EMF: Latino Heat

(Copyright information flashes on the screen. We go into a highlight video of how all of the matches tonight have come together. Once that has concluded we go into an introduction screen welcoming us to Latino Heat 2017. Pyrotechnics blasts on the stage. Each firework lighting up the darken arena as they hit the stage. The lights turn on, and fans yell, and wave their signs. The camera shifts around the area.)

JR-Tonight the EMF comes to you live from Philadelphia. Welcome everyone to Latino Heat. Tonight we not only expect to have a great night of action, we celebrate the legacy of the late, great Eddie Guerrero.


Kris Gaffney-Yeah, that’s the Pay per View name King…

JR-As you have already seen I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross along side Jerry “the King” Lawler, and Kris “KG” Gaffney. Tonight Jason Cross attempts to complete his climb up the mountian as he takes on the world champion Logan Riley.

King-That mountain hasn’t been easy, he had to go through an injury, but we will see what he can do with it.

("No True Villian" blasts on the PA system. Marty Scurll walks out on the stage. He points his umbrella to the ring. He walks down the ramp, and he enters the ring)

JR-Here comes the TV champion, Marty Scurll.

King-He was wondering why he isn't defending the championship.

Kris Gaffney-The challenger tonight Easy Breezy just returned...maybe it has something to dowih that.

(“You didn’t know” blasts on the PA system. Easy Breezy walks out on the stage along with Tifa Lockhart. Easy Breezy steps inside of the ring as Tifa cheers from the outside of the ring.)

JR-Easy Breezy has returned, and he is looking to get into the hunt for the TV championship.

King-He needs to beat Marty Scurll to get a chance at the championship.

Kris Gaffney-Is he for his hometown, or not?

[Marty Scurll and Easy Breezy stands in the middle of the ring. The bell rings. Scurll says villian like things. This doesn't please the challenger. Easy Breezy hits a slap to the face. Scurll turns way. Easy Breezy hooks Marty Scurll, and he school boy's Marty Scurll. The ref slides into the ring into pinning position. The ref counts 1............2..KICK OUT by Marty Scurll. Scurll gets up as Easy Breezy is a bit slow to get up to his feet. Marty Scurll is able to counter the quick pin with a diving clothesline that puts him down on the mat. Easy Breezy falls down on the mat, he tries to get up to his feet quickly determined to make sure that he does not get the advantage. Easy Breezy throws a fist to the head of Marty Scurll. Scurll ducks under, and he waits for Breezy to turn towards him, he brings back his hand, and he hits a hard knife edge chop to the chest that echo's through out the arena. Easy Breezy is in a lot of pain, and he tries to whip him to the ropes. But it's reversed by Easy Breezy. Marty Scurll bounces off of the ropes. Marty Scurll leaps in the air, and he brings back his arm, and he connects with a flying clothesline that puts down Easy Breezy. Marty Scurll waits as Easy Breezy gets up to his feet.]

JR-Easy Breezy might be in trouble here.

King-Although he does have Tifa no matter what.

Kris Gaffney-Sounds like a winner!

[Marty Scurll picks up Easy Breezy, and drops him into a scoop slam, he hooks the leg of Easy Breezy. The ref goes into position, he makes the count. The ref counts 1...........2......KIKC OUT by Easy Breezy. Marty Scurll picks up Easy Breezy, and he sets him up for his former finisher known as the graudation. But there is ar eason why it's his former finisher as Easy Breezy pushes him forward, and he crashes hard into the corner. Easy Breezy stumbles backwards stunned as he has taken quite a few moves. Marty Scurll see's this, and tries to take advantage, but Easy Breezy counters by throwing him in the air, and he crashes down on the mat. Slowly he gets up to his feet. Easy Breezy picks him up on his shoulders. He throws him down on the mat with a whiplash spine buster. Marty Scurll seems stunned enough that Easy Breezy falls into the cover from there, and he hooks the leg. The ref goes into the cover. The ref counts 1................2......KICK OUT by Marty Scurll. Easy Breezy takes a few moments to rest up, and both wrestlers slowly make it to their feet. Marty Scurll attempts to throw a kick to the head, but it's ducked under. Breezy picks up Scurll, and he drops him for an inverted atomic drop. Marty Scurll takes a few steps backwards. But before he can do anything to counter it, Easy Breezy hits a quick reverse neck breaker that puts down Scurll down on the mat.]

JR-The champion might be in trouble here.

King-I think your underestimating Scurll!

Kris Gaffney-How dare you do that!

[Easy Breezy picks up Marty Scurll. Scurll rakes the eyes Easy Breezy is blinded. Marty Scurll picks up Easy Breezy. Breezy floats over the top of Marty Scurll. He pushes him to the ropes. He tries to roll up Marty Scurll, and does. The ref makes the count, as he does Easy Breezy grabs a hold of the tights 1……………..2………..Marty Scurll grabs a hold of Easy Breezy tights, and reverses the pin, and bridges on the pin on Easy Breezy. The ref counts 1………….2…………..3!!]

King-Hey JR! He cheated again!

JR-I think that was some revenge cheating.

Kris Gaffney-Guess that makes it ok…

(We jump ahead in the life of the CAL girls. Catherine is now 23, Ashley and Laura are now 21. We open up with what else but Cena in his office, looking around like he's about to drink on the job, but what he's really getting is a contract to sign. Until he's interrupted from a voice on the other side of the room.)

.::Voice::.-Well...well..WELL...what do you got to say now?

(On the other side of the room is Catherine Walker in a shirt, and jeans...but there is something different about her. In fact two very HUGE things different with her. Her breasts have become huge.)

