EMF: Shockwave

JR - This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Sirius Jericho!!! (crowd cheers *****)

[Sirius Jericho comes in looking serious, glares down the ref SERIOUS, and the ref runs under the ring in fear. ]

JR - and his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Edge!!! (crowd cheers ****)

[Edge walks to the ring. Earl Hebner is the referee for this contest. Sirius Jericho drops Edge with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat. Sirius Jericho gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from Edge. (ding, ding, ding) Sirius Jericho punches Edge in the head. Edge tackles Sirius Jericho. Sirius Jericho gets hit with the shooting star press from Edge. The ref starts the count. ...1 ...2 Sirius Jericho kicks out. Sirius Jericho climbs to his feet. Edge kicks Sirius Jericho in the head. Sirius Jericho stands up. Sirius Jericho goes for a split legged moonsault but Edge dodges the attack. Sirius Jericho sends Edge to ringside. Earl Hebner starts the count (.1) Edge hits Sirius Jericho with the belly-to-belly suplex. Edge gets up. (..2) (...3) Edge jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Sirius Jericho. Edge stands up. (....4) Edge goes off the top and hits a flying sitdown splash on Sirius Jericho. Edge is up again. Sirius Jericho stands up. Sirius Jericho trys for a sidewalk slam but Edge avoids it. (.....5) Japanese armdrag take down from Edge send Sirius Jericho to the floor. (......6) Sirius Jericho is back on his feet. (.......7) Sirius Jericho and Edge move back into the ring. Edge get nailed with a double axhandle chop from Sirius Jericho. Edge gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Sirius Jericho. Sirius Jericho fist drops Edge on the mat. ]

JR - fist drop!

[Sirius Jericho moves back to his feet. Edge stands up. Edge reverse DDT's Sirius Jericho's head into the mat. ]

JR - Edge's momma would be proud!

[Sirius Jericho gets up. Sirius Jericho hits a koppo kick on Edge. Now Edge standing. Sirius Jericho gets up off the ground and Edge hits him with a flying dropkick. Edge moves back to his feet. Sirius Jericho climbs to his feet. Edge spins aroround Sirius Jericho's back and DDT's him into the mat. Edge climbs to his feet. Edge hits the handspring moonsault on Sirius Jericho. Spinning neck-breaker from Edge takes Sirius Jericho down. Sirius Jericho climbs to his feet. Edge with the Flying Elbowdrop on Sirius Jericho! Edge waits for Sirius Jericho to get up. Edge runs, and he connects with the spear on Sirius Jericho!! Jericho is down. Edge makes the cover on Sirius Jericho. Referee Earl Hebner makes the count. ...1 ...2 ...3

JR - The winner of this match, Edge!!!

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen.)

(We open up to the darken arena in San Antonio. Pyrotechnics rain down from the Shockwave set, and hit the stage crashing everytime it hits the set. The light turn on, and fans stand, and wave their signs. The camera sweeps around the crowd.)

JR-We are coming off a very event Cold Day in Hell. Tonight the EMF comes to you live from the home of the Spurs. Welcome to Saturday Shockwave. I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross standing by with Jerry “the King” Lawler, and Kris “KG” Gaffney. We have a great show for you lined up headlined by the Rock, the former IC champion taking on Angelus Archer.

King-I remember when I use to talk about the main event, but yeah JR. The Rock is looking to bounce back after a upset by Kenny Omegrape, and Angelus being involved with the world championship match should make this match interesting.

Kris Gaffney-Zack Ryder is hoping that everyone survives!

(“X gonna give it to you” blasts on the PA system. Wade Wilson walks out on the stage very slowly, he clearly has an annoyed look on his face as he slides into the ring.)

King-Good thing Wade doesn’t wear a mask.

Kris Gaffney-He really finds the name Francis amusing.

King-As do we all.

JR-The new comer should have a hell of a test that’s for sure.)

("I've Paid... My...Dues!" echoes through the arena. Francis comes out full of energy before quickly stopping by the top of the ramp taking a deep breath, raising his arms and then taking his hands near his chest in a prayer like pose. He raises his gaze into the ring and breaks away from the pose as he starts running down the ramp high fiving the fans and celebrating. As he approaches the ring apron he gets up and uses the top rope to gain momentum and jump over into the ring. As he rolls over the first rope into the middle of the ring, he does his traditional prayer pose marking his arrival to his sacred space.)

