EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen)

(We open up in the darken arena as pyrotechnics blasts on the stage. The lights turn on as fans yell and wave their signs. The camera take a few shots around the crowd, then finally it zooms out to display the location information. We get one more shot of the crowd as the commentators begin to speak over it.)

JR-The EMF comes to you live from Paradise, Nevada. Welcome to the First Saturday Shockwave of the new year. I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. I’m joined by Jerry “the King” Lawler and Kris “KG” Gaffney. We are coming off a very memorable First Blood.

King-Tonight we will have a new number one contender for the tag team championship as the Fortunes, the Bullet Club and Team America will face off in a TLC.

Kris Gaffney-They are going to have to pay the price for the shot, but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end.

JR-Let’s get started with the first match of the night.

Mist fills the stage before the music kicks it up a gear, Conner Wicklow arrives through the mist and poses amongst a blast of white light. He steps inside of the ring.

JR-Connor Wicklow can’t be in a good mood right now.

King-He didn’t get the revenge he was hoping for.

Kris Gaffney-Guess it doesn’t always work like that.

(Lights go black and then Twilight of the Thunder God, by Amon Amarth, blasts over the loudspeakers and the crowd erupts. Lights begin to flash Red, White, and Blue as sparks fly down from the ceiling. The camera focuses up to the stands as halfway up steps Jackson Gunner out into the fans while holding his Extreme Championship strap with the rest of it draped over the back of his shoulder. The fans erupt as they spot Jackson. He beats his chest with a yell and tosses his hands up into the air crossing his arms in an X formation. Gunner begins walking down the stairs slowly toward the ring as he slaps hands with the fans on his way.)

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. On his way to the ring, fighting out of Honolulu Hawaii. Standing 6’4” weighing in at 250 pounds. He is the Extreme Measures Federation Extreme Champion, JACKSON “KOA KOA” GUNNER!

JR-Although it was a good First Blood for Jackson Gunner.

Kris Gaffney-This is a match between the Cabal and a few Badd Men.

King-I find it odd Scott Mann isn’t apart of that stable.

[Jackson Gunner and Connor Wicklow goes face to face. The bell rings and both wrestlers throw fists to the face, Connor Wicklow is able to duck under one of the fists, and he runs to the ropes, and Jackson Gunner hits a spinning back elbow to the face of Connor Wicklow. Connor Wicklow gets up to his feet, and Jackson Gunner puts him back down on the mat. Connor Wicklow gets up a bit more slowly. Jackson Gunner runs to the ropes, and he jumps on the second rope, and he spring boards off of the second rope, and he connects with a spring board kick to the face that puts down Connor Wicklow. Connor Wicklow seems out of it. Jackson Gunner goes into the cover on Connor Wicklow. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2……KICK OUT by Connor Wicklow. Jackson Gunner takes a few moments to consider his next move, and Connor Wicklow gets up to his feet. Jackson Gunner kicks in the gut, and he hooks him into a DDT. But Connor Wicklow see’s it coming, and Connor Wicklow drives him into the corner. Connor WIcklow goes for a shoulder into the gut, but Jackson Gunner counters with a knee lift into the face. Connor Wicklow stumbles backwards. Jackson Gunner takes a few steps out of the corner, and he runs to the ropes, and he spring board off of the second rope, and he connects with a swinging DDT.]

JR-Jackson Gunner seems to be one step ahead of Connor Wicklow tonight.

King-Somehow I got a feeling that’s not going to last.

Kris Gaffney-Does feel as if something is going to happen around this time.

[Jackson Gunner goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope, and he jumps off of the top rope, and at the last moment Connor Wicklow moves out of the way. Jackson Gunner crashes into the mat. Jackson Gunner is slow to get up to his feet, once he gets up to his feet, and he connects with a sling blade that puts down Jackson Gunner.]

JR-Connor Wicklow is making a come back.

King-He can’t be too pleased with First Blood.