Cena: Nice try Catherine, but we all know that you have no flash and no cash.... and I'm sure that hasn't changed overnight.

(Her mouth hangs open. She marches up, and says.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Maybe I'm just a late bloomer! You don't know...how do you explain this?

Cena: I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation.... but let me call in an expert....

(Cena uses his phone to send a message to someone.

.::Claire Cena::.-Yes Father? Is this important? I'm about to get the United Nations to approve my circle room...with me at the center...first the circle room...then my lava planet....and then we shall have....PEAAAAAACE!!

(Claire nods to herself to no one particular. Cena points to Catherine, Claire says.)

.::Claire Cena::.-Wow! Wow! Wow! That's a lot of stuffing!!

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-HEY!!

.::Claire Cena::.-Reminds me of something Dad...were out of bread

(Claire stuffs her face with the last of the bread.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-So....I got Ashley to give me one of her bra's to make you see it doesn't matter. BECAUSE I'M NOT FLAT!!! You know what has more stuffing than me right now? Your championship record, because you know it's not as important than my Daddy's!!!

.: Cena: Who was your Dad again? Some old guy we've all forgotten I'm sure. That's why you aspire to have your mother's breasts... rather than copying any of his achievements. But I'm sorry to say that won't happen for you either.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Only the guy who is better than you. I want them because I want them, and you are a meany head!! As for whether I will get them. I so will....Ashley will figure it out one day. *She gets a text* I just got a text from Ashley, she told me to tell you "BOOM!" for some reason. I'm not sure what she's talking about *she starts to text back to her*

Cena: Knowing her, she's probably blown something up.... and not your breasts. Anyway.... are you just here to remind me that your Mom has ridiculous boobs and get me thinking about them? Or did you have a reason to come here?

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Because you have been making fun of me!! When I became a princess, you weren't suppose to make fun of a princess, it's like a rule, or something, isn't it? I'm sure you don't think so, but not everything is about you. Maybe if there weren't so many meany heads, I could actually wear the tops I want to, but it's all because you, my name, and the fact I like my name I can't. Maybe I just want them, because I want them!! Ever think about that? I'm going to have Laura rename a section of our Kingdom Meanivania, and suggest you live in it!! But I know who can help me see the error of your ways.

Cena: It doesn't matter why you want them..... you won't get them. Not without getting ridiculous implants like your Mom, but I'm not against the idea. At least that might make you slightly more interesting.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Yeah...because you made my Mom get them, if you didn't, then she might listen to reason that I might want them one day! She said she wouldn't be happy, and I don't want to make my Mom unhappy. I love my Mom. Too bad nothing would make you more interesting...

(Suddenly Ashley skips into Cena's office. As mentioned she is now 21, and has finally stopped growing in her chest area. She is now somewhere around the H cup range. But other than that, she has not changed much. She skips around Catherine, she skips around Cena's desk. Stops, waves, and yells.)

.::"The Extreme Princess" Ashley Irvine::.-HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Mr. Cena, and Catherine!!

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Hi Ashley....I thought you were at home? How did you get here so fast?

.::"The Extreme Princess" Ashley Irvine::.-I did it with meh matter transporter!! Pretty cool huh? Well I don't think so, I was trying to make something that transports more than matter *hums "be herself" frustrated*

(She starts to text away to someone.)

Cena: To be fair to the machine, there was a lot of matter to transport. See Catherine.... Ashley can pull them off.... on you, you just look foolish. I mean, even more so than usual.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-I so could!! I don't look foolish, plenty of people think I'm pretty, right Ashley.

.::"The Extreme Princess" Ashley Irvine::.-Yay!! Princess Catherine is like Wow...I wish I was as pretty as her, because everyone see's me their like *cute noises*. You know Mr. Cena I got an idea!! How about you put Catherine in a bra and panties match, then everyone will see how pretty the princess is.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Yeah that's right....wait...what?

Cena: *laughs a little Erm*.... are you sure that's a good idea? I'm not sure what Catherine has to offer in that type of match. No one is desperate to see her body... and she doesn't have the wrestling skills to win it to at least let us see someone with some sex appeal get stripped down. Don't get me wrong, if you want to help humiliate Catherine I'm all for it.

(Catherine eyes grow huge, she doesn't know whether or not to be extremely angry, or agree with Cena.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-They rather see me, than watch you possibly fall off a stage, and act like that's a big deal. So what...when my Dad got exploded, you didn't hear him complaining! ...Although, it is a bad idea Ashley...I might as well just walk down there, and strip down. Which...I'm not even going to comment on..but yeah, really that's the last thing I ever want to do. But if the choice is between getting embarrassed, getting my butt kicked, and having people see me in my bra and panties or just having people see me in my bra and panties...think you can see what the lesser of two evils is.

.::"The Extreme Princess" Ashley Irvine::.-But...but...Catherine's so WOW. People need to know how Wow our princess is, or she'll be forced to marry in two years. That's not good...hhhhhmmm...but I don't want her to get hurt....hhhhmmm....WAIT she looked awesome in a bikini, we can have an bikini contest, what about that?!

Cena: That could be fine. I'm sure we have a few women around here that can show Catherine what a real woman should look like.

.::"The Extreme Princess" Ashley Irvine::.-That sounds soooooooooo COOL!! YEAH!! We can do that on a Shockwave!! Catherine will be wow, you'll see Mr. Cena.

(Ashley skips off, but leaves Catherine so frustrated she's shaking, she says.)

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Too bad you won't ever know, because you supposively been with too many to count, and you still don't know!!

Cena: Oh believe me I know better than anyone. I just need to hope I can stay awake during your section of the contest, that might be my biggest challenge of my career so far.

