EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen, and we go into the SHockwave video.)

(The lights are turned out in the Joe Lewis arena in Detriot. Pyrotechnics blasts light through the dark. The fireworks crash on the stage. Crash, crash, CRASH. The lights turn on as fans yell, and wave their waves.)

JR-We come to you from the home of the Red Wings. Welcome everyone to Saturday Shockwave. I'm good ol' JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry "the King" Lawler, and Kris "KG" Gaffney.

King-That's right JR, tonight we have a lot of matches, but headlined by Jason Cross taking on Max Gunner.

Kris Gaffney-It's not for the title, but I'm sure it's for a lot of pride...yeah...let's just keep going.

JR-You just stole my line!

("Zacharris Slane's theme" blasts on the PA system as Zacharrias Slane walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Zacharrias is looking to bounce back after a loss to Degenerate.

King-Just count him lucky that Degenerate didn't decide to interview after he beat him.

Kris Gaffney-What are you talking about? Degenerate has never been an interviewer in her life.

("Fall from Grace" Blasts on the PA system as Christian Carter walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring waiting for the bell.)

JR-Christian Carter isn't going to make this easy.

King-As much as Zacharrias wants a win, so does Christian Carter.

Kris Gaffney-Only one person can win...or can they?

[Zacharrias Slane slides into the ring, but Christian Carter hits a elbow to the back of the head. This makes Slane go down on the mat, Christian Carter picks up Zacharris Slane, he hits a few knife edge chops to the chest that knocks him backwards, and then he whips him to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes, he hits a back elbows that puts down SLane. Slane goes down on the mat, and he slowly gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his Slane gets kicked in the gut, and Christian Carter sets him up, and he hits a snap suplex. Zacharrias Slane hits hard into the mat. Slane sits up, and he hits a kick to the back. He's in a lot of pain. He rolls into the corner, Christian Carter gets up to his feet, and then he hits a few stomps into the corner. He's in a lot of pain, Christian Carter tries to whip Zacharrias into the opposite corner, but it's reversed. Christian Carter crashes into the corner, and then Zacharrias charges, and he runs right into a back elbow, he's dazed. Zacharris Slane pulls himself up to the second rope. He hooks Slane, he plants him down on the mat with a tornado DDT. Christian Carter pushes Slane on his back, the ref counts the 1.................2..............KICK OUT by Zacharrias Slane!!]

JR-Slane isn't going down without a fight.

Kris Gaffney-So it would seem.

King-We took the time to figure out how to spell his name...I think it's the least he can do.

[Zacharris Slane holds his face. Christian Carter picks up Slane, Slane pushes off Christian Carter. Carter hits a jumping kick to the head that dazes Christian Carter. Christian Carter is dazed, and he throws a fist. But Zacharris throws a wild fist to the face, and he ducks under, and he sets him up for a spinning sit down power bomb. Zacharrias goes into a pinning combination. The ref counts the 1........................2...............KICK OUT by Christian Carter!! Zacharrias holds his head as he thought that he might have had Christian Carter there. Christian Carter rolls away as he tries to causes some separation between him, and Zacharrias Slane.]

JR-Carter might be in trouble here.

King-Slane better be careful here, this is where mistakes happen.

Kris Gaffney-Don't I know it....

[SLane charges, he leaps in the air for a splash in the corner, but Christian Carter moves out of the way. Slane hits his head on the top turnbuckle. He stumbles out of the corner Christian hits the Final Testament on Zacharrias. Christian goes into the cover on Slane. The ref counts the 1..................2.....................3!!]

JR-Christian Carter wins this match with a great counter.

Kris Gaffney-See, I told you.

("Call Me Devil" plays over the PA System and Harley Quinn makes her way out to the ring.)

JR: I am just hearing folks.... President Cena has agreed to let Christy Hemme give up her title shot for a match with Charlotte Flair at Payback. As a result, this match is now a contenders match.

King: Hemme must really hate Charlotte.

Kris: But it opens the door for Harley, who should have won the shot anyway!

("Insatiable" plays next as Tiffany makes her way out.)

JR: Tiffany has to like her chances here... the former Women's Champion has competed for the title many times, including 4 First Bloods in a row.

King: How many of those did she win?

Kris: That isn't important!

