EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen.)

(The lights are turned off. Pyrotechnics blasts on the stage, and lights turn on. Fans yell, and wave their signs. The camera’s sweeps around the crowd.)

JR-Tonight the EMF comes to you live from Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome to Saturday Shockwave. I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Kris “KG” Gaffney.

King-Tonight we have Tommy Skyye and Graveler facing off in a flaming tables match.

Kris Gaffney-These two hate each other, it should be interesting to see if their feud finally has a conclusion.

King-My guess…no.

*"You don't know" hits the speakers as L.Breezy walks out with a frozen singapore cane in one hand, with his girlfriend Tifa walking by his side. Breeze trys to pump up the crowd as he hears cheers and boo's. Someone throws a beer at him and he catches it and begins to chug it down before he reaches the ring. He politely lets Tifa through the ropes as he awaits his opponent.

JR-Easy Breezy seems like he might have gone off the deep end.

King-Every match is another open window, he needs to look at it like that.

Kris Gaffney-So few do though.

(“Austin Warwick’s theme” blasts on the PA system as Austin Warwick walks out on the stage. He enters into the ring.)

JR-Austin Warwick is just starting his career in the EMF, and has already made a big impact.

King-I guess the only impact that matters however is the one he’s going to attempt to leave on Easy Breezy’s face.

[The bell rings, and Austin Warwick runs at Easy Breezy. He leaps in the air, and he tries to come down on Breezy with a splahs. But Easy Breezy moves out of the way, and he crashes into the corner. Austin Warwick turns around, and Easy Breezy pegs him with a few hard fists to the face, and he brings him out of the corner, and he whips him to the ropes, or he would if Austin didn’t reverse it. Easy Breezy.bounces off of the ropes, and he comes off of the ropes. Austin Warwick lowers his head, but Easy Breezy is able to counter with a kick to the face. This dazes Austin Warwick backwards. Easy Breezy ducks under a wild fist to the face, and he sets him up, and lifts him up, and drops him for a spinning power bomb into a pinning combination. The ref counts 1…………..2.KICK OUT by Austin Warwick. Easy Breezy is down on the mat, and he hits a few stomps on the downed Austin Warwick. Warwick stays down on the mat. Easy Breezy picks up Austin Warwick, but Warwick is able to counter with a few punches to the gut, and he stuns him.Easy Breezy stumbles a few steps backwards. Austin Warwick is up to his feet, he rusn towards Easy Breezy. Easy Breezy counters with a back body drop. But Austin Warwick is able land on his feet, but Easy Breezy was ready for this, and he connects with the side of the head with a reverse bicycle kick that stuns Austin Warwick. Easy Breezy gets up to his feet, and he picks up Austin Warwick to his feet. He hooks him, and he sets him up into a vertical suplex. He lifts him up, and he drops him for a vertical suplex back into the ring. He crashes into the ring.]

JR-Easy Breezy getting off to a quick start.

King-He has a lot to prove.

Kris Gaffney-He still has Tifa, not in my book.

[Easy Breezy goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope. He waits for Austin Warwick to get up, but by that time he runs up to the top rope. Austin Warwick hits a arm drag off of the top rope. Easy Breezy crashes down on the mat, Both wrestlers are down on the mat. But Austin Warwick rolls into the corner. He climbs up to his feet in the corner. Easy Breezy is getting up to his feet. Austin Warwick hits a running knee lift to the face that spins around Easy Breezy. Austin Warwick puts down Easy Breezy, and he hits a reverse neck breaker. Easy Breezy is down on the mat. Austin Warwick goes into the cover on Easy Breezy. The ref counts 1………..2…….KICK OUT by Easy Breezy.]

JR-Easy Breezy kicked out before the three count.

King-Austin Warwick has to do better than that.

[Austin Warwick goes to the outside, and he climbs up to the top rope. But out of no where Easy Breezy rusn up to the top rope, and he hits a super belly to back suplex. But he was able to hook his legs, and he powers up on the top rope. He repositions himself on the top rope. Easy Breezy leaps off of the top rope, and he hits the Cold Winter on Austin Warwick. Easy Breezy goes into the cover on Austin Warwick. The ref counts 1……….2……..3!!]

JR-Austin Warwick made a mistake, and it cost him the win.

(We come back from commercial. The crowd is building, suddenly "How strong do you think I am" plays. The crowd cheers, Catherine Walker walks from the back with a black robe on. She spins, and flips her ankle length hair down, but it almost hits her mother who was following her. She grabs a hold of Catherine's shoulders, and hugs her daughter laughing.)

King-She'll get that entrance down one of these days.

Kris Gaffney-How many years has she been trying?...Really I'm asking. It feels like more time should have passed.

(Mother and daughter walk down to the ring. On the apron, Stephanie holds the bottom rope open allowing Catherine to get in the ring. Catherine walks to the ropes as she smiles at the continued loud reception for The original princess. She points out a few people in the crowd, she smiles as her Mom claps in the background for her daughter. Her music fades, it looks like Stephanie is saying something to Catherine as they wait for her opponents.

("With Legs Like That" plays over the PA System next and out comes Maria Kanellis. She makes her way down to the ring, but seems to be in her usual ring attire.)

JR: This is interesting from Maria.....

King: If she wants to strip down to improve her chances, I won't complain!

Kris: I don't think anyone will.

("The Melon Club Theme" plays next and out comes Melonia Trump in a robe.)

JR: We haven't seen much of Melonia, but her and Maria seem to disagree over who is The First Lady of the EMF.

King: With those melons.... I'm backing Melonia.

Kris: I hear her and Melonia may get to settle their issues properly in the Lock Box match at First Blood, but a win here would be a boost to either woman.

("Halo" blasts on the PA system. Torrie Wilson walks out on the robe. She raises her hands to the crowd. She walks down to the ring, and she enters the ring. She stares down at Stephanie. Stephanie is still with Catherine as she's not a fighter.)