Kris Gaffney-Well, he does have a chance to erase that memory here.

[Jackson Gunner gets up in the corner, and once he gets up. Connor goes for a splash in the corner, but at the last moment Jackson Gunner moves out of the way. Connor Wicklow stumbles backwards. Jackson Gunner sets him up, and he drops him with a the burning samoan. Jackson Gunner goes into the cover on Connor Wicklow. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………2………3!!]

JR-Jackson Gunner was able to avoid Connor’s attack, and it led to a victory.

Ricky comes onto the ramp with a huge grin, accompanied by Miss Meadows and a pair of nameless showgirls. On occasion, he will toss commemorative casino chips into the crowd. Once arriving at the ring, Miss Meadows will instruct the showgirls to wait backstage.

JR-Ricky Vegas had quite the performance in the chamber.

King-I’m certain that it doesn’t matter as he didn’t walk out with the championship.

Kris Gaffney-Guess it would have made things a bit better.

("Bring It Down" begins to blast through the PA speakers, signifying the entrance of the man that just betrayed Roman Reigns at Cold Day in Hell. The fans immediately start booing loud enough for a man to go deaf, Will Ospreay steps out onto the stage wearing his green coat, looking out at the fans in disgust before starting to make his way towards the ring. Ospreay stops midway on the ramp, spotting a fan holding a sign that says "Ospreay Fears Roman!" in the front row. Ospreay takes the sign away from the fan, proceeding to rip it in half, smirking after the job's done. The fan begins to flip Ospreay off, which only manages to please Ospreay more before he continues making his way to the ring. Will Ospreay slowly makes his way up the steel stairs, making sure to take a long time just to annoy the fans even more. Ospreay turns towards the fans when he's on the apron, looking out at the crowd that has a murderous presence right now. Will Ospreay steps through the middle ropes, going to the center of the ring where he outstretches his arms with his palms facing upwards. He slowly spins around, letting the crowd know that they are currently in the presence of a god. Ospreay goes into his respective corner afterwards to start the match.)

JR-Will Ospreay is probably looking to bounce back.

King-Being the first one eliminated will do that to you.

Kris Gaffney-Yes it will.

[Will Ospreay and Ricky Vegas face off in the middle of the ring, they lock up. Ricky Vegas is able to push Will Ospreay into the corner. Ricky Vegas goes for a fist to the face, and Will Ospreay ducks under, and he runs to the ropes, and he jumps on the second rope, and he goes for a flying vertical cross body block, but it’s countered with a clothesline right out of the air. Will Ospreay hits the mat hard. Will Ospreay gets up to his feet, and Ricky Vegas tries to lift him up for a body slam combo, but Will Ospreay is able to slide out of the back. Will Ospreay runs to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. Ricky Vegas connects with a full house that puts down Will Ospreay. Ricky Vegas grabs Will Ospreay by the hair, and he lifts him up, and he drops him with a body slam. He lifts him up again, and he connects with another body slam. Will Ospreay gets picked up one last time, and he is dropped with one final one. Ricky Vegas goes into the cover on Will Ospreay. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………….2…………KICK OUT by Will Ospreay. Ricky Vegas gets up to his feet, and he calls for the end of the match as he stalks around Will Ospreay.]

JR-It looks like Ricky Vegas is attempting to go for the black jack.

King-I’m certain that’s the safe bet.

Kris Gaffney-I’m sure you were waiting for that line.

[Ricky Vegas watches as Will Ospreay gets up to his feet, and he takes him down with a double leg take down. Will Ospreay kicks him off. Ricky Vegas hits hard into the corner. Will Ospreay connects with a hard knee to the face. Will Ospreay pulls Ricky Vegas out of the corner, and he drops him with a rib breaker. Will Ospreay has Ricky Vegas in place, so he calls for something, and he goes to the outside of the ring and he climbs up to the top rope.]