Announcer: This contest is a hardcore match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Madeira, Portugal. He stands 180cm weighing in at 85kg. He is The Living Legend, FRANCIS COSMOS!

JR-Most newbie’s start out with the TV championship…I’m not sure if a champion has ever come to them though.

King-Francis is the new Wes, I guess.

Kris Gaffney-At least to Wade.

[Francis stands in the middle of the ring, he puts his hands out, and says “what’s my name”. Wade Wilson’s eyes grow, he kicks Francis kicks him in the gut that doubles him over, and he brings him over to the corner, and he smashes Francis’ head into the turnbuckle saying “FRANCIS!!”” everytime that he hits his head into the turnbuckle. He turns around Francis Comos, and he hits a few knife edge chops to the chest, and he tries to whip him to the opposite side of the ring, but it’s reversed by Francis Comos. Wade Wilson crashes hard into the corner opposite of where they just were. Francis Comos charges into the corner where Wade Wilson is, and he hits a boot to the face that makes Francis Cosmos stumble backwards. Wade Wilson climbs up to the second rope, and he jumps off of the second turnbuckle, and he connects with a flying double handed face crusher. Francis’ head bounces off of the mat. The Living Legend is on his hands, and knee’s. Wade Wilson backs up, and he hits a kick to the ribs, and he rolls away in a lot of pain. Francis Comos gets picked up by his hair, and he picks him up, and he drops him with a scoop slam driver into a pin attempt. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2…KICK OUT by Francis Comos. Wade Wilson starts to hit a few mounted fists to the face that stuns him. Wade Wilson gets warned by the ref to back away.]

JR-Wade Wilson needs to watch out, or he might get DQed.

King-Guess there is something about this opponent that really angers him.

Kris Gaffney-I probably shouldn’t tell him that I once employed a point guard named Steve Francis.

King-Probably a good idea.

[Wade Wilson waits for Francis Comos to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, he hits a kick to the gut. He hooks him, he goes for the Dead Pool, but Francis Comos is able to counter with lifting him up, he drops him with a whiplash spine buster. With the impact Francis Comos falls back on the ropes. This allows Francis the time to rest up. Wade Wilson makes his way to his knee’s, and Francis Comos seeing this acts quickly, and he connects with a shining wizard. Wade Wilson drops down on the mat. Francis Comos takes the time to rest up, and consider his next move.]

JR-Francis Comos might have a chance here.

King-Maybe he weathered the storm.

Kris Gaffney-I kind of doubt it, but we’ll see

[Wade Wilson gets picked up by Francis, he gets pused away, and he kicks him in the face. He is dazed, Wade Wilson kicks him in the gut. Double Under hooks him, and drops him with the Dead Pool. He pushes him on his back. Wade goes into the cover on Francis. The ref counts 1………….2……….3!!]

JR-Wade Wilson gets the win here.

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage with his web camera. He takes footage for his web show. He enters the ring, and waits for his opponent.)

JR-Ryder wasn’t able to get the TV championship, tonight he has a chance to get on the right track.

King-He is facing a new comer, he’s going to want to make a name for himself.

Kris Gaffney-Guess we’ll see who takes advantage of this situation.

JR-Matt Falcon has been impressive since coming to the EMF.

King-He’s had a few stumbles, but we’ll see what he can do against a proven EMF veteran like Zack Ryder.

[Zack Ryder is standing in his corner, and he is getting the crowd pumped up. Matt Falcon doesn’t seem to like this at all, he runs towards Zack Ryder, Ryder ducks out of the way, Matt Falcon hits his head, and he stumbles backwards. Zack Ryder school boy’s Matt Falon. The ref dives into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..KICK OUT by Matt Falcon. Matt Falcon is slow to get up to his feet. Zack Ryder gets under Matt Falcon, and he hits a northern lights suplex release that sends Matt Falcon flying, and he hits hard into the mat. Slowly he gets up to his feet holding his back. Zack Ryder hits a fist to the face, and then another, and then another one. Zack Ryder whips Matt Falcon to the ropes. Matt Falcon bounces off of the ropes. Zack Ryder jumps in the air, he connects with a drop kick that puts him down on the mat. Matt Falcon is down on the mat, and this time he stays down on the mat. Zack Ryder hits a few stomps on the downed Matt Falcon. He backs up into the ropes, and he this the ropes, he jumps in the air, and he connects with a diving double elbow to the face of Matt Falcon. Zack Ryder, and he signals to the crowd that he believes that he can end this match right here, and now. He waits for Matt Falcon to get up to his feet, he goes for the Rough Ryder. Matt Falcon ducks under his leg. Matt Falcon runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes. Matt Falcon and Zack Ryder hit heads.]

