EMF: Shockwave

Jerry Lawler - This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 225 pounds,, Robot!!! (crowd cheers ****)

[Robot comes to the ring. ]

Jerry Lawler - and his opponent, weighing in at 262 pounds, from Burger King, Booker King!!!

[("Hail Booker King" blasts on the PA system. Booker King walks on the stage yelling "HAIL BOOKER KING". He calls everyone in the crowd rogues for disagreeing with him. He steps inside of the ring, and waits for his opponent. Robot checks his boots. Booker King walks around the ring. (the bell rings) Robot does a cartwheel and kicks Booker King in the face. Booker King gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Robot. Booker King gets elbowed to his midsection by Booker King. ]

Kris "KG" Gaffney - elbow to midsection!

[Booker King hits Robot with the spinebuster slam. ]

Jim Ross - Good spinebuster by Booker King.

[Booker King climbs to his feet. Booker King drags Robot to the floor. Earl Hebner starts the count (.1) (..2) Booker King stomps Robot. Robot stands up. (...3) Flying Tomahawk by Robot sends Booker King down to the floor. (....4) Robot hits Booker King with an elbowdrop. Robot climbs to his feet. Booker King gets back to his feet. Robot is t-bone suplexed by Booker King. ]

Kris "KG" Gaffney - Good t-bone suplex by Booker King.

[(.....5) Booker King sets Robot up DDTs him into the floor. They fight into the aisle. (......6) (.......7) Robot and Booker King move back to ringside. Robot takes Booker King into the ring. Robot pokes Booker King in the eyes. Robot gets sidewalk slammed by Booker King. Booker King kicks Robot on the mat. Robot sets Booker King up DDTs him into the mat. Robot chants start. Robot with a falling splash on Booker King. Robot Choke Slams Booker King. Booker King looks to be out cold! Booker King gets hit with the shooting star press from Robot. Earl Hebner counts the pin. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

Kris "KG" Gaffney - Robot has won the match!

Jerry Lawler - The winner of this match, Robot!!!

(Copyright information flashes on the screen. We slowly fade into a highlight video of the Riley vs. Priest. Sanders gets involved, causing the defeat of Riley, and the world title match of Priest vs. Gunner. We get other highlights of other matches such as the Extreme title match, and the IC championship match. Finally it fades away as the announer welcomes us to Last Stand 2017. The arena in St. Louis darken. Suddenly pryotechnics blasts down on the stage. The lights turn on, and reveal a specially made Last Stand set. Fans are yelling, and waving their signs. The camera sweeps around the crowd who yell, and wave their signs.)

JR-Welcome to Last Stand, we are coming to you live from St. Lous, Missouri. Welcome to Last Stand. I'm good ol' JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Kris "KG" Gaffney.

King-Tonight we have many interesting matches.

Kris Gaffney-Including one that isn't even in this arena.

King-EMF tron watching has always gone well in wrestling, right?

Kris Gaffney-I'm sure it has.

JR-Then there is the main event of Gunner putting his title on the line against Priest.

King-He's facing a farmer...how bad can that be. Is he going to throw veggies at him?

("That's entertainment" blasts on the PA system. Logan "Showtime" RIley walks out with his barbwire bat, and bag.)

King-I'm not even going to ask what's in the bag.

Kris Gaffney-You know, you don't have to say it.

JR-This feud has gotten personal, and I think it'll only continue to be personal.

("Bad Company" blasts on the PA system as Dominic Sanders walks out on the stage, he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Sanders has a good reason to want to get some revenge.

King-Has nothing to do with the bag that Riley was bringing out, right?

Kris Gaffney-Sure hope not.

[Dominic Sanders and Logan Riley stand in the ring as the crowd is ready to start this edition of the annual Pay Per View Last Stand. Logan Riley says something about the IC championship. Dominic Sanders doesn't seem to take that well as he throws a wild fist, he ducks under. Logan Riley puts on a side head lock. Dominic Sanders looks for a way out of the hold. DOminic Sanders pushes him to the ropes, he whips him off of the hold. Logan Riley goes to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes. He DOminic Sanders is able to grab his hand, and he throws him over into an arm drag release. Logan Riley goes down on the mat, and he slowly gets up to his feet. Once he gets up to hsi feet, he is met with a running clothesline that connects on Logan Riley. Riley down on his back. He hits hard, Logan Riely is slow to get up to his feet. Dominic hits a kick to the gut, and this drives the air out of Logan Riley. DOminic Sanders hooks Logan Riley. He falls backwards right into a russian leg sweep. Being that this is early in the match Dominic Sanders knows it's going to take more time to defeat someone like Logan Riley. Riley rolls away, he ends up on the apron as he rolls under the ropes, and then he climbs up to his feet using the ropes. Logan Riley grabs a hold of the bottom rope, and he pulls himself up to his feet. Logan Riley is up dazed. Dominic Sanders runs to the ropes, and sling shots using the ropes to use his momentum to send LOgan Riley flying over the top rope into a summersault. He falls hard on the mat.]

JR-The former IC champion is in trouble here.

King-Can we blame it on Showtime?

Kris Gaffney-No...oh wait...this one we can.

[DOminic Snaders goes to the outside of the ring, he waits on the apron. He waits for Logan Riley to get up to his feet. He grabs a hold of the bottom rope, and he sling shots himself over the top rope, but as he comes flying over the top rope. Logan Riley leaps up, grabs the head, and drops him down for an ace crusher. Dominic Sanders, hits the mat, he bounces out of the ring, and on to the floor. Logan Riley has to recover after the moves he's taken thus far. After a few moments, he starts to stagger up to his feet. He turns to see the hand of Dominic Sanders appearing on the apron. Knowing his plan, he runs to the ropes, he comes off of the ropes, he slides sending his feet right into the face of Dominic Sanders with a baseball slide. Sanders stumbles backwards, and he hits the barricade, and he falls down on the mat. He holds his back in pain. Logan Riley steps to the outside of the ring. He pulls Dominic Snaders off of the arena floor, he picks him up to his feet. He scoops him up in his arms, and he drops him face first into the barricade. Dominic Sanders stumbles away, Logan Riley comes up from behind him, and he throws him hard into the steel steps which sends him back first into the steel steps with a loud crash. Sanders in a seated position next to the steps. Logan Riley considers to do more, but he realizes that the ref's 10 count has gotten up to a point where he doesn't want to risk it, he grabs Dominic Sanders, and he throws him into the ring.]