JR-Strange, normally we usually have someone to at least host these things, don't we?

Kris Gaffney-Normally the King does it.

King-It's not me...

(Suddenly "Bad, Bad Man" plays over the PA System and boos ring out around the arena as EMF President John Cena comes out on to the ramp, with the girls in the ring looking slightly confused about why he is here. The mystery is soon solved when Christy Hemme emerges with him, holding a microphone and reading from a card.)

Hemme: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome.... the judge of tonight's Bikini Contest.... the co-owner of the EMF.... the 7 time World Heavyweight Champion.... and the greatest wrestler alive today, even if X-Cold is still alive, and we can't be sure because no one has checked on him in the last 5 minutes.... he is the ultimate judge of the female body.... and promises you this contest will not fall FLAT on his watch.... John Cena!

(Hemme turns the card around and shows the camera that the word flat is written in a big, bold, underlined font before she disappears back behind the curtain as Cena enters the ring. Catherine Walker grabs a microphone, and says.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-No, no, no! I object to this! I think the Mountie, and Judge Dredd would be better judges! I think getting Lance Ito would be a better idea!!...even Lance Sologub would make a better judge. At least his judgment would be real. Cena's just gonna be mean!

(Stephanie tries to calm down her daughter, who is pouting it up.)

Cena: Now now Catherine.... I will be fair, trust me. And I'd just like to say I am honoured to be asked to be part of such a momentous occasion. The women's division is stronger than ever and to be part of this huge match is yet another proud moment in my ca..... oh wait.... sorry.... that was my speech for Rachel Vs Laura last year. This is just Catherine's bikini contest, isn't it? Who wants to see that? God.... think of the ratings! Quick.... Stephanie.... flash the crowd to save our ratings!

(Stephanie rolls her eyes, and Catherine mouth hangs open.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-See he even admit he can't be a good judge!! Where is the people running this!! He's going to ruin history Mom!! HISTORRRRY!!!

Cena: Didn't you hear Christy? I am the ultimate judge for these contests! But I'm not here to debate with you.... I'm here to see some bikinis! So I guess we should start with you Ca.... no, actually.... we don't want people changing the channel just yet.... let's start with Torrie Wilson!

(You can hear Catherine say "want to do that....make the rest of the show a tribute show of his matches...that'll make the ratings go down quicker than this contest ever will." Torrie walks to the middle of the ring, but she says something in the direction of Stephanie, which gets Stephanie's attention. She mouth's excuse me, Torrie Wilson continues to talk trash. Stephanie hits a slap to the face, Torrie Wilson stumbles backwards, Stephanie spears her out of the ring. The two start to brawl on the outside of the ring. The rest of the contestants just watch on.)

Cena: Erm... well.... that's kind of hot... but not sure it counts for this contest. OK well... better carry on.... next up.... Maria Kanellis!

(Maria looks confused, and then tries to throw a punch at Melonia, but Cena catches her and pulls her back.)

Cena: Whoa.... we're not having another brawl get in the way here. What's going on? Why are you in your ring gear?

Maria: Because it's a Bra and Panties match! And I would have that robe off Melonia if you let me get her.

Cena: It's not a bra and panties match.... it's a bikini contest! I'm assuming you have a bikini under there.... but if not.... with the way this is going.... and what's coming up next he looks at Catherine, and shakes his head I'll let you enter in your Bra and Panties if you have to...

Maria: I'm not stupid John! If I take my clothes off I'll lose!

Cena: I've told you.... it's a bikini contest! Are you going to enter or not? Is this just going to turn into a complete waste of time?

Maria: I don't know what you want from me.... but I'm not going to lose this match on purpose!

Cena: For God sake... this is tragic. Alright.... you may as well change the channel now.... but.... I guess let's go with Catherine...

(Catherine smiles, because she was really worried about Maria. But the fact Maria was Maria, she might force Cena's hand to actually give this contest to her. She flips her hair, plays with it walking near the ropes, she grabs a hold of the string, and reveals a purple bikini. She obviously shocked even some of Catherine's biggest fans with how good she looked, nothing like they had invisioned her to look in a bikini contest. Catherine blushes as she gets a positive response, she starts to do some of her cheerleading dance moves, she spins around, and she blushes a bit more shaking her hips. She continues, until the music is about to stop, she spins over to Cena allowing her hair to twirl around her, and she catches some of it, looks at Cena, and throws it over her shoulder. The music ends, she looks like she's in deep thought though.

Cena: Well that didn't deserve to win. So you have a very low bar Miss Trump.... let's see what you have.

(Melonia removes her robe. She is wearing a melon colored Bikini bottom, but is wearing a T-Shirt over the top. The music plays but she just stands there as Cena looks at the T-Shirt, and gets really excited.)

Cena: Oh my God.... look.... there's me winning the World Title.... and there's me and Amy as the Tag Champions.... and me and Dude Nick.... though some of that picture seems to be missing.... oh well.... and..... oh my God.... it's me pinning X-Cold! This is the greatest T-Shirt of all time...... WE HAVE A WINNER!

Melonia: I was going to take it off for you....

Cena: You save those melons for when you actually need them! I've seen enough! Ladies and Gentleman your winner is... Melonia Trump!

(Catherine has her mouth hanged open.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-What?! I'm the only one who actually showed off a bikini!! How can she win....this can't be real, because only in you dreams would a picture of you pinning X-Cold could exist!!...O-M-G!! That's not fair!!

(She pulls out her cell phone, and texts away.)

Cena: Who is the judge here? I think Miss Walker needs a recess. You're lucky I don't make Melonia show off her full bikini.... do you really think you could compete with those melons? Now if this farce is finally over.... we can get on with something more interesting than Catherine Walker's body.... that is, if people have turned back over from the National Paint Drying championships.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-I think there is a meany in the court...*she gets a text back* My texting friend just said we should have voted via the popular vote. Even though those weren't the rules going in, he is SO right. I'll continue to mention it forever now!! Then everyone will laugh at you *She gets another text*...oh, he also said "people power".

