EMF: Shockwave

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen, and we go into the Shockwave video.)

(We open up in the dark arena in Portland, Oregon. Fireworks blasts off on the Saturday Shockwave crashing everytime it hits the stage. The lights turn on as fans yell, and wave their signs.

JR-We are on the road to Unleashed, but first the EMF has stopped in Portland, Oregon. Home of the Trailblazers for Saturday Shockwave. I'm good ol' JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Kris "KG" Gaffney.

King-Tonight we find out who will be heading to Unleashed to face the champion Max Gunner.

("Call me devil" blasts on the PA system as Lucifer walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This is the debut match of Lucifer.

King-I don't know what to expect JR.

Kris Gaffney-Wonder what Angelus thinks of this.

("Ace Lightning's theme" blasts on the PA system as Ace Lightning walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Ace Lightning has shown quite a lot of talent.

King-Not a lot of wins however.

Kris Gaffney-It works that way sometimes.

[Lucifer throws a wild fist to the face of Ace Lightning. Ace runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. Lucifer hits an arm drag that sends him flying, and he gets up to his feet. He hits a running clothesline that knocks down. Ace Lightning hits a few stomps on the downed Lucifer down on the mat. Ace Lightning rolls away, and he gets up to hsi feet, and he hits a few fists to the face that knocks him backwards into the corner. He tries to whip him to the ropes, but it's reversed by Ace Lightning. He bounces off of the ropes. He leaps in the air, and he hits a flying shoulder tackle that puts down Ace Lightnint. He goes down on the mat. Slowly he gets up to his feet. He picks him up, he sets him up into a vertical suplex. He hits a vertical suplex that put down Ace Lightning. Lucifer gets up to his feet, and he runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes. He leaps in the air, and he hits a splash on Ace Lightning. Lucifer goes into the cover on Ace Lightning. The ref counts the 1........................2...................KICK OUT by Ace Lightning. Lucifer gets up to his feet, he pulls up Ace Lightning up with him, and he hits a leg whip on Ace Lightning.]

JR-It looks like that Lucifer is going to work on the leg of Ace Lightning.

King-Probably a good idea, it'll slow him down.

[He puts him on his leg on the bottom rope. He leaps in the air, and but Lightning uses his other leg, and he throws him over the top rope. Lucifer hits him hard on the mat around ring side. Lightning takes a few moments to rest up, and he charges, and he hits a baseball slide that makes him fall bakcwards, and he hits into the barricade back first. Lucifer falls down on the mat. Ace Lightning takes a few moments to rest up. Then he gets up to his feet, and he gets up to his feet. He sling shots himself up to the top rope, and he hits a cross body block on Lucifer.]

JR-Ace Lightning has made a come back.

King-He seems to be fighting an up hill battle.

Kris Gaffney-Wonder why that is?

[Ace Lightning throws Lucifer into the ring. Ace Lightning climbs up to the top rope. He leaps off, but it's caught in mid air, and driven down into the Devils Kiss by Lucifer. Lucifer goes into the cover on Ace Lightning. The ref counts the 1...................2................3!!]

JR-Lucifer gets the win!!

("Whispers in the dark" blares on the loudspeakers as Zackharris Slane walks out on the ramp. He pumps up the crowd and heads down to the ring)

JR: Well this young man is certainly causing some noise in his opening matches for the EMF.

Kris Gaffney: Indeed, He has promised to go through Kid and any other star in the EMF. This match should be interesting.

King: Any match with Kid is an interesting one.

(Pop that pussy boy blares across the loudspeakers and Hardcore Kid walks onto the ramp. He is flooded with boos and he loves it, he walks to the ring)

JR: The fans just don’t like him!

(Both me stand in their corners, the Ref looks at them both to make sure everything is good and then waves his hand.)


(Slane takes off after kid, Kid tries to run but Slane is too fast and lands a spear. Slane helps Kid up and sends him towards the opposite ropes with an Irish whip, On the rebound Kid is able to reverse it into a clothesline. Slane is back up to his feet almost as fast as he went down, Slane grabs the running Kid in a front face lock, he turns it into a snap suplex. Slane runs at the ropes and on the rebound hits a flying falling headbutt onto Kid! Kid rolls out of the ring and to his feet, Slane rolls out of the ring, Kid rolls in the ring and Slane follows. Kid is faster than Slane getting into the ring and as Slane is standing up Kid hits a DDT. Slane rolls back to his feet and Kid hits a standing drop kick. Slane is getting back up and Kid hits a snap DDT. Slane stays down after that one, Kid goes to his corner and taunts for the Stunner, Slane stands to his feet. Kid goes to hit the stunner and Slane reverses it into a German suplex!)

Kris Gaffney: What a reversal!