JR-Logan Riley better get back into the ring.

King-He seems like he has an idea.

Kris Gaffney-Sure hope it's not a bad one.

King-If it is, we can blame it on Showtime.

[He pulls out a bag filled with the heads of Sanders wife and kid. He slides into the ring. The ref doesn't seem to like this, he yells "no". Riley doesn't seem to care. The ref grabs a hold of the bag, the ref Riley have a tug of war. He lets go, the ref falls down on the mat. While the ref's back is turned, Riley rakes the eyes of Sanders. Sanders takes a shot in the dark, and connects with a low blow that sends Riley down on the mat without the ref seeing.]

JR-That probably wasn't intensional.

King-Or was it...

Kris Gaffney-Can you decide? *points to the screen*

[Sanders shakes off the eye rake, he goes to the outside of the ring, he climbs up to the top rope, and he drops Titletown down on Riley. Sanders goes into the cover on Riley. The ref crawls into the cover being stunned. The ref counts 1..............2..............3!!]

JR-Sanders gets the victory.

King-Let's hope he doesn't decide to bring down the arena to prove a point.

("Smile" blasts on the PA system. Justin Fisher see's a sign that says "don't fear SJW, fear scienotology". Justin Fisher gets in the ring.)

JR-Fisher has had an eventful return.

King-This match is probably going to be no different.

Kris Gaffney-Sure there are many more to come also.

("The Leaving Song Pt. 1" blasts on the PA system. Tommy Cruise walks out on the stage followed by . He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Tommy Cruise is looking to bounce back after an unsuccessful debut match.

King-He could have gotten over that had you not mentioned it on the PPV...the match that people will remember.

Kris Gaffney-Sure that doesn't make Cruise happy.

[Justin Fisher paces around the ring. He runs at Tommy Cruise, he starts to hammer away on Tommy Cruise with forearm shots to the back of the head. Tommy Cruise takes the beating, then he pushes him back. Justin Fisher stumbles backwards. He mocks Tommy Cruise, Cruise doesn't like it one bit. He runs at Justin Fisher to get revenge, but Fisher is able to counter this by dropping down, hooking the leg for a drop toe hold that sends Tommy Cruise throat first on to the second rope. Justin Fisher motions to the crowd to build up. He runs to the ropes. He comes off of the ropes, and he slides out of the ring, he hits a punch to the face that makes Tommy Cruise fall into the ring, he holds his face. Justin Fisher climbs up on the apron. He walks to the nearest turnbuckle, and he climbs up to the top rope. He steady's himself up on the top turnbuckle as he measures up on Tommy Cruise. Tommy Cruise stumbles up to his feet, and he is holding his throat. Justin Fisher leaps off of the top rope, he has his hands brought together, and he brings down a double axe handle on the head of Tommy Cruise that puts down Tommy Cruise. Justin Fisher goes into a lateral pin. The ref goes into a pin. The ref counts the 1...........2...KICK OUT by Tommy Cruise. Justin Fisher stares down the ref.]

JR-Justin Fisher is starting quickly.

King-Wonder what Scott Kincaid would think of this?

Kris Gaffney-Probably thinking he needs to return to form a new tag team.

[Justin Fisher has Tommy Cruise in a chin lock, which Tommy Cruise is fighting up from. Tommy Cruise hits a elbow to the stomach area that Fisher doubles over, but does not let go of the hold. Cruise hits another one, which loosens the hold enough for Tommy Cruise to go to the side of Justin Fisher, he lifts him up, and he drops him down with a belly to back suplext. Both wrestlers are down. The ref starts his standing ten count 1.................2.............3..............4..........both wrestlers are struggling up to their feet............5......................6....................7......Justin Fisher is able to get up to his feet. Foolishly he runs at Tommy Cruise. Cruise puts him down with a front spine buster. Tommy Cruise gets up, he staggers, and he grabs a hold of the ropes to make sure that he doesn't fall down. Tommy Cruise takes a few moments to rest up. Fisher is slow to get up. Tommy Cruise comes off of the ropes, and he connects with a running shoulder block that puts down Justin FIsher. Tommy Cruise grabs Fisher by the hair, he puts his head over the side of him, lifts him up, and he drops him for a back breaker. Justin Fisher rolls on the mat in pain. Fisher gets up in the corner. Tommy Cruise runs into the corner, he jumps up in the air, and connects with a flying splash in teh corner. TOmmy Cruise throws Fisher down on the mat as he rolls away trying to cause separation.]

JR-Tommy Cruise needs to press this advantage.

King-Or else things might not work out for him like last week.

Kris Gaffney-That is true.

[Tommy Cruise stands back as Fisher pulls himself up, but Cruise see's he's doubled over. Cruise runs, hooks, leaps, flipping in the air, and bringing him down for the flipping piledriver known as his finisher "your finished". Fisher looks unconscious. Tommy Cruise goes into the cover on Fisher without hooking the leg. The ref goes into pinning position. The ref ocunts 1..........2.......3!!]

JR-Tommy Cruise gets back on the right track by defeating a long time EMF veteran in Justin Fisher.

("Keith ANderson's theme" blasts on the PA system. Keith Anderson walks out on the stage. He continues to the ring, and he slides in the ring.)

JR-Here comes one half of the tag team champions.

King-Think he'll beat Jake Stone?

Kris Gaffney-That's the hope for him I'd assume

("Jake Stone's theme" blasts on the PA system. Jake Stone steps on the stage, he throws a rock in the isle...well...it was a big rock. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-That was...random.