.::"The Original Princess" Catherine Walker::.-Because you gave up on your true biggest challenge....actually wrestling a good match! I'm leaving, because you're being MEAN.

(Catherine walks out of the room, and we fade back to the ring.)

("Insatiable" plays over the PA System and Tiffany makes her way out on to the ramp.)

JR: Tiffany has a long streak of competing for the title at First Blood, but if she loses here, that streak ends.

King: We know how dead set her opponent is on facing Laura at First Blood.

Kris: Both women will want to win this bad, it should make for a great match up.

("I am The Fire" plays next as Rachel Cena makes her way out. Her usual voice over is playing on her way down to the ring.)

JR: Rachel has declared First Blood as the night she wants her rematch.... but she has to earn it.

King: I guess just having the Cena name doesn't allow you to book your own matches all the time.

Kris: Many people seem to think otherwise....

(The bell sounds and the match between two former members of the Doll House is underway. Rachel and Tiffany circle the ring a few times but then Rachel charges at her and takes her down with a hard clothesline. Tiffany gets up and walks straight into a second clothesline and then a third. Rachel stomps away on her now but Tiffany is originally able to roll to one side and get back to her feet, just for a moment before Rachel grabs her and hits a back drop. Tiffany hits the mat hard and Rachel charges at her, looking for the punt to the head that her twin would deliver, but Tiffany sees it coming and moves to the side. Rachel stumbles and Tiffany grabs her and rolls her up for 1...... kick out. Tiffany springs up and right into a suplex from Rachel. Rachel then yells down at her.)

JR: Good start from Miss Cena here.

King: She really wants that third match with Laura....

Kris: They are split 1-1.... I think it needs to happen.

(Tiffany rolls out of the ring and looks annoyed at herself. Rachel runs at her and goes for a baseball slide but Tiffany grabs her by the feet and pulls her out of the ring. Rachel hits the floor hard and Tiffany wastes no time picking her up and hurling her head first into the ring post. Rachel bounces off the post and then Tiffany kicks her in the midsection and hits a big DDT onto the floor. Tiffany slides into the ring and back out to break the count. She then grabs Rachel and throws her into the ring. With Rachel down, Tiffany begins stalking her for the TNT. Rachel stumbles up to her feet and Tiffany leaps into the air, looking for a TNT, but Rachel catches her, repositions her, and lifts her up for the Tombstone. Tiffany instinctively wraps her legs around Rachel's head and counters into a hurricanrana into a pin for 1...... 2...... kick out! Tiffany bangs the mat in frustration but Rachel leaps up looking livid.)

JR: Rachel clearly not happy about almost being caught....

King: I feel Tiffany has fallen for that counter before..... but not today.

(Rachel waits for Tiffany to turn round and then kicks her hard in the midsection. She positions Tiffany, lifts her up, and hits her with the Get Bent! Rachel hooks the leg for 1..... 2..... kick out! Rachel screams out and calls for the Bastardisation. Tiffany stumbles to her feet and Rachel positions her, lifts her up.... but Tiffany is able to drop back down and then counter into a big back body drop. Rachel climbs to her feet but walks right into a TNT from Tiffany! Tiffany hooks the leg for 1....... 2....................... KICK OUT! Tiffany's jaw drops and she can't believe Rachel kick out. She picks Rachel up again but Rachel hits a hard slap which knocks her back and then grabs Tiffany and throws her into the ropes. Tiffany comes back and Rachel drives her down with the Spinebuster! Tiffany is down and Rachel climbs to the top rope. She measures Tiffany and then leaps off, looking for a Shooting Star Press. The crowd gasp as Tiffany nips up and goes for the TNT as Rachel is coming down..... but Rachel lands on her feet and catches Tiffany and again repositions her.... this time drilling her down with the Tombstone! Rachel looks shocked herself that she was able to avoid that TNT and hooks the leg for 1..... 2...... 3!)

JR: With an incredible counter, Rachel Cena picks up the win.

King: I still don't know how she did that!

Kris: She shows us something new every match.... and she's going to need to if she wants to beat her sister.

("burn in my light" blasts on the PA system. Resurrected 1 walks out on the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-It's been a little while since the Resurrected 1 has been in the EMF.

King-We will see if there is any ring rust.

Kris Gaffney-He is at least 4 different people, sure he didn't have a lack of people to practice against..

("Paralyzed" blasts on the PA system. Ben Black walks out on the stage, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Ben Black is one of the talents who have been in the EMF since Resurrected 1 disappeared.

King-We'll see if Resurrected 1 can keep up.

[Resurrected 1 paces around the ring, and Ben Black is waiting for the bell to ring. Resurrected 1 runs at Ben Black as the bell rings. Resurrected 1 takes down Ben Black. Ressurected 1 hits a few fists to the face. Ben Black is trying to block the fists. Ben Black gets pulled up by Resurrected 1. Ben Black gets brought into the corner, and Resurrected 1 smashes his head on the top turnbuckle. Resurrected 1 holds on his head, and drags it across the top rope. Ben Black is in a lot of pain. Ben Black turns towards Resurrected 1. Ben Black throws a wild fist that surprisely lands on Resurrected 1. Ben Black is even shocked as not many wild fists land. Ben Black runs towards Resurrected 1. He goes for ar unning clothesline, he ducks under, and Resurrected 1 throws a kick, but it's caught by Ben Black. Ben Black holds Resurrected 1, Resurrected 1 counters with a ezuguri to the side of the head. It connects, and you hear the crack as Resurrected 1's boot connected with the skull of Ben Black. Ben Black takes a few stumbling steps around, and Resurrected 1 is up to his feet. Ben Black hits a kick to the gut, and he puts him into a vertical suplex. He lifts him up, and he drops him for a vertical suplex. Ben stays on the mat. Resurrected 1 runs to the ropes, and he comes off of the ropes, and leaps in the air, and he comes down on Ben Black with a splash on the downed Ben Black. Resurrected 1 hooks Ben Black's leg. The ref goes down to make the count. The ref counts 1.........2..KICK OUT by Ben Black. Resurrected 1 can't believe that he didn't get the three count for some reason. He stares down the ref for a few moments, and he hits a few stomps on the downed Ben Black. He then backs up, and thne allows Ben Black to get up as Resurrected 1 seems to now just messing with the ref.]

