EMF: First Blood

(We start out this show displaying the copyright information. We go into a highlight reel of the feud between Tony Ikeda and the Wretched Nobody. Ending with Wade Flow getting involved, and in the end walking out with the championship. As there are various shots of the elimination chamber pictures of the participants are shown over a shot of the World Championship as the picture fades into an introduction screen that welcomes us to First Blood 2021. The lights are turned out in the stadium as the fireworks blasts up the ramp way and explode on the stage. The lights turn on and fans yell and wave their signs as the camera’s gets a few shots of the crowd. Finally we get a zoomed out shot of the crowd to display the location information, and we get another shot of the crowd as the commentators begin to speak.)

JR-It’s the biggest show of the year for the Extreme Measures Federation. Welcome to the 2021 edition of First Blood. Hello and welcome I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross. I’m joined by “the King” Jerry Lawler and Kris “KG” Gaffney.


King-First Blood is known for it’s memorable main events, and this years no different as we have an elimination chamber match.

Kris Gaffney-That’s sure not to Jamarcus Russell.

King-And other Raider references!!

JR-Let’s get started with the opening match of the night.

(We go backstage where we see John Cena arriving for the event. He has with him his good friend and interviewer, Christy Hemme. She does not appear to be here to interview him, however. They walk together towards the Divas locker room where we over hear their conversation.)

Cena: Thank you for doing this, Christy. I don't know who else Mickie would have got to replace Laura at such short notice.

Christy: It's fine, honestly. I just hope Laura can keep her head and take out that bitch who attacked her.

Cena: Oh I wouldn't worry about Laura, she'll wipe the floor with "Doudrop" or whatever her name is. Just worry about you. I know it won't be easy being in a match with Rebecca and Mickie after everything that's happened....

Christy: It'll be easier than being in bed with them, that's for sure....

Voice: I wouldn't bank on that....

(Cena and Christy turn around and come face to face with the EMF Women's Champion, and Divas General Manager, Eva Marie. She smirks at Christy.)

Eva Marie: If it isn't the EMF's sluttiest red head.... well... if we exclude Amy of course. You give us all a bad name, you know that?

Christy: What do you want? Shouldn't you be getting ready for Catherine to kick your ass and take back the title?

Eva Marie: I'm more than ready to beat the Playboy Princess. I'm just here to give you your attire for tonight.

Christy: I'm OK... I bought my own.

Eva Marie: I'm sure it's not suitable though....

(Doudrop appears behind Eva, and hands Christy what appears to be a revealing referee's uniform. Christy looks confused.)

Christy: What the....

Eva Marie: Didn't you hear? I've named you as the Special Guest Referee for the lock box match. So I guess Mickie will be needing another partner after all....

Cena: Wait.... you can't just....

Eva Marie: Go on.... over rule me... I dare you. You know exactly how much power you gave AJ... but I'd love to hear how assigning a referee is a misuse of my power....

Christy: Don't worry about it John. I'll do it. Mickie won't even need a full team to beat Rebecca's ass into the ground.

(Cena puts his arm around Christy, and glares at Eva.)

Cena: I swear... if you try and screw with Mickie and Amy tonight....

Eva Marie: Oh I won't.... I promise. But..... I can't help it if the referee has the hots for one of the other team, can I?

(Eva winks at Cena, and turns and walks away, ignoring him as he tries to object further. Christy rolls her eyes and looks at the referee uniform she was handed, and then heads into the locker room as we go back to the ring).

Mist fills the stage before the music kicks it up a gear, Conner Wicklow arrives through the mist and poses amongst a blast of white light. He steps inside of the ring.

JR-A few month’s ago Connor Wicklow was attacked, and it’s always been a question of who it was…that turned out to be the Bullet Club.

King- I blame Connor.

Kris Gaffney-I’m sure you do.

(The lights all go black and Adam Cole Official Theme Song "All About Tha (BOOM!)")

(plays through out the arena as there is a mixture of cheers and boos as Adam Cole comes walking out to the stage from the back. He walk with confidence as both of his arms are out wide. He stands to the center of the stage and puts his left arm down and points to himself with his right yelling to the fans. He looks out to his left and then his right. He squats down really low as he rocks side to side and then springs up with two fingers together on both hands in the sky as the fans all yell “ADAM COLE BAY BAY!” along with Adam Cole. He continues down the rampway in the direction to the ring. Once he gets ringside, he rolls into the ring, stands center of the ring and repeats; He squats down really low as he rocks side to side and then springs up with two fingers together on both hands in the sky as the fans all yell “ADAM COLE BAY BAY!” He then heads to the direction of his corner and squats down low, rocking side to side as he waits for the beginning of his match.)

JR-However, I can’t imagine that Adam Cole didn’t do what he did without being confident in his abilities.

King-Or the fact he has the Bullet Club.

Kris Gaffney-Either way.

[Connor Wicklow and Adam Cole face off. The two talk trash as they are not even paying attention to cage around them as the bell rings. Connor Wicklow and Adam Cole throw fists to the face, neither is backing down. Adam Cole is able to duck under one of the fists, and he runs to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. Connor Wicklow connectswith a deep arm drag that sends Adam Cole flying across the ring, and he gets up to his feet. And he runs towards Adam Cole, but it’s countered with another deep arm drag. Adam Cole goes down and he gets up, but he gets put down once again with a double leg take down, and he connects with a few fists to the face on Adam Cole. Adam Cole gets picked up, and Connor Wicklow throws him hard into cage side. Adam Cole hits into the steel hard, and he stumbles backwards in a lot of pain as he holds his face as Connor WIcklow connects with a disc elbow to the side of the head. Adam Cole stumbles around after this, Connor Wicklow rusn to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes, and he jumps in the air, and he connects with a sling blade that sends him down on the mat. Connor Wicklow considers going for the cover, but seemly he’s not done with this attack just yet. Connor Wicklow connects with a few stomps on the downed Adam Cole. Adam Cole rolls into the corner, and he hits a stomp in the gut in the corner, and then another one, and then another one.]