JR-What a collision by both competitors.

King-That might have been a lucky break for Falcon.

Kris Gaffney-I’m sure Matt doesn’t view it like that.

[Both wrestlers are slow to get up to their feet. Matt Falcon hits a reverse jaw breaker on Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder falls back to the ropes holding himself up with one hand on the ropes, and holding his jaw. Zack Ryder takes a wild swing to the face seemly not pleased that Matt Falcon hit that last move. Matt Falcon ducks under, throws him over his head, and drops him with the german suplex!!]

JR-The german suplex connects.

King-Quick, Ryder…goes for your finisher…actually…don’t do that.

Kris Gaffney-Good call.

[Zack Ryder gets pulled up by his hair, Matt Falcon lifts Zack Ryder on his shoulders. Zack Ryder slides out of the back. Matt Falcon turns and he gets hit with the Rough Ryder!! Matt Falcon seems down for the count. Zack Ryder goes into the cover on Matt Falcon. The ref counts 1…………2………..3!!]

JR-Ryder wins with the Rough Ryder.

King-I knew it was a good suggestion!

(“Game On” blasts on the PA system. Tony Ikeda walks out on the stage, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Tony Ikeda had a very interesting Cold Day in Hell.

King-That’s a bit of an understatement.

Kris Gaffney-A monster did that, now this week he faces a giant.

(“Crack It Up” blasts on the PA system. Pryotechincs shoot up from the stage, The Big Show walks out on the stage. He stares down Tony Ikeda, he steps inside of the ring, he holds up his hand to the crowd.)

JR-I can’t start to stress what a battle this will be.

King-The immovable object…vs….the undying force?

Kris Gaffney-He’s old, HA!

[Tony Ikeda locks up with the Big Show, The Big Show of course throws Tony Ikeda across the ring. Tony Ikeda stares down the Big Show. Tony Ikeda tries it again, and he locks up on the Big Show. The Big Show this time pushes him back to the corner. Big Show runs towards the corner. The Big Show goes for a splash, Tony Ikeda is able to dodge it. Big Show hits into the corner, and he stumble sout of the corner. Tony Ikeda runs to the corner. Tony Ikeda bounces off of the ropes. The Big Show goes for a big boot to the head, Tony Ikeda ducks under, and he runs to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes. He jumps in the air, and he goes for a cross body block. But the Big Show is able to catch Tony Ikeda, and he drops him with a rib breaker. Tony Ikeda yells as he rolls around in pain. The Big Show picks him up by his hair, and he hauls him into the corner, and he crashes into the corner. The Big Show makes sure that Tony Ikeda doesn’t get out of the corner this time, and he brings down a massive hand on Tony Ikeda’s chest after telling the crowd to be quiet. Tony Ikeda is seen to be in a lot of pain. The Big Show brings him out of the corner, he whips him to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes, and he throws him in the air, and he comes down on the mat he crashes dwon on the mat. The Big Show hits a thurst kick to the face as Tony Ikeda is on his knee’s. The Big Show goes into the cover on Tony Ikeda. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……..2…KICK OUT by Tony Ikeda!!]

JR-Tony Ikeda kicks out.

King-How long can he kick out?

Kris Gaffney-Well, he hasn’t quit on life, so probably is going to take quiet a bit.

[Tony Ikeda gets picked up by the Big Show, and he puts him into a power bomb, he lifts him up, and drops him for a reverse power bomb also known as the Alley Oop. The Big Show gets up. He yells as he holds up his arm. He waits for Tony Ikeda to get up to his feet, the Big Show gets impatient, and grabs Tony around the throat, and lifts him up to his feet. He lifts him up, but Tony Ikeda is able to get out of the grasp of the Big Show. Tony Ikeda hooks the Big Show, and drops him with a DDT!!] JR-This might be Tony Ikeda’s chance. King-I think there is a problem JR. [Tony Ikeda calls for the Full Nelson suplex Big Show gets up, and Tony Ikeda locks him up for the full nelson. Big Show powers out of it with a snapmare. Tony Ikeda gets up, and walks right into the WMD. Tony crumples to the ground. Big Show goes into the cover on Tony Ikeda. The ref goes into position. The ref counts 1………….2………..3!!]