JR-Resurrected 1 seems to be toying with Ben Black.

King-I got a feeling he'll regret that.

Kris Gaffney-Maybe he should rename himself to the "regretful 1"?

[Ben Black pulls himself up to his feet in teh corner. Resurrected 1 runs towards the corner, but Ben Black counters with a boot to the face. Hes tumbles backwards, and then he recovered, and he runs towards the corner once again, but Ben Black is able to counter with a drop toe hold that sends him flying into the top turnbuckle. He crashes into the corner. Slowly he gets out of the corner, and he hits a kick to teh gut, and he sets him up into a vertical suplex position. He lifts him up, and he drops him straight down in a brain buster. Resurrected 1 seems out of it. Ben Black goes into teh cover on Resurrected 1. The ref counts 1.............2.................KICK OUT by Resurrected 1!! Ben Black can't realyl argue, or do anything else as he has taken a lot of damage to this point. Instead he takes his time to get up to his feet, as he can with the extra amount of time that he has given himself with the big move, even if he couldn't end the match right there.]

JR-Ben Black is looking to end this.

King-He's fully in control.

Kris Gaffney-Does he feel in control?

King-Reminds me of Mike New...

[Ben Black picks up Resurrected 1, but Resurrected 1 uses his over confidence against him grabbing his tights, and shifting him towards the corner, he crashes into the corner. He stumbles out of the corner. Resurrected 1 hooks Ben Black, and he drops him for Dirty Deeds!! Ben Black is out cold. Resurrected 1 goes into the cover on Ben Black. The ref counts the 1............2.......3!!]

JR-Ben Black left an opening, and Resurrected 1 took it, and won the match.

As the music kicks in Tommy slides out from the entrance on his knees and takes in the noise of the crowd. He's theatrical at all times, Finn Balor style. When he reaches the ring, he takes his entrance attire off in a dramatic Magic Mike style to reveal his sky blue wrestling pants and boots.

JR-Tommy Skyye already knows how hard it is to defeat Daryl Prichard when the title is on the line.

King-And this match won't be on a boat.

Kris Gaffney-Catherine Walker probably is giving a thumbs up.

("Stoke the fire" blasts on the PA system. Daryl Prichard walks out on the stage.)

JR-Daryl Prichard, and Tommy Skyye have quite the rivalry

King-He's made a lot enemies.

Kris Gaffney-I guess sometimes you need to if you want to be great.

[Tommy Skyye and Daryl "Graveler" Prichard stare down each other. Tommy Skyye decides to run out of the ring, and he goes after Daryl Prichard. Prichard ducks under a fist, and Tommy Skyye turns him around, and he hits a few fists to the face. He then tries to smash Prichard's head into the guard rail, but it's countered with a low blow on Tommy Skyye. Daryl Prichard grabs Tommy Skyye's head, and he runs to the Latino Heat stage, and he throws him hard into the stage. He bounces off, and then Tommy Skyye stumbles towards Prichard. Prichard hits a diving clothesline. Tommy Skyye hits the stage with a loud crash as the stage is metal. Daryl "Graveler" Prichard grabs Tommy Skyye. Prichard sets up Tommy Skyye, and he hits a head butt that knocks Tommy Skyye down the ramp. Tommy Skyye stumbles towards the ring side area. He runs towards Tommy Skyye, Tommy Skyye was baiting Daryl Prichard in, he hits a back body drop that sends Daryl Prichard flying up, but he hits the ropes, and he bounces back, and he drives Tommy Skyye face first into the mat with a DDT. Daryl Prichard pulls him up, and he throws him into the ring, and Daryl "Graveler" Prichard goes into the cover on Tommy Skyye. The ref slides into cover. The ref counts 1...........2..............kick out by Tommy Skyye. Daryl Prichard doesn't look happy. He hits a few stomps on the downed Tommy Skyye. He goes into the corner, and he yells that he's going to attempt a stone fist as he gets ready in the corner.]

JR-Daryl Prichard is looking for the homerun here.

King-Hope he's not making a mistake.

Kris Gaffney-You hope for mistakes all the time.

King-Their more interesting...

[Tommy Skyye is slow to get up, he turns to see Prichard in the air coming towards him for a Stone fist. Tommy Skyye ducks under, he hooks Daryl "Graveler" Prichard, he lifts him up, and he slams him down on the mat with a full nelson slam. Tommy Skyye falls backwards, and he grabs a hold of the ropes. Prichard is slow to get up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet. Tommy Skyye mocks Prichard. Prichard runs towards Tommy Skyye. Tommy Skyye counters with a boot to the face. This dazes the extreme champoin, and makes Tommy Skyye fall over the top rope, and on to the floor. Tommy Skyye land on his feet, he falls to a knee. Graveler seeing this tries to take advantage. He goes to try to pull Skyye into the ring, but Skyye smashes Graveler with a singapore Cane. Graveler falls into the ring.]