JR-This is damn sure personal for Connor Wicklow.

King-Maybe Adam Cole is rethinking his attack.

Kris Gaffney-Maybe…

[Connor Wicklow backs up, and he takes a few moments to look towards the crowd as he’s clearly blinded by rage right now. Connor Wicklow runs towards Adam Cole, but Adam Cole is able to get his boot up, and this dazes Connor Wicklow. Adam Cole grabs Connor Wicklow, and he connects with an inverted Russian leg sweep into the corner. Connor Wicklow falls into the corner. Adam Cole takes a few moments to rest up, and he walks away, and he runs towards the corner, and he connects with a running forearm shot to the face of Connor Wicklow. Connor Wicklow stumbles out of the corner, Adam Cole tries to pick up Connor Wicklow, but Connor Wicklow is able to slide out of the back, and he lifts up Adam Cole. Adam Cole is able to slide out of the back of Connor Wicklow. Adam Cole measures up on Connor Wicklow, and he connects with a super kick that puts down Connor Wicklow. Adam Cole goes into the cover on Connor Wicklow. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………………2……KICK OUT by Adam Cole. Adam Cole doesn’t seem too happy with the attack by Connor Wicklow. So he gets some revenge by hitting a few mounted fists to the face. Adam Cole grabs Connor WIcklow, and he runs towards the cage side, and he throws him hard into the cage side. Connor Wicklow bounces off of the cage side. Adam Cole grabs Connor Wicklow by the neck, and he drops him with a reverse neck breaker. Adam Cole goes to the side of the cage, and he starts to climb up the side of the cage.]

JR-Adam Cole is looking to end this match right here.

King-And I’m not questioning the method.

Kris Gaffney-Can you?

[Adam Cole is on the top rope, but suddenly Connor Wicklow grabs a hold of his boot, and he connects with a forearms to the side of Adam Cole. Connor Wicklow climbs up where Adam Cole is, and he hooks him for a zero signal, but Adam Cole fights out of it enough to turn around. Connor Wicklow tries to bring him back, but Adam Cole answers with a low blow, and Adam Cole hits a modified version of the last shot. Connor Wicklow falls off of the top rope. Adam Cole climbs up to the top, and goes over the top of the cage, and he goes down to the floor, and he lands on the floor. ADAM COLE WINS VIA ESCAPE!!]

JR-Connor Wicklow’s want to make Adam Cole pay might have cost him here.

King-Sometimes you are just seeing blood, and that’s not going to help you in a lot of situations.

("Cry Little Sister" plays over the PA System and Rebecca Michelle heads out onto the ramp. She is soon joined by her team- Nikki Bella, Trish Stratus, Velvet Sky and Charlotte Flair. They head to the ring together.)

JR: This is a unique match.... whenever a Diva scores a pin both she and the woman she pins leave the match.

King: But whoever scored the pin gets a Lock Box which may contain a prize!

Kris: If Rebecca's team wins 3 of the 5 boxes... Mickie James will marry her and Maria Kanellis will be gone from the EMF. If Mickie wins.... Maria will return and Mickie won't have to get married!

("Dirty Little Girl" plays next and out comes Mickie's team which consists of herself along with Amy Dumas, Ashley Irvine (who is still chained to Rachel Cena), Catherine Walker and Jessica Cole-Mann.)

JR: I guess Mickie was able to find a 5th competitor after all....

King: Interesting choice....

Kris: I'm surprised she'd want to help Mickie....

(Christy Hemme is in the ring in the referee's outfit that Eva gave her earlier. She playfully lifts up her short skirt to cheers from the crowd and then heads over to check each woman for weapons, which Velvet and Rebecca loudly object to, but Mickie James smirks as Hemme checks her and seems to enjoy it. Satisfied that no one has anything, Hemme calls for the bell. Mickie starts out for her team and Trish starts out for team Rebecca, but Mickie quickly points at Rebecca and dares her to get into the ring. Rebecca laughs and motions for Trish to take care of Mickie. Trish charges at Mickie but Mickie sidesteps and then connects with a Mick Kick immediately! Trish goes down like she's been shot but Mickie just taunts Rebecca on the outside. Mickie motions for Rebecca to kiss her ass, which Rebecca reacts to by stating that she has. Mickie laughs, and picks Trish up by the hair. She hurls Trish into the corner and dares Rebecca to tag herself in. Rebecca still refuses. Trish recovers and tags in Velvet Sky, who seemingly wants nothing to do with Mickie and tries to tag straight back out, but Mickie grabs her and pulls her away from the corner. Mickie throws Velvet into the ropes and as she bounces back, takes her down with a neckbreaker. Velvet goes down and Mickie places her over her knee and smirks. She then proceeds to spank Velvet while staring down Rebecca. Rebecca just rolls her eyes and shouts something at Mickie. Eventually, Velvet is able to kick Mickie off and crawl towards the corner but Mickie grabs her by the hair and picks her back up. She throws Velvet into her teams corner and then goes over and makes the tag to Jessica Cole-Mann. Jessica comes in and shrieks at Velvet about being fake and them hammers away on her. She then runs over to the other teams corner and hits a cheap shot on Charlotte, and then Nikki, and then Trish, knocking all 3 of them off the apron. She keeps yelling at them but Velvet Sky sneaks up behind her and hits the Beauty Mark! Velvet hooks the leg for 1...... 2...... 3!)

JR: And just like that.... Velvet Sky has the first lock box won.

King: That won't sit well with Jessica....