(Slane stands up Kid and sends him flying into the ropes, Slane catches him with a flapjack! Slane rolls Kid and stomps the back of his head. Kid spins his legs and hits a leg sweep on Slane. Slane lands on his butt and Kid kicks him right in the face. Kid rolls to his feet as Slane clutches his nose. Kid signals another stunner and waits for Kid to get to his feet, Slane slowly gets to his feet and Kid goes to hit the stunner but it’s again reversed into a super atomic drop! Kid falls to his knees, both hands on his groin. Slane locks in his finishing sleeper hold. Hardcore Kid is going out. He seems out. The ref checks Kid's arm

**ONE………TWO………THREE** The ref calls for the bell Slane wins

Kris Gaffney: And Slane does what he said he would and picks up the win.

(Shockwave goes to commercial, and we come back.)

("There is gonna be a fight tonight" blasts on the PA system as Rachel Navarro walks to the ring, and she steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Last week Rachel Navarro made her return.

King- A successful one.

Kris Gaffney-She's had mixed results against Alexa before. I guess we'll see how thing works.

("Alexa Bliss' theme" blasts on the PA system as Alexa Bliss walks to the ring, and she steps inside of the ring.)

JR-If I remember correctly, this is the rubber match.

King-They sure took their time.

Kris Gaffney-Guess so...

[Alexa Bliss and Rachel Navarro stands on the other side of the ring. Alexa Bliss goes for a fist, but Rachel Navarros is able to duck under, and she continues to the ropes. She bounces off of the ropes, and Alexa Bliss hit a standing drop kick that knocks down Rachel Navarro she holds her face, but for some reason gets up to her feet rather than get away from Alexa Bliss. Alexa Bliss hooks Rachel, and she hits a belly to back suplex that puts her down on the mat. Alexa goes into the cover on Rachel Navarro. The ref counts the 1..............2.........KICK OUT by Rachel Navarro. She is in pain, and she rolls into the corner, and then Rachel Navarro is slow to get up to her feet. Alexa Bliss is able to close the gap between her, and Alexa Bliss hits a few knee lifts into the gut that stuns her, and then Alexa Bliss whips Rachel Navarro hard into the corner on the other side of the ring. She crashes into the corner, and she hits a running clothesline in the corner. Alexa Bliss backs out of the corner, and Rachel Navarro stumbles out of the corner, and Alexa picks her up, and she hits a back breaker. Alexa Bliss goes into the cover on Rachel Navarro the ref counts the 1...................2.................KICK OUT by Rachel Navarro. Alexa Bliss picks up Rachel Navarro into a seated position, and she hits a few elbows to the face of Rachel. She puts on a chin lock. Rachel Navarro fights to get up to her feet, she is up to her feet. She hits a few elbows to the gut Rachel Navarro runs to the ropes. She comes off of the ropes, but gets met with a kick to the gut that stumbles her backwards. She falls out of the ring.]

JR-What a kick by Alexa Bliss.

King-You think Rachel has anymore short jokes.

Kris Gaffney-I think I heard her say she was surprised she could kick that high...because she's short.

King-Pretty sure that was just you...but ok.

[Alexa Bliss goes to the nearest turnbuckle, she climbs up to the top rope, she measures up, and she leaps off of the top rope for a cross body block. But Rachel Navarro moves out of the way, and Alexa Bliss crashes down on the mat. Slowly she gets up hurt. Rachel Navarro pushes Alexa Bliss from behind, and she falls right into ring steps. She hits into the steps with a loud crash. She throws Alexa Bliss into the ring. Rachel slides into the ring, she hits a few forarm shots to the face that knocks Alexa Bliss backwards, and then she tries to whip her to the ropes, and she does. She bounces off of the ropes, she comes off of the ropes. SHe bounces off of the ropes. Alexa Bliss is caught with a power slam into a pinning combination. The ref counts the 1........................2..........................KICK OUT BY Alexa Bliss. Rachel Navarro looks at the ref, and she gets up to her feet. She hits a few stomps on the downed Alexa Bliss as she considers her next move.]

JR-Rachel Navarro is looking for that one move to end this match.

Kris Gaffney-Not always easy to find.

[Rachel picks up Alexa, but it's countered with a jaw breaker. Alexa goes to the outside of the ring, and she climbs up to the top rope, she leaps off, and she hits the Twisted Bliss. Alexa goes into the cover on Rachel Navarro. The ref counts the 1.................2...................3!!]

JR-Alexa Bliss with a counter to gain the victory!!

(“Ultimate Countdown” blares as Daniel Bryan walks out to the ring, the crowd is out of their sets as he runs down the ramp doing his signature “Yes” chant)

JR: And these fans are absolutely going crazy!

("off the chain" blares across the loudspeakers as Connor Wicklow walks out on to the ramp, he is met by mixed boos and cheers. He heads to the ring)

King: Connor looking to pick up a third straight victory.