JR-Will Ospreay is going for a big move here.

King-I got a bad feeling about this.

[Will Ospreay jumps off, but Ricky Vegas moves out of the way. Will Ospreay stays on the mat. Ricky Vegas locks on the black jack. Ricky Vegas grape vines the leg. Will Ospreay taps out. Ricky Vegas wins via submission.]

JR-Will Ospreay big move did not pay off.

(“Ultimate countdown” blasts on the PA system. Daniel Bryan walks out on the stage. He nods to the crowd and he does the YES taunt down to the ring. He steps inside of the ring.)

Kris Gaffney-AH…it’s the final countdown…just like they always sung about!

King-Actually it’s the ultimate countdown.

Kris Gaffney-Oh…that’s a song?

On the tron it shows an open field with a sign that just says "SV" and "I'm Back" plays on the speakers. The scene on the tron changes and it shows Killer Tschida's face complete with sunglasses. The words "EFEDERATION LEGEND, KILLER TSCHIDA!" show up on the tron. Killer Tschida then shows up in the aisle and he points his fist to the ring then he throws his fist up and back as pyro goes off.

JR-This should be a very interesting match.

King-Daniel Bryan has had history as the TV champion.

Kris Gaffney-I’m certain that was the idea.

[Daniel Bryan and Killer Tschida pace around the ring, and they lock up. Daniel Bryan is able to go behind Killer Tschida. Killer Tschida is able to hit a elbow to the face of Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan stumbles backwards, Daniel Bryan runs at Killer Tschida. Killer Tschida is able to counter with a drop toe hold that sends him down on the mat. Daniel Bryan gets up in a knee, and Killer Tschida knee’s Daniel Bryan to the side of the head. Killer Tschida drives him down with a snap DDT from a kneeling position. Daniel Bryan face bounces off of the mat. Killer Tschida goes into the cover on Daniel Bryan. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2…KICK OUT by Daniel Bryan. Killer Tschida hits a few stomps on the downed Daniel Bryan. Killer Tschida picks up Daniel Bryan, and he hits a few knife edge chops to the chest, Daniel Bryan answers back with a few of his own, Daniel Bryan goes for a kick to the head. Killer Tschida is able to duck under it, and he hooks him, and he drops him with a belly to back suplex. Daniel Bryan rolls into the corner. Killer Tschida measures up on Daniel Bryan, and he connects with a clothesline in the corner. Daniel Bryan stumbles out of the corner. Killer Tschida hits a release northern lights suplex that sends Daniel Bryan flying and crashing down on the mat.]

JR-Kiler Tschida might be closing in on a win.

King-I don’t have any doubts, he’s a legend after all.

[Killer Tschida waits for Daniel Bryan to get up to his feet, and he goes for the Killer Kick, but Daniel Bryan ducks under, and he kicks the legs out from under Tschida to his knee’s, and he connects with a rib kick (YES!) then another ribs kick (YES!!) then another ribs kick (YES!!) and then another ribs kick (YES!!). Daniel Bryan backs up, and he connects with a kick to the side of the head on Killer Tschida. Killer Tschida goes down on the mat.]

JR-Daniel Bryan hits the kick to the side of the head.

King-Think he’s going to do jumping jacks now?

Kris Gaffney-Where’s Antonio Brown when you need him?

King-Seemly still in New Jersey…

[Daniel Bryan waits in the corner, Killer Tschida gets up, and he turns around. Daniel Bryan goes for a running knee, but Killer ducks under. Daniel Bryan turns around right into the killer kick!! Daniel Bryan goes down. Killer Tschida goes into the cover on Daniel Bryan. The ref counts 1…………..2………….3!!]

JR-Killer Tschida gets a win over a former TV champion. That should help him along the way to his match with Azar.

(“duck song” blasts on the PA system. Walter Melon walks out on the stage with Jack Heyman. Walter Melon steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Walter Melon and Zack Ryder have had many battles.