Kris: Seemingly she's only be happy to lose to Rebecca in this match....

(Velvet rolls out of the ring laughing at stealing one and grabs a lock box. She scowls at Mickie as she heads up the ramp. Mickie climbs back into the ring, making herself active once more, and this time Charlotte Flair joins her. Mickie and Charlotte trade blows and Mickie tries to whip Charlotte across the ring but Charlotte reverses it and Nikki Bella pulls down the top rope and Mickie spills to the outside. She jumps up looking annoyed, and then she's smashed in the head with a chair by.... Jessica! Her own team mate has turned against her. Jessica picks up Mickie and throws her into the ring and starts yelling that she needs Rebecca to win before she's made to leave up the ramp by another referee who was on the outside. Mickie is still out of it and Charlotte grabs Mickie's legs and applies the Figure 4 and then bridges up into the Figure 8. Christy goes over to check if Mickie is still conscious and finds that she is. She asks Mickie if she wants to give up but Mickie refuses. She desperately tries to reach out for her corner but she seems to be too far away. She reaches out towards Amy and the two lock eyes and Mickie lunges with everything she's got and makes the tag to Amy! Amy comes in and Charlotte tries to break the hold but is slow to do so and Amy starts to hammer away on her with hard shots. Amy kicks Charlotte in the midsection and positions her with the Whiplash DDT, but as she does Nikki Bella gets into the ring. Amy sees it coming and pushes Charlotte away and starts trading blows with Nikki now and gets the better of her and throws Nikki back out of the ring. The distraction though lets Charlotte nail Amy with a chopblock, taking her down. Amy tries to get up but as she does, Charlotte nails Natural Selection on Amy. Charlotte covers her for 1..... 2..... kick out!)

JR: Nikki Bella opened the door for Charlotte... and she almost beat Amy.

King: Right after she almost beat Mickie....

Kris: But she's still without a lock box...

(Charlotte goes over while Amy is still down and climbs to the top rope. She doesn't notice Nikki Bella steal a tag from her. Charlotte leaps off the top rope, looking for a moonsault, but Amy throws the knees up and they connect with Charlotte's midsection. Charlotte rolls away in pain but Nikki is in the ring. Amy leaps to her feet but stumbles a bit and Nikki scoops her up, looking for the Rack Attack. Amy reaches out and makes the tag to her daughter Ashley right as Nikki connects with the move. Nikki covers Amy but Hemme refuses to count. Nikki jumps up and gets in Hemme's face and is shouting at her. Nikki is then spun round by Ashley who scoops her up and drills her down with the Boulder Holder! Ashley looks at Rachel, who rolls her eyes, and the pair of them do the Bella booty taunt to mock Nikki. Ashley then hooks the leg for 1..... 2...... kick out by Nikki! Rachel is trying to stay out of the way as Ashley calls for her finisher. Nikki stumbles up, but then Rachel jerks Ashley away from Nikki before she can pick her up. We soon see why, and it's because Rebecca Michelle has just sprayed Rachel in the eye with something, and Rachel is clutching her eyes. Hemme runs over and starts yelling at Rebecca. But as Rachel stumbles and pulls Ashley with her, Nikki Bella scoops Ashley up, looking for the Rack Attack. She drops Ashley with the move which also sends Rachel crashing to the mat. Nikki hooks the leg for 1..... 2....... 3!)

JR: Once again, being chained together causes issues for this pair....

King: And now team Rebecca lead 2-0....

Kris: One more fall and we'll have a wedding on our hands....

(Mickie James is now looking concerned. With both her and Amy hurting, Catherine Walker enters the ring for the team. Rebecca Michelle finally enters for her team, and motions for Mickie to come in. Mickie asks for the tag but Catherine runs at Rebecca and surprises her with a clothesline, taking her down. Catherine then hits another and then another as she tries to get up. Rebecca then grabs hold of the ropes and uses them to pull herself up, but Catherine connects with the SMS Super Kick and sends Rebecca flying over the top rope. Hemme heads over to start counting Rebecca out, but Rebecca quickly gets to her feet and slides into the ring. Rebecca deliberately slides in next to her partners and makes the tag to Charlotte Flair. Charlotte comes back in and exchanges blows with Catherine but then she nails a Flair chop to Catherine's breast, and Catherine yells out in pain. Charlotte hits a few more when she notices the impact it's having. She then takes Catherine down with a snapmere which leaves her in a seated position, and then runs and hits Natural Selection on Catherine! Charlotte makes the cover for 1..... 2...... kick out by Catherine! Rebecca taunts Mickie about how close that was and tells her to get ready for the wedding. Charlotte grabs Catherine's leg but as she's going for the figure 4, Catherine kicks her away and Charlotte stumbles and collides with the turnbuckle. Catherine quickly rolls her up for 1...... 2..... kick out! Charlotte springs to her feet and turns around but Catherine is waiting for her and scoops her up and plants her down with Princess Power! Catherine hooks the leg for 1..... 2.....3!)

JR: Catherine Walker has done her part.... and it's now 2-1.

King: And luckily, Eddie Stratus hasn't turned up with his monkeys..

Kris: He's probably saving it for the title match....