(Both men stand in their corners and the ref asks them if they are ready, they both nod and the ref signals the bellman)


(Both men circle each other, Connor goes to lunge at Daniel but is met by a kick to the gut. Daniel does some yes chants and then hits a standing dropkick to Connor. Both men get to their feet but Connor is met by a Hurricanrana from Daniel! Daniel goes for the early pin but doesn’t even get the one count. Daniel goes to drag Connor up but Connor reverses it, Connor Irish whips Daniel towards the ropes, Connor spins Daniel back around and hits a big clothesline. Daniel is to his feet fast but Connor kicks him in the gut, Connor has Daniel in a side headlock, Connor flips back fast with a snap suplex to Daniel. Connor mounts Daniel and hits a few mounted punches. Connor drags Daniel up and drags him to the ropes, Connor has Daniel in a side headlock and jumps up on the top rope, spinning and slamming Daniel face first into the mat with a bulldog. Connor gets back to his feet and begins to mock Daniel with some “Yes” chants. Daniel is on his hands and knees and beginning to stand, once he is up he sees Connor running at him. Daniel jumps and hits Connor with a clothesline at the same time that Connor does his own clothesline!)

Kris Gaffney: Double Clothesline!

(Both men are down and the ref begins his count)


(Connor has made it to the ropes, he goes and drags Daniel up and drags him again to the ropes, this time putting him in a side headlock he lifts him up for a suplex and drops him forward right onto the ropes! He grabs Daniel by the head and drags his body to where only his feet are on the top rope. Connor falls back but Daniel puts his hand out to stop the fall! Daniel spins and kicks Connor right in the face, Connor is leaning on the ropes! Daniel gives a gut kick and then a spinning roundhouse kick! Daniel drags Connor up and goes for another spinning roundhouse kick but Connor ducks his foot at lifts him into an electric chair! Connor runs to the middle of the ring and drops down! Connor is fired up now! Connor rolls up and begins to stomp away at Daniel. The ref backs him up, Daniel is getting to his feet slowly and Connor walks up and punches him in the back of the head! The ref backs up Connor again and begins to yell at him. Daniel gets up, even slower than before. Connor walks over to him when he is up and swings another fist but Daniel leans back and avoids it, Daniel kicks Connor in the left thigh and Connor falls to his knees. Daniel then begins to kick him in the chest! Knowing what is coming Connor gets back, and falls on the ropes. Daniel Bryan hits a running clothesline that knocks both wrestlers on the outside of the ring. They stumble up to their feet, Connor goes for a super kick, Bryan goes for a high kick to the side of the head. Both land, the ref continues his ten count.)

JR-Both wrestlers need to be mindful of the count.

King-After being kicked in the face, I'm sure they aren't being mindful of anything, other than the fact that hurt.

[Both wrestlers get up to their feet. Connor charges at Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan counters with a drop toe hold that sends Connor into the ring steps face first. Daniel Bryan backs up, and does his "yes" chant Connor stumbles up. But Daniel Bryan turns as Resurrected 1 is coming towards Bryan. He stops, Bryan stares down Resurrected 1. Connor tries to take advantage of this with a clothesline. Bryan ducks under, and he hits a running knee to the face. The ref call for the bell as Bryan tries to roll into the ring. Both wrestlers were counted out!!]

JR-Neither wrestler was able to get back into the ring.

King-I'm sure this isn't over.

(Game on blares across the loudspeakers. Tony Ikeda walks out onto the ramp. He heads to the ring.)

JR: Tony is looking to try and beat Steven Steele in this match.

King: But haven’t you heard? Steele is a god!

("Mercenary Man" Blares across the loudspeakers as Steven Steele walks out to the ramp. He heads to the ring.)

Kris Gaffney: Steele has said the only way Ikeda can win this one is with the help of his partner Nostalgia.

King: That’s because Steele is a god!

(Both men stand in their corners and signal the ref they are ready; the ref swings his arms and the match begins)


(Tony and Steele circle each other in the ring, sizing up each other, neither one wanting to make the first move. After what seems like a minute of this, Steele leaps towards Tony and grabs him in a side headlock, Steele does a modified standing bulldog that lands Tony on the top of his head. Tony rolls over in pain while Steele begins to taunt. Steele drags Tony to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes, Tony on the rebound ducks under Steele’s punch and spins around real fast and it able to grab Steele by his trunks, Tony lifts up Steele in a belly-to-back formation and drops him with a vicious mat slam. Tony helps Steele up and lifts him to his shoulders. Tony begins to turn in circles with an airplane spin. After ten rotations Tony slides Steele, off of his shoulders. Steele is confused and stumbling around the ring, Tony run and rebounds off of the ropes and hits a nasty clothesline! Tony goes for the cover!)


JR: He wasn’t going to get the win that easy

(Tony drags the still groggy Steele to his feet and drags him to the corner, Tony pushes Steele into the corner and sends a hard fist right into his face, causing Steele to lean back in the corner. Tony lifts Steele to the top turnbuckle, Tony climbs to the second turnbuckle.)