JR-Big Show’s power came into play, and led to his victory.

The Duck Song blasts over the loud speakers as Paul Heymango steps out from the back.) Paul Heymango: Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heymango and I am the advocate for the best damn stable this company has ever seen, The Melon Club. I am introducing one member today and he is accompanied by Walter Melon!)

(Walter steps from the back wearing a custom watermelon suit with watermelon pinstripes on it. He stands beside Paul Heymango as he bites into a banana without peeling it.)

Paul Hemango: And introducing the member fighting. He stands at six feet flat, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds of pure grapejuice. He is a servant to the Melon God’s and the new Extreme Measures Intercontinental Champion! Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you KENNY OMEGRAPE!

(Kenny Omegrape walks out from the back. He stands beside Paul Heymango and Walter Melon. He taps his belt and they all walk down to the ring.)

JR: Biggest victory of Kenny’s career at A Cold Day In Hell when he became the IC champion. He’s going to need every bit of that momentum this week facing off with The Wretched Nobody.

King: Not sure if the Melon God’s will be enough in this one.

KG: Whatever they want to happen, will and don’t you worry about that.

(Arena lights go black as Lux Aeterna (Tenebrosi Stellata Version) "Eternal Light Dark Star" hits and Wretched walks out holding a candle.)

Her Dark Star hails from The Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Salem Massachusetts and at Six Foot Eleven inches tall – at Four Hundred and Twenty Pounds he is… THE WRETCHED NOBODY!

(Nobody blows the candle out and the arena lights rise again. He slithers under the bottom rope and slides back sitting in the corner. Nobody reaches for the top rope and pulls himself back to his feet. He rolls his neck and glares hard at the floor as he rocks side to side in his corner – gently tapping together the tips of his fingers seeming intent on hearing the sweet release of the bell ringing.)

JR: I’ve got to admit, this is one scary individual.

KG: If you’ve noticed Kenny and the Melon Club are fearless Jr.

King: Yea, I’d be fearless too if I got to spend time with Melonia!

(Grace Brutal whispers something to The Wretched Nobody as she slides out of the ring. Walter holds Kenny’s IC championship belt as he also leaves the bell and the ref calls for the match.)


(Wretched Nobody stands motionless in his corner, Kenny put’s his hand out and Walter tosses him a grape. After Kenny eats the grape he charges Nobody and once close enough Omegrape hits him with a clothesline and Nobody barely budges. Omegrape throws a right hand to Nobody’s face and a left hook to Nobody’s body, but all seemingly un-fazing him. As Omegrape attempts to throw another punch, Wretched grabs him by the throat, turns and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Once Omegrape smacks into the corner Nobody throws a hard uppercut which sends Omegrape into the the air and falling over the top rope to the outside of the ring. On the outside Omegrape begins pawing at his face and stumbles to his feet. Omegrape begins walking around the ring shaking his head. Nobody runs to the opposite side of the ring, bounces off of the ropes and on the return he dives through the middle rope smashing right into Omegrape which sends him flying into the barricade and causes him to flip right over into the crowd.)

Ref: ONE!

(Nobody back to his feet, he walks over to the barricade, reaches over grabbing Omegrape by the head and pulling him to his feet.)

Ref: TWO!

(Again, Nobody grabs Omegrape by the neck with two hands, Nobody lifts him up and rips him out from the crowd tossing him hard towards the ring, Omegrape’s back cracks intot he side of the ring and he drops hard to the ground.)


(Nobody picks Omegrape up, he walks him towards the steel steps, he wraps his palm around the back of Omegrape’s neck and lifts him up with a reverse chokeslam directly on top of the steel steps. Omegrape holding his face, rolls down the steps. Grace Brute with a sadistic smile on her face.)

Ref: FOUR!

Jr: BAH GAWD! Wretched Nobody is manhandling Kenny Omegrape. We’ve never seen anybody do this to Kenny.

KG: Melon God’s must like him.

King: I’m disappointed Melonia isn’t out here, this match would be much different if she were.