JR-What a sound that made.

King-I don't think Graveler cares about the sound JR.

[Tommy Skyye gets in the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope. He goes for the Skyyeline, but Graveler moves out of the way. Tommy Skyye lands on his feet. But stumbles, Graveler uses this chance to push him to the corner. He crashes into the corner. Tommy Skyye stumbles out of the corner. Graveler kicks him in the gut, sets him up, lifts him up, and drops him for the Gravel Bomb!! Tommy Skyye is out. Graveler goes itno the cover on Skyye. THe ref counts the 1...........2..........3!!]

JR-Graveler gets the win, he....

(The lights turn off. Then turn on, Graveler is looking confused, but suddenly gets hit from behind by a crutch. Graveler goes down. The camera gets a glimpse of a Dominic Sanders who is still in pain, he takes the crutch he hit him with that is bent now. He yells "it won't be long, he leaves the ring. Still limping, obviously still injured, but better than we last saw him.)

JR-We haven't seen Dominic Sanders since Graveler put him out.

King-...and you mentioned about Graveler's enemies...that one couldn't even wait until he was healthy to attack him. I know for a fact that Sanders isn't cleared just yet.

Kris Gaffney-That's hatred.

(“I’m the Mountie” blasts on the PA system. The Mountie walks out on the stage along with Jimmy Hart who is yelling various thing through his microphone. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Hopefully no one here gets annoyed at people yelling, or the fact Jimmy Hart is here is going to caused more than one headache.

Kris Gaffney-I’m use to it…

two huge rotating blue lights rise from the ground and the sound of sirens blasts from the PA system loudly shocking and scaring everyone in the audience like some kind of major incident is about to happen. Blue and White pyrotechnics explode in one loud detonation and “London’s Calling” by The Clash hits the PA system as Sam Fame walks to the ring.

JR-This is a battle of former law enforcement officers.

King-The Mountie still is one…

Kris Gaffney-Don’t think Sam Fame believes him.

[The Mountie yells out LAW!! Sam Fame hits a hard PUNCH to the face of the Mountie. The Mountie stumbles backwards. Sam Fame backs up. The Mountie runs at Sam Fame. Sam Fame counters with a hip toss that sends him flying, an he crashes down on the mat. The Mountie slowly gets up to hsi feet holding his back. But Sam Fame isn't going to let up on that as he lifts him up, and he drops him for a back breaker. The MOuntie yells in pain, and Sam Fame hits a few stomps on the downed Mountie. The Mountie yells at the ref, the ref does tell Sam Fame to give the Mountie some space. Sam Fame backs off not wanting to get DQed. He goes back on the attack after that. The Mountie grabbed by Sam Fame, and he throws him out of the ring, and he crashes down on the mat. The Mountie see's a chance. He gets up to his feet, and he runs towards the ropes, and he slides out of the ring, he tries to do a swinging neck breaker. But Same Fame is able to swing right through, and he psuhes him off, and then Sam Fame pushes him hard into the ring post. The Mountie hits the ring post shoulder first. The Mountie is in a lot of pain, and then Sam Fame throws the Mountie in the ring. Sam Fame climbs up to the apron, and then up to the top rope. Sam Fame waits on the the Mountie who is slow to get up to his feet. Sam Fame is slow to get up, he turns towards the Mountie, and he leaps off of the top rope, and he connects with a flying clothesline that connects on the MOuntie. ]

JR-Sam Fame connects with the clothesline.

King-A flying clothesline.

Kris Gaffney-SUrprised the King mentioned a high risk move.

[Sam Fame goes into the cover on the Mountie. The ref goes into position to make the count, the ref counts 1..........2........KICK OUT by the Mountie. Sam Fame yells "WHAT" to the ref quesitoning the count, but finally he turns back on the action. He turns otwards the Mountie, The Mountie hits a jaw breaker. Sam Fame stumbles backwards in pain. The Mountie is having trouble getting up to his feet. Sam Fame runs at the Mountie, the Mountie is up to his feet, he ducks under the attack of Sam Fame. He hooks him, and he drops him for a russian leg sweep that puts down Sam Fame. The Mountie is slow to get up to his feet, but when he gets up to his feet, he see's Sam Fame attempting to get up too. He wants to stop that so he does with a kick to the face. This makes Sam Fame go down ont he mat. The Mountie picks up Sam Fame, he sets him up into a front face lock, he sets him up, and he lifts him up, and he drops him stomach first into the top rope. Sam Fame bounces off of the top rope, and he crashes down on the mat. Sam Fame rolls into the corner, and the Mountie measures up on Sam Fame. The Mountie runs towards Sam Fame, and he hits a running knee inot the gut, this stuns Sam Fame. He sets him up, and he hooks him, and he plants him down on the mat with a northern lights suplex. The ref goes into position to he make the pin. The ref counts 1................2............KICK OUT by Sam Fame. The Mountie quickly puts on a chin lock before Sam Fame gets the chance to get up to his feet.]

JR-The Mountie controlling Sam Fame, attempting wear down the fellow former law enforcement officer.

King-Did someone betray the lawl?

Kris Gaffney-LAWWWWWWWWWWL…no gets that…right?

King-Other than Catherine Walker, no.

[The Mountie throws down Sam Fame to the mat. The Mountie picks him up. As he does, Sam Fame rakes the eyes of the Mountie. This blinds the Mountie, but mostly it just angers him, He yells something at Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart jumps on the apron, and yells through his microphone. He grabs his taser. He turns to use it, Sam Fame hits a super kick that sends him flying, but he falls down on his knee’s as it seems like Sam doesn’t have anything left. The Mountie goes on the attack. Sam Fame rolls up the Mountie into a small package. The ref turns, he dives into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……………2………..3!!]