King-It sure was.

Kris Gaffney-I have to be the serious one...sure that Jake Stone wants to prove something against a tag team champion.

[Jake Stone and Keith Anderson stand in the middle of the ring. Jake Stone yell a stone punh. Keith Anderson doesn't seem to like this, he thorws a punch, he ducks under it, and Jake Stone hits a few fists to teh face of Keith Anderson that makes him stumble backwards with every punch. Jake Stone pushes Keith Anderson to the ropes, he grabs a hold of his hand, he throws him to the ropes with an irish whip. Keith Anderson bounces off of the ropes. As Keith Anderson comes off of the ropes. Jake Stone hits a back elbow that puts down Keith Anderson. Anderson rolls around in pain, and he gets picked up by his hair by Jake Stone. Jake Stone puts Keith Anderson arm over his neck, and his arm over Keith Anderson's neck to set up a vertical suplex position. Jake Stone uses all of his lower body strength to brings him quickly down to the mat with a snap suplex. Keith Anderson is down ont he mat. Jake Stone jumps into the cover to see if he can get an early pin. Jake Stone goes into a lateral cover on Jake Stone. The ref goes into pinning position. The ref counts the 1.............2.......Keith Anderson is able to easily roll his shoulders off of the mat. Jake Stone gets up to his feet, he stands over the downed Keith Anderson, he brings down a few stomps down on the ribs of Keith ANderson as he rolls on the mat in pain as each one of the stomps land on Keith ANderson. Jake Stone backs off of Keith Anderson.]

JR-Keith Anderson needs to find some offense.

King-He can still be the Keith Anderson we remember.

Kris Gaffney-Guess it's just a matter of finding that offense, or at some point Keith Anderson, and Logan Riley might see Jake Stone, and Resurrected 1....if their still a team. Do you know?

King-No idea.

[Keith Anderson rolls away, and he gets up to his feet in the corner. Jake Stone runs at Keith ANderson the corner. Keith Anderson counters with a forearm shot that sends Jake Stone stumbling backwards. Keith Anderson uses his arms, and he pulls himself up to the turnbuckle. Keith ANderson is on the second rope, he waits as Jake Stone stumbles towards him. Keith Anderson leaps off of the second rope, and connects with a cross body block. Keith Anderson hooks the leg into a pin combination. The ref counts the 1.........2....KICK OUT by Jake Stone. Stone and Anderson get up at about the same time, Keith Anderson puts him down with a diving clothesline. Keith Anderson sits down on the mat, and he looks to the crowd. Before he turns towards Jake Stone who has crawled to the corner. He gets up into the corner. Keith Anderson closes the gap between him, and Jake Stone. Keith Anderson hits a few knee lifts into the gut. Driving the air out of his body with everyone of them. Keith Anderson tursn around Jake Stone, he puts him into a head lock, he runs out of the corner, and he hits a bulldog head lock. Keith Anderson decides that he wants to wait before he ends this match. So he stays seated for a moment. He gets up to his feet. He calls for the end of the match.]

JR-Keith Anderson is looking to end this match.

Kris Gaffney-If he was JBL he would have already done it.


[Keith Anderson picks up Jake Stone by his hair, he lifts him up, and goes for the burning hammer, but he is able to shift his weight, and he lands on the other side of him. Keith Anderson turns right into Jake Stone's finisher!! Jake Stone goes into the cover on Keith Anderson. THe ref goes down to make the count. 1.............2..............3!!]

JR-Jake Stone with the counter was able to gain the victory over Keith Anderson.

("The Duck Song" blasts on the PA Kenny Omegrape walks on the stage. He throws grapes to the audience, being sure to watch for any of the custom Jake Stone's being thrown back. He slides into the ring.)

King-Somehow I think that was a bad mechandise idea.

Kris Gaffney-All idea's are good!

King-Doubt it...

("The Irresistible Force" blasts on the PA system as Luke Force walks out on the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Here comes the new comer, Luke Force.

King-He's already forced his way into the title scene.

Kris Gaffney-Pun's....got to have him now Brandon North is taking another break.

("The Vengeful One" blasts on the PA system. Chris Moxley walks out on the stage. He walks down the ring keeping his eyes on Kenny Omegrape, and Luke Force.)

JR-Chris Moxley doesn't seem too confident in this match.

King-Even though he's the King of triple threats.

Kris Gaffney-He's playing his game though!

[Chris Moxley stands on the outside of the ring looking like a deer in the headlights. But decides that he needs to just go for it, and he runs into the ring, and he pelted by grape by Kenny Omegrape. This stuns Chris Moxley, and Kenny Omegrape school boy's Chris Moxley. The ref counts the 1..............Luke Force comes into the picture trying to drop an elbow drop to the prone Kenny Omgrape. But he moves out of the way. He hits Moxley instead. Luke Force gets up, and Kenny Omegrape hits a jaw breaker sending his head into the jaw of Luke Force. Luke Force stumbles backwards, and he falls out of the ring through the middle rope, and top rope. He hits the floor hard. CHris Moxley attempts to attack kenny Omegrape from behind. Kenny Omegrape is able to side step him, and he throws him to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. Kenny Omegrape hooks him, and drops him for a belly to belly over head throw that sends CHris Moxley flying through the air, and crashing down on the mat. Kenny Omegrape waits for Chris Moxley to get up.]

JR-It looks like that grape attack has helped Kenny Omegrape.

King-As it should.

*Gaffney throws grapes at King and JR.*

[Chris Moxley is getting up on the opposite side of the ring, but as that is going Kenny Omegrape waits for Moxley to turn around, but he's turned around by Luke Force who uses the ropes to kick up his foot right into the side of his head. It hits him flush, and he stumbles away from the ropes. Luke Force slides into the ring with a chair. He raises it over his head, and he brings it down on the head of Kenny Omegrape (squashing it like a grape!). Omegrape falls down on the mat, Chris Moxley stumbles out of the corner. Luke Force throws the chair down on the mat. He waits for Chris MOxley to get up to his feet. Luke Force lifts him up on his shoulders, he holds up on his shoulders for a moment. He throws him, and drives him down with a death valley driver. Luke Force falls into the cover, hooking the leg of Chris Moxley. The ref goes into the pin position. He counts 1........2............Kenny Omegrape dives, and he hits Luke Force in the back with a double axe handle.]