(From the ground, Nobody grabs Omegrape with two hands and easily lifts him up over his head in a gorilla press slam, turns and with ease tosses Omegrape over the top rope back into the ring. The ref goes to check on Omegrape, as he does this Omegrape steps over the top rope, Walter climbs the ring apron, runs over and smashes the IC title into the back of Wretched. Nobody barely stumbles, he turns and uppercuts Walter off the ring apron which causes him to fall and drop to the ground, as Nobody is watching Walter, Kenny gets back to his feet, he runs over, leaps up and hits Nobody with a dropkick to the back of the knee which causes him to fall down to one knee. Nobody now on one knee and one hand holding the top rope, Omegrape back to his feet throws a hard superkick to the jaw of Nobody which causes him to spin around. Nobody attempting to stand up as Omegrape runs to the rope, bounces off and on the return leaps up and hits Nobody with a hard dropkick straight to the face which pushes him into the turnbuckle. Omegrape backs up, runs forward, leaps up onto the middle rope, springboards into the air wrapping up Nobody’s neck on the way down and drops him down with a hard DDT. Wasting no time Omegrape climbs the turnbuckle, once on top Nobody is already climbing back to his feet, Omegrape walks the top rope, springboards off smashing both knees into Nobody’s face and stays on top for the cover.)

Ref: ONE!... (KICKOUT!)

Jr: How in the hell is Kenny going to finish this monster?

KG: Ask the Melon God’s Jr.

King: He could do it with melonia here, WALTER GO GET MELONIA!

(When Nobody kicked out he tossed Omegrape into the air off of him. As Nobody is climbing to his feet, Kenny rushes into the side of the ropes, on the return he attempts a Running Double Knee Strike, which Kenny calls TONY JAMBA JUICE! But, Nobody stops the momentum of Kenny by tossing him high into the air, and on the way down smashes his knee into Kenny’s face. Kenny groggy, attempting to climb to his feet, Nobody backs up and runs forward hitting Omegrape with SHOCK THERAPY! This causes Omegrape to spin and hit his chest on the top rope and as he bounces of Nobody grabs ahold of him and nails him with LOBOTOMY! Before he can go for a cover Walter Melon slides into the ring. Before he even get’s to his feet Nobody rushes him and once Walter stands up Nobody hit’s him with a clothesline which sends Walter flipping over the top rope. Paul Heymango helps Walter back, Nobody climbs out of the ring, Walter tosses a grape at him and right as the grape hits him in the face, Nobody lunges forward smashing Walter in the face with TREPHINATION! Heymango gets down to his knees to aid to Walter. Nobody stares him down and then climbs back in the ring. Omegrape still motionless and Nobody goes in for the cover.)


JR: SO CLOSE! I think Wretched Nobody had this match won if it wasn’t for Walter.

KG: You mean if it wasn’t for the Melon Gods?

King: That’s what partners are for!

(As Nobody stands back to his feet, he reaches down to grab Omegrape, groggy as ever, Walter Melon climbs the turnbuckle and begins shouting at Wretched Nobody. Nobody lets go of Omegrape and Omegrape falls back to the ground. As Nobody walks towards Walter, the ref steps between them, he has a chair. Kenny Omegrape hits a drop kick that goes into the face of The Wretched Nobody. The ref calls for the bell. The Wretched Nobody wins via DQ. Kenny goes for another shot. The Wretched Nobody kicks it back in his face. The Wretched Nobody grabs Kenny around the the throat, he lifts him up, and drops him with a choke slam!!


Announcer: And here is your winner by disqualification, THE WRETCHED NOBODY!

Jr: That guy is a force to be reckon with.

KG: We will see if the Melon God’s allow his success to continue.

King: Who really won? Omegrape get’s to go backstage and get his boo boos kissed by Melonia and that’s a win in my book!

(Walter slides into the ring as Nobody slithers out. Nobody and Grace make their way backstage without a celebration, Grace noticeably excited by the display of dominance by Nobody. Walter helps Omegrape to his feet and the Melon Club make their way to the back.)

(“The Duck Song” Blasts over the loud speakers and out walks Paul Heymango and a mic in hand. He stands on top of the stage.)

Paul Heymango: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heymango and I am the advocate for the greatest stable in Extreme Measures history. Introducing the champ, standing at 5'11” weighing in at 218 lbs. He is APPLE JUICE STYLES!