(The bell sounds and this match is underway. Tiffany runs straight at Harley and takes her down with a neckbreaker. She stomps away on her and then lets Harley get to her feet. She whips Harley across the ring and nails another neckbreaker. Then Tiffany climbs to the top rope. As Harley gets back up, Tiffany leaps off the top rope and goes for a headscissor on Harley. But Harley is able to stay on her feet and grab Tiffany. Harley slams Tiffany down with a Powerbomb and stacks her for the pin and the referee counts 1....... 2..... kick out. Harley waits for Tiffany to stumble up and then unloads with hard right hands that back her up and eventually and eventually knock her over the top rope. Tiffany lands on the apron and Harley charges at her but Tiffany hits a hangtime, staggering Harley. Tiffany then vaults onto the ropes and comes off again, nailing a big headscissor this time. Tiffany hooks the leg for 1...... Harley powers out.)

JR: The power of Ms. Quinn showing in that powebomb and in that kick out.....

(Tiffany looks annoyed and measures Harley for the TNT. Harley pulls herself up and Tiffany leaps looking for her finisher but Harley hold onto the top rope and Tiffany crashes to the mat. Tiffany stumbles up and Harley hits a superkick to the head. Harley drops into a cover for 1........ 2....... kick out. Harley looks frustrated and measures Tiffany for a spear. Tiffany pulls herself up and Harley charges at her, but Tiffany sidesteps and Harley spears the ring post. Harley backs out of the corner in pain and Tiffany nails her with the TNT! Tiffany hooks the leg for 1....... 2......... NO! The referee is pulled out of the ring. We see that Mickie James has run down to ringside. Tiffany gets annoyed and starts yelling at Mickie. The referee slides back into the ring and Tiffany turns around into a Devil from Harley Quinn. Harley hooks the legs for 1...... 2...... 3!)

JR: Just like that... Harley Quinn is going to Payback!

King: Give an assie to Mickie James though....

Kris: Tiffany will be fuming when she realises what happened.

(“Vengeful One” blares on the loudspeakers. Chris Moxley walks out to the ring. The fans are unsure of what to think about him as he heads to the ring.)

King: Chris has said he isn’t intimidated by Barlow, has said he will not be destroyed… whenever I hear the word destroy I expect a great match.

Kris Gaffney: Two newcomers to the EMF, be interesting to see the best of the newcomers.

(… blares across the loudspeakers as Matthias Barlow walks to the ring)

JR: Seems he did more drinking that thinking this week, one must wonder if that will affect the match

(Both men stand in their corners as the ref sees if they are ready. The say yes and the match begins.)


(Barlow runs at Moxley and spears him into the corner, Barlow beings to do some shoulder blocks in the corner, he does about three of them and sets Moxley up on the top turnbuckle. Barlow does some chants and then climbs up and grabs Moxley in a side headlock, Barlow flips him back in a superplex! Moxley reverses it into a neck breaker! He's in a lot of pain. He hits a few stomps on the downed Barlow. Barlow climbs up to his feet.]

JR-Barlow needs to figure out a way to get this match back into his favor.

King-I'm pretty sure he'll figure out away.

Kris Gaffney-It's like we expect it.

[Moxley charges at Barlow, but Barlow is able to counter with a back elbow that backs him up. He charges, and Barlow counters with a hard clothesline that knocks down Moxley. Moxley gets up, and gets knocked down with another clothesline. He picks up Moxley, and he whips him to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes. Barlow hits a spinning spine buster. He goes into the cover on Moxley. The ref counts the 1................2.............KICK OUT by Moxley. Barlow picks up Moxley. Moxley pushes him backwards, he hits a kick to the side of the head. Barlow falls backwards, and he stumbles back. Chris Moxley hits a kick to the gut, and he plants him down with a DDT. Chris Moxley rolls to the outside, and he climbs up to the top rope. Barlow runs up to the top turnbuckle where Moxley is. Both wrestlers fight for position, both wrestlers fall off of the turnbuckle, and hit hard.]

JR-That was a hard fall by both wrestlers.

The crowd begins holy shit chants as neither man moves, Moxley slowly gets to his feet and drags Barlow up, Moxley Irish whips Barlow towards the ropes and hits a back body drop. Moxley drags Barlow to his feet and hits his finisher. Moxley goes for the cover on Barlow)


King: That neck breaker shifted the tide of this match and Barlow just couldn’t come back.

("Fire it up" blasts on the PA system as Degenerate walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Last week Degenerate had a very impressive win over Zacharrias Slane.

King-Degenerate has been making more appearance.

Kris Gaffney-The fact he got a win probably makes things easier.

("Noam Dar's theme" blasts on the PA system as Noam Dar walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Dar is likely to know what he's getting into the ring with in Degenerate, Degenerate has had a lot of success in the past.

King-Who knows what he could have been had he not gotten injured.