JR-Kenny Omegrape was able to save the match.

King-Guess he had just enough time to recover.

Kris Gaffney-That's why you can't waste time in this type of match.

[Chris Moxley rolls away, Luke Force measures up as he watches Kenny Omegrape getting up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, he runs and he hits a clothesline that sends Omegrape over the top rope, and on to the floor. Force turns around, but he gets hit with a super kick. This stumbles him backwards. He falls against the ropes, and he stumbles back. Chris Moxley hits a kick to the gut, and he plants himd own with an impaler DDT that puts him down on the mat.]

JR-Luke Force gets planted by Chris Moxley.

King-The Force went to his face.

Kris Gaffney-Only time Luke Force doesn't want to use the force.

[Chris Moxley goes into the cover on Luke Force. The ref counts the 1............2......Kenny Omegrape breaks up the pin. Kenny goes for a chair, he gets a chair. He turns around, and he gets it kicked right back into his face. Kenny falls out of the ring. Moxley turns around right into the FU by Luke Force. Moxley seem out. Luke Force makes the pin on Moxley, the ref counts the 1............2..........3!!]

JR-Force saw the opening, and took advantage of the situation hitting the FU.

("Ultimate Countdown" blasts on the PA system as the Rock, and Daniel Bryan walk out ot eh ring.)

JR-The Rock and Daniel Bryan have had experience as a team.

King-Problem is it didn't end good.

Kris Gaffney-It didn't seem good.

("Radio" blasts on the PA system. Tony Ikeda and Zack Ryder walks out on the stage. Ryder is taking footage of they step insideo f the ring waiting for the bell.

JR-Here comes a team that is clearly on the same page.

King-Let's know that sometimes that team doesn't always win.

Kris Gaffney-Doesn't hurt to be on the same page....it more than likely can if you aren't.

[The bell sounds as Tony Ikeda and The Rock step into the ring for their respective teams. There's a bit of a stand off before the two lock up and Tony gets Rock into a side headlock. Rock pushes back to the ropes and comes back with a shoulder tackle. As Tony gets up Rock hits a few fists to the face before irish whipping him into the corner. Rock charges at him but Tony gets out of the way and Tony hits a few fists himself. He then drops Rock to the canvas with a snap suplex. Tony then heads over to the corner to tag in Zack Ryder.]

JR: Tony and Zack are in control here early on.

King: Zack hasn't even done anything!

[Zack charges over to Rock ands begins throwing punches. Rock ends up countering one and hits Zack with a knee strike before whipping him into the corner and tagging in Daniel Bryan. Bryan hits a few kicks to the legs of Zack Ryder before hooking him for a suplex. Zack counters with a few shots to Daniel's side before breaking up the hold but he gets caught with a kick to the head from Daniel Bryan. He covers 1...2...No! Daniel Bryan begins taunting Zack before dropping a few elbows on the downed broski. Bryan tags Rock back in and he stalks Zack seemingly looking to end it here.]

JR: Rock believes that he can put it away.

King: Zack messed up and now he's gonna pay.

[As Zack gets up Rock goes for the rock bottom but Zack fires away with elbows to the head. Rock loosens his grip and Zack drops Rock with a ddt. Rock struggles but crawls over to the corner which leaves him in a bad way because he's right in position for the broski boot. Zack panders to the crowd before striking Rock right in the head. He pulls him out of the corner and covers. 1...2...No! Zack can't believe it. Tony is begging for Zack to tag him in but Zack begins setting up for the rough ryder. Rock stumbles up and turns around and Zack goes for it but Rock ducks and it actually ends up with Zack landing on his feet. He turns around right into a spinebuster from The Rock. Both men are down on the canvas as the crowd is buzzing.]

JR: What a series of maneuvers! This is really any ones match now King.

King: You got any more generic one liners JR?

[Both The Rock and Zack Ryder are stirring. Both men begin clawing towards their respective corners. Zack makes one big leap and tags in Tony Ikeda. Tony rushes into the ring only to be met by Daniel Bryan. Daniel charges at the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt by Ikeda before taking him down with one of his own. He then lifts Tony up and tosses him into the corner but Tony reverses it. At the last second Daniel backflips over Tony and hits him with a drop kick that sends him right into the corner hard. Daniel then ascends the turnbuckle and looks to hit a diving headbutt but is quickly distracted by Zack Ryder who gives him the "Woo Woo Woo" chants. Before long Tony Ikeda climbs up the turnbuckle and brings Daniel down with a top rope arm drag! Tony drapes an arm over Bryan for the 1....2....No!]

JR-Bryan kicks out!

King-There is a reason why he finally got through to Priest.

Kris Gaffney-Well...being a farmer he's going to be bringing a big harest of veggies.

[Tony Ikeda takes a few moments to rest up. He rolls to the ropes. He pulls himself up to his feet with the help of the ropes. Daniel Bryan is up to his feet. He is hurting. He runs towards Tony Ikeda. Tony Ikeda hits a few stomps on the downed Daniel Bryan. Tony Ikeda calls for the end of the match. Daniel Bryan stumbles up to his feet. Tony Ikeda hooks Daniel Bryan, and he brings him down with the full nelson suplex. Tony Ikeda drops into the cover. The ref counts 1............2.....The Rock breaks up the pin]

JR-Bryan kicks out once again.

King-This time with some help.

[The Rock says a few things to Tony Ikeda. Tony Ikeda waits for the Rock to turn around, TOny Ikeda attacks the Rock with a running forearm. The Rock stumbles forward. Tony Ikeda turns around, he see's Bryan coming at his face with a running knee, he ducks under. Bryan hits the Rock instead! The Rock falls out of the ring. Daniel Bryan gets rolled up by Tony Ikeda. The ref counts the 1.......2...........3!!]