(She screams frustrated, and leaves. The cameras follow Catherine as she storms backstage. She walks straight past Rachel Cena who is hiding in the shadows, and smirks in a way not unlike her father as she sees Catherine walk away.)

Rachel: Who knew she was hiding that body under those clothes? Maybe she's the one we're looking for.....

(We fade into a commercial, and come back.)

the lights go out. Zero Tolerance begins to play on the PA system. Frankie Everheart 'steps from behind the curtain. He grins at the fans as they send him cheers and boos. He slides under the bottom rope and awaits the bell

JR-Frankie Everhart is going to attempt to get revenge tonight.

King-Good luck with that.

Kris Gaffney-Pretty sure Adrian Peterson wouldn’t want any of Brock.

(“The next big thing” blasts on the pA system. Brock Lesnar walks out on the stage along with his manager Paul Winters. He hops around on the stage. He walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-We know of Brock’s history…but what he did at Latino Heat alone was impressive.

King-If only Wasabi were here…he’d probably would think twice of showing up.

Kris Gaffney-He enjoyed making fun of Brock, that’s for sure. RAAAAAAR!

[Brock Lesnar and Frankie Everhart stand in the middle of the ring. Frankie doesn’t look too pleased at being face to face with the man that destroyed him last week. He starts to throw fists to the face as soon as the bell rings he throws a few hard fists to the face of Brock :Lesnar. It doesn’t seem like it’s doing much damage. He runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. But as he comes off of the ropes, Brock Lesnar hits a hard diving clothesline that makes him flip through the air, and he crashes down on the mat. Frankie Everhart is slow to get upt o his feet, and once he gets upt o his feet. Brock Lesnar grabs Frankie Evearhart, and he hits a knife head butts. Frankie tries to fall down on a knee, but Brock Lesnar will not allow him to, and he whips him to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. Brock Lesnar throws him in the air, and he comes down on the mat. He crashes down on the mat, slowly he gets up to his feet. Once he gets upt o his feet. Brock Lesnar pushes Frankie Everhart into the corner, and he hits a few shoulder blocks into the corner, He brings him out of the corner, Brock Lesnar grabs Frankie Evearhart’s hand, and brings him into short arm clothesline. Brock Lesnar calls for the end of the match. Frankie Everhart slowly gets up to his feet. Frankie dazed gets up to his feet. Brock Lesnar picks up Frankie Everhart on to his shoulders to set up for the F-5. But before he can hit it, Frankie Everhard slides out of the back. Frankie runs to the ropes, but as he comes otwards Brock. Brock knocks hjim down with a big boot to the face. Frankie falls down on the mat. Brock Lesnar shakes his head at the fallen Frankie telling him what a stupid son of a bitch he is.]

JR-Normally I would say that it’s not a good idea for Brock to do what he’s doing, but this is Brock Lesnar were talking about.

King-I guess when your as dominate as he can be, you are allowed to be a little cocky.

Kris Gaffney-Guess so…although his opponent still might not be a fan.

[Brock Lesnar picks up Frankie Everhart. Brock Lesnar gets his eyes rakes. Brock stumbles back blinded, and Frankie Everhart hits a running ezuguri to the side of the head. Brock looks extremely dazed. Frankie Everhart is up to his feet. By this time Brock is extremely angry. He runs towards Brock. Frankie Everhart counters with a drop toe hold that sends him flying into the second rope. Frankie Everhart goes to the ropes, and he sling shots himself over the top rope. He lands on his feet, and he hits a hard fist to the face sends Brock Lesnar back into the middle of the ring.]

JR-Frankie finally getting some offense in.

King-About time.

[Frankie Everhart climbs up to the top rope. He waits for Brock to get where he wants him to be, and he leaps off of the top rope, but it’s caught by Brock. Brock sets him up, and drops Frankie for the F-5. Frankie is out. Brock goes into the cover on Frankie. The ref goes into position. The ref counts 1…………2……….3!!]

JR-Brock Lesnar wins convincely over Frankie Everhart.

(“I am Machine” blasts on the pA system. Brandon North walks out on the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

Kris Gaffney-King’s not here, right?


Kris Gaffney-Not even going to ask.

(“I’m the Mountie” blasts on the pA system as the Mountie walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-The Mountie is looking to bounce back after a disappointing Latino Heat.

Kris Gaffney-I’m sure North wants to also…at least he had a match.

[Brandon North and The Mountie stand in the middle of the ring. Jimmy Hart yells things about Brandon North. This draws the attention of Brandon North, and as he turns around the Mountie hits a running double axe handle that puts down Brandon North. Brandon North is on his hands, and knees, and he hits a clubbing blow to the downed Brandon North keeping him down on the mat. The Mountie picks him up by himself, he whips Brandon North to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes. The Mountie hits a running elbow to the face that puts down Brandon North. Brandon North falls down on the mat in a lot of pain. The Mountie stands over the downed Brandon North, and he hits a few stomps on the downed Brandon North. The ref makes back away, The Mountie argues with the ref, and then he goes back on the attack. Brandon North has gotten into the corner, and he hits a few clubbing blows to the face of Brandon North. Brandon North pulls the Mountie out of the corner. He whips him to the ropes, or he would if Brandon North didn’t reverse the whip. He bounces off of the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, The Mountie jumps in the air, and he hits a flying forearm shot that knocks down Brandon North. Brandon North goes down on the mat. The Mountie picks up Brandon North, and he sets him up into a vertical suplex position, and he lifts him up, and drops him for a fisherman suplex with a bridge. The ref counts the 1……….2…KICK OUT by Brandon North. The Mountie doesn’t argue instead he decides to get on the ref’s nerves by hitting a few fists to the downed Brandon North. The Mountie argues with the ref who is on still on his nerves. He then puts on a chin lock.]