Degenerate and Noam Dar are circling one another as the bell rings. They go to Grapple, but Noam Dar sneaks behind Degenerate. Degenerate follows suit, and slips out of Dar’s grasp and slips behind him. Degenerate quickly grabs Dar by the back of the head and goes for a Bulldog. Dar is able to get out of it and Degenerate hits the canvas but slides up to his feet. Dar charges, Degenerate sends him over the ropes with a Back Body Drop, but Dar is able to land on his feet. Dar springboards and connects with a Springboard Cross Body Block. He goes for the cover…the ref counts..One..kick out by Degenerate.

JR- Some fast paced action to kick this match off.

The King- You have to wonder if Degenerate can keep up with Dar’s fast paced style.

Both men get to their feet, Dar charges at Degenerate but Degenerate connects with a Hip-Toss. Degenerate puts Dar in an Armbar. After a few seconds, Dar gets to his feet and flips out of the Armbar. Then connects with a Basement Dropkick, knocking Degenerate hard to the mat. Noam Dar drops to the mat and puts Degenerate into a Front Headlock. He shuffles around and puts Degenerate in a Rear Chokehold. The ref checks to make sure it is legal. The ref is asking if Degenerate gives up. Degeneate manages to get his knees. He connects with a few elbows to the gut of Dar, creating some separation. Degenerate connects with a kick to the gut of Dar, leaps and uses his momentum to connect with a Tornado DDT. Both men are on the ground. After a few seconds, Degenerate makes his way over for the cover.,,the ref counts..One..Two…kickout by Dar. Dar gets to his feet first, as Degenerate sits up, Dar runs, bounces off the ropes, and delivers a devastating Soccer Kick to the face of Denegerate, knocking Degenerate back to the mat. Dar hooks the legs…the ref counts..One..Two..T…kickout by Degenerate.

JR- Dar has taken control of this match.

The King- The question is can he finish it JR? It would be a big win against such a seasoned vet.

KG- Even if he is a degenerate.

Dar decides to go to the top rope to finish off Degenerate. He takes his time and climbs up. He poses for a second before setting up. Degenerate gets up, charges and connects with a Dropkick, sending Dar crashing onto the outside. Degenerate takes his time climbing to the top turnbuckle. He sets himself up and waits for the perfect timing. It comes…he leaps…and he connects with the devastating D-Spike (Shooting Star DDT). Both men are down as the ref starts his count. The ref gets to 5 when both men start to stir. Degenerate gets to feet first at 7. He grabs Dar and drags him to his feet at 8. He bangs Dar’s head against the apron, then rolls him at 9. Degenerate rolls in before the ref gets to 10. He goes to grab Dar but Dar takes out Degenerate’s legs with a Leg Sweep. Dar and Degenerate get to their feet at the same time. Dar charges Degenerate goes for a Clothesline, but Dar ducks and continues across the ring and off the ropes. As he comes across Degenerate Leapfrogs him, and Dar bounces off the ropes and he goes for a super kick. Dar catches it, and throws it down. Noam hooks Degenerate, and he hits the Slammer on Degenerate. Noam Dar goes into the cover on Degenerate, the ref counts the 1.............2............3!!]

JR-Noam Dar with the victory over the veteran Degenerate.

(“Radio” sounds off as Zack Ryder walks out to the ramp. The arena is flooded with Cheers, he heads to the ring.)

JR: These fans love Ryder

King: It’s disgusting.

(Killing our memories blares across the loudspeakers as X-Saber walks out to the ramp. He receives as many boos as Ryder got cheers. He laughs and walks to the ring)

King: Now that’s enjoyable.

(Both men stand in their corners and await the bell)


(Ryder and Saber circle each other, Saber lunges and the two on in a shoulder and collar tie-up. Neither man giving an inch, neither man backing down. Both men let go and then go back into a tie-up. Saber kicks Ryder in the gut and puts Ryder in a side headlock, Saber hits a snap suplex. Ryder rolls back to his feet and Saber hits a dropkick to his chest. Both men are back to their feet and Saber charges at Ryder, Ryder leapfrogs over and runs at the ropes, on the rebound catches Saber with a DDT. He stands Saber up and puts him in a “fireman’s carry” Ryder jumps forwards and hits a “Rolling Fireman’s carry” Ryder grabs Saber’s hand and pulls him to his knees, Ryder Kicks him square in a jaw. Saber gets to his feet while holding his jaw and Ryder swings for a roundhouse kick but Saber ducks underneath and hits an uppercut. Ryder stumbles backwards into the corner and Saber walks over to him. Saber lifts him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and hooks him in a side headlock, Saber falls backwards with a “Super-Plex” Both men are down. The ref begins his count)