King-Maybe Ryder should have eaten more fruit.

Kris Gaffney-Always a listen to learn

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage and he walks down to the ring. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR- Zack Ryder also had a very good showing at First Blood.

King-I’m certain he would have rather have won.

Kris Gaffney-I know the feeling.

[Walter Melon and Zack Ryder pace around the ring. They lock up, Walter Melon goes behind Zack Ryder. Walter Melon pushes Zack Ryder forward. Zack Ryder bounces off of the ropes. Zack Ryder jumps in the air, and he connects with a flying forearm shot to the face that knocks down Walter Melon. Walter Melon gets up to his feet. Zack Ryder takes down Walter Melon with a side head lock take down. Walter Melon is able to spin out of it, and he gets up, and he runs to the ropes, and Walter Melon bounces off of the ropes. Zack Ryder allows Walter Melon to jump over him, Walter Melon goes to the other side of the ring. He bounces off of the ropes. Zack Ryder connects with a standing drop kick that makes Walter Melon fall backwards. Walter Melon gets kicked in the gut by Zack Ryder, and he gets set up, and dropped with a side Russian leg sweep. Zack Ryder floats into the cover on Walter Melon. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……..KICK OUT by Walter Melon. Clearly he’s not beaten down enough to get a pin. Walter Melon rolls away, and he gets up in the corner. Zack Ryder runs towards the corner, and he connects with a clothesline in the corner. Zack Ryder pumps up the crowd as he backs up.]

JR-Zack Ryder couldn’t pin Walter Melon at first…but it seems like it was only a means to an end to see if he could.

King-That would be a good strategy…if he wasn’t facing against god, and all of this was determined by the Melon Gods.

Kris Gaffney-That is a…point.

[Zack Ryder fists pumps Woo! Woo! Woo! Zack Ryder goes for the Broski boot, but Walter Melon meets him with a diving clothesline putting down Zack Ryder. Walter Melon takes a few moments to rest up, and Walter Melon looks up, but seemly not up to the heavens for the Melon Gods. He randomly stops Ashley Irvine who is in the nose bleed seats, she has a mega phone and yells “WATERMELON!!”. Walter Melon ducks under clothesline, and he connects with a belly to back suplex on Zack Ryder. Walter Melon takes a few moments to rest up. Zack Ryder gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Walter Melon hits a few fists to the face that knocks back Zack Ryder into the ropes, and he tries to whip Zack Ryder to the ropes, and does. He lowers his head, and he connects with a back body drop that sends him flying down on the mat. Walter Melon waits for Zack Ryder, and Zack Ryder gets up to his feet, and Walter Melon hooks him and he connects with a spinning fireman carry slam on the mat. Walter Melon goes to the corner, and he waits for Zack Ryder to get up to his feet. Zack Ryder is slow to get up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet, Walter Melon comes out of the corner, and he connects with the spitting seeds to the face of Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder goes down on the mat. Zack Ryder seems out of it. Walter Melon goes into the cover on Zack Ryder. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………….2……KICK OUT by Zack Ryder!!]

JR-Almost three there by Walter Melon.

King-Clearly the Melon Gods didn’t think that was the time for the victory.

Kris Gaffney-If only they told me when…I wouldn’t have to commentate this match.

[Zack Ryder gets whipped to the ropes, and Zack Ryder bounces off of the ropes. Walter Melon goes for a clothesline. Zack Ryder ducks under. Walter Melon turns around. Zack Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but Walter Melon counters with a power bomb. Walter Melon goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope. Walter Melon jumps off of the top rope, and he connects with the Fruit Smash Splash. Walter Melon goes itno the cover on Ryder. The ref counts 1…………2………..3!!]

JR-Ryder thought he saw an opening, but seemly he was mistake as Walter Melon used it to his advantage for the victory.

(“Cult of Personality” blasts on the PA system. CM Punk walks out on the stage, and he yells “it’s clobbering time” he goes down to the ring.)