(Out walks Apple Juice from the back, Walter Melon beside him. He finishes his last sip of apple cider vinegar and tosses the last bit of it out into the crowd. He has one half of the tag team championship around his waist. They both begin their walk to the ring, but Apple Juice motions for Paul Heymango to go back to the locker room, Heymango listens and AJ continues to the ring with Walter.)

Jr: Apple Juice being the fresher man with no match at a Cold Day In Hell.

King: What the hell? Why have I not seen Melonia?

KG: He and the Melon Gods got to watch the Melon Club retain one title and gain another. Greatness I tell you.

(“Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang blasts over the EMF loud speakers. First out from the back is Wade Wilson. He has both TV champion and one half of the tag team champions both strapped over one another as he skips out with palm palms in his hand. He has a mic strapped over his ear that comes around to his mouth.)


(Wade Wilson begins shaking the palm palm’s as Logan Riley steps out from the curtain’s, he taps his shoulder there is nothing due to Apple Juice stealing the belt. He looks at Wade and shakes his head, but can’t help but laugh. He stops atop of the ramp and holds his fist in the air before he begins his walk to the ring.)

Wade: It’s me, it’s me, the M-E-R-C. Rolling once again with that R-I-L-E-Y!

(Wade run’s and slides into the ring, Logan Riley walks up the steps, steps over the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle holding his fist once again in the air. Wade rubs the palm palms over his belts and begins humping the air.)

Jr: After A Cold Day In Hell, there is no way Logan Riley is 100%, but you can bet he's going to give it his all.

KG: If the Melon Gods let him.

King: Logy-Bear? What's going on, we need Resurrected 1 back to take these tag team titles.

Wade: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS! WE ABOUT TO KICK THAT SHITTY! Now, let’s see if we can make some noise up in this!.... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Off Constantly proudly brings to you, it’s EMF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOORLD! THE MERC WITH A MOUTH, WADE WILSON. THE BAD ASS LOGAN RILEY, OFF CONSTANTLY! And the one representing us in this match, standing 5’10”, weighing 255 of pure adorableness. He is one half tag team champion, none other than the Bad Ass himself, LOGAN RILEY!

(Logan taps his empty shoulder as he points at the belt AJ styles stole from him. Wade walks up to Riley then the two bump forearms and Wade goes to give Logan a kiss but is pushed away. AJ hands Walter the title he stole and Walter slips a grape into his mouth. Both Walter and Wade exit the ring so the match can begin.)


(Wasting no time, AJ rushes Logan, he leaps in the air attempting to hit Logan with a forearm to the face, but Logan is able to catch him and toss AJ hard into the turnbuckle. As AJ's back bounces off, Riley kicks his gut, hooks his head and drops him with a hard DDT. Logan spins, puts one leg over AJ in a mount position, grabs AJ by the back of the head with his left hand and begins to viciously rain down elbows to his face cutting AJ wide open right under the eye. Finally, Logan stops and smashes AJ's head to the ground as Logan stands up, pulling AJ up with him. Once up, Logan grabs AJ's arm and attempts to whip him into the ropes, AJ tries to reverse but Logan pulls him in towards him, Logan ducks down and lifts AJ up over his shoulders, Logan then tosses AJ into the air and as he comes down Logan smashes his knee into AJ's face which causes blood to splatter. Logan falls in for the cover.)

Ref: ONE!... TWO! (KICKOUT!)

JR: Bah gawd! Look at the blood!

KG: That isn't blood you moron, it's Apple Cider Vinegar.

King: That would never happen to Melonia.

(Logan back to his feet, lifts AJ and whips him into the ropes. On the return, AJ ducks under a hard clothesline from Logan and AJ continues to the next ropes and leaps up springboards off straight at Logan and AJ connects with a kick to Logan's face which causes Logan to stumble back and fall out of the ring. AJ goes to go forward and follow, but the ref turns to stop him. As the ref does this, Walter rushes forward and knocks Logan in the head with his Tag Team championship causing Logan to drop to the ground. Walter backs away before the ref sees, Wade begins running around the ring, ref begins his count.)

Ref: ONE!

(Wade spins Walter, whips him into the barricade, runs and clotheslines him so hard they both crash over the top.)

Ref: TWO!

(Wade gets up, leaps back over as Logan begins struggling to stand pawing at his head leaving a bit of blood in his palm.)