(Saber hits a hard fist to teh face, and then Ryder answers witha hard fist of his own. Then Ryder goes goes for another one. Saber is able to duck under, He runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. Zack Ryder counters witha spine buster. He goes into the cover on Saber. The ref counts the 1............2.........KICK OUT BY SABER!! Ryder gets up, and he pulls up Saber. But Saber counters with a rake to the eyes. Saber sets up Zack Ryder, and he puts him down with a belly to belly suplex. Saber backs up into the corner, and he pulls himself up to the second rope, and he drops a leg drop from the second rope. Saber goes into the cover on Ryder. The ref counts the 1.............2.......KICK OUT by Ryder!!]

JR-Ryder might be in trouble here.

King-Saber can't get cocky though JR.

(Saber drags Ryder to his feet and Irish whips him towards the ropes, Ryder grabs the top rope and swings over onto the apron. Saber rushes at Ryder and Ryder leaps connecting with a “Rough Ryder” Both men are down but Ryders arm is on Saber, the ref begins his count!)

JR: Is that a pin?

Kris Gaffney; The ref said it is!


(Ryder gets to his feet and smiles at the crowd. He exits the ring as “Radio” blares over the speakers. Cut to commercial break)

("Headstrong" blares across the loudspeakers as Nostalgia walks out to the ramp. He pumps up the crowd and heads to the ring.)

JR: This crowd loves him! I’m expecting an instant classic.

("Off the chain blares across the speaker as Connor Wicklow sprints out to the ring. He points at his The Forsaken T-Shirt. He points at his tag team partner Roman Sionis who is sitting in the crowd.)

KRIS GAFFNEY: His tag partner ready to jump in if needed!

(Both men stand in their corners and the ref checks to see if they are ready. He waves his arms)


(Nostalgia and Connor circle each other in the ring. They lock up in a shoulder and elbow tie up and neither man has the advantage. They break the tie up, Nostalgia sends a quick kick to the gut of Connor, Connor retaliates with a quick punch to Nostalgia. Another kick from Nostalgia, another punch, punch from Nostalgia, kick from Connor. Connor slaps Nostalgia in the face and then hits a quick clothesline. Nostalgia is back to his feet, another quick clothesline. Connor runs at the ropes and rebounds off as Nostalgia is back to his feet, he lands a jumping lariat. Connor runs to the ropes and grabs the top one and begins to shake and scream like Ultimate warrior. Nostalgia is back up and Connor spins in a circle and lunges for a Discus clothesline but Nostalgia stops him and holds his arm. Nostalgia while still holding Connors arm… kicks him in the gut. Nostalgia beings to kick Connor in the chest repeatedly. After five kicks Nostalgia pulls him in and hits a snap suplex! Connor gets up and gets kneed in the gut, Connor falls to his knees and Nostalgia knees him in the temple. Nostalgia lifts Connor up and sends him at the ropes, Nostalgia hits a clothesline that causes Connor to do a backflip. Nostalgia begins to taunt the crowd. Connor slowly gets to his feet and makes it to the corner, Nostalgia runs at him and Connor slips the side causing Nostalgia to hit the corner hard, he stumbles backwards as Connor runs and hits a clothesline. Nostalgia begins to get to his feet and Connor tosses him into a corner. He runs and hits a shoulder block, Nostalgia stumbles forward and right into a snap suplex. Connor drags Nostalgia to his feet by his hair and hits a hair-snap face buster. The ref backs up Connor who in turn pushes him back, he drags Nostalgia back to his feet by his hair and begins to knee him in the face. The ref backs him up again and then Nostalgia hits a low blow. The ref looks around like he didn’t see it and Nostalgia pulls Connor back to his feet by his hair and grabs his shirt. Nostalgia pulls Connor’s shirt off and slaps him in his chest with a knife edge chop. Nostalgia Irish whips Connor at the ropes and on the rebound Connor kicks Nostalgia in the knee cap. Connor puts Nostalgia in the corner and sets him up for a superplex, Nostalgia reverses him with a punch and jumps up over his shoulders and hits a variation of sunset flip powerbomb! Connor lands right on his head!)

KING: Holy Cow!

(Nostalgia goes for the cover.)


(Nostalgia can’t believe it, He drags Connor to his face and lifts him up into a fireman’s carry and drops him down with a piledriver. Nostalgia drags Connor to his feet and lifts him into another fireman’s carry and hits another ego buster. Nostalgia goes for the cover again on Connor.)


KING: What a match!