JR-The Mountie is testing his luck here.

Kris Gaffney.-Hey, if he can get away with it, then he should do it.

[Brandon North gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Brandon North gets to the side of the Mountie, lifts him up, and he drops him for the belly to back suplex that puts down the Mountie. Both wrestlers are down on the mat. The ref starts his standing ten count. The ref counts 1…………..2………..3…………4………..Brandon North starts to crawl to the corner………5………..6………Brandon North is able to get up to his feet in the corner. Brandon North has obviously taken quite a few moves at this point, and is trying to rest up. But the Mountie is quickly up his feet. He runs at Brandon North, Brandon North hits a boot to the face. The Mountie turns around. Brandon North grabs the Mountie in a head lock, and drops him for the running bulldog!!]

JR-Brandon North is taking the law in his own hands.

Kris Gaffney-I’m sure the Mountie will hate you for that pun.

[Brandon picks up Mountie, he whips him to the ropes. The Mountie bounces off of the ropes. Brandon and the Mountie take down each other with a double clothesline. Jimmy Hart is yelling in his megaphone, he draws the ref attention from the crowd. The King jumps over the barricade. He grabs the Mountie’s taser, and uses it on Brandon North. Brandon North seems out. Seemly the Mountie didn’t see what happened, or he did, and he doesn’t care. Mountie gets up, and he leaps in the air, and he hits a splash on Brandon North. The Mountie goes into the cover on Brandon North. The ref counts 1………2………..3!!]

JR-What is going on?

Kris Gaffney-What do you think?

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage. He walks downt o the ring taking footage for his webshow.)

JR-Ryder survived Massel, and Everhart, but will he be able to survive Jason Cross.

King-Cross has always been a dangerous.

Kris Gaffney-Plus these two have history.

(“Violent pursuit” blasts on the PA system. Jason Cross walks out on the stage. He stares down Zack Ryder, and he enters the ring.)

JR-Jason Cross knows this won’t be a push over match.

King-I’m sure Jason knew that from the start, he has faced Ryder before.

[Zack Ryder and Jason Cross stand in the middle of the ring. They talk trash, and Jason Cross goes for a BangKO, but it’s countered by Zack Ryder who hooks the arms, and attempts to bring him down for a back slide Jason Cross fights Zack Ryder. Cross gets out, and he brings him in, and he hits a short arm forearm shot that puts down Zack Ryder. Ryder gets up, but he gets knocked right back down with a big head butt. He’s in a lot of pain as he falls down on the mat. Slowly he gets up to his feet. Zack Ryder gets kicked in the gut. Jason Cross puts him into a vertical suplex position. He lifts him up, and he attempts to suplex him. But Zack Ryder is able to float over, and he pushes him into the ropes, he tries to roll up Jason Cross Jason Cross hooks the ropes, and he rolls to the center of the ring. Jason Cross turns around, and runs towards him. Zack Ryder goes for a clothesline. Jason goes to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes, Jason hits a back spinning heel kick that puts down Zack Ryder. Jason Cross hammers away on the downed Zack Ryder with hard fists to the face. The ref makes Jason Cross back away. Jason yells at the ref as he does it, he continues before he starts to count. Jason Cross stops the attack finally before 5. He backs up as the ref warns him. While this is going on Zack Ryder had rolled away, and he climbed up to his feet in the corner. Jason runs, he leaps in the air, and he goes for a splash in the corner. But Zack Ryder moves out of the way. Jason Cross hits his face into the top turnbuckle. He stumbles out of the corner, and he stumbles out of the corner. Zack Ryder measures up on Jason Cross, and then he calls for the Rough Ryder.]

JR-Zack Ryder might have seen an opening here.

King-I wonder what the percentage of counters with his finisher…but oh well.

[Zack Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder. Jason Cross counters with a power bomb. But that’s countered with a hurricanarana that sends Jason Cross flying across the ring. Jason Cross gets up in the corner. Jason Cross gets hit with a running forearm shot to the face that connects. Jason Cross stumbles out of the corner as Zack Ryder stumbles around. Zack Ryder falls down on the mat in a seated position. Zack Ryder looks around as the crowd reacts. Zack Ryder backs up to the opposite side of the ring. Zack Ryder does a fist pump as he yells “Woo! Woo! Woo!”. Zack Ryder runs towards Jason Cross, and connects with a running boot to the side of the face that turns Jason Cross face into the face. Zack Ryder brings him away from the ropes. He goes into the cover on Jason Cross hooking the leg. The ref counts 1………..2…….KICK OUT by Jason Cross. Zack Ryder thought that he could have had the three there, but he doesn’t argue, instead he decides to rest up, he waits for Jason Cross to get up to his feet, Zack Ryder hits a hard fist to the face. He grabs Jason Cross’ hand, and he whips him to the ropes. But Jason Cross reverses the whip. Zack Ryder bounce soff of the ropes. Zack Ryder leaps in the air, and he connects with a flying forearm on Jason Cross. Jason Cross slowly gets up to his feet. Jason Cross gets hit with a kick to the gut. He sets him up, and he runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes. He hits a swinging neck breaker that puts him down on the mat.]

JR-Zack Ryder with all the momentum.

King-Because that makes a difference in professional wrestling.

Kris Gaffney-I sense sarcasm.

[Zack Ryder calls for the Rough Ryder. Jason stumbles up. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder. Jason catches Zack, he holds him for a moment, throws him up, and connects with the BangKO! Jason goes into the cover on Ryder. The ref counts 1………..2……….3!!]

JR-A great counter gets the victory for Jason Cross.

(Two huge rotating blue lights rise from the ground and the sound of sirens blasts from the PA system loudly shocking and scaring everyone in the audience like some kind of major incident is about to happen. Blue and White pyrotechnics explode in one loud detonation and “London’s Calling” by The Clash plays through the Quicken Loans Arena's sound system as Sam Fame walks to the ring.)

JR-Sam Fame had a hell of a match with the Mountie.