(Wade walks over and helps Logan up. Once Logan is standing AJ inside the ring wipes blood from his face, flicks it to the ground, sprints to the opposite side of the ring.)

Ref: FOUR!

(AJ on the return leaps clean over the top rope flipping and Wade pushes Logan out of the way which causes AJ to come crashing hard into Wade.)

Ref: ONE!

(AJ quickly back to his feet, taunts Wade and as he turns around he is met with a hard clothesline from Logan that causes AJ to do a flip in the air and crash down to the ground.)

Ref: TWO!

(Riley lifts AJ to his feet, whips him into the barricade right as Walter is climbing back over. Both men leaning against the barricade for support, Riley rushes and spears the two so hard the barricade breaks and they roll into the crowd.)


(Riley stands, wipes his face and grabs AJ's leg and begins to drag him towards the ring. Riley lifts up AJ hoists AJ up over his shoulder so AJ's face faces forward. Riley rushes the corner of the ring and slams AJ's face hard into the ring post which sends an echo through the stadium and AJ drops to the ground holding his face as blood begins pouring out.)

Ref: FOUR!

Jr: Logan Riley is taking the fight to the Melon Club!

KG: But, he cant beat the Gods themselves!

King: Why does his blood smell like apples?

(Riley smirking as he stalks the downed AJ. He lifts him up and slides him into the ring. Riley slides in and throw his arm over AJ.)


Jr: Somehow Apple Juice was able to kick out!

KG: Somehow? You mean because of the Melon Gods?

King: There is still time for Melonia to come out, you guys shut up!

(Riley stands up, he stands over AJ, bends down grabbing AJ's head and begins to lift him to his feet. With two hands Riley holds AJ by the throat, spins around and tosses AJ in the air halfway across the ring. This causes AJ to drop and roll catching himself on the bottom of the ropes. AJ lays on the outside of the ring, Riley walks over, AJ attempting to pull himself to his feet, once Riley is close enough he attempts to reach down over the ropes to grab AJ, but AJ leaps up and kicks Riley in the side of the head causing Riley to stumble back. AJ pulls himself to his feet, grabs the top rope, leaps up putting both feet on the top rope, springboards himself into the air and on the way down smashes his elbow hard into Riley's face. AJ rolls and gets back to his feet. He rushes over to the turnbuckle and climbs up. Before jumping he wipes blood from his eyes and then leaps off connecting with A SPLASH OF JUICE! AJ stays on top for the cover.)


Jr: What a show of toughness by our World Champion!

King: Watch out, I bet an Ashley Irvine sighting will take place soon.

KG: Thess Melon Gods are giving Riley hope before they rip it from him!

(On the outside Walter Melon is in shock, as AJ begins slapping the mat and looking at the ref in confusion. AJ stands up, backs the ref into the corner as he yells and slaps his hands. From outside the ring Walter whips a grape that pegs the ref in the forehead and bounces off which AJ is able to catch in his mouth and eat. The ref scolds Walter and gives him a final warning. As the ref does this, AJ lifts Logan's legs and stomps him right in the nuts. Outside the ring Wade grabs his own groin area and falls to the ground as if he just got hit there. Riley begins rolling in pain, AJ backs up, jumps forward with a soccer kick right to the ribcage of Logan Riley and then quickly leaps in the air and comes down with an elbow to the gut. AJ hooks Riley's leg.)

Ref: ONE!... TWO!... THHH (KICKOUT!)

(AJ doesn't look happy as he gets to his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle again and taunts the crowd as he leaps off once again attempting A SPLASH OF JUICE! But right as he begins to come down Riley rolls out of the way and AJ crashes into the mat. Both men now down.)

Ref: ONE!... TWO!....

(They begin moving, Riley inches to the ropes. He uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Once up, he stumbles forward towards AJ. AJ shoots up smashing his elbow into the ribs of Riley, he attempts to throw a hard hook that riley is able to block. Riley then throws a kick to the gut of AJ, picks him up in a powerbomb position, runs forward and slams AJ down into the turnbuckle and as AJ stumbles forward he is smashed with a Europeon uppercut concluding BROADWAY! Riley begins to taunt as he sets up for FINAL ACT! As he does this, Walter slides into the ring. As Walter rushes Riley out of nowhere Wade Wilson leaps off of the ropes with a springboard ASSASINS FLIGHT! right onto Walter as he attempted BANANA SPLIT! on Riley, this causes both Walter and Wade to crash and roll out of the ring. As AJ stands Riley connects with the FINAL ACT! And goes for the cover.)