JR-CM Punk had a bit of a misunderstanding.

King-Wonder what Tony thought…after all Alex Kobayashi did beat Troy for his title.

Kris Gaffney-That’s hard to answer.

"Mick Gordon (feat. Omega Sparx) - I'm Back (to Rise)" begins playing through the EMF speakers, telling the fans what time it is. It's time for The Ace to come out and electrify the EMF Universe like only he can as Alex Kobayashi steps out onto the stage, looking around at the attending EMF Universe. Emi Luna comes out to his side, prompting the EMF Universe to cheer Emi. Kobayashi begins making his way to the ring with his arms outstretched in a downward direction. He climbs up the stairs leading to the ring, stepping onto the apron. Kobayashi cleans his boots off before stepping into the ring that he considers as sacred due to his relationship with it. Kobayashi goes towards a corner of the ring, climbing up to the second turnbuckle where he does the pose of the Ace. The crowd is heard chanting his nickname "Koba". Kobayashi then jumps down from the second turnbuckle, quicker than what is expected from a man his size. Kobayashi begins twisting his wrists in order to get himself ready for his match.

JR-Alex Kobayashi has been a former IC champion.

King-He also had quite the feud with Catherine Walker.

[CM Punk and Alex Kobayashi stand in the middle of the ring. They throw fists to the face as the bell rings, and Alex Kobayashi puts CM Punk into a side head lock, and CM Punk looks for a way out of the hold. CM Punk backs up Alex Kobayashi to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes CM Punk hits a leg lariat putting down Alex Kobayashi. Alex Kobayashi gets up to his feet, and CM Punk drops him with a running clothesline. CM Punk picks up Alex Kobayashi, and he gets hit with a few forearm shots to the face that knocks him backwards. CM Punk tries to whip him to the ropes, but Alex Kobayashi is able to reverse the whip and he bounces off of the ropes. Alex Kobayashi lowers his head, and CM Punk counters with a swinging neck breaker that puts down Alex Kobayashi. CM Punk knowing that won’t be enough to beat a former champion like Alex Kobayashi hits a few stomps on the downed Alex Kobayashi. Alex Kobayashi rolls into the ropes. CM Punk backs up as the ref gets on his case about it, and he runs at Alex Kobayashi, and Kobayashi throws CM Punk over the top rope. CM Punk lands on his feet. Alex Kobayashi gets hit with a hang man that knocks him backwards.]

JR-Alex Kobayashi has attempted to turn the tide of this match, but it hasn’t panned out yet.

King-Wonder what was more frustrating…this or his feud with Catherine.

Kris Gaffney-Probably still Catherine.

[CM Punk sling shots himself up to the top the top rope, but as he fly’s through the air. Alex Kobayashi drops him with a spine buster into the mat. Alex Kobayashi takes a few moments to rest up, and he picks up CM Punk, and he hits a body slam, and he follows that up with a elbow to the downed CM Punk. Alex Kobayashi takes a few moments to rest up after that move.]

JR-Alex Kobayashi is considering what he needs to do next.

King-You’d think he would just use his magic powers.

Kris Gaffney-That wouldn’t be very sporting you know…

[Alex Kobayashi hooks CM Punk for the Ride to Heaven, but CM Punk counters with a snapmare. Alex Kobayashi gets up. CM Punk lifts up Kobayashi, and he drops him with the Go To Sleep!! Alex Kobayashi seems to be out of it. CM Punk goes into the cover on Kobayashi. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………..2………….3!!]

JR-CM Punk gets the victory!!

King-Maybe Kobayashi can go on the journey for the holy grail with Ashley Irvine.

Kris Gaffney-I’d pay to see that movie.

(Shockwave returns from a commercial break with Mickie James standing in the ring. She has her lock box with her, but it is still sealed. She takes a microphone to address the audience.)