King-Only question now who actually betrayed da lawl?

("Burn In My Light" plays through the Quicken Loans Arena's sound system. Resurrected 1 walks out onto the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Resurrected 1 is looking to turn a page on his career.

Kris Gaffney-He says he’s in it for the long haul…that’s going to help.

[The two start off the match with Sam Fame talking trash to Res 1. Res 1 throws the first punch in Sam Fame's way, with Sam Fame throwing a punch back in favor. The two go at this for a little while until Sam Fame puts Res 1 down with one more punch. Sam Fame then begins stomping on the downed Res 1, not showing any respect. Sam Fame then picks up Res 1 and drops him for a snapmare. Sam Fame then locks in a surfboard submission hold on Res 1. Res 1 eventually begins standing up from the submission hold and begins putting elbows into the ribs of Sam Fame. Res 1 then drops Sam Fame for a neckbreaker, Sam Fame going down for the first time in the match. Res 1 locks in a headlock on the downed Sam Fame, in an effort to make Sam Fame lose some of his stamina. Sam Fame gets up to a kneeling position in the headlock, then eventually gets all the way up to a standing position. Sam Fame slips through the headlock, sweeping Res 1's legs in the process, then drops him for a nasty looking DDT. Sam Fame then goes over to a side of the ring to talk trash to the fans in attendance. Sam Fame begins climbing the turnbuckles, looking at the downed Res 1 along the way. When Sam Fame gets to the top of the turnbuckles, he stands up. Sam Fame turns around on the turnbuckles, then jumps into the air, going for a moonsault. Sam Fame hits the moonsault on Res 1 and goes for the pinfall victory early in the match. The referee counts the 1.............2.....Kickout by Res 1! Sam Fame begins to look upset, as he thought that he had this match in the bag from the impact of the moonsault.

King: Hey JR, I heard that in Japan, if a certain wrestler does that move to you, it's game over.

JR: Could you be referring to The Great Muta?

King: Yeah, that's the name! Isn't he the same guy that trained former EMF Superstar Alex Kobayashi?

JR: Yes he is, King. But, Sam Fame couldn't pull off the victory with the moonsault tonight.

Sam Fame picks Res 1 up, putting Res 1 on top of the turnbuckles. Sam Fame then goes for a dropkick to drop Res 1 outside of the ring, but Res 1 pushes away the legs of Sam Fame, making Sam Fame vulnerable enough for a flying shoulder tackle when he stands back up. Res 1 then stands up to pose for the crowd, with the crowd cheering for the returning Res 1 in response. Res 1 then grabs Sam Fame's legs after posing for the crowd and locks in a boston crab, otherwise known as the Walls of Jericho. Sam Fame begins screaming in agony from the pain of the famous submission hold, raising his hand up as he begins to contemplate on tapping out. But determined not to tap out against Res 1, Sam Fame begins crawling over to the ropes. When Sam Fame is next to the ropes for the rope break, Res 1 then stands up to bring the submission hold back to the middle of the ring. Sam Fame, being the fighting man that he is, sees the counter move to this and twists his body around, kicking Res 1 away. Sam Fame then immediately gets up, ignoring the pain sensors that his body is sending him, and delivers a big lariat to Res 1. Resurrected 1 gets dropped big time by the lariat, with Sam Fame going for another pinfall victory. The referee counts the 1..............2...............ANOTHER KICKOUT BY RESURRECTED 1!!! Sam Fame is in absolute disbelief at this fact, backing himself up into a corner of the ring. Resurrected 1 begins to get up from the lariat, seeing Sam Fame over in the corner, who's still in complete disbelief at him kicking out, and begins smiling at Fame. Sam Fame then gets up and starts delivering punches to the face of Resurrected 1, Res 1 still in a kneeling position. Res 1 then gets up and delivers a forearm smash to Sam Fame, going for the pinfall victory over Sam Fame. The referee begins to count the 1................2................KICKOUT by Sam Fame! Res 1 then stays down on the ring, trying to catch his breath from the intense match that he's been going through.]

JR-Back, and forth.

King-You think that Resurrected 1 might want to get one of his other personality’s back?

Kris Gaffney-Wouldn’t that be considered interference?

[Sam Fame gets up also feeling the effects of this match. He rusn towards Resurrected 1. He ducks under a clothesline. Sam Fame gets hit with a super kick. This makes Sam Fame stumble backwardsResurrected 1 hooks Sam Fame, and he puts him into a small package. The ref counts 1……….2..KICK OUT by Sam Fame. As Sam Fame gets up Resurrected 1 tries to hook Dirty Deeds, but Sam Fame is able to struggles out of the hold, and he rolls out of the ring. Resurrected 1 follows him out as the ref isn’t happy. Sam Fame and Resurrected 1 throw fists to the face. The ref jump out, and complains about these two brawling. Resurrected 1 grabs Sam Fame’s tights tries to through him into the steps, but it ends up sandwiching the ref. The ref goes into the steps. Fame is hurt, but not as much as he could have been as the ref broke his fall. Sam Fame stumbles to the announcers desk. Resurrected 1 goes over there, and he gets blasted with a chair. Resurrected 1. Sam Fame grabs Resurrected 1, and he throws him into the ring. Sam Fame brings the chair into the ring. He looks at Resurrected 1. He considers his next move.]

JR-Let’s not forget what Sam Fame said.

King-He can decide to send a message, rather than worry about winning a match.

[Sam Fame throws the chair down on the mat. He backs up, and he circles in the ring to build momentum, and he leaps in the air for a splash. But Resurrected 1 gets the chair up, and he crashes into the chair. He stumbles out of the corner, and Resurrected 1 hits Sam Fame with a chair shot. Resurrected 1 goes into the cover, but didn’t realize the ref was still down, he shakes his head. He picks up Sam Fame. Sam Fame answers with a low blow. The bell rings. The ref had come to and saw the low blow, so he DQed Sam Fame. Sam Fame doesn’t look happy. He grabs the chair, and cracks it over the head of Resurrected 1. He stands over the downed Resurrected 1.]