JR-A miscommunication costs the Rock and Bryan the win.

King-Guess they couldn't work through it after all.

JR-Next is the Extreme title match, we go to the specially made Hell in a cell.

King-I'm sure this match will go well with the live crowd.

Kris Gaffney-As long as it doesn't turn to day to night in a blink of an eye, I'm sure it'll be fine (note-this happened in a pre-taped WCW wrestling match.)

(The EMF tron lights up with the image of Graveler and Tommy SKyye are in the ring/cell ready to start the match. The ref motions for a bell...then realizes there isn't one so he yells "ding, ding, ding")

King-Interesting way to get started...

[Tommy Skyye seems to be amazed that they were able to bring a hell in a cell to this bardge. Daryl PRichard stomps on the mat. Which shakes the cell, Tommy Skyye loses his balance. He takes this time to recover. Prichard uses it to hit a clubbing blow. Tommy Skyye stumbles a few steps. Tommy Skyye gets knocked down as Daryl "Graveler" Prichard as he extends his arm, and brings him down with a running clothesline. Graveler picks up Tommy Skyye, and he throws him hard into the corner. Tommy Skyye turns around, and he hits back first into the turnbuckle. Daryl Prichard pushes him back before he stumbles out of the corner. Graveler holds him there for a few moments, and then drives a elbow into the corner on him. Then he does another one. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard backs up, he brings back his fist, and brings it down on his face. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard brings Tommy Skyye out of the corner, and he lifts him up, and he drops him down with a back breaker. Tommy Skyye is down on the mat. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard decides to drop down, and he goes into a lateral pin. The ref goes into the pin cover. The ref counts the 1................2...Tommy Skyye rolls his shoulders up off of the mat. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard hits a shakes his head, he yells at Tommy Skyye "you aren't a champion, and you aren't starting tonight. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard gets up completely to his feet, and he brings down stomps down to the shoulders, Tommy Skyye rolls in pain towards the corner, he attempts to get up off of the on his hands, and knee's. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard brings back his foot and delivers it right into the ribs of Tommy Skyye. Tommy Skyye rolls away, Daryl "Graveler" Prichard takes a few moments to acknowledge the crowd at home...either that or he's acknowledging the Wyatt Family off in the distance....or worse, Chris Legend. You be the judge. Not because he's wasting time, because he has a plan for his next move.]

JR-Prichard has been a long time champion, but he can not get unfocused.

King-Because his opponent focus is overwhelming right JR?


[Tommy Skyye is in the corner, and he slowly rises up to his feet, and he hooks the ropes keeping himself up. Graveler yells, he runs, and he goes for a running boot to the face. Tommy Skyye moves his face, Graveler is caught up in the rope. Tommy Skyye lifts PRichard, and he dumps him over the top rope, and Graveler falls over the ropes, and on to the floor. This once again causes an unstable ground, but nothing horrible. It only effected Skyye before as he wasn't paying attention. Tommy Skyye watches as Graveler gets up on the outside of the ring. Tommy Skyye runs to the ropes, he comes off of hte ropes. He leaps in the air, and he grabs a hold of hte ropes, and he summersault dives on Graveler which connects on Prichard. Prichard and Tommy Syyke are down on the mat around ring side. Prichard, and Tommy Skyye get up to their feet. Skyye puts his shoulder on the stomach of Prichard, he drives him backards right into the cage. Graveler's back crashes into the hell in a cell. Daryl Prichard yells in pain as he falls to his knee's. TOmmy Skyye backs up, and he runs towards Daryl Prichard. He leaps in the air, and he hits a modified version of his finisher the Skyye Line dropping him on the mat. Tommy Skyye knowing that doesn't get as much impact as the real thing stomps down on the Daryl Prichard. He throws him in the ring. He rolls into the ring, and he goes into the cover on Prichard. The ref goes into pinning position. The ref counts 1..........2..KICK OUT by Prichard]

JR-Tommy Skyye has bounce back here.

King-Guess the slightly unstable ground isn't bothering him anymore.

Kris Gaffney-Guess it's not really all that bad, just you aren't normally use to the ring moving at all like that.

[He climbs up to his feet, he backs into the corner, and he pulls himself up to the second turnbuckle.He motions for Prichard to get up to his feet, Prichard turns around. Tommy Skyye leaps off of the second rope, flipping through the air. Graveler dives out of the way. Skyye crashes down on the mat unable to connect with the Skyeline. Tommy Skyye goes to his knee's, Prichard grabs his neck, and drives him down into a kneeing spine buster. Prichard pushes Tommy Skyye on his back. Prichard goes into the cover on Tommy Skyye. The ref counts the 1..............2............KICK OUT by Tommy Skyye.]

JR-Prichard almost got the pin there.

King- He has something else in mind.

Kris Gaffney-Wonder what it is...

[He sets up Tommy Skyye for a power bomb position, but instead of lifting him up for the Gravel Bomb, he lifts him up like a crufix power bomb instead. He positions him towards the ropes, he runs, and Graveler hurls him over the top rope. Skyye fly's through the air, he hits his back on the hell in a cell. He drops straight down, right on his knee's. Graveler goes to the outside of the ring, and he calls for the end of the match.]

JR-I'm surprised that didn't move the entire cell off of the barge.

King-I'm unsure whether Skyye thinks this is a good thing.

[Prichard slides into the ring, he waits for Tommy Skyye to get up. He hits a kick to the gut that doubles over Skyye. Prichard hooks Skyye, he lifts him up, and he drops him for a Gravel Bomb. Graveler goes into the cover on Skyye. The ref counts the 1..........2........3!!]

JR-Tommy Skyye might be a champion one day, but tonight was not his night.

King-Mike Awesome would have approved that ending though.

(The ref opens the door, as specified as the stipulation, Graveler grabs Tommy Skyye, and throws him into the water. Skyye starts to swim back to swore as a boat comes to pick Graveler up, and he speeds away as we go into the arena.)