Mickie James: At First Blood.... myself and 4 other women came together to fight for what we believed in. We may not all be the best of friends, but we knew we had to do what was right, and get rid of Rebecca Michelle and bring back Maria Kanellis. And we achieved that.... no thanks to Jessica. So I am simply out here to welcome back my good friend.... Maria.

(Mickie motions to the ramp and then "With Legs Like That" plays over the PA System and Maria Kanellis comes out to cheers from the crowd. She climbs into the ring and then walks straight up to Mickie and hugs her, and then kisses her briefly on the lips. She smirks as the crowd cheer this. Maria is handed a microphone.)

Maria: Thank you Mickie. It sure feels good to be standing in this ring again, after the last few weeks. I don't know what happened to poor Rebecca, and I feel bad for her in a way..... but attacking me and holding me hostage in the way she did wasn't right, and I can only thank you and the rest of your team for saving me. I will of course be speaking to the others to thank them for coming to my rescue.... but for you.... (she runs her hand down Mickie's cheek and smirks) I think I can find something bet.....

(But before she can even finish the word, "Boss It" plays over the PA Sytem and Eva Marie walks out onto the ramp, flanked by Doudrop and Becky Bayless. Eva addresses them from the top of the ramp.)

Eva Marie: Well isn't this sweet. You're back and everyone is happy! Except me of course. I get to work today and the buzz around all the Divas is all about how Maria is back.... no one is talking about me, and the fact I'm STILL your women's champion. But this is no time to be bitter. Maria is a huge asset to this division. She's a former 2 time champion.... she sold a lot of Playboy magazines... and she.... well..... that's about it, isn't it? I can't think of anything you've done for us lately. But that can all change, don't worry. You see I've decided to reward you for your services to this company over the years.... by giving you a shot at the EMF Women's Championship! But on one condition. Before you can have the shot.... you have to beat Doudrop here one on one tonight. The same goes for anyone else in that locker room.... if you think you can beat Doudrop one on one.... come and have a go... and I'll give you a title match if you succeed! So Maria.... welcome back.... now get back to work!

(With that, Doudrop heads down the ramp and Mickie James is made to leave the ring. She stands at ringside, not looking happy. The bell rings. Maria goes over and tries to shake hands with Doudrop. Doudrop stares her down, and then charges and clothesline Maria down hard. Maria gets up and walks into another clothesline. And then another. Doudrop then runs and hits a running senton on Maria. She hooks the leg for 1...... 2...... Maria kicks out. Doudrop just laughs. She picks Maria back up and tries to Irish whip her into the corner. Maria counters and tries to whip Doudrop into the corner instead, but Doudrop stops her doing it, and then hurls Maria hard into the turnbuckle. Maria falls to a seated position and Doudrop then proceeds to hitch up her singlet and hit a sting face on Maria. Doudrop then stops and lets Maria stumble to her feet, before scooping her up and hitting a body slam. Doudrop runs and hits a standing splash on Maria. She covers Maria again for 1..... 2...... Doudrop then pulls Maria's shoulder off the mat and stares at Mickie James and laughs.)

JR: This monster Doudrop is toying with her pray....

King: And the champion is loving every minute of it....

(Doudrop gets Maria back to her feet, and then picks her up, and places her on the top rope. She shouts at Maria, daring her to fight back. Maria is barely with it, but she tries to compose herself, and then leaps off the top rope, looking for a Crossbody, but Doudrop catches her, positions her and nails the Northern Lights Suplex. Mickie James has seen enough. She jumps up onto the apron to try and get into the ring but Doudrop runs over and cheapshots Mickie. Mickie goes flrying backwards, but Maria who is barely moving grabs hold of Doudrop to try and roll her up. Doudrop looks down at Maria, who doesn't have the strength, and laughs again, and then just sits down quickly, dropping her full weight onto Maria. She could easily pin her there, but instead, she stands up, picks Maria up, and plants her down with the Michinoku Driver. She hooks the leg for 1...... 2....... 3!)