JR-Sam Fame lived up to his word, didn’t he?

Kris Gaffney-Angelus Archer approves.

(We go backstage outside the office of half owner John Cena. You can hear a voice say.)

.::Voice::.-And that's why you need me to make a special appearance at First Blood...

(The camera opens the door, and reveals sitting across the desk is....well...someone with the BWO women's championship over her shoulder.)

.::unknown woman::.-Excuse me? Do camera men just walk in here all the time? If you are making a transcript of this, it better not put me as the "unknown woman" on it, because if it does......

Cena: I'm sure he it won't.... everyone knows your name... Miss.... err..... *Cena glances at the championship belt* Dolly? The problem I have is everyone wants to be a part of First Blood. I can't just go throwing everyone into a match for the sake of it. Who would you even go up against?

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Hell, it doesn't matter. You could put me against the most unknown women's wrestler you got. What matters is I get people to realize what a star I am, and you get what you really want. Which is to see the Double D's.

Cena: Either that's the world's most concealing outfit or that means something else in your language.... I was just thinking how Dolly wasn't the most appropriate name for you.... but maybe you'll surprise me.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Huh? Not again! For the last time! The double D's is my finisher, not my bra size!! Everyone wants to see me perform it as it's the most stupidly, awesome finishing move in all of the universe!! In fact Drew McIntyre was once quoted to saying it's dot, dot...familiar....If you renamed the F-U to AA, I wouldn't assume that's your bra size. Or Arn Anderson, or Austin Aries

(Suddenly Austin Aries walks in, and says.)

.::Austin Aries::.-So...anyone want to see my package?

Cena: I'm not sure I have time right now... I hear it's long. As for your finisher.... that's.... err.... disappointing. Maybe we should rename you... for some reason I'm thinking.... Catherine.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-*gets a text*...Vince McMahon just gave me a text...he doesn't like two people having the same name. He suggested that I be named one fall...for some reason.

Cena: No one else has that name. No one important anyway. It could work.... no one would then mistake your finisher for your bra size.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Maybe you should take a look at Aries package...VIDEO package..he made for me.

(OOC-Ignore the text, and quote. Although the one at 1:08 is kind of ironic considering who this is supposively about.)

.::Dolly Dockett::.-See pretty good right? Sure the song isn't good enough to beat the worse opponent in history in an election. But it should get me a First Blood spot, right?

Cena: Well that's 3 minutes of my life I'm not getting back. Wait I've got it.... I could book Austin Aries and his package for First Blood! Why would I need you when I have that to offer?

.::Dolly Dockett::.-...um...because he's my video guy...and not even a good one. When I asked him to do it, he made a weird face, and ran, I had to run all around the world...avoid Chris Jericho who's fightin' around the world to hunt him down. Why would you want him is the better question?!

Cena: Let me get this straight.... you asked a man with a well known package to make you a package... and expected him not to screw you with it? Why would have make someone else a package to rival his own! That would be madness.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Well...I...

(Dolly screams frustrated, and stomps out of the office, but as she walks out she passes someone she didn't want to see right now, she tries to walk away. The diva's GM's Ashley Irvine, and Laura Cena are walking down the hall behind Dolly. Ashley looks like she's about to say something, then she gets a confused look. She looks to Laura, and says.)

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Lau...ra....who is that brave, pretty lady trying to shake up the First Blood card?

Laura: I think that's Dolly Dockett... the champion of.... whatever sector she works in.

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Dolly Dockett...eh? I'll remember that name...OH Dolly...look Laura...there are Dolly's of US...Now...what was I talking about...oh yeah, plush dolly's of us. But who is the pretty lady?

(From far away Dolly Dockett's eye twitches, she runs up to Ashley, and yells.)

.::Dolly Dockett::.-DOLLY!! *points to herself*

.::Ashley Irvine::.-DOLLY *points to the plush dolls of CAL.*

.::Dolly Dockett::.-My name is DOLLY DOCKETT?!

.::Ashley Irvine::.-What? Speak up pretty lady, I can't hear a word you're saying

(Dolly picks up Ashley, and starts to shake her.)

.::Dolly Dockett::.-MY...NAME...IS...DOLLY...DOCKETT

.::Ashley Irvine::.-AAHHH...Laura! She started up trying to shake up the card, now she's shaking up me, that's no good!

(Dolly puts Ashley Irvine down.)

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Something needs to be done!

(Ashley stops for a moment thinking confused...then hugs Dolly.)

.::Dolly Dockett::.-You got an enemy for life!!

.::Ashley Irvine::.-I got an enemy? That's not good, meh Daddy sings about enemies all the time. In fact meh Mommy told me what to do when I get an enemy....OH...I remember...challenge....THEM WITH A MATCH!!

(She reaches into her bra, and lights the match. She stares into the flame, then asks Laura.)

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Laura...think she's been challenged enough?

Laura: I don't think that's what your Mom had in mind Ashley....

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Oh....thank god, because I think the match was beating me!! *she puts out the match* So...if it's not that type of a match, then what type of a match is it Laura? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONFUSED!! *hums "be yourself" confused*

Laura: I think she means a wrestling match... which... might not be such a good idea.

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Oh yeah!! She said challenge them to a wrestling match!! That's the thing meh Mommy and little sister are good at!!

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Do you even know how to wrestle?

.::Ashley Irvine::.-Oh yeah, us Dumas women are really good at wrestling. I challenge you with that!!

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Fine...I accept!! One time only, I'll be at First Blood to face YOU!!

(Ashley smiles, then it melts into a questionable face, she asks Laura.)

.::Ashley Irvine::.-.....Laura? What is wrestling? I forgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (she starts to twirl her hair*

(Suddenly, Cena emerges from his office, having overheard the conversation.)