King-I can't believe wrestling gets away with doing that.

Kris Gaffney-It's all in the contracts....

(ďKeys to the cityĒ blasts on the PA system. Trish Stratus walks out to the top of the stage. She puts up her hand, the lights turn on, and she begins to walk to the irng. She steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Trish Stratus is looking to recapture her former glory.

King-Sheís been doing that since she had a kidÖgood thing she didnít give up on her looks too.

Kris Gaffney-The sledgehammer to the leg had nothing to do with it, right?

(ďgirls just wanna have funĒ blasts on the PA system. Laura Cena walks out on the stage. Catherine Walker stands behind her. Laura stands side ways moving her shoulders up, and down, then continues down to the ring. Laura steps inside of the ring as Catherine claps for her friend.)

JR-This should be interesting as Laura faces the mother of her brother.

King-Not sure what she thinks of that.

Kris Gaffney-If it was Rachel, sheíd know.

[The bell rings. Laura paces around the ring, Trish doesnít seem like so focused. She makes fun of Catherine about something, she yells something about Miss Jackie. Laura Cena turns Trish around, she brings back her forarm, and connects it with the face. Trish Stratus falls back into the ropes. She yells to the ref to get Laura off of her as sheís in the ropes. The ref makes Laura back off for some reason. Trish Stratus uses this chance to attempt to go for the Chick Kick, but itís ducks under by Laura Cena. Laura sets up Trish Stratus, and she drops her for a belly to back suplex. Laura Cena goes into the cover on Trish Stratus. The ref goes into position to make the pin. The ref counts 1ÖÖÖ..2Ö.Trish Stratus rolls the shoulder up. Trish Stratus is in a seated position. Laura Cena drops a knee drop to the back of Trish, this stuns Trish enough for her to put her into a chin lock. She puts on the pressure. Trish Stratus slowly gets up to her feet, and she hits a few elbows into the stomach. You can hear the air being driven out of Lauraís lungs as every move connect. Trish Stratus is free, and she runs to the ropes, but Laura is able to grab a hold of her arm, and throw her upside down into a japanesse arm drag. Trish falls down hard on the mat, and she slowly gets up to her feet. Laura hits a running clothesline that puts down Trish Stratus. Slower this time Laura Cena kicks Trish Stratus. This puts her into a double under hook, and drops her for a double under hook back breaker. Trish Stratus sits up for a moment, and drops down on the mat holding her back, she clearly is in a lot of pain.]

JR-So far the champion has not allowed Trish to even get a move in.

King-Thatís not how you treat the woman who gave you your big brother.

Kris Gaffney-There is nothing saying Laura is impressedÖRachel definitely isnít.

[Trish Stratus is slow to get up to her feet, she is up, and she turns towards Laura. Laura Cena picks up Trish Stratus on her shoulders. Trish Stratus struggles, and she lands behind Laura, Laura turns around, and goes for a clothesline. But Trish Stratus is able to duck under with a Ma-Trish. Laura Cena tries to attack Trish, but Trish answers with a knee to the face. This makes Laura Cena stumble backwards. She gets up to her feet. Trish Stratus around around as Laura Cena is getting up to her feet. Laura runs towards Trish Stratus. Stratus is able to connect a quick Chick Kick to the face. Laura falls away from Trish Stratus for her moment. Trish Stratus falls down to her kneeís, unable to make the pin as she has taken quite a few moves. She tries to recover, and figure out her next move. She moves up to her feet, Laura is struggling to her feet, and is no where able to mount any type of an attack. Trish Stratus sets up Laura Cena for attempted Stratusfaction. But as she does it, Laura counters by throwing Trish over her shoulder. Trish stumbles, and she hits into the ref. Laura and Trish Stratus hit a double clothesline. Everyone in the ring is down.]

JR-Laura, Trish, and the ref.

King-Some day were going to have a set up that doesnít actually happen.

Kris Gaffney-You mean like a fake out double pin?


[Trish is the first to stagger up to her feet. But she comes face to face with Rachel Cena. Rachel sets up Trish, and drops her for the Bastardization. Rachel leaves. Laura coming to, throws an arm over Trish. The ref is also coming to, the ref counts 1ÖÖÖÖ.2ÖÖÖ..3!!]

King-I guess Rachel really isnít impressed.

Kris Gaffney-Guess not.

My-Ding-A-Ling plays over the Scottrade Center speaker system as Priest makes his way down the ramp to the ring donning the union jack tights given to him from his trainer Mac Stevens. The crowd sings along with the song as Priest enters the ring, bounces off the ropes a few times, and begins stretching. He looks towards the entrance ramp, waiting for Max Gunner.

Godís Gonna Cut You Down blasts over the Scottrade Center speaker system as Max Gunner emerges from the curtain to a loud pop from the St. Louis crowd. He walks down the ramp with a laser focus, slides into the ring and proceeds to go to each turnbuckle holding up the EMF World Heavyweight Championship before coming to the center of the ring. He looks at Priest, points to the belt, and mouthís the words, ďthis is coming home with me bub.Ē Priest shakes his head no in response.

Max Gunner hands the EMF World Heavyweight Championship to the referee, and both men walk to their respective corners as the ring announcer and referee stand in the center of the ring.

Announcer: This bout is for one fall and no time limit, and is for the Extreme Measures Federation World Heavyweight Championship. In this corner, we have the challenger, from Jerusalem, Israel, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the humble farmer and harbinger, Priest.


Announcer: And in this corner, we have the EMF World Heavyweight Champion, from Jackman, Maine, weighing in at 265 pounds, the lone wolf with the strength of a pack, the owner of MAXimum Effort MMA, the one and only, Max ďCrispyĒ Gunner.


Announcer: St. Louis are you ready?


Announcer: I said, are you ready?


Announcer: For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let Get Ready To Rummmmmmmmmble!!!!!!!!