Kris Gaffney: He could be looking for a suplex plex!

(Tony hooks Steele in a side headlock, But NO! Steele lands a series of punches to the midsection of Tony! Steele pushes Tony off the turnbuckle. Tony is up to his feet fast and the still groggy Steele takes and leap of faith and connects with a tornado DDT! Tony hits his head hard again on the mat and both men are down. The ref begins his ten count)

**ONE.........TWO………THREE………FOUR** (Steele has rolled over and is crawling towards the ropes) **SIX………SEVEN** STEELE IS UP!

(Steele goes over to Tony as the ref hits nine and drags him to his feet, Steele leans Tony and the rope and begins to land a series of punches to the midsection of Tony, the ref begins his count and Steele stops when the ref hits three. Steele Irish whips Tony towards the opposite ropes, on the rebound Steele connects with a belly to belly overhead suplex! While Tony is down Steele begins to taunt, he drags Tony to his feet but Tony reverses with a European uppercut! Tony backs up a few steps and leaps at Steele hitting a massive standing clothesline! Tony grabs Steele’s left arm and pulls with all his might, Tony not only drags Steele up, he slingshots him right into the corner turnbuckle. Steele gasps for breath and turns around as Tony hits a drop kick right in to the corner! Tony rolls over and goes to the opposite corner. Steele is down in the corner, using the bottom turnbuckle to hold himself up. Tony charges at Steele and jumps for another drop kick, Steele reaches up and puts a both his hand on the either side of the top turnbuckle and flips over it! Tony hits his drop kick on the bottom turnbuckle and hits his head hard for a third time. Steele climbs the top turnbuckle and jumps down, stomping Tony’s head...and Tony’s forehead is busted open!)

Kris Gaffney: And he dawns the crimson mask.

JR: A match one wouldn’t think blood would come into play, and blood sneaks into the match!

(Steele grabs Tony’s arm and drags him to the middle of the ring. Steele drags Tony to his feet again, Tony barely able to stand by himself. Steele drags Tony to the corner and leans Tony into it facing the turnbuckles. Steele lifts Tony up to go for a back suplex but Tony somehow flips over him Steele turns around, right into a forearm from Tony! Steele falls back into the corner. Tony stumbles backwards and falls to one knee. Steele stumbles forward and Tony lunges forward and puts him into a “Full Nelson” Tony turns it into a suplex as he hits his finishing move! Tony barely has the strength left to roll Steele over, but achieves it. Tony goes for the cover!)


King: I’ll be damned! He beat a God!

(Tony lies in the ring still on top of Steele, both man unable to move, blood still tricking from Tony’s forehead. Cut to commercial)

("God's gonna cut you down" blasts on the PA system as Max Gunner walks out to the ring. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-This match is about getting revenge.

King-This time there isn't a title involved.

Kris Gaffney-Well..hopefully Gunner can win, or we'd have to dig him back up to defend the title next week against...whoever wins the main event.

("Burn in my light" blasts on the PA system. A squad car drives from the backstage area. It comes to a stop. Resurrected 1 steps out of the squad car. He walks to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Resurrected 1 has to know he's not going to have an easy match here.

King-Always remember Gunner didn't pin him either.

Kris Gaffney-Something that won't happen here either.

Max Gunner and Resurrected One are standing toe to toe as the bell rings. Gunner goes for a hard right hand, but Res One ducks. Res One reaches in his tights and pulls out a set of brass knuckles. Gunner connects with a hard right to the back of Res One’s head, knocking him into the ropes, he drops the brass knuckles outside the ring. Gunner grabs Res One and uses his momentum to throw res One over the ropes and onto the ground. Res One lands right next to his brass knuckles, picks them up, and puts them on his right hand, then plays possum. Gunner rolls out of the ring, goes to grab Res One, but Res One connects with the brass knuckles to Gunner’s forehead. Gunner begins bleeding as he grabs his head seemingly a little woozy. Res One cocks back and nails Gunner in the head again, this time knocking him to the ground. Res One puts the brass knuckles back in his tights. He grabs the head of Gunner, lifts him to h8is feet, then bangs his head on the apron a few times before letting him fall again.

JR- Resurrected One is coming out of the gate firing on all cylinders

The King- Who would’ve thunk it! Resurrected One came in with a plan.