(Rebecca looks frustrated on the outside, but demands Trish get into the ring. Trish steps in and so does Amy Dumas. Trish grabs Amy and whips her across the ring but Amy holds onto Trish and reverses it, sending Trish across the ring instead, and then dropkicks Trish down. Trish gets up and walks into a suplex from Amy. Amy picks Trish up again but Trish rakes the eyes. Amy stumbles and Trish plants her down with a DDT. Suddenly Rebecca gets into the ring and cheap shots Christy, taking her down. Rebecca and Trish then double team Amy, both stomping away on her and then they lift her up and plant her down with a double suplex. Trish then holds Amy in position, and Rebecca starts to lower Amy's pants so that her thong is exposed. We hear her shout over to Mickie to come and get Amy, because she's always wanted her. Mickie enters the ring now and goes over, and then takes Rebecca down with a Thez press and starts hammering away on her. Amy kicks Trish away and pulls her pants back up and then goes to work on Trish. She kicks Trish in the midsection and then plants her down with the Whiplash DDT. Mickie hurls Rebecca out of the ring as Amy covers Trish for 1..... 2...... 3! The match is tied up. Amy looks over at Mickie, who smiles, and then hugs Amy. Amy is handed her lock box and leaves. Suddenly Rebecca who is on the outside looks up and realises what happened. She slides into the ring and it's now her, Mickie and Hemme in the ring. Rebecca holds up her hands and doesn't want to fight Mickie. Mickie lunges at her but Rebecca is holding the ropes to Hemme pulls her back. Rebecca starts pleading with Mickie that she doesn't want to fight, and telling her to lay down for her so they can get married. Mickie doesn't want to hear it and shoves Hemme out the way and lunges at Rebecca again but Rebecca hits a big back body drop and sends Mickie flying out of the ring where she lands hard. Rebecca then turns to Hemme and starts appealing to her for help. She says if Hemme helps her win, she won't marry Mickie, and the two of them can be together, like Hemme always wanted. She puts her hand on Hemme's face, and then leans in and kisses her. Hemme kicks Rebecca in the midsection and plants her down with the Twist of Fate! Mickie saw this from the outside and slides into the ring. She stares at Hemme for a moment and the two of them nod to each other. Mickie waits for Rebecca to stumble up and then almost takes her head off with the Mick Kick! She then motions to Hemme, who goes to the top rope, and leaps off, nailing Rebecca with the Flying Firecrotch Guillotine. Mickie mounts Rebecca and kisses her goodbye as Hemme counts 1...... 2....... 3!)

JR: Well there we have it.... Mickie James wins the final Lock Box, and Rebecca Michelle is gone from the EMF.

King: And Maria Kanellis will be returned to Mickie!

Kris: I can hardly wait to see them together!

(Mickie and Hemme embrace in the ring having taken care of Rebecca. They slide out of the ring and head up the ramp together while Rebecca sits up and realises what happened. Rebecca starts to cry in the ring as we head backstage.)

(“The Duck Song” blasts on the PA system. Crowd members walks out on the stage, and throw Kenny Omegrape’s to grapes in the stands. Kenny Omegrape gets thrown into the ring.)

JR-I’ll never understand this entrance.

King-That’s because a mortal can’t understand the actions of god.

Kris Gaffney-Figured that would be the reason.

(“I’m better than you and you know it” Is said over the loudspeakers right before Lamb Of God- “Overlord” hits. The crowd erupts in boos as the lighting begins to flash green and gold. The ramp fills with images of money as Azar Vulcan steps out from the back with a smug grin on his face and his Television Championship on one shoulder as his Tag Team Championship is strapped around his waist.. He stops atop of the ramp laughing at the fans.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds and standing 5’11”. He is one half of the Extreme Measures Federation Tag Team Champions and he is also the EMF Television Champion, The Best In The World, Azar “Mastermind” Vulcan!

(He puts a left fist into the air and makes his way down the ramp. He pretends as if he’s going to fist bump the fans, but gives them the middle finger instead and laughs. He stops at the ring, jumps up onto the outside ring apron, grabs the top rope and leaps right up over the top rope, spins in the ring with his arms out and stops in the center of the ring. He holds his hands out cockily taking in all of the fans' boos, slams his hands down to his crotch in an X formation and then puts two middle fingers up before walking into his corner and relaxing against the ring post with a smug grin as he awaits his match to begin.)

JR-I think this isn’t the first time these two have faced each other.

King-Maybe Azar knows he can’t fight the Melon Gods…unless they want him to.

[Kenny Omegrape yells about various fruit knowledge. Azar Vulcan goes for the money maker, but Kenny Omegrape is able to duck it, and Kenny OMegrape bounces off of the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. Azar Vulcan drops him with a drop kick. Kenny Omegrape is slow to get up to his feet, Azar Vulcan takes him down with a side head lock take down. Azar Vulcan holds on the pressure with a side head lock on the mat. Azar Vulcan looks for a way out of the hold, and he gets up to his feet. Kenny Omegrape pushes Azar Vulcan to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. Kenny Omegrape gets hit with a shoulder block on Azar Vulcan. Azar Vulcan goes down on the mat. Kenny Omegrape is slow to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Azar Vulcan hits a kick to the gut that doubles him over, and he connects with a running knee lifts to the face that knocks him backwards. Kenny OMegrape hits the ropes, and he staggers backwards. Azar Vulcan waits for Kenny Omegrape to get to where he wants him, and he kicks him in the gut, and he hits a kick to the gut, and he sets him into a vertical suplex position. Azar Vulcan lifts him up, and he drops him with a brain buster. Azar Vulcan goes into the cover on Kenny Omegrape. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………………..2………..KICK OUT by Azar Vulcan. Kenny Omegrape attempts to get up to his feet, but he connects with a kick to the ribs.]

JR-Kenny Omegrape was able to get his shoulder off the mat.

Kris Gaffney-Just barely.

King-Aw, that’s because the Melon Gods wanted a dramatic kick out.