The Referee Calls For The Bell and The Match Officially Starts. (Ding, Ding, Ding!)

Gunner and Priest walk out of their corners and meet each other in the center of the ring. They both start mouthing words to one another, they get up into each otherís faces, until their foreheads are touching, both men look like rams fighting for position as the crowd in the Scottrade Center start cheering wildly. And without warning, they both start throwing punches. Gunner and Priest both take their lefts hands and place it behind the other manís head and start throwing right handed punches as the crowd erupts. Gunner drops Priest with a double leg take down and mounts Priest, Gunner starts throwing hammer fists, Priest rolls and reverses it on Gunner, now Priest is in the mounted position and starts throwing hammer fists, Gunner jockeys for position and rolls through as both men spill out of the ring and onto the mats outside the ring. Priest gets the worst of the fall as Gunner lands right on to of him. Gunner gets up first and grabs Priest, Gunner bounces Priestís head on the ring apron before Irish whipping Priest into the steel barricade. Priest struggles to stand up, Gunner charges towards Priest and nails a clothesline that sends Priest over the guardrail and into the path that separates the seated crowd, as several security guards keep the fans from touching Priest.

The referee chooses not to issue the ten counts and allows the men to fight.

Gunner climbs on top the guardrail as Priest gets to his feet. Gunner jumps off the guardrail with a flying clothesline that knocks Priest flat onto his back, a few fans pat Gunner on the back as Gunner picks himself up. Gunner grabs Priest and tries to Irish whip him back towards the guardrail, Priest counters and sends Gunner into the guardrail and follows him. The moment Gunner hit the steel rail, Priest meets his with a clothesline of his own which sends Gunner over the rail and onto the mat outside the ring. Priest hops over the ring, picks Gunner up by the hair and throws him into the steel ring post, Gunner hits shoulder first, ricocheting off it and spinning before he hits the mat outside the ring. Gunner holds his left shoulder in pain, Priest marches towards him, scoops Gunner up, and rolls him back into the ring. Priest climbs up onto the apron, but Gunner kicks Priest in the leg causing Priest to fall and hit his head on the ring apron before falling outside onto the mat. Gunner starts rubbing and slapping his shoulder to get the blood flowing. Priest begins to stand on the outside, when he comes up, the gash above his left eye has opened. Gunner gets a crazy look in his eyes, he bounces off the ropes to gain momentum and launches himself through the middle rope and connects with a suicide dive that leaves both men laying on the ground. v CROWD: GUNNER! GUNNER! GUNNER! GUNNER! GUNNER!

The referee begins to issue the 10 count this time. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Gunner stands up, Six, Seven, Gunner picks Priest up and throws Priest back into the ring, Eight, Gunner slides into the ring as the referee stops the count.

Gunner pick Priest up, and calls for the Crispy Bomb. The crowd erupts. Gunner gets Priest into position but Priest reverses it into a back body drop, Gunner rolls through and hooks Priest into a sunset flip, sending Priest backwards, Priest rolls through onto his feet, Priest tries to kick Gunners head off, Gunner ducks, Priest whips around 180 degrees, Gunner catches Priest from behind with a school boy rollup, Priest rolls through back onto his feet, Gunner pulls Priest left foot quickly and Priest falls to the mat, both men quickly get to their feet and stare at each other. Gunner nods, and Priest nods back to him. Both men circle around the ring, Gunner slaps his shoulder again, Priest wipes the blood from his left eye.

Gunner and Priest lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Both men jockey for position, Gunner slips out and catches Priest from behind, Priest reverses with a standing switch, Gunner drops his body weight, and catches Priest with a fireman carry take down, floats over and tries to lock in the Crispy Bacon on Priestís left arm, Priest is clasping his left hand with his right hand to avoid getting caught in the armbar, and shifts his body weight towards Gunner, planting Gunnerís shoulders to the mat, the ref counts, One, Two, Gunner releases the hold, but not before booting Priest in the face, causing Priest to stumble back into the corner turnbuckle, Gunner gets to his feet and nails Priest with a big boot to the head, Priest slumps down in the corner as Gunner starts stomping Priest in the chest and head, until the referee calls Gunner back. Gunner returns to the corner, picks Priest up, and looks to be going for another Crispy Bomb, but instead of dropping Priest to the mat, Gunner charges across the ring and throws Priest into the opposite corner for a buckle bomb, Priestís head and back crash with a thud, he bounces off the corner and right into a massive clothesline from Gunner that turns Priest inside out, flipping him onto the mat. Gunner crawls over for the pin. The referee drops down, One, Two, ThrÖPriest grabs the bottom rope to break the count. Gunner looks up and shakes his head, as if knowing itís going to take more than that, Gunner gets to his feet and picks Priest up. Gunner calls for the Crispy Bomb, Gunner picks Priest up, but as Gunner is about to slam Priest to the mat, Priest reverses it into a spike DDT that plants Gunnerís skull onto the mat. Priest and Gunner now lay motionless on the mat as the referee begins to issue the ten count. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, TÖ

Priest and Gunner Kip Up simultaneously, and turn to look at one another.


Gunner and Priest start punching each other again, trading rights in the center of the ring as the crowd erupts, Gunner catches Priest with a kick to the midsection causing Priest to stall, Gunner grabs Priest in a muay thai clench and starts landing knees to Priestís gut and chest, backing Priest into the corner, Gunner releases the clench and nails Priest with a series of three corner lariats. Priest slumps and holds himself up in the corner with the ring ropes under his armpits. Gunner steps back into the opposite corner and charges towards Priest for a spear in the corner, Priest side steps at the last possible second and Gunner flies shoulder first into the ring post, colliding with the steel and hurting that left shoulder again. Priest wastes little time catching his breath, he pulls Gunner from behind, lifts Gunner up onto the top turnbuckle and climbs up. Gunner comes to and elbows Priest in the repeatedly on the cut above Priestís eye, causing Priest to have to jump off the turnbuckle, Gunner turns around on the top turnbuckle and Priest rushes toward Gunner, taking Gunnerís feet out from under him, and Gunner lands on his butt in on the top turnbuckle, Priest quickly gets back up there, and hooks Gunner into a suplex position, Gunner starts punching Priest in the side, but itís too late, Priest lifts Gunner into the air, and both men come crashing to the mat with a super-plex. Gunner lays motionless, Priest is clutching the back of his head in pain from the impact. Priest crawls forward and places his arm over Gunnerís chest, the referee drops down, One, Two, ThrÖGunner gets his right shoulder up.