("96 Quite Bitter Beings" blasts on the PA system as Rick Grayson walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Last week Rick Grayson made his return to the EMF.

King-He's already on the path to the Extreme title.

Kris Gaffney-I think a lot of people have indirectly learned that the EMF staff have long memories.

("Renegade" blasts on the PA system as Casper Santaruz walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Casper had a great match at Unleashed, let's see if he can build on it.

Kris Gaffney-Should be hard to top that for sure.

[Rick Grayson and Casper Santaruz stand in the middle of the ring, they talk trash. Casper Santaruz throws a fist, but Grayson is able to duck under, and he hits a few fists to the face that knocks him backwards. Then Casper Santaruz hits a knee lift into the gut that doubles him over. Casper Santaruz runs ot the ropes, he bounce soff of the ropes. But Rick Grayson is able to hit a clothesline over the top rope that sends him, and Casper flying over the top rope. Both wrestlers crash down on the floor. Both wrestlers try to get up to their feet. Casper Santaruz throws a wild fist to the face, and he ducks under, and he jumps on the table, and Rick Grayson hits a twisting cross body block that puts down Casper Santaruz. Rick Grayson rolls away, and he is near the time keeper. He yells at the time keeper to get out of his way, and then he grabs the chair. He waits as Casper Santaruz stumbles up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet, he turns towards him, and then Rick Grayson jabs the chair into the gut that doubles him over, and he hits a chair shot to the back that puts down Casper Santaruz. RIck Grayson throws the chair away, and he grabs Casper Santaruz, and he throws him into the ring. Casper Santaruz rolls into the ring. Rick Grayson rolls into the ring, and he pulls him back up into the ring post.]

JR-That has got to hurt.

King-I'm sure he knows.

Kris Gaffney-I always love the fact our camera men make sure that it hurts.

[Casper pulls himselfout of the corner. He gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Rick Grayson goes for a splash, but it's countered by Casper Santaruz who hits a inverted russian leg sweep into the top rope, he falls into the corner. Casper Santaruz backs up, he charges, and he leaps in the air, and he hits a splash in the corner. Rick Grayson stumbles backwards. Casper Santaruz hooks Rick Grayson, and he hits a german suplex with a bridge, the ref counts the 1...................2.......................KICK OUT by Rick Grayson!!]

JR-Casper needs to keep his focus here.

King-Around this time in the match, sometimes that's hard.

Kris Gaffney-Something does seem to happen around this time...doesn't it?

[Casper goes to the outside of the ring, and he grabs a chair, he slides into the ring, and he charges at Grayson. Grayson hits a super kick to the chair. THis dazes Casper. Grayson kicks him in the gut, he sets him up, and he plants Casper down with the Arnis Bomb! Rick Grayson goes into the cover on Casper. The ref counts the 1....................2....................3!!]

JR-Rick Grayson with the victory over Casper Santaruz.

King-Pretty sure that's not quite what Casper had in mind.

("Burn in my light" blasts on the PA systme as Resurrected 1 walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-We are back with another interesting match from the Resurrected 1.

King-He sure likes to give the fans matches that they haven't seen before.

Kris Gaffney-Sammy Extreme would be a fan of this one.

("Striken" blasts on the PA system as Daryl Prichard walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

Kris Gaffney-I shouldn't make a pokemon joke here right?

King-Probably not...but if you do, others will do it for you anyways...so...

Before the bell rings, Res One is stretching using the ropes in his corner, not paying attention to Graveler. Graveler charges and connects with a Clothesline that sends Res into the corner. Graveler begins delivering Clubbing Forearms to the back of Res One’s head. Graveler grabs Res’s arm and whips him into the opposite corner. Graveler charges but Res catches Graveler with an Elbow to the face. Then Res comes out with a Clothesline on Graveler, sending Graveler to the mat. Res picks up Graveler and attempts to send Graveler to the ropes, but Graveler reverses it, sending Res to the ropes. As sson as Res bounces off, Graveler is on top of him with a Thesz Press. Graveler pulls out a set of brass knuckles and begins to unload hard right hands to the face of Res.

JR- Graveler is looking for some revenge tonight.

The King- A dish best served bloody apparently JR.

Graveler manages to bust open Res’s forehead. Graveler grabs Res by the head and begins smashing the back of Res’s head against the mat. Graveler stops, puts the brass knuckles back in his tights then rolls to the outside. He looks under the ring. He finds a few chairs to toss in the ring. He grabs a trashcan lid and throws it in the ring. He pulls out a Ladder from underneath the ring. Graveler slides it in the ring, before sliding back in the ring as well. He walks over and grabs the ladder. He sets it between the ropes of the second and third turnbuckle. He turns to Res, but he gave Res too much recovery time. Res catches Graveler off guard with a Spinning Heel Kick. Res quickly grabs a chair, he charges, puts the chair in front of his feet, and connects with a Low Front Dropkick to the head of Graveler. Res quickly runs to the corner with the ladder, runs up, and flips off the ladder, connecting with a Springboard Moonsault off the ladder.