[Kenny Omegrape is slow to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Kenny Omegrape turns around, and Azar Vulcan goes for the money maker once again, and he is able to duck under. Kenny Omegrape drops him with a half nelson suplex. Azar Vulcan rolls into the corner, and he gets up into the corner. Kenny Omegrape runs towards the corner, and he connects with a clothesline in the corner. Kenny Omegrape grabs Azar Vulcan to bring him out of the corner. Kenny Omegrape hits a northern lights suplex release that sends Azar Vulcan. Azar Vulcan is slow to get up to his feet. Once he gets up to his feet. Kenny Omegrape runs at Azar Vulcan and he connects with the Willy Wonka's Fruit-Flavored Gobstopper to the side of the head, Kenny Omegrape takes a few moments to rest up. Azar Vulcan gets up to his feet, once he gets up to his feet. Azar Vulcan hits a kick to the gut that doubles him over, and he sets him up, and he connects with the Tony Jamba Juice. Kenny Omegrape goes into the cover on Azar Vulcan. The ref counts 1…………….2……KICK OUT by Azar Vulcan!!]

JR-Kick out by Azar Vulcan.

Kris Gaffney-Isn’t this where King reminds us how good Azar is?

King-Aw, but who made him that good?

Kris Gaffney-…….

[Kenny Omegrape grabs Azar Vulcan, and he lifts him up, but Azar slides out of the back. Kenny Omegrape turns around right into the Money Maker!! Kenny goes down seemly out of it. Azar Vulcan goes into the cover on Kenny Omegrape. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………….2…………3!!]

JR-Just that quickly Azar Vulcan retains the TV championship!!

(We go backstage into a room where the 5 Lock Box Winners, Mickie James, Amy Dumas, Nikki Bella, Catherine Walker and Velvet Sky are assembled, each holding their Lock Boxs. Mickie speaks to the group.)

Mickie: So we're agreed..... we open the boxes one by one until we find out who has the Money in the Bank briefcase.... and then whoever has it cashes it in tonight IF Eva Marie retains against Catherine. And we make damn sure one of us leaves here tonight with the belt, and not Eva.

(The other Divas look a bit uneasy, but they all nod in agreement.)

Mickie: OK.... well.... I guess it makes sense for you to go first Catherine, we need to know if you have two shots tonight or just one.

(Catherine opens up her lock box, and straight away we see the words "MONEY IN THE BANK" written on a contract. The others look disappointed, but Mickie smiles.)

Mickie: Well that was easy.... I guess one way or another.... you're leaving here with the belt.

.::"The Original Princess::.-O-M...*she gets a text*...the WWE app just told me that they are holding a vote about the catch....there so won't be...

(Catherine texts away we fade away from the scene.)

"Little V - Double Prelude & Battle Cry" begins playing through the PA Speakers, signifying the entrance of the young prodigy, The Reincarnated King, Arthur Miller. The fans wait in anticipation for Arthur to make his way past the curtain. When the prelude to the song finishes, Arthur makes his way onto the stage alongside Hoshi, with the fans cheering loudly for him. Arthur is looking directly at the ring with a determined look in his eyes. Hoshi looks over at Arthur before looking at the ring, ready to guide him to victory tonight. Arthur Miller begins making his way to the ring with Hoshi making sure to stay by his side while he walks down the rampway. When he makes his way fully down the ramp, he looks around at the cheering fans, ready to give them the show of a lifetime as soon as he makes his way through the ropes. Arthur climbs up onto the aprons before looking back at Hoshi, who gives him a nod before going over to their corner. Arthur goes through the middle ropes, going over to the center of the squared circle where he points a finger gun at the crowd. He then flexes his massive bicep muscle, kissing it before going over to his corner to start the match.

JR-Arthur Miller has looked promising thus far.

King-We’ll see what he can do in this match.

Kris Gaffney-This is a big stage.

On the tron it shows an open field with a sign that just says "SV" and "I'm Back" plays on the speakers. The scene on the tron changes and it shows Killer Tschida's face complete with sunglasses. The words "EFEDERATION LEGEND, KILLER TSCHIDA!" show up on the tron. Killer Tschida then shows up in the aisle and he points his fist to the ring then he throws his fist up and back as pyro goes off.

JR-This should be a test for Killer Tschida.

King-He’s a legend though JR.

Kris Gaffney-No pressure Killer.

(From the back shirtless, jean shorts, work boots, and an American Flag cape on walks Mr. President “Jim Vice!” He stands at the top of the stage with a cold Mericaweiser in his hand. He cracks it open and quickly downs the cold brew and tosses the empty can into the stands. He beats his chest and then from the back slowly, methodically walks GOAT. GOAT hands Jim another Mericaweiser and he quickly downs it before tossing it to the stands again. The two smash their forearms. Jim begins his aggressive walk down the ramp as the crowd begins to erupt in “MERICA, FUCK YEA!” chants. Slower, more methodically walks GOAT, motionless on his face.)

Beautiful female announcer: “Ladies and Gentelmen. It is my pleasure to introduce to you. They are at a combined weight of 487 pounds of raw American greatness! One standing 6’2”, the other 6’1”. GOAT! Mr. President, Dr. JIM VICE! Welcome to the ring, TEAM AMERICA!”

JR-This is Jim Vice’s first, First Blood.

King-Fuck yeah?

Kris Gaffney-Guess it depends how it goes.

[Killer Tschida talks trash to Arthur Miller. Killer Tschida ducks under a fist to the face. Arthur Miller drops him with a belly to back suplex that puts him down on the mat. Arthur Miller crashes down on the mat. Killer Tschida gets up to his feet, and Killer Tschida gets up to his feet. Jim Vice attempts to attempt to take advantage. Killer Tschida is able to counter this with a back body drop that sends him flying over the top rope, and he crashes down on the mat around ring side. Killer Tschida gets hooked with a full nelson by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller is able to counter with a snap mare. Arthur Miller gets up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet, Arthur Miller gets blasted with a Killer Kick. Arthur Miller seems out of it. Killer Tschida goes into the cover on Arthur Miller. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1……………….2……………Jim Vice reaches into the ring, and he grabs a hold of Killer Tschida’s leg, and he pulls him off of the cover, thus breaking the count.]