Priest slowly gets to his feet as blood drips from his forehead onto Gunnerís chest. Priest starts to pick Gunner up, but Gunner catches Priest with an inside cradle, the referee drops down, One, Two, Thre..Priest powers to kick out, Gunner couldnít seem to keep Priestís leg hooked. Both men lay in the middle of the ring. Priest stirs first and gets to his knees, Gunner gets to his knees as well, and both men stare at each other. Priest starts mouthing off word, Gunner shoots something back until both men are shouting obscenities at each other. Priest and Gunner climb to their feet, and get back in each otherís faces, just like they had at the beginning of the match. Gunner headbutts Priest, Priest stumbles backwards, Gunner follows up with a clothesline that sends Priest over the top rope and onto the mat outside. Gunner climbs to the outside and brings Priest over to the Spanish announce table. He starts to bounce Priestís head off the table, blood just pooling onto the table with each and every slam. Gunner looks at Priest and looks to the crowd, he picks Priest up and places him onto the table. Gunner climbs up as the crowd roars in approval. Gunner signals for the Crispy Bomb, and picks Priest up, slamming him through the table, but the table buckles and gives out, and Gunner also takes a spill onto the concrete floor with a sickening thud.


Both men lay motionless, as a set of EMTís rush down to the ring to check on both men. Priest bloodied and motionless is being placed onto the gurney. Gunner is being assessed by a medic as well, the crowd begins to boo and jeer as Priest is slowly carted around the ring by the EMTís, Gunner limps and is holding his shoulder as he crawls back into the ring, watching as the EMTís start to make their way up the ramp, you can tell Gunner is concerned for Priestís well-being as the camera focuses on his face. The referee turns to Gunner and starts talking to him as the arena erupts, Gunner looks to the top of the ramp in shock as Priest tries to make his way back, EMTís following behind him trying to tell him to not continue. Priest falls to the ground and is now crawling towards the ring, Gunnerís shock, now turns to a smile and a nod, as Priest pulls himself up onto the ring apron and back into the ring. The arena divides and screams their allegiances.


Priest gets to his feet, Gunner pushes the referee aside, both men now stand at opposite sides of the ring, they share a gaze once more. Priest nods to Gunner, and Gunner nods back. Both me charge at each other, Gunner attempts a clothesline, Priest ducks under, Priest bounces off the ropes and attempts a bicycle kick, Gunner side steps, grabs Priest from behind looking for a German Suplex, Priest elbows Gunner in the side of the head, Gunner releases Priestís waist, Priest turns around and hooks Gunner for a T-Bone Suplex, Gunner elbows Priest in the head, Priest releases Gunner, Gunner hooks Priest and lifts him up for a vertical suplex, Priest twists midair and lands behind Gunner, Priest grabs Gunner around the waist, Gunner charges forward towards the ropes with Priest holding onto him from behind, Gunner hits the ropes and grabs hold, as Priest is slingshot backwards, Priest rolls through and when Priest gets to his feet, Gunner runs towards him, and hooks Priest for a Crucifix Pin, Priest catches his balance and does not fall back, He lifts Gunner over his head, looks to execute a Death Valley Driver, Gunner elbows Priest several times in the head and slips off Priestís shoulders, Gunner punches Priest in the back of the head, Priest stumbles forward Gunner is gearing up for a clothesline from hell but Priest turns around, ducks under the clothesline, kicks Gunner in the gut, hooks Gunnerís head and arm and plants Gunnerís head into the canvas with a Sacrificial DDT. Priest lays on the ground head to head with Gunner, before slowly covering Gunner for the pin. The referee drops down for the count, One, Two, Thre...Gunner turns his right shoulder and kicks out. The crowd erupts! Priest looks shocked.


The referee begins issuing the ten count, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, Priest gets up and pulls Gunner to his feet. Priest punches Gunner, Gunner reels back, Gunner punches Priest, Gunner gets a second wind and starts hitting Priest backing Priest up, Gunner swings wildly with a haymaker, Priest slips under and knees Gunner in the stomach, Gunner backs up, Priest charges at Gunner with a flying forearm catching Gunner in the face, Gunner hits the ground, Priest slowly gets to his feet, he picks Gunner up and tries to hook in the Sacrificial DDT, Gunner fights out and attempts a northern lights suplex, but Priest fights out, Priest tries to punch Gunner, Gunner slips the jab and hooks Priestís head and leg for a Fishermanís Suplex but his left arm gives out, Priest takes the opportunity and lifts Gunner up instead for a Brainbuster, crashing Gunnerís head onto the canvas once more. Priest gets to his feet and watches Gunner lay on the ground. Gunner begins to stir, Gunner starts getting to his feet, and climbs up the ring ropes, he looks at Priest, and Priest looks at Gunner. Priest shakes his head NO, Gunner smiles with blood coming out of his mouth, and nods YES. Gunner charges at Priest and attempts a clothesline, Priest snatches Gunnerís arm, spins him, and plants him in the middle of the ring with a thundering Sacrificial DDT. Priest floats over for the pin and hooks Gunnerís leg, the referee drops down, OneÖTwoÖThree. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Priest and Gunner lay on the canvas, as the crowd roars in excitement. After a few minutes Priest get up, and he helps Gunner to his feet, both men exchange words and embrace in the center of the ring, the crowd cheers even louder. The referee goes to hand the belt to Priest, but Gunner stops the referee, and hands the belt to Priest himself. Both men look to the crowd as the Scottrade Center screams.





(Last Stand fades away)