JR: Complete domination from Doudrop against a former champion....

King: But one who hasn't competed a lot recently.

Kris: I'm not sure that had anything to do with it.....

(Maria seems to be struggling for breath on the mat, but we see now that Eva Maria and Becky Bayless have come down the ramp and are restraining Mickie James. Mickie watches on as Doudrop goes to the top rope, and then nails a Frog Splash on Maria. She then rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, quickly joined by Eva and Becky. Mickie slides into the ring and so do a number of trainers to check on Maria as we head back to commercial).

(From the back shirtless, jean shorts, work boots, and an American Flag cape on walks Mr. President “Jim Vice!” He stands at the top of the stage with a cold Mericaweiser in his hand. He cracks it open and quickly downs the cold brew and tosses the empty can into the stands. He beats his chest and then from the back slowly, methodically walks GOAT. GOAT hands Jim another Mericaweiser and he quickly downs it before tossing it to the stands again. The two smash their forearms. Jim begins his aggressive walk down the ramp as the crowd begins to erupt in “MERICA, FUCK YEA!” chants. Slower, more methodically walks GOAT, motionless on his face.)

Beautiful female announcer: “Ladies and Gentelmen. It is my pleasure to introduce to you. They are at a combined weight of 487 pounds of raw American greatness! One standing 6’2”, the other 6’1”. GOAT! Mr. President, Dr. JIM VICE! Welcome to the ring, TEAM AMERICA!”

(The crowd continues to chant as Mr. President aggressively climbs into the ring and waltzes straight into each corner as he throws his hands into the air. As he does that, GOAT slides into the ring and stands in their corner as he awaits the match to begin, motionless, emotionless. Mr. President takes off his cape, smashes forearms with GOAT and paces from side to side beating his own chest, yelling “HELL YEA!” as he waits for his match to begin.)

JR-Team America has faced the tag team champions before.

Kris Gaffney-I’m certain that they want to get another shot at it.

King-Fuck yeah?

The lights drop and the arena is plunged into total darkness for a few seconds. A single spot light beams down onto ramp. An old gentleman with a mic, dressed as a butler steps out. He is quickly accompanied by two younger men in the same uniform each carrying an end of a rolled red carpet...

Butler: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's is with the greatest of pleasures, I introduce for your viewing pleasure. Lloyd & Mason Fortune.

"O Fortuna" begins to play loudly over the booing crowd. The two younger butlers unroll the red carpet down the ramp towards the ring. They then exit the stage along with the older servant. After a few more seconds, allowing their theme to kick in Lloyd and Mason Fortune elegantly emerge from behind the curtain. They're wearing matching trunks, pads, face and cheekbone protective masks, all black. Unfazed by the loud booing, the brothers gracefully walk down the red carpet heading for the ring. Lloyd climbs the stairs first and sit on the middle rope, allowing Mason to step through. Once in the ring, Mason sits on the middle rope, returning the courtesy for his brother Lloyd to enter. Both men huddle close in the middle of the ring and and say their final words of encouragement to each other before the contest

JR-The Fortunes were extremely close to getting a title shot last month, can they do it this month?

King-That would help the Trust Fund for sure.

Kris Gaffney-Without a doubt.

(The lights all go black and Adam Cole Official Theme Song "All About Tha (BOOM!)")

(plays through out the arena as there is a mixture of cheers and boos as Adam Cole comes walking out to the stage from the back. He walk with confidence as both of his arms are out wide. He stands to the center of the stage and puts his left arm down and points to himself with his right yelling to the fans. He looks out to his left and then his right. He squats down really low as he rocks side to side and then springs up with two fingers together on both hands in the sky as the fans all yell “ADAM COLE BAY BAY!” along with Adam Cole. He continues down the rampway in the direction to the ring. Once he gets ringside, he rolls into the ring, stands center of the ring and repeats; He squats down really low as he rocks side to side and then springs up with two fingers together on both hands in the sky as the fans all yell “ADAM COLE BAY BAY!” He then heads to the direction of his corner and squats down low, rocking side to side as he waits for the beginning of his match.)