JR- By GAWD! What agility from Res!

The King- That was improv at its best JR!

KG- Clearly you are not a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” fan.

Res walks over and grabs a chair. He walks towards Graveler’s right leg. He sets Graveler’s ankle between the chair. Then res walks over to the other chair, grabs it, then walks back towards Graveler. He sets up Graveler’s left ankle in the chair. Res One taunts the crowd, the leaps and comes down on the chair, and Graveler’s right ankle. Graveler is in obvious pain. Res grab’s Graveler’s left leg, then drops down on the ankle with a Leg Drop. Graveler is now in agonizing pain. Res grabs one of the chairs, and drives it into the ribs of Graveler. Then he cocks back and delivers a crushing blow to Graveler’s back. The chair is smashed, Res throws it at Graveler before sliding under the ropes. He reaches under the ring and grabs a table. He slides the table in the ring. Meanwhile, Graveler is struggling to get to his feet. As Res reaches under the ring to grab the bag of lighter fluid of lighter, Graveler pulls himself up by the ropes. Res puts the bag in the corner then slides in the ring. Res charges at Graveler, but Graveler drops to the ground, Res hops over and bounces off the ropes. Graveler catches him and drives him down with a Powerslam right atop the smashed chair. Graveler walks over to the ladder, to make sure it is still sturdy. He walks over and grabs Res by the head. He pulls out the brass knuckles again and connects with a few hard rights hands. Res is now wearing a crimson mask. Graveler drags Res up, gets behind him, wraps his arms, and sends Res flying into the Ladder with a Release German Suplex. Graveler walks over and sets up the table. He turns to walk back to res but Res has gotten up and goes for a Discuss Clothesline, but Graveler ducks, kicks Res is the gut, sets him up, and delivers the Delayed Vertical Suplex through the table.

JR- Res One can still win this match. That was not a flaming table.

The King- It is pretty hard to win a match when you are unconscious JR.

Graveler rolls under the ropes to the outside. He grabs a table from under the ring and slides it in the ring. He is climbing up the ropes. He looks at res still out on the mat. Graveler decides to take a risk. He walks over to the corner and slowly begins to climb to the top rope. Graveler jumps off and goes for a Double Foot Stomp, but Res is able to roll out of the way, Graveler comes down hard on both ankles, and falls to the mat. Now both men are down. Graveler is holding his right ankle, which seems to have taken the blunt of the fall. Res grabs the ropes and uses them to get to his feet. He walks over and grabs Graveler by the head and drags him up. He attempts to send Graveler into the Ladder with an irish Whip, but it is reversed, Res hits the ladder, Graveler comes, grabs Res and goes for a Back Body Drop, buck Res is able to land on his feet and connects with a Step-Up Enziguri to the head of Graveler. Res springboards off the ropes, off the Ladder, and comes across the face of Graveler with a Springboard SideKick to the face, knocking Graveler to the mat. Res One reaches into Graveler’s tights and grabs the brass knuckles. Res puts them on and proceeds to pummel Graveler with lefts and rights. Both men are now sporting a crimson mask. After about thirty seconds, Res rolls out the ring, and grabs another table. He slides it in the ring. He rolls in by the corner and grabs the bag with the necessary items to set the table aflame. He grabs the bag then walks over to the table and sets it up. He opens the bag, pulls out the lighter fluid and douses the table. He pulls out the lighter and drops it on the table. The table is consumed by Inferno. Res One turns around to a hard knee to the gut. Graveler grabs Res, sets him, and delivers A GravelerBomb through the flaming table.

DING!DING!DING! Graveler is the winner of this contest

The King- It doesn’t look like this is over yet JR.