Ref: ONE!... TWO!... THREE!


Announcer: And here is your winner, LOGAN RILEY!

Jr: Wow, what a hectic match and Logan Riley was able to pull through!

KG: He can thank the Melon Gods.

King: What, again not Melonia? This is terrible!

(As Riley stands up he wipes his face of blood. Wade heads over to grab Logan's title and as he does this the stadium lights go black, when they return on Angelus Archer stands behind Riley. Wade shouts "WATCH OUT!" But it's too late as Riley turns around he is met with THE SLAIN! As Wade slides into the ring the lights again go out and when back on Archer is gone, Riley bloodied in the center of the ring and Wade pretending to cry shouting "WHY!". Apple Jiuice and Walter help each other walk as Apple Juice again steals Rileys half of the tag team titles and shockwave cuts for a commercial break.)

(“If you smell” blasts on the PA system. The Rock walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-The Rock is looking to bounce back after losing the IC championship.

King-According to Zack Ryder he should be worried about surviving.

Kris Gaffney-Aren’t we all…

(“Down with the sickness” blasts on the PA system. Angelus Archer walks out on the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Angelus Archer has come back to the EMF with a vengeance.

King-Not that he ever not comes back with anything less.

Kris Gaffney-He does love getting even…

[Angelus Archer and The Rock stand in the middle of the ring. They talk trash as the bell rings. Angelus Archer, and the Rock throw fists to the face, neither wrestler gets the advantage. The Rock is able to duck under one of the first. Angelus Archer turns around. The Rock hooks Angelus Archer, and he goes for the Rock Bottom, but Angelus Archer counters with a few elbows to the side of the head. This stumbles the Rock. The Rock is stunned,Angelus Archer runs towards the Rock, The Rock side steps Angelus Archer, Angelus Archer throws him into the corner, and he stumbles out of the corner backwards, he hooks him, and he drops him with a Russian leg sweep that puts him down on the mat. The Rock hits a few of his pattern stomps on Angelus Archer. Angelus Archer fights up to his feet, the Rock pushes back Angelus Archer, and attempts to whip him to the ropes, but it’s reversed by Angelus Archer. The Rock bounces off of the ropes. Angelus Archer goes for a super kick, but the Rock is able to duck under it, and the Rock hits the ropes on the other side of the ropes. He jumps in the air, he connects with a flying clothesline that knocks down Angelus Archer. Angelus Archer goes down on the mat, and he slowly gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. The Rock kicks him in the gut, and he plants him down with a DDT. The Rock quickly goes into the cover on Angelus Archer. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2..KICK OUT by Angelus Archer. The Rock stares dwon the ref, but he doesn’t complain, he instead he gets ready for the Rock Bottom.]

JR-The Rock is getting ready to go for the Rock Bottom.

King-Angelus sure didn’t expect this match to go this way.

Kris Gaffney-If he doesn’t win, he just might kill another Amy….

*Kris looks to the side. Ashley Irvine has a large froze smile*

Ashley Irvine-What Mr. Kris?

Kris Gaffney-Ugh…nothing…

[The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but angelus Archer counters with an arm drag. The Rock goes flying, and Angelus Archer hooks him, and he hits a swinging inverted Russian leg sweep that puts down the Rock. Angelus Archer takes a few moments to rest up, and he watches as the Rock pulls himself up to his feet. Angelus Archer hits a few forearm shots to the face that makes him fall back into the ropes. He sets him up, and he whips him to the ropes. He bounces off of the ropes. Angelus Archer jumps up, and he connects with a spinning wheel kick.]

JR-Angelus Archer makes a come back.

King-Should all pets be pleased this happened?

Kris Gaffney-Maybe..

[Angelus Archer waits for the Rock to get up to his feet. The Rock is slow to get up to his feet, he poses to the crowd, but still the Rock is down. Angelus Archer goes over to the Rock, the Rock hooks Angelus Archer for a small package pinning combination. The ref counts 1………..2…………3!!]

JR-The Rock wins it!!

King-I think he suckered Angelus in there.

(The Rock rolls out of the ring, as Angelus tries to attack the Rock, but he’s out of the ring. Angelus paces around the ring as Shockwave goes off the air.)