Res One picks up Gunner, he grabs his arm, attempts to whip him into the ring post, but Gunner is able to reverse it and sends Res One’s head right into the ring post. Res One drops to the ground. Gunner takes a few seconds to get his bearings. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a trashcan. He takes off the lid, turns, and smashes Res One in the back of the head. Gunner throws the trashcan lid to the side. Then he goes for the trashcan. He picks it up, cocks it back, but Res One gets to his knees and delivers a low blow to Gunner, causing Gunner to drop the trash can. Res One picks up the trash can and smashes Gunner in the chest a few times. Res One then goes under the ring and pulls out a few chairs. He steps over Gunner and sets up the two chairs next to each other. He grabs Gunner by the head and drags him to his knees. Res One sets up Gunner for a Suplex, but Gunner blocks the first attempt, then the second. Then Gunner is able to reverse it and connect with a Snap Suplex and sends Res One’s back crashing through the chairs. Both men are down. Gunner is the first to get to his feet. He notices Res one still out of it so he searches under the ring, he slides a table out from under the ring and sets it up. While he is setting up the table, Res One slides the brass knuckles back to his right hand. He gets to his knees as Gunner turns around. Res One goes for a huge uppercut but Gunner backs up and delivers a hard right hand of his own. Then Gunner connects with another hard right, followed by a hard knee to the gut. Gunner grabs Res One, sets him up, lifts, but Res One is able to block it. Res One then connects with a few elbows to the side of Gunner’s head, forcing him to break the hold. Res One connects with the brass knuckles to the side of Gunner’s head, again busting him open. Gunner is dazed. Res One grabs him, sets him up, lifts, and sends Gunner crashing through the table with an Inverted Suplex.

JR- Oh My Gawd! Res One may have Gunner right where he wants him.

The King- Well not quite yet JR. He needs to get him in that grave.

KG- Don’t be so shallow.

Res One grabs Gunner’s arm and begins dragging him up the ramp. He gets about halfway up the ramp when Gunner realizes the situation. Gunner plants his feet and Res One is stopped in tracks, the force causing him to lose grip on Gunner’s arm. Gunner quickly gets into a 3-point stance, then connects with a Spear sending Res One’s back hard against the ramp. Gunner begins pummeling Res One with hard fists to the face. Gunner gets up, grabs Res One and whips his back into the barricade. Gunner charges and Clotheslines Res One with enough force, both men fall over the barricade. Gunner grabs a chair and smashes Res One on the back a few times. He sets up Res One’s head between the chair. Gunner walks over to the barricade, and climbs up. He sets himself and leaps, attempting a Leg Drop across the head of Res One, yet somehow Res One manages to get his head from between the chairs and Gunner crashes down on the chair. Both men are on the ground. This time Res One grabs a chair and smashes it across the chest of Gunner. He drops the chair, picks up Gunner. Het sets Gunner up for a DDT, but as he is about to drop, Gunner is able to reverse it into a Back Body Drop. Res One is grabbing his back while Gunner, leaning on the barricade, takes a second to rest. After a few seconds he walks over to Res One and grabs him by the head to his knees. He grabs Res One, sets him up, lifts, and drops Res One’s chest across the barricade with an Inverted Suplex. Gunner then lines up five chairs, runs across the top, leaps, and comes down hard on the back of Res One’s neck with a Leg Drop. Gunner grabs Res One’s leg and starts dragging him through the crowd to the top of the ramp, with Res One’s head banging against the ends of chairs along the way. Res One grabs the leg of a chair and drags it along with him unbeknownst to Gunner. Gunner gets to the end of the barricade, he turns to grab Res One, but Res One swings the chair and connects on the exact spot on the side of the head where Gunner was already busted up. Gunner drops, blood flowing from the side of his head. Gunner drops to a knee, Res one comes across Gunner’s back with the chair. Res One drops the chair and grabs Gunner. Res One drags him to his knees then flips Gunner over the barricade onto the ramp. Res One hops on the barricade, leaps, and connects with a Moonsault. He rests on one knee for a few seconds before grabbing Gunner and dragging him next to the empty grave. Res One grabs the shovel, then stares at Gunner, then looks back at the shovel, then looks back at Gunner.

JR- No! No! He will kill Gunner if he connects with the shovel.

The King- Don’t be so dramatic JR. Hospital visits are mandatory in these types of matches.

KG- Possible Upset of the Year candidate

Res One cocks back the shovel, swings towards Gunner’s face, but Gunner rolls out of the way. The recoil shakes the hands of Res One causing him to drop the shovel. Gunner gets to his feet. He is off balance, Res One charges, but Gunner connects with a Diving Clothesline. Both men are slow to get to their feet. They are both on their feet, Res One throws a wild right, Gunner ducks it, and then takes Res One down with a LegSweep. Gunner grabs Res One, sets him up, and drives him down with the CrispyBomb. Res One hits so hard he bounces and rolls into the grave. Gunner grabs the shovel and starts to throw dirt on Resurrected One!


JR- Despite the carnage, despite the Crimson Mask. Gunner was still able to pull out the victory.

The King- Resurrected One gave him everything he had. The EMF will know not to underestimate him after this match.

KG- When he becomes Resurrected 2.0?

("Sticken" blasts on the PA system as Daryl "Graveler " Prichard walks out on the stage, and he walks into the ring.)

JR-Graveler is looking to get back the Extreme championship back for his team.