Cena: Now here.... *motions to Ashley* .... here is someone who could totally pull off the name Dolly. You... *turns to Dolly* still need to consider a name change. But fine... if you're that desperate to wrestle at First Blood, I'll put you both in a match. In the traditional Lock Box match. Who knows what you might win, if either of you are able to win.

.::Ashley Irvine::.-OH....what's in the lockbox.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Could be anything...hell, they could force you to get breast implants...which...considering your situation...it's a good thing that you're sure to lose! Also, just because the most other famous Dolly has big boobs, does not me you need them to be a Dolly!! How about I point out that Ashley's one e away from being the devil!

.::Voice::.-Wait....force to get breast implants.....

(The voice jumps on the screen, it's Catherine.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-I have no wrestling skill at all, but you twisted my arm, I guess I'm in the lock box match too.

Cena: Well.... you're half right.... you have no wrestling skill. But as for being in the match.... I don't think that's such a good idea. Remember... I've seen you trying to "train" as you call it, and how much crying you do afterwards...

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-O-M-G, at least my wrestling isn't considered a form of torture like yours if the person watching is unable to watch nothing else!

.::Ashley Irvine::.-OH! I got an idea!! How about...I'll win a lock box for the princess!! That sounds good, right? She really wants one.

Cena: If you win it... it's your Lock Box, you can do with it as you wish.... BEFORE you open it. But if you open it... you're stuck with whatever is inside. So, guess it's up to Catherine if she wants to take that risk... there's no guarantee she's going to get what she desperately needs... err... I mean wants.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-*She shakes her head at Cena with the save at the end. Warning him not to dare call her flat* If it gives me the ability to make someone not be mean to me, then I'm SO using it on you! Then everyone will laugh at you!

.::Ashley Irvine::.-YEAH!! Pretty princess would be happy...sounds good.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-So...is this official...I got to go back home to Springfield..I'm not so sure how far away it is from here.

Cena: Fine. You're both in the match. Just... make sure you give your name to my secretary, I'm sure I'll have forgotten it by..... erm.... well now.

.::Dolly Dockett::.-Fine....

(She does that making it official that she will be in the match, she goes over to Ashley, stares her down for one moment. Then Ashley's face brightens up.)

.::Ashley Irvine::.-oh....OH...I remember...wrestling...that's the thing that me, and Laura have been doing for years...I remember now what that is....and...

(She kicks Dolly in the gut, and plants her down with her version of Amy's whiplash DDT that she calls "MR. DDT. She gets up, and says.)


(She skips up to the secretary, and enters the lockbox match, we fade back into the ring.)

(“That’s entertainment” blasts on the PA system. Logan Riley walks out on the stage, and he walks into the ring.)

JR-Logan Riley has been extremely impressive especially lately.

King-He’s going to have to be against his opponent.

A countdown starts on the titantron. When the countdown finishes, "Rain Maker" (New Beginning in Osaka intro) starts playing through the arena speakers. When the "Go" is heard in the song, Russ Massel steps through the curtains. Massel stands still in the center of the stage crouched down, then pulling his hoodie down before continuing to make his way to the ring. When in the ring, he completely ignores his opponent as he brushes past them if they're already in the ring. Russ Massel goes up to the second turnbuckle to do "The Rainmaker" pose.

JR-Russ Massel is coming off a PPV that he not only did not get the IC championship, but he got attacked as well by Brock Lesnar.

King-Doesn’t sound like a good night for Massel.

[Logan Riley and Russ Massel stand in the middle of the ring. The bell rings, and then they start to trade fists to the face. Lgoan Riley ducks under a fist. He runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes, and he knocks him down on the mat with a running shoulder block on Russ Massel. Massel falls down on the mat, and he slowly gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. He kicks him in the gut, and he puts him into a vertical suplex, and he drops him for a quick snap suplex. This puts him down on the mat, and Logan Riley gets up to his feet, and he stomps down on the shoulder of Russ Massel on the mat. Russ Massel is in pain as he rolls away, and then Logan Riley gets up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet. Logan Riley pushes Russ Massel into the ropes, and he hits a knife edge chop that echo’s through out the arena. The crowd yells “Whoooooo”. Russ Massel fires up as he gets free, and he hits a few fists to the face that stumbles Riley forwards causing separation. Logan Riley gets picked up by Russ Massel Massel is too stunned to hold up, and he falls behind Logan Riley. Logan Riley sets up Russ Massel like he’s going to belly to back suplex, but then he drops him for a back breaker. Russ Massel is in a lot of pain. He goes into the cover Russ Massel. The ref counts the 1……….2……KICK OUT by Russ Massel. Logan Riley puts Russ Massel’s arm on the mat. He jumps up, and he drops a knee into the arm of Russ Masse. Logan Riley puts on an arm bar. Russ Massel is in a lot of pain as he holds Massel into a arm bar. Logan Riley once again puts his arm on the mat, he jumps up, and he drops a knee to the arm of Russ Massel. Logan Riley keeps on the arm bar. The ref makes sure that Russ Massel for some reason doesn’t want to give it up.]

King-Why is the ref asking that?

JR-This is a painful hold King.

Kris Gaffney-Not sure if I can name someone who tapped out to a basic arm bar though. But it is a great move.