JR-Killer Tschida might have had it there had Jim Vice not saved the match.

King-It’s almost like the third guy changes things.

Kris Gaffney-No matter what you think of him personally even!

[Jim Vice grabs Killer Tschida and he connects with a short arm clothesline that puts him down on the mat. Jim Vice grabs Killer Tschida and he runs towards the ring steps. Jim Vice throws him hard into the ring steps, and he hits hard into the steel steps back first. Jim Vice takes a few moments to rest up, and he runs at Killer Tschida. Killer moves out of the way, and he kicks off of the top of the steps. Jim Vice turns around, and he see’s Killer Tschida running at him, and Jim Vice counters with a back body drop that sends him flying into the steel steps. Jim Vice pulls up Killer Tschida, and he connects with a piledriver on the base of the steps.]

JR-Jim Vice might be able to end the match there, but then again he does need to watch out for Arthur Miller.

King-That’s a good point.

[Jim Vice gets on the apron, but he gets turned around by Arthur Miller, and he gets dropped with a hang man. Arthur Miller brings in Jim Vice over the top rope. Jim Vice is slow to get up to his feet, and Arthur Miller hits a quick back breaker. Arthur Miller goes into the cover on Jim Vice, the ref counts 1……………2………….KICK OUT by Jim Vice!!]

JR-Kick out by Jim Vice.

King-He did that for USA.

Kris Gaffney-U-S-A!! U-S-A!! In your face!!

[Arthur Miller gets waist locked by Killer Tschida. Miller connects with an elbow to the face. Killer staggers backwards. Miller runs at Killer, Killer drives down Miller down to the mat with a quick arm bar, and he locks in the Tschida lock!! Miller tries to fight it, but after a while of fighting it he finally has to tap out!! Killer Tschida WINS VIA SUBMISSION.]

JR-Just like that Killer Tschida gets the victory.

King-I knew that was going to happen.

("Boss It" plays over the PA System and out comes Doudrop, using the theme of the Women's Champion, Eva Marie. She is accompanied to the ring by Becky Bayless but the champion is not there.)

JR: Doudrop attacked Laura Cena during a 6 Diva Tag match, and seemingly Laura took that personally enough to challenge Doudrop tonight instead of competing with Mickie James earlier.

King: She may have bitten off more than she can chew....

Kris: Well, we haven't seen Doudrop wrestle yet, but she sure looks intimidating.

("Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Miley Cyrus plays over the PA System next and out comes Laura Cena to cheers from the crowd. She locks eyes with Doudrop as she heads down to the ring.)

JR: Laura Cena has had a lot of success over the years, and she's never lost at First Blood.

King: That could be in serious danger tonight.

Kris: Cena's don't lose when it matters... she'll be fine.

(The bell rings and the match is underway. Doudrop charges straight at Laura, but Laura connects with a superkick immediately. Doudrop no sells this completely and then nearly takes Laura's head off with a clothesline. Laura kips up but walks into another clothesline. And then another. Laura stays down this time and Doudrop stands over her and then nails a standing splash. She hooks the leg for 1...... kick out by Laura! Doudrop smirks and picks Laura up. She thows Laura into the turnbuckle and then runs at her and goes for another clothesline, but Laura connects with a hard elbow which staggers Doudrop. Laura vaults to the top rope and then leaps off but Doudrop catches her in midair and then drills her down with a Northern Lights Suplex. Doudrop stands over her tauning as Becky cheers her on.)

JR: This reminds me of when Laura went up against her sister....

King: Laura's sister can do a Northern Lights Suplex?

Kris: No, but that's probably the last time Laura faced this level of challenge.

(Doudrop runs and hits a running Senton on Laura. Laura is clearly struggling. Doudrop hurls her back into the corner, and this time Laura falls to a seated position. Doudrop smirks and then hitches up her singlet a bit and goes over and hits a Stinkface on Laura Cena. Laura struggles as Doudrop mocks her. Eventually Laura is able to kick Doudrop hard enough to cause her to stumble away. Laura vaults to her feet, clearly feeling the effects of the beat down, and runs as Doudrop turns and nails her with a SPEAR! Doudrop stumbles but stays on her feet. Laura looks for another spear, but Doudrop grabs her, scoops her up and nails a body slam. Doudrop hooks the leg again for 1..... 2..... kick out! Doudrop smirks and then taunts like she's going to end the match.)

JR: Doudrop has barely broken a sweat.... and the former champion seems to be on the ropes.

King: Eva Marie sure picked a good body guard....

Kris: That might be the only thing that stops Doudrop winning the title from her....

(Doudrop is toying with Laura and picks her up, mocking her. Laura clenches her fist, and then punches Doudrop hard in the breast. Normally this would take an opponent down to allow Laura to complete the Double Fist, but Doudrop stumbles and doesn't go down. Laura sense this opening though and continues to hit punch after punch and when Doudrop still stays on her feet, Laura kicks her in the midsection. She grabs Doudrop and tries to hoist her up onto her shoulders, but she can't quite do it, and Doudrop drops to the mat on her feet and scoops Laura up, and then plants her down with the Michinoku Driver! Doudrop hooks the leg for 1...... 2...................... KICK OUT at the last moment by Laura. Doudrop looks stunned but tries to keep her composure. She picks Laura up again and scoops her up. Laura hammers away with some shots to the midsection while Doudrop is holding her, and this causes Doudrop to struggle to keep Laura in place. Laura then wraps her legs around Doudrop's head, and counters into a hurricanrana which sends Doudrop flying and she collides with the turnbuckle. Laura stumbles to her feet and measures Doudrop and then runs and hits another SPEAR.... this time knocking Doudrop off her feet. Laura takes a while to get to her feet, by which time, Doudrop has basically got back to hers as well. Laura grabs hold of Doudrop's foot before she can steady herself, and takes her down with a Drop Toe Hold. Laura transitions into the WT..... H and holds on for dear life. Doudrop shouts out in pain and tries to reach the ropes, but she can't quite get there. Doudrop looks like she's going to tap out.... but before she can Becky Bayless grabs her hand and stops her doing it. She shouts encouragement to Doudrop and then Doudrop digs deep and starts trying to use her free leg to get up. She's somehow able to power her way back to her one foot, and then she drops backwards onto the mat, landing on top of Laura with enough force to break the hold. Both women are clearly in pain and lay down on the mat.)