JR-Sam Fame might have luded the Mountie into letting his guard down.

King-That’s not fair!

("Radio" blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage. He steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Zack Ryder championship reign might be in serious trouble here.

King-You got to wonder what he thinks about the whole fact that he needs to take on both Frankie Everhart, and Russ Massel.

Kris Gaffney-Frankie did leave the door open. I"m sure he's not a fan of him right now.

A countdown starts on the titantron. When the countdown finishes, "Rain Maker" (New Beginning in Osaka intro) starts playing through the arena speakers. When the "Go" is heard in the song, Russ Massel steps through the curtains. Massel stands still in the center of the stage crouched down, then pulling his hoodie down before continuing to make his way to the ring. When in the ring, he completely ignores his opponent as he brushes past them if they're already in the ring. Russ Massel goes up to the second turnbuckle to do "The Rainmaker" pose.

JR-Russ Massel got in this match late.

King-Better late than never, right?

Kris Gaffney-It does make sense as Russ Massel was able to defeat both Aleister Black and Frankie Everhart, he certainly earned his way.

(“Frankie Everhart’s theme” blasts on the PA system. Frankie walks out on the stage. He poses, and he continues down to the ring.)

JR-Frankie Everhart has shown a lot of skill since coming to the EMF.

King-This is going to be the ultimatechallenge of that skill.

[Zack Ryder, Russ Massel, and Frankie Everhart stand on opposite sides of the ring. Frankie Everhart yells something that Russ Massel doesn't like, he runs at Frankie Everhart. Frankie Everhart moves out of the way. Russ Massel crashes into the corner. Russ Massel gets hit a few knife edge chop to the chest. Frankie Everhart backs away, and he circles, he runs towards Russ Massel, but Russ Massel counters with a hook, and he drops him for a russian leg sweep that sends him flying into the top rope. He bounces off of the top rope, he bounces off of the top rope. Russ Massel gets up to his feet, and he throws in the corner, and he crashes into the corner. Frankie is in the corner, Zack Ryder tries to attack Russ Massel from behind, but Russ Massel counters by throwing Zack Ryder into the corner. Zack Ryder fly's over the top rope, flipping over the top rope. Zack Ryder falls out of the ring, and he falls down on the mat.

JR-Zack Ryder must have had a great amount of momentum for that to happen.

King-You would be surprised sometimes what happens in professional wrestler.

Kris Gaffney-Look at the Rock being hit with a stunner.

[Frankie Everhart stumbles out of the corner, and he sets him up, and he hits a northern lights suplex with a bridge. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1............2........Zack Ryder reaches into teh ring, and he brings him over the nearest turnbuckle, and he smashes his leg into the ring post. Zack Ryder climbs up to the apron, and up to the top rope. He waits for Frankie Everhart to get up to his feet. Zack Ryder waits as Frankie Everhart gets up to his feet. Zack Ryder leaps off of the top rope, and he connects with a missile drop kick that connects on Frankie Everhart goes down on the mat. Zack Ryder is down on the mat. Zack Ryder quickly goes into the cover on Frankie Everhart. The ref slides into position to make the count. The ref counts 1................2...........Russ Massel comes out of no where, and he smashes him with a double axe handle to break up the pin count. Zack Ryder, and Russ Massel get up to their feet. Zack Ryder and Russ Massel start to throw fists. Both landing. Neither one is backing down as neither allowing the other to string together more than one fist landed.]

JR-This has become a fist fight.

King-Think we can start scoring fists?

Kris Gaffney-Let's go to the score card!

[Zack Ryder suddenly gets pushed from behind, Zack Ryder crashes into the head, and he falls otu of the ring. He falls out of the ring. Russ Massel crashes into the mat. Slowly he turns Ryder around, he picks up Zack Ryder, and he hooks, and he plants him down into a body slam driver. He hooks his leg. The ref counts 1..............2...KICK OUT by Zack Ryder. Frankie Everhart stomps on the downed Zack Ryder, he sets him up, and he hits a body slam on Zack Ryder. This placing him in the middle of the ring. Frankie Everhart takes in the reaction from the crowd as he considers his next move. ]

JR-Frankie Everhart might be moments away from winning the championship.

King-He needs to just do it, and not consider it.

[Frankie is on the second turnbuckle. He leaps off of the second rope, but Zack Ryder connects with a boot to the face. Zack Ryder gets up, and he gets planted with a chair shot. Zack Ryder falls out of the ring. Frankie Everhart gets picked up by Russ Massel, lifted, and dropped for the Massel judgment. He’s about to go into the cover when “Next Big Thing” plays on the PA system. Russ Massel gets ready. Brock Lesnar walks on the stage along with his manger Paul Winters. But they stop right there, seemly happy to watch the rest of this match. Russ Massel gets turned around, and gets hit with the chair by Zack Ryder. Russ falls out of the ring, and Zack Ryder quickly goes into the cover on Frankie Everhart. The ref goes into positon. He makes the count. He counts 1…………..2…………3!!]

JR-Russ Massel worried about Brock Lesnar, and it looks like his worries were justified as Brock cost him this match.

King-Guess he didn’t take our advice.

(Brock Lesnar on the outside of the ring has Russ Massel up, and he drops him for the F-5!! Brock steps inside of the ring before Zack can get up to his feet. He lifts him up, and he drops him for another F-5. He stares down at Frankie Everhart, he grabs him, and hurls him over the top rope. He goes to the outside of the ring. He picks him up, and he drops him for the F-5 right through the anouncers table.)