[Russ Massel fights up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. He hits a few fists to the gut. He breaks the hold. Russ Massel stumbles backwards holding his shoulder. Logan Riley runs at Russ Massel. Russ Massel grabs Logan Riley, and he throws him into the ring post shoulder first. Logan Riley is in a lot of pain as he falls out of the corner. He stumbles towards him, and Logan Riley gets picked up by Russ Massel, and he is dropped with a shoulder breaker. Russ Massel goes into the cover on Lgoan Riley. The ref counts the 1……….2…….KICK OUT by Logan Riley. Russ Massel wanted to send a message since Logan Riley had attacked his shoulder. He takes a few moments to rest up, he rolls away from Logan Riley. Russ Massel is under the bottom rope, Logan Riley is getting up. He looks extremely angry, he runs at Russ Massel. Russ Massel counters with a hang man that makes him stumble backwards. Russ Massel slides into the ring, and he waits until Logan Riley to turn around, and he hits a diving clothesline that puts down Russ Massel down on the mat. Logan Riley gets picked up by Russ Massel. Russ Massel hits a few fists to the face, Logan Riley’s head snaps back with every fist. He’s now on the ropes. Russ Massel tries to whip Logan Riley, and is successful in doing so. He bounces off of the ropes. Russ Massel goes for a clothesline that he ducks under. He continues to the other side of the ring. He bounces off of the other side of the ring. He leaps in the air for a cross body block. But it’s caught by Russ Massel. Massel throws him over his head, and he sends him flying in the air, and he crashes down on the mat with a fall away slam.]

JR-Russ Massel connects with the fall away slam.

King-Think he’ll go with the Razor’s edge next?

Kris Gaffney-Always got to mention the classics.

[Logan Riley stumbles upt o his feet in the corner, and he climbs up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet. Russ Massel hits a running clothesline in the corner., Logan Riley stumbles out of the corner. Russ Massel hooks Logan Riley. He lifts him up on the corner. He climbs up to the top rope, and he sets him up, and he hooks him for a super plex. Sudden “Next Big Thing” blasts on the PA system. Russ Massel looks up to the top of the stage. But Lesnar doesn’t show up, suddenly he realizes that Logan Riley is coming to. Russ decides he has enough time for his move. He hooks Riley, and goes for the Super plex he was setting up for before. But it’s blocked by Logan Riley. Russ hits hard into the mat. Riley hooks Massel as he hits into the mat into a pinning combination. The ref counts 1……….2…………3!!]

JR-Logan Riley gets the victory with a great counter on Russ Massel.

JR-This is not for a title, but this is for pride.

King-Tommy Skyye does want to prove something to Graveler.

Kris Gaffney-He wants to prove a lot to Prichard, I think.

(“Stoke the fire” blasts on the PA system. Daryl Prichard walks out on the stage, he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Daryl Prichard said to have asked for this match.

King-Does he want to be the new Sammy Extreme?

Kris Gaffney-Nothing wrong with that.

[Tommy Skyye and Daryl “Graveler” Prichard stand in the middle of the ring. The two talk trash. The bell rings, instead of attacking each other, both of them have the same idea to go to the outside of the ring, and they grab a table. They bring in the table into the ring. They both set it up on the corner, but Tommy Skyye seems more worried about attacking He pushes Graveler forward into the table. He crashes into the corner. Tommy Skyye runs to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. But Daryl Prichard leaps in the air, and he connects with the stone fist to the face that makes him fall out of the ring. Daryl Prichard is in a lot of pain, he takes a few moments to rest up, and then he goes to the outside of the ring, he grabs Tommy Skyye by the hair, and he brings him over the ring steps, and he smashes his head on the steps. Tommy Skyye’s head smacks into the ring steps. Daryl “Graveler” Prichard grabs Tommy Skyye, he throws him into the ring. Daryl Prichard slides into the ring, and he waits for Tommy SKyye to get up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet. Daryl Prichard hits a kick to the gut, and then he sets him up for a Gavel Bomb. He hits a few fists to the face that makes him stunned. Tommy Skyye is able to roll out of the back of Prichard as he saw him go towards the table even though that wouldn’t have eliminated him. Tommy Skyye runs to the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. He comes off of the ropes. Tommy Skyye gets lifted up, and dropped on the mat. Daryl Prichard shakes his head, and he decides that it’s time to end this match. He rolls out of the ring, and he grabs the lighter fluid, and matches.]

JR-Daryl Prichard has had enough, and wants to end this match.

King-Guess he can only have so much fun.

Kris Gaffney-Sammy Extreme probably disagree’s, he would be having the most fun right now.

[Daryl “Graveler” Prichard comes into the ring, and he goes to the table that was not smashed, and he sets it up, and lights it up on fire. Tommy Syyke attempts to push Prichard into the flaming table…But Prichard is able to stop himself from falling into the table with the ropes. Daryl Prichard turns around. He jumps, and he goes for a clothesline. But he ducks under, he lifts up Daryl Prichard, and he drops him for a back breaker. Daryl Prichard is in a lot of pain. Tommy Skyye takes a few moments to rest up, and once he is up. Daryl Prichard is also getting up to his feet. By this time the flaming table has been put out so that they don’t set the ring on fire. Daryl Prichard throws a fist to the face, but Tommy Skyye easily ducks under it, and he throws fists to the face that make Prichard stumble backwards. Tommy Skyye grabs his hand, and he whips him to the ropes, and he comes off of the ropes. As he comes off of the ropes Tommy Skyye hits a drop toe hold that sends him face first into the math. He crashes into the mat. Tommy Skyye hits a kick to the gut, and this doubles him over. Then he sets him up into a vertical suplex position. He lifts him up, and he drops him for a vertical suplex. Tommy Skyye drops an elbow. He realizes that he can’t go for the pin in this match, he rolls out of the ring, and on to the floor. He grabs some matches, and he sets the nearest table on fire.]

King-Wonder what he thinks about this match?

Kris Gaffney-Depends, maybe he gets sea sick, and that’s why he hated the boat match so much.

[Tommy Skyye slides into the ring, he grabs Prichard, and he pulls him up. He throws him over the top rope towards the flaming table. Prichard is able to land on his feet on the apron. Tommy Skyye runs towards Prichard. Prichard counters with a back body drop through the ropes. Tommy Skyye fly’s over the top rope. He crashes through the table. Daryl Prichard wins!!]

JR-What a great counter by Daryl Prichard to get the victory.

King-I doubt it’ll ever be over between these two.

(Tommy Skyye is in a lot of pain as Prichard walks up the ramp as Shockwave goes off the air.)