. Lucifer spins Cesaro and connects with The Devil’s Kiss. He goes for the cover…the ref counts…


JR- Lucifer edged out Cesaro.

The King- Almost some sultry help from Paige, but it backfired

KG- Paige and Harley are in each other’s face. If they go at it, everyone in the EMF Universe wins.

(God’s Gonna Cut You Down blasts over the PA system and the crowd goes crazy as Max Gunner steps out onto the ramp. Gunner has a box of tissues in hand and begins making his way to the ring slapping hands of the fans. He climbs in the ring and calls for a mic.)

Max Gunner: Hey Black, I am going to leave these right here for you, for the next time you come out here to speak!

(Gunner puts the box of tissues at the edge of the ring.)

Max: Alright Black, I am going to make this short… I saw you come out here on Unleashed calling out yet another guy who hasn’t been active in how long now? When is the actual last time Troy gave a damn about this place? So of course, Black, the man who acts as if he is the best around, calls out yet another retiree… Surprise, surprise! You trying to make yourself seem tough again? Look, I will tell you this… You are one of the best wrestlers Cyrus, but you are a coward… I am sick and tired of facing garbage here, I am sick and tired of facing the Resurrected 1’s, the Casper’s, the Daryl’s, the Cross’s, the jobber to mediocre division isn’t for Max Gunner! I want to face the best of the best, so today in front of all these fans I challenge you Cyrus Black… Me and you, Hell In A Cell, for my world championship title! You want a challenge, you won’t get it from Troy because he is a bigger pussy than you and you know it! There is more of a chance of Nostalgia getting back with Christy than it is for Troy to make his comeback… So, when you finish your crying, when you grow a pair, let’s make it happen and give these fans what they want to see! You want to be the best, challenging people like Troy won’t get you there! So, if Cyrus Black wants to stop being a poon, let’s make it happen!

(Gunner drops the mic as his music blares again. The crowd begins to chant “Gunner, Gunner, Gunner.” As he makes his way backstage through the fans as Shockwaves goes off the air.)