Graveler waves to Renee. She has a crowbar in her hand. Graveler spreads the ropes to let her in the ring. He pulls up the motionless Res and holds his arms. Renee cocks back and nails Res in the face with the crowbar. He would have fallen over if Graveler was not holding him. Renee takes the crowbar and jams it in his gut a few times before cocking back and nailing Res in the forehead. Graveler lets him fall. He walks over and hugs Renee as he whispers something in her ear. Graveler walks over to see Res bleeding from his forehead and the right side of his face. He motions to Renee, she walks over and begins wailing Res’s right knee with the crowbar. Then she switches to the left. As she gets her revenge on Res, Graveler sets up the ladder across from Res. Then he drops to the mat and rolls outside. Renee is now hitting Res in the ribs. Graveler drops the microphone and grabs two tables from under the ring, he sets them both up, and signals to Renee, she grabs the bottle of lighter fluid and lighter, walks over and hands the items to Graveler. He shoots her a wink then turns and lights the table aflame. Graveler rolls in the ring then walks over to Res. He grabs the legs of Res, he falls back and Slingshots Res into the ladder. Res bounces off, Graveler grabs his shoulder, spins him around, sets him up, lifts, and then throws Res over the ropes through the two burning tables with an Inverted Suplex. Exhausted, Graveler drops to a knee. Renee walks over and helps him up. They lean over the ropes and they both spit on Res. As the EMF crew rush to put out the fire, Renee continues to beat Res with the crowbar. Graveler exits the ring and grabs a microphone.

Graveler: I have one simply rule… don’t fuck with the ones I care about. You wanna fuck with me, do it… im a big boy… I can take it… but you wanna fuck with Renee or Thomas? Its game over then, May the nearly dead pussy in the ring be an example to you all.

("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" plays over the PA System and out comes Laura Cena along with her manager, Catherine Walker. She has the EMF Women's Championship over her shoulder.)

JR: Earlier tonight, Laura found out her opponent for Payback, but this match isn't about the championship.

King: John Cena has said that if Torrie Wilson wants to remain in the EMF, she must prove she can compete with the champion.

Kris: I don't like her chances.

("Need a Little Time" plays over the PA system and Torrie Wilson comes out next.)

JR: Torrie is Eddie's Godmother, but we didn't see her for a long time.

King: And she won't be happy she lost her Golden Thong at First Blood.

Kris: To Stephanie McMahon of all people! Do you think she's had it washed?

(The bell rings and Torrie and Laura circle around the ring. They lock up in the middle of the ring and exchange blows, with Torrie actually coming out the better. She kicks Laura in the midsection and then hits a snapmere, taking her down. As Laura climbs to her feet, Torrie hits her with a DDT. Torrie quickly hooks the leg for 1..... kick out. Laura kips up and looks angry. Torrie runs at her looking for a neckbreaker but Laura meets her with a superkick. Torrie goes down hard and Laura stomps away on her. Laura waits for Torrie to get up before hitting a suplex into a bridge for 1...... 2...... kick out!)

JR: Laura almost picking up an early win.

King: Torrie's contract flashed before her eyes....

(Laura seemingly isn't messing around and calls for the Royally Screwd. Torrie sits up but doesn't get to her feet. Laura instead wraps her legs around Torrie and transitions into a Figure 4 Headscissor which she then uses to hit multiple push-up Facebusters (Like Madison Rayne would). She taunts as she finishes the move and Torrie looks to stumble up. Suddenly "Keys to the City" hits over the PA System and Laura looks up at the top of the ramp. What originally appears to be a woman with stupidly large breasts appears on the ramp. Laura shakes her head as she realises who it is but Torrie catches her in a roll up for 1....... 2........ Laura reverses the move and holds Torrie down for 1...... 2...... kick out! The "woman" gets up on the apron and Laura runs over and clothesline her down. There is a loud BANG like a baloon bursting and whoever was on the apron is clutching their chest area. Laura turns around right into a Nose Job from Torrie Wilson! Torrie hooks the leg for 1..... 2..... KICK OUT!)

JR: Is that Eddie in disguise again?

King: No you idiot, that's Aunty Edwina! And she needs serious medical attention!

Kris: Why are they not rushing down here then?

(Torrie looks frustrated and calls for her finisher again. She positions Laura for the move but Laura counters into a drop toe hold and applies the WT..... H! Torrie is in the middle of the ring and with nowhere to go, she submits.)

JR: The distraction from "Aunty Edwina" almost let Torrie steal one... but in the end Laura picks up the win.

King: With ease, as well.

Kris: Has Torrie done enough to stick around?

(Laura's arm is raised by the refeerr but she turns around right into a DEVIL from Harley Quinn. Torrie and "Edwina" look into the ring, but decide against entering it. Harley hits some viscious stomps and kicks to the ribs of Laura. Eventually Harley picks her up, sets her up against the ropes, and spears her clean out of the ring. Laura is in considerable pain as Harley poses with the title in the ring.)

JR: Laura may have the experience.... but can she overcome the sheer power of Harley Quinn?

King: On this evidence.... no.