(The arena lights suddenly begin to flash as “Gravity Lost” hits the arena speakers.)

(Pac walks out from the back, slowly as he yells loudly and finds himself standing in the center of the top of the rampway. He stands on top, rocking side to side and shouts again as the stage Pyrotechnics shoot off fireworks. Pac stares out at the ring with a look that would scare medusa and he begins his walk down the rampway. With ease, he grabs the top rope and leaps over. He walks over the to side turnbuckle, grabs the top rope as if he’s going to stand on top as he looks side to side. He doesn’t climb the turnbuckle, pushes off and seems to be angry as he walks around the ring. He makes his way into his corner, squats down low and waits for his match.)

JR-Adam Cole probably wants to bounce back after a very hard fought match up with Jackson Gunner.

King-I still say he’s the real Extreme Champion.

[The Fortunes, GOAT and Jim Vice and Adam Cole and Pac stand in various parts of the ring as they look up at the belts. GOAT tries to take Adam Cole off guard with a round house kick, but he is able to duck under. Adam Cole pushes GOAT to the ropes. GOAT is able to grab a hold of the ropes, Adam Cole thinks quickly and he connects with a clothesline over the top rope. Jim Vice tries to attack Adam Cole, but Pac is able to come up from behind Jim Vice, and he connects with a chair shot. Jim Vice goes down on the mat. Adam Cole says something to Pac. Pac puts down the chair. Pac takes a few steps backwards. Pac runs to the ropes where Adam Cole is, and Adam Cole launches his tag team partner over the top rope. Adam Cole goes flying over the top rope. Pac connects with a cross body block on GOAT that both wrestlers are now down. Pac clearly feeling some effects due to the high impact move. Pac is able to recover, and he connects with a few punches to the face of the downed GOAT. Pac picks him up, and he throws him hard into the ring steps.]

JR-Team America went for the Bullet Club, but they seemed to be ready.

King-Fuck no?

[Pac turn around and Lloyd Fortune hits a ladder shot to the face. Mason Fortune has a table set up. Lloyd Fortune ducks under under from a super kick by Adam Cole. Mason Fortune hooks Adam Cole, and he connects with a german suplex that sends Adam Cole flying. Mason Fortune helps Lloyd Fortune, and together they set up Pac, and he connects with a suplex through the table that shatters the table. GOAT comes out of no where, and he connects with a round house kick to the head of Lloyd Fortune. Mason Fortune waits for GOAT to turn around, and he kicks him in the gut, and he sets him up, and he connects with a curb stomp. Mason Fortune grabs the ladder, and he throws it into the ring. Mason Fortune sets it up under the brief case.]

JR-Mason Fortune might have a shot at the brief case.

King- That’s fortunate.

Kris Gaffney-You knew someone would use that at some point.

[Mason Fortune is reaching for the brief case, but Jim Vice is able come up from behind Mason Fortune Jim Vice hits a few clubbing blows to the back of Mason Fortune. Jim Vice hooks Mason Fortune, and he connects with a german suplex off of the ladder!!]

JR-Jim Vice saved the match right there.

King-He paid the price though.

[Jim Vice gets up, Adam Cole connects with a super kick that sends him out of the ring. Adam Cole climbs up the ladder. He grabs the brief case. Adam Cole unlatches it. THE BULLET CLUB WINS!!]

JR-That big move from Vice prevented the Fortunes from winning, but it left open a door for the Bullet Club.

King-The Melon Club isn’t a fan of this.

Kris Gaffney-Or maybe they are…because the Melon Gods did that.


(Adam Cole holds up the brief case as Shockwave goes off the air.)