JR-My gawd, Lesnar attacking everything that moved.

King-Hey Lesnar…JR moved!

(Brock stands over the destroyed Frankie Everhart. He then grabs the IC championship, he goes over to the downed Zack Ryder. He throws it on the downed Ryder. Brock walks to t he back as his theme song plays.)

("light it up" blasts on the PA system. AJ Lee skips out on the stage in a very Lita like out fit. She skips down to the ring, and slides into the ring.)

JR-This...is kind of odd.

King-Did everyone forget how big of an Amy fan she is?

Kris Gaffney-Guess we needed reminding.

("girls just wanna have fun" blasts on the PA system. Laura Cena walks out on the stage. Catherine Walker walks behind her, wearing her normal purple style dress, and still trying to figure out her pose on the stage. She tries to flip her hair like Lita as a F-U to AJ Lee. But her hair is too long, and she just ends up getting shallowed by it. Laura Cena on the other hand moves her shoulders up, and down. She walks down to the ring. She enters the ring, and she steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Laura must be wondering what this is about.

King-She needs to face Ashley's Mom.

Kris Gaffney-Yeah...it's not.

[Laura is staring at AJ who keeps pretending she is Amy. Laura looks to Catherine who is seemly more annoyed that she didn't dress up like Miss Jackie. AJ Lee tries to take advantage, but Laura ducks under, and she hits a hard kick into the gut that doubles over AJ Lee. Laura Cena tries to whip AJ Lee to the ropes, but AJ Lee is able to reverse the whip. She does this, and Laura bounces off of the ropes. Laura jumps in the air, and she brings a jumping clothesline down on AJ Lee. AJ Lee hits hard on the mat, she gets up, and she yells "don't kill me, I'm Ashley's Mom." Laura looks confused, and then AJ Lee tries to attack Laura. Laura ducks under, and she hooks and hits a reverse reverse neck breaker. Maria can't believe that she hurt Ashley's Mom. Laura rolls her eyes. Maria thinks everyone is Amy now, and she starts asking people around ring side if they are Amy too. AJ Lee crawls up to her feet. AJ Lee gets up, and Laura hooks AJ Lee, and drives her down for Clean Sweep sending AJ Lee's face into the mat. Laura Cena goes into the cover on AJ Lee. The ref goes into position to make the count, the ref counts 1...............2.............KICK OUT by AJ Lee. Laura Cena hits a few stomps on the downed AJ Lee.]

JR-That is a move we don't see her using much.

King-How could have the ref not counted three.

Kris Gaffney-That finisher was GOLDEN!!

[Laura Cena picks up AJ Lee by the hair, and she hits a few knife edge chops to the chest of AJ Lee, she tries to whip her to the ropes. AJ Lee bounces off of the ropes. Laura lowers her head, and then AJ Lee is able to counter with a small package. The ref goes quickly into position to make the count. The ref counts 1..........2....KICK OUT by Laura Cena. Laura gets up to her feet. AJ Lee hits a kick to the get, she hooks her, and she drops her for a whiplash DDT. Laura Cena rolls out of the ring, and on she is on the out side. AJ Lee runs to the ropes as Laura has gotten up with the help of the ropes, and she sling shots the ropes, and Laura Cena flips over the top rope, and comes crashing down on her back. The pain on her face is very clear. AJ Lee goes to the outside of the ring, and she climbs up to the top rope, and she waits for Laura Cena to get up to her feet, and once she gets up to her feet. She turns towards where AJ Lee is. AJ Lee leaps off of the top rope, and she connects with a cross body block. AJ Lee hooks the leg of Laura Cena. The ref goes down for the count. The ref counts 1...........2.......KICK OUT by Laura Cena. AJ Lee picks up Laura by the hair, she hits a few forearm shots to the face that makes Laura Cena's head snap back with everyone hit. She tries to whip Laura to the ropes, but it's reverse by Laura Cena. AJ Lee bounces off of the ropes, AJ Lee starts to do a very Lita like hurricanarana, but she spins more of it, and she turned into a widow.]

JR-AJ caught Laura!

King-How is she going to get out of this one.

Kris Gaffney-Tune in next week...sounds like something WCW would do...

[Laura is screaming in pain, Catherine hits the mat to get the crowd behind her. Laura is able to swing AJ around, and tries to go for a hip toss, but it's countered by AJ planting her down with a sit down face buster. Laura is down. AJ Lee climbs up to the top rope, and she climbs up to the top rope. AJ leaps off of the top rope, and goes for a moonsault, but Laura moves otu of the way. AJ crashes down. AJ stumbles up, Laura picks her up AJ, and she drops her for Royaly Screwed. Laura pushes AJ on her back. Laura goes into the cover on AJ, the ref counts 1...........2............3!!]

JR-AJ Lee tried to go for the moonsault, but she might have just given Laura the opening she needed to win this match.

King-Maybe she didn't want to win off the X-Factor.

Kris Gaffney-Yeah...the X-Factor only makes other people win these days.

Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson-We approve of that message.

("Violent pursuit" blasts on the PA system. Jason Cross walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Jason Cross has had to wait a long time for this moment.

King-Both have had similar 2017's, maybe the reasoning have been different. Both took time off, and both have come back better than ever.

Kris Gaffney-Cross' disappearance was more physical than Riley's, but I know what you are saying.

("That's entertainment" blasts on the PA system as Logan Riley walks out on the stage. He walks down to the ring, and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-Logan Riley has waited a long time to be world champion, and he's going to put everything to stay it.

King-Winning the title, and defending it are two different things though JR..