Kris: We might be looking at the next Women's Champion.

("God's gonna cut you down" blasts on the PA system as Max Gunner walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Max Gunner knows you can not take his opponent tonight lightly.

King-Or will he?

Kris Gaffney-Last match could have made him cocky, I guess, we will see.

("Violent Pursuit" blasts on the PA system as Jason Cross walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Cross is coming off an extremely bloody match.

King-He knew that going into the match though.

Kris Gaffney-He gets no special points for it, so BLAH!

[Max Gunner and Jason Cross pace around the ring, Max Gunner and Jason Cross lock up, and then Jason Cross is able to get on the side of Max Gunner with a head lock, and he puts him into a side head lock. Then he backs up into the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes, he hits a shoulder block on Max Gunner that puts him down on the mat. He is slow to get up to his feet, once he gets up to his feet Max Gunner throws a wild fist to the face of Jason Cross. Jason Cross ducks under, and he puts him into a sleeper. He struggles, but he is able to counter with a jaw breaker that makes him stumble backwards. Max Gunner gets up to his feet, he charges at Jason Cross who takes down Max Gunner with a double leg take down, and he sets up Max Gunner , and he hits a catapault that sends Max Gunner into the corner. He hits hard into the turnbuckle. Jason Cross goes over to where Max Gunner is, he pushes him into the corner, and he hits a few european upper cuts, and then he whips him to the other side of the ring. Max Gunner crashes into the corner. He charges into the corner that Max Gunner is in, and he hits a running european upper cut. Jason Cross backs out of the corner. Max Gunner stumbles out of the corner. Jason Cross hits a kick to the gut. Jason Cross sets up Max Gunner into a gut wrench, and he hits a gut wrench suplex that puts him down on the mat. Jason Cross goes quickly into the cover on Max Gunner, the ref counts the 1.................2............KICK OUT by Max Gunner!!]

JR-Almost three!

King-Max Gunner is finding out why you can't take Jason Cross lightly.

Kris Gaffney-No matter how you feel about his earlier career, he is definitely talented.

Max Gunner rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, and he gets up to his feet with the help of the ropes, Jason Cross stands on the turnbuckle, he hits a few clubbing blows to the side of the head. He lifts him up, and tries to go for a super plex, but Max Gunner is able to turn into Jason Cross, and he hits a cross body block that makes sends him crashing down on Jason Cross. Max Gunner rolls off of Jason Cross. He gets a few chance to rest up as the ref starts his standing ten count. 1..............2...............3...........Max Gunner crawls to the ropes...........4.........5..............6........Jason Cross staggers up to his feet breaking the count. He see's that Max Gunner is still trying to pull himself up to his feet. Jason Cross charges, and Max Gunner counters with a drop toe hold that sends him flying into the second rope. He holds his neck Jason Cross gets picked up by Max Gunner, he hits a few forearm shots to the face that knocks him backwards, and he tries to whip him to the ropes. but it's reversed, he bounces off of the ropes. Max Gunner hits a flying shoulder block, this makes Jason Cross stumbles backwards. Max Gunner kicks Jason Cross in the gut, and he plants him down into a double arm DDT. Jason Cross knowing that he needs to cause separation keeps rolling, and he rolls out of the ring. Max Gunner takes a few moments to allow Jason Cross to get up to his feet, and once he does Max Gunner runs, slides out of the ring, he grabs Jason Cross by the head, and he smashes him head first into the steel steps. He rolls away, he starts to stumble into the ramp way.]

JR-This fight is going up the ramp.

King-I think we can see that JR.

Kris Gaffney-Luckily this is a hardcore match, not a street fight, god help us if it was.

[Max Gunner hits a few fists to the face of Jason Cross. Gunner grabs Cross, and tries to throw him into the stage. But it's reversed, and Max Gunner throws Jason Cross into the stage instead. He bounces off, and Cross hits a standing clothesline. Max Gunner goes down. Cross picks up Gunner, and he sets him up for a Bang KO off of the stage. But Gunner fights out with a few clubbing blows to the back. Gunner gets out, and he measures up, and he goes for a super kick. But Cross ducks under, and Cross allows Gunner to turn around. Cross and Gunner go off the stage crashing right into the table. Both wrestlers are down. The ref goes down to check on both competitors. When he gets down there, he realizes that Gunner's arm fell on to Cross into a pin combination. The ref counts the 1....................2..................3!!]

JR-Gunner wins, but he certainly fell into that one.

King- He's not going to forget it either.

(Both Cross and Gunner are still down in the wreckage of the table as Shockwave goes off the air.)