JR: It feels like Laura Cena shot her best shot, and it wasn't enough.

King: It might have been, if not for Becky....

Kris: She wouldn't have tapped.... she just needed some of that sweet interference that Becky can provide!

(Doudrop is first to her feet, and she grabs Laura and hurls her back into the turnbuckle. Laura lands in the seated position again, but this time Doudrop runs and nails a Canonball on Laura. Laura looks out of it, and Doudrop looks up at the top rope. She makes her way up to the top. She measures Laura, and then leaps off for a Frog Splash! But Laura gets her knees up! Doudrop stumbles and Laura kips up and then hoists Doudrop up onto her shoulders as the crowd cheer and she very quickly drops her with the Royally Screwed! Laura basically collapses onto Doudrop and the referee counts 1...... 2.......... 3!)


King: Doudrop bought the fight to Laura.... but that one misstep cost her big time.

Kris: I'm sure Laura won't be in a rush to want to face her again....

(Doudrop is quickly back to her feet and is arguing with the referee that she kicked out, but the referee is having none of it. Laura gets to her feet, and Doudrop looks at her, and then scoops her up and hits another Michinoku Driver. Becky Bayless slides into the ring and the pair of them are shouting down at Laura while standing over her as we fade away).

(“Cult of Personality” blasts on the PA system. CM Punk walks out on the stage, and yells “it’s clobbering time”. CM Punk walks towards the ring and he steps inside of the ring.)

JR-CM Punk is looking to become IC champion once again.

King-That would make up for an up and down year.

Kris Gaffney-Guess it beats a completely down one though.

Lights flash through the arena as "One and Only" by CFO$ hits.)


(From the back steps Ricochet wearing a jean hooded vest opened up, his wrestling trunks, knee pads, wrestling boots and taped up wrists. He’s sort of dancing as he walks to the center of the ramp and looks out to the crowd, slowly. He adjusts his vest and begins his decent down the rampway, confidently as he looks out towards the crowd. Once beside the ring, he quickly comes up onto the ring apron, spins on his knee and stands up so he is facing the crowd. He pulls his hood off, points out to the crowd, turns and grabs ahold of the top rope as he easily leaps up over, flipping and corkscrewing over the top rope and twirling once he hits the mat with his arms out wide. He quickly climbs the turnbuckle, points to the crowd once more, then holds his hand low and slowly raises it high into the sky. He leaps off of the turnbuckle, sprints to the opposite side and repeats. He flips off of the turnbuckle, tosses his vest off and then makes his way to his corner for his match to begin.)

JR-This should be a very entertaining match.

King-With how many chances that Ricochet will take…I get the feeling I will hate it.

Kris Gaffney-Probably.

[CM Punk and Ricochet throw forearm shots to the face, neither backing down Ricochet blocks one with a leg, and he goes for a jumping kick to the head, CM Punk ducks under, and he goes for a kick to the head. Ricochet is able to duck under, and he pushes him to the ropes, Ricochet connects with a drop sault. CM Punk is slow to get up to his feet, and Ricochet jumps in the air, and he connects with a hurricananrana that sends him flying into the top rope, and he staggers out of the corner. Ricochet hits a kick to the gut, and he drops him with a DDT. Ricochet goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope, and he jumps off of the top rope, and he connects with a diving corkscrew moonsault. Ricochet goes into the cover on CM Punk. The ref goes into position to make the count, the ref counts 1…………..2…………CM Punk is able to kick out, CM Punk rolls under the ring, and he climbs up to his feet with the help of the ropes, and once he gets up to his feet he is using the ropes to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. CM Punk is still dazed so Ricochet tries to use this as his advantage, but it was a trap. CM Punk hits a hang man Ricochet stumbles backwards in pain, and Ricochet is dazed. CM Punk sling shots himself up to the top rope, and he goes for a flying clothesline, but Ricochet ducks under. CM Punk turns around, and he gets hit with a jumping knee strike. Ricochet hooks him, and he drops him with a double under hook back breaker!!]

JR-CM Punk seemed to create an opening, but it didn’t quite work for him.

King-Guess he didn’t plan that out all the way.

Kris Gaffney-Only way to do everything.

King-And that’s why you had your wrestling career!

[Ricochet goes into the cover on CM Punk, the ref counts 1………………2…………..KICK OUT by CM Punk. Ricochet goes to the outside of the ring, and he climbs up to the top rope, CM Punk is able to get up to his feet, and he hits a super arm bar that sends him flying down on the mat. Both Ricochet and CM Punk are down. Soon Ricochet gets up in the corner, CM Punk runs at Ricochet, and he connects with a running knee to the face, and he turns around, and connects with a running bulldog out of the corner on Ricochet.]

JR-CM Punk might have him where he wants him.

King-First he has to capitalize.

Kris Gaffney-Not like he capitalized on the ice cream bar market like he said he was going to…

[CM Punk picks up Ricochet, and he lifts him up for the GTS, but Ricochet counters with a hurricanarana that sends CM Punk face first into the top turnbuckle. Ricochet lifts up CM Punk and he drops him in the vertigo!! From there Ricochet hooks CM Punk into a pin. The ref goes into position. The ref counts 1……………2………….3!!]