[Logan Riley and Jason Cross stand in the middle of the ring. They talk trash, and finally as the bell starts to ring. Logan Riley and Jason Cross go to blow to the face. Jason Cross is gaining momentum as Logan Riley stumbles backwards Jason Cross attempts to whip him to the ropes, and is successful in doing so. Logan Riley bounces off of the ropes. But Jason Cross lowers his head, but it's countered with a kick to the face Logan Riley stumbles around holding his face, and then Jason Cross stares down Logan Riley who is now on the ropes. Jason Cross runs towards Logan Riley, Logan Riley counters with a back elbow that connects with the side of the face of Jason Cross. Cross gets hooked by the arm and brought him over, and throws him over the top rope, and down to the floor aorund ring side with a hip toss. Logan Riley takes a few moments to take in the crowd reaction as he watches as Jason Cross hits, and he slowly raises up to the floor holding his back. Logan Riley runs to the ropes, jumps on the ropes. He sling shots on the second rope, and jumps over the top rope, and he connects with a vertical cross body block on Jason Cross. Logan Riley hammers away on Jason Cross on the mat around ring side. He picks up Jason Cross, he brings him over to the announcers desk, and he smashes his face into the table. He bounces off of the table. Logan Riley picks up Jason Cross, and he throws him into the ring. Logan Riley feels like he can end this match right now. Logan Riley steps inside of the ring, and he stalks being Jason Cross, Jason turns towards Logan Riley.

JR-Logan Riley feeling it right here.

King-You think that's going to be a mistake?

Kris Gaffney-I'm sure at this point of the match...yes?

[Riley kicks him in the gut, he sets him up. He goes for the Final Cut, but Jason Cross is able duck under, but Jason Cross ducks under as he spins around Jason Cross goes for the BangKO. But Riley ducks out of it. He realizes that he came really close to maybe losing the world championship right there he doesn't realize as he gets up in the corner Jason Cross did not even let one moment go by, and he runs, and he leaps in the air, and he hits a splash in the corner. Jason Cross motions for Riley Riley to go towards him, and Logan RIley tries to throw a fist to the face. But it's countered by him ducking under, and he hooks him with a chin lock, and dropping him across the back for the 3.0 inverted back breaker. Logan Riley yells in a lot of pain as he rolls around in pain. Jason Cross takes a few moments to rest up. He is now watching Logan Riley. Logan Riley gets up to his feet. Jason Cross picks up Logan Riley, and he drops him for an inverted atomic drop. Logan Riley yells in a lot of pain. Jason Cross quickly hits a flowing reverse neck breaker that puts down Logan Riley. Riley seems stunned enough for Jason Cross to attempt a pin attempt. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1...........2..KICK OUT by Logan Riley. Jason Cross gets up to his feet, and then he brings down a few stomps on the downed Logan Riley. Logan RIley attempts to get up to his feet, Jason Cross pushes him back into the ropes, and he hits a hard knife edge chop to the chest. The crowd yells "wooooooooo". He hits another one to a similar reaction. The ref makes Jason Cross back off Logan Riley as he has him in the corner. Jason Cross goes back on the attack, Logan Riley hits a back elbow to the face. ]

JR-Jason Cross might have moved too quickly, and it might have cost him there.

King-But how much.

Kris Gaffney-At this point...a elbow to the face.

[He stumbles backwards with Jason Cross dazed, Logan Riley tries to take advantage, but Jason Cross was mostly baiting him in, and he lifts him up, and drops him for the one man flap jack. Jason Cross stands ready for his next move as Logan Riley gets up. He lifts him on his shoulders. Logan Riley struggles. Logan Riley lands behind Jason Cross. Cross turns around, and gets blasted with a Final Cut, but it was glancing. It sends Jason Cross backwards, and he hits the ropes dazed. He stumbles around on his feet, but as he comes towards Logan Riley. Jason Cross jumps up in instinct, grabs Logan Riley, and brings him down for the BangKO. Both wrestlers are down on the mat. The crowd cheers for that last exchange.]

JR-Neither wrestler got the best of that exchange.

King-They can still get something out of it JR.

Kris Gaffney-Guess we'll see...it'll be great!

[Both wrestlers are making up to their feet. Suddenly the lights turn off, the lights stay off for a few moments, suddenly fire shoots up from around the ring. Jason and Logan are in the ring, and not sure what to make of this. The fire is obviously coming from inferno rails surroudning the ring. As the fire dies down, the lights raise up, Jason quickly tries to take advantage by grabbing Logan's head, and throw him down for the BangKO, Logan gets out, hooks the arms of Jason, and quickly back slides Jason into a pinning combination. The ref counts 1...........2........3! Jason kicks out, but it's too late!!]

JR-Logan Riley was beaten to the punch there after that weird happening, but he acted quickly.

King-You sure that was 3?

(Jason asks the ref if that was three as he leaves the ring side area as Logan celebrates. THe lights turn off again. Once again fire shoots up from ring side. Logan is in the middle of the ring still look confused, but this time a figure stands behind him. Logan senses it, he turns around right into a pick up, swinging, and drives him down into the mat. The figure still covered by darkness, a camera zooms in as the figure raises his head.)

JR-That can't be!!

Kris Gaffney-I take it back, it won't be great, IT WON'T BE GREAT!!

Cyrus Black.

JR-A ghost from Riley's past has risen. Remember the history between these two men...especially from last years First Blood.

Kris Gaffney-This is where I wake up, and realize I can change. You sir, buy the best of Kris Gaffney, and counteract all that isn't great!

(He stares down at the fallen champion with hate as Latino Heat goes off the air.)