King-I think they planned this...

Kris Gaffney-That's one hell of a plan.

("Radio" blasts on the PA system as Zack Ryder walks out to the ring with his web camera. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Zack Ryder seems ready for anything in this match.

King-This is a chance to be Elite champion again.

Kris Gaffney-Somehow Lee Foster lives on.

Graveler and Ryder are circling each other as the bell rings. They approach each other and engage in a grapple, Graveler gets the advantage and pushes Ryder to the mat. Ryder gets up and goes for a Clothesline but Graveler ducks and connects with a knee to the gut of Ryder. Graveler grabs Ryder by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Graveler charges, Ryder wraps his arms around the ropes to stop his momentum. Graveler connects with a Clothesline that sends Ryder over the top rope and onto the outside. Graveler drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He walks over and yells at the ring announcer to move before grabbing his chair. Graveler grabs the chair, turns and sees Ryder on his feet. Ryder charges and connects with a Diving Shoulder Block to knock Graveler down and the chair out of his hands. Ryder grabs the chair, turns, cocks it back, and swings it down onto the chest of Graveler. He throws the chair aside and drags Graveler to his feet. Ryder grabs his head and smashes it against the apron a few times then rolls Graveler into the ring. He goes for the cover. The ref gets in position..One..T…kickout by Graveler. Both men get to their feet. Ryder goes to grapple with Graveler, but Graveler slides around. He grabs the waist of Ryder, and hurls him hard across the ring with a German Suplex. Graveler walks over to the corner and takes off the cover to the turnbuckle.

JR- Graveler is up to no good. He wants to hurt Ryder.

The King- These two groups definitely do not like each other.

Graveler turns and sees Ryder on his feet. He charges at Ryder, Ryder connects with a Dropkick knocking Graveler to the mat. Both are quickly on their feet. They walk to one another and start exchanging hard right hands. Graveler blocks one of Ryder’s punches then sends Ryder down hard with a Short Arm Lariat. Graveler grabs Ryder,lifts him to his feet, then almost in one movement begins to whip Ryder into the exposed turnbuckle. But Ryder is able to reverse it and sends Graveler chest first into the exposed turnbuckle. Graveler bounces off, Ryder grabs him gets him into a roll-up pin. The ref gets in position…he counts…One…Two...Th… kickout by Graveler.

The King- Graveler’s dirty deeds backfired there.

KG- He got the wrong bird with the stone?

Ryder gets up runs and bounces off the ropes, then comes down on Graveler with an Elbow Drop. Ryder picks up Graveler, and whips him into the exposed turnbuckle. Graveler’s back hits the exposed turnbuckle and drops he drops to the ground. Ryder runs to the parallel turnbuckle, he pumps up the crowd, he runs down the ropes, and connects with a Boot to the Face. Graveler’s head bounces and his body crumbles over. Ryder flips Graveler, hooks the legs… the ref counts…One…Two…Thr…kickout by Graveler.

JR- Ryder thought he had this match won.

The King- Besides Max Gunner, The Illuminati can’t buy a win.

KG- I’d like to buy the Letter I.

Ryder is the first to get to his feet. He runs and bounces off the ropes, he goes for another Elbow Drop, but this time Graveler rolls out of the way. Graveler gets up, Ryder charges, Graveler drops and pulls down the ropes, Ryder falls to the outside. Graveler steps through the ropes. He waits for Ryder to begin to get to his feet when Graveler jumps off the apron and knocks Ryder back down with a Double Axe Handle. Graveler takes a minute to grab a chair and a Kendo stick. He throws the chair in the ring. Holding the Kendo Stick ready to swing, Graveler turns to Ryder, but Ryder surprises Graveler with a Dropkick, sending Graveler’s back hard into the apron, subsequently causing him to drop the Kendo Stick. Ryder grabs the Kendo Stick. He goes to swing the Kendo Stick but Graveler charges Ryder drives his back into the corner of the barricade. Graveler drags Ryder to his fee. He grabs Ryder by the shoulder and head, and drives Ryder’s head into the ringpost. Ryder falls on the ground, his head busted open. Graveler drags Ryder to his feet again, he rolls Ryder in the ring. Graveler turns to yell and taunt the fans for about ten seconds. Graveler gets on the apron, then steps through the ropes and into the ring. Graveler leans over to grab Ryder, Ryder tries to grab Graveler for a roll-up, instead Graveler goes limp and drops his dead weight on top of Ryder, then hooks the legs. The ref counts…One..Two…kickout by Ryder. Both men get to their feet. Ryder goes for a kick to the gut but it caught by Graveler. Ryder attempts an Eniziguri, but Graveler ducks. Ryder turns into a knee to the gut. Then Graveler comes down with a Clubbing Forearm to the back of Ryder knocking him to a knee. Graveler grabs him, sets him, up, lifts him up, and drives him down with a GravelerBomb. Graveler hooks the legs…the ref counts…One…Two…Three!