JR-With an excellent counter, Ricochet gets the victory.

(The EMF logo flashes on the screen.)

(We open up in the darken arena as pyrotechnics blasts on the stage. The lights turn on as fans yell and wave their signs. The camera’s get a few shots of the crowd. After taking a few shots to the crowd. Before we get a zoomed out shot to display the location information. We get one more shot of the crowd as the commentators begin to speak.)

JR-Adam Cole is coming off a victory over Connor Wicklow.

King-As much as he must see that as a positive, it probably took a lot out of him.

Kris Gaffney-We’ll see what he can do with it.

(Lights go black and then Twilight of the Thunder God, by Amon Amarth, blasts over the loudspeakers and the crowd erupts. Lights begin to flash Red, White, and Blue as sparks fly down from the ceiling. The camera focuses up to the stands as halfway up steps Jackson Gunner out into the fans while holding his Extreme Championship strap with the rest of it draped over the back of his shoulder. The fans erupt as they spot Jackson. He beats his chest with a yell and tosses his hands up into the air crossing his arms in an X formation. Gunner begins walking down the stairs slowly toward the ring as he slaps hands with the fans on his way.)

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman. On his way to the ring, fighting out of Honolulu Hawaii. Standing 6’4” weighing in at 250 pounds. He is the Extreme Measures Federation Extreme Champion, JACKSON “KOA KOA” GUNNER!

JR-This isn’t the first time that a Gunner has wrestled at First Blood, but it is the first time Jackson Gunner has wrestled here.

King-I’d say that’s interesting…but we literally have Catherine Walker and Laura Cena on this same card.

Kris Gaffney-Good point.

[Jackson Gunner and Adam Cole stand in the middle of the ring. They stare down, and the bell rings, and Adam Cole hits a low blow. Jackson Gunner is in a lot of pain with this being a hardcore match there can’t be anything done. Adam Cole runs to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes, but Jackson Gunner surprises him with a flying knee to the face. Adam Cole goes down holding his face, and Jackson Gunner gets under Adam Cole, and he lifts him up, and he drives him backwards. He hits hard into the corner. Jackson Gunner hits a shoulder block in the corner, Jackson Gunner grabs Adam Cole and he hooks him into a hip toss, and he throws him across the ring, and he crashes hard into the mat. Adam Cole is slow to get up to his feet. Jackson Gunner lifts him up, and he drops him with an inverted atomic drop. Jackson Gunner runs towards the ropes, and he spring boards off of the second rope, and he twists through the air, and he connects with a spring board cross body block. Jackson Gunner hooks the leg of Adam Cole. The ref goes into position to make the count, the ref counts 1……………2……..KICK OUT by Adam Cole. Jackson Gunner takes a few moments to rest up, and consider what he is going to do next. Adam Cole gets picked up by Jackson Gunner, Adam Cole counters with a jaw breaker. Adam Cole goes for a super kick. Jackson Gunner ducks under. Jackson Gunner kicks him in the gut, and he drops him with a double arm DDT.]

JR-Jackson Gunner might have it here.

King-Maybe, but then again this is Adam Cole.

Kris Gaffney-Even though he had a tough match up earlier.

[Adam Cole rolls out of the ring under the ropes. Adam Cole takes a few moments to rest up. Adam Cole gets to grab his hair, and he brings him up, but Adam Cole is able to counter with a hang man, and he connects with a hang man. Jackson Gunner gets hooked with a hip toss that sends him over the top rope, and he sends him flying over the top rope, and he crashes into the mat around ring side. Adam Cole jumps down, but it seems like he’s taking too many moves at this time so he needs to rest up. Jackson Gunner gets up, and he goes towards Adam Cole. But Adam Cole comes out of no where with a Singapore cane and he connects with a cane shot to the head. Jackson Gunner is dazed, and Adam Cole grabs him by the hair, and he throws him hard into the ring steps. Jackson Gunner hits into the ring steps hard back first. Adam Cole takes a few moments to rest up. Adam Cole grabs a camera cable, and he wraps it around the throat of Jackson Gunner, the ref tries to get him to stop, but he only stops when he feels like it. Adam Cole waits for Jackson Gunner to get up to his feet, Adam Cole throws Jackson Gunner in the ring. Adam Cole slides into the ring, and he waits for Jackson Gunner to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Adam Cole hits a fist to the face, and he hits another one. Jackson Gunner falls back to the ropes, Adam Cole tries to whip Jackson Gunner to the ropes, but it’s reversed by Jackson Gunner. Gunner goes for a wild clothesline, but Cole ducks under. Jackson Gunner turns around, and Adam Cole blasts him with a super kick that puts down Jackson Gunner.]

JR-Adam Cole connects with the super kick.

King-Somehow he’s been waiting for that moment for a while.

Kris Gaffney-With good reason, who doesn’t like to do the super kick these days.

[Adam Cole goes to the outside of the ring, and he grabs a table, and he sets it up near a corner. Adam Cole waits as Jackson Gunner tries to get up, and Adam Cole hits a low blow. Jackson Gunner goes down to his knee’s in pain. Adam Cole goes for the Final Shot, but Jackson Gunner ducks under. He pushes him forward, Adam Cole goes into the ref. Jackson Gunner checks on the ref. Adam Cole takes advantage, and he hits a super kick that makes Jackson Gunner fall into the corner. Adam Cole hits a hard fist to the face. Adam Cole brings Jackson Gunner to the top rope. Adam Cole picks him up in the corner, Adam Cole climbs up, and he hooks him, and he jumps off, and Adam Cole and Jackson Gunner