JR- Graveler was able to gain the victory in this slobberknocker.

The King- Not just for him, but for The Amalgamation over The Illuminati.

KG- I miss Cyrus...*King and JR look at Gaffney*..Because now there isn't anyone that I can tell them how not great they are!

(The lights dim in the arena for a moment. A message slowly appears on the EMF-torn. It reads: Cyrus Black will be at Unleashed to address his future with the EMF. This invokes a loud reaction from the crowd.)

The King: Listen to this crowd, the roof nearly blew off of the arena.

J.R: There you have it folks, Cyrus Black will be in attendance this Sunday at Unleashed. I wonder what he has to say.

Kris Gaffney: Pass me a sick bag, I've just came over all queasy.

("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Miley Cyrus plays over the PA System and out comes Laura Cena with her manager Catherine Walker. Half way down the ramp "Insatiable" plays and out comes Tiffany to join her as her partner.)

JR: When Tiffany first broke into the EMF it was her relationship with Laura Cena that got her noticed.

King: She tried to steal Laura's title a few weeks back.... but seemingly Laura has forgiven that and thrown her support behind Tiffany as she goes to war with Rachel, Mickie and Harley.

Kris: But how long can their union last if Tiffany has her eyes on the prize.

("Walk, Idiot, Walk plays next and out comes Christy Hemme. Then finally "Call me Devil" plays and out comes Harley Quinn.)

JR: No sign of Mickie James tonight.... or Rachel Cena for that matter.

King: Coming up at Unleashed we have Tiffany Vs Rachel and Laura Vs Christy Hemme in a Hell in a Cell match.

Kris: Seemingly John Cena's desire to not let Rachel and Laura fight has effected this match.... but Harley sure has a score to settle with these two as well.

(The bell sounds and the match is underway. Laura Cena starts out against Harley Quinn. Harley charges at Laura and goes for a clothesline but Laura quickly ducks underneath it. Harley turns round and Laura goes for a superkick like last week but Harley has it scouted and catches her leg and then takes Laura downand kicks away at the inside of her leg. Laura uses her other leg to kick Harley away and then kips up but is met by a huge clothesline. Harley picks Laura up and puts her in position. She lifts her up for a powerbomb but Laura's eyes flicker and she counters the powerbomb into a headscissor. Harley pulls herself up and Laura runs at her but runs straight into a well timed Super Kick. Harley drops into the cover for 1...... kick out. Harley hits a few more shots to Laura's leg and then heads over and tags in Christy Hemme.)

JR: Harley will be happy with that, holding her own against the champion.

King: I think she'd like to do more damage, but I'm sure she'll be back soon.

(Christy comes in and goes to work on Laura with some hard stomps. Laura battles to her feet and trades blows with Christy but Christy whips Laura across the ring and then hits a neckbreaker. She goes back to Laura but Laura unloads on her with right hands, backs her up, throws her into the ropes and then plants Hemme down with a SPEAR! Laura goes over and makes the tag to Tiffany who seems a bit surprised to be cheered by the crowd. Tiffany comes into the ring and stomps down on Hemme but Hemme battles back to her feet. The two trade blows and then Hemme kicks Tiffany in the midsection and plants her down with a quick suplex. Hemme goes across and cheap shots Laura on the turnbuckle, drawing boos from the crowd. She then vaults up to the top rope. She misses Tiffany and lands the FFG on her! Hemme hooks the leg for 1........ 2......... Laura dives into the ring and breaks the pin. Laura looks angry at the cheaps shoot from Hemme and hits some well timed kicks but then she turns round and Harley Quinn nails her with The Devil. Laura goes down hard and Harley rolls out of the ring. Hemme and Tiffany both get to their feet and both go for a clothesline and they end up both going down. The referee begins to count.)

JR: Chaos broke out for a few moments... but it seems order has been restored.

(Both women make their way back to their feet and Tiffany dives across to tag in Laura who has since recovered. Hemme goes for the tag also but Harley jumps down off the apron. Hemme looks confused and yells at her but she is then spun round by Laura and hoisted up for the Royally Screwed. Laura grabs at her ribs though that seem to have been hurt by Harley and ends up letting Hemme drop out of the move. Hemme kicks Laura in the ribs and positions her for the twist of fate. Laura though drops to her knees and grabs Hemme's foot, executing a drop toe hold and applying the WT...... H! Laura is still clearly in pain but fighting to keep the hold locked in. Hemme tries to crawl to the ropes and looks like she's about to get there when Tiffany pulls the rope away from her. Harley who is now on the ramp chooses not to go help out and in the end Hemme has no choice but to submit.)

JR: That wasn't fair! Christy Hemme was screwed by damn Harley Quinn!

King: Face it JR... the Queen would have found a way to win somehow....

Kris: She always does.

(Laura releases Christy who slides out of the ring looking annoyed. Harley returns to the ring and measures Laura for another Devil but as Harley charges Laura sidesteps her and Harley then runs straight into a TNT from Tiffany! Laura and Tiffany stand tall to cheers from the crowd as both Harley and Hemme look angry on the ramp and we go to commercial.)

("Hysteria" blasts on the PA system as Nostalgia, and Leysh walk to the ring. They both step inside of the ring.)

JR-These two are walking out as a stable, but they won't be a team for long.

King-Your telling me JR.

Kris Gaffney-Both of these guy's want to be a champion.

("That's entertainment" blasts on the PA system as Logan Riley walks to the ring, and "Renegade" blasts on the PA system as Casper Santaruz walks to the ring.)

JR-It should be reminded that three out of four were in the final four that survived the Stairway to Heaven, Gateway to Hell match.

King-And Leysh?

Kris Gaffney-Didn't get cooked as much as Cyrus the ungreat.

[Leysh, Nostalgia, Casper Santaruz, and Logan "Showtime" Riley stand in the middle of the ring. Casper Santaruz charges at Leysh. Leysh is able to side step Casper, and he throws him over the top rope. Leysh turns around, and he see's that Casper has landed on the apron. He charges at Casper Santaruz. Casper is able to hit a shoulder block that doubles him over. He sling shots him under the bottom ropes, and then Casper Santaruz gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, he runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, he bounces off of the ropes. He leaps in the air, and he hits a flying shoulder block that knocks down Leysh. Leysh is down on the mat, and he rolls into the corner, Casper Santaruz hits a few fists to the face of Leysh, and then he tries to push him over the top rope. But it's blocked by Leysh who hits a elbow. Casper stumbles backwards. Leysh charges, but Casper Santaruz counters with a belly to belly suplex that sends him flying, and he crashes down on the mat. On the other side of the mat, Logan "Showtime" Riley is trying to lift up Nostalgia to throw him over the ropes. But it's countered with a back elbow that makes Logan "Showtime" Riley stumble backwards. Logan "Showtime" RIley recovers, and he charges, but he rights right into a running clohtesine that puts down Logan "Showtime" Riley. Riley gets up to his feet, and he throws a fist. But it's blocked by Nostalgia, and returned by Nostalgia. Nostalgia takes down Logan "Showtime" RIley with a double leg take down, and then he starts to spin Logan "Showtime" Riley into a the circle of life. One rotation, two rotations, three....four.....five. On the outside of the ring, Leysh sling shots himself up to the top rope, and he leaps off, and catches Riley with a splash while he is swinging.]

JR-An innovated move by the stablemates.

King-Too bad this isn't a tag team match.

Kris Gaffney-Indeed.

[Leysh gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, he picks up Logan "Showtime" RIley, and Riley is able to rake the eyes of Leysh. Logan "Showtime" Riley hits a kick to the gut that doubles him over, and he runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. He hits a swinging neck breaker. Leysh is in a lot of pain, and then Logan "Showtime" Riley hits a few stomps on the downed Leysh, and Leysh crawls away, and he tries to get up to his feet. Logan "Showtime" Riley uses the ropes to choke Leysh. The ref yells at Riley from the outside of the ring, but can't really do anything about it. Riley runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. He leaps in the air, and he comes down on the back. Leysh falls down on the mat, and slowly he makes his way up to his feet with the help of hte orpes. He turns around in the corner. Logan "Showtime" Riley hits a few fists to the face in the corner, and then he whips him to the corner, or he would if Leysh didn't reverse the whip. Logan crashes inot the corner. Leysh charges at Riley, but it's countered with a back body drop that sends Leysh over the top rope, and on to the floor. LEYSH IS ELIMINATED!!!]

JR-Leysh made a mistake, and it cost him.

King-Considering he was set on fire a few weeks ago, I'm sure it could have been worse.

Kris Gaffney-I'm sure just as you said that, it will get worse.

[Logan "Showtime RIley gets turned around by Nostalgia, and then he hits a hard fist to the face that knocks back RIley. He whips him to the ropes. But as he bounces off of the ropes, he hooks the ropes. But Nostalgia saw this coming, he was already running towards Logan Riley, and he catches him completely off guard by hitting a clothesline over the top rope, and Logan Riley hits the floor. LOGAN RILEY IS ELIMINATED. Nostalgia hit Riley with too much momentum he has to pull himself from falling over the top rope. Casper Santaruz uses this comes from behind, lifts up Nostalgia up, and he falls over the top rope, and on to the floor. NOSTALGIA IS ELIMINATED, CASPER SANTURAZ WINS!!]

JR-What an amazing upset.

King-Nostalgia really wanted that win over his rival stable that he forgot all about Casper

(The ref's push back Nostalgia, and Logan Riley as their both on the outside of the ring. Shockwave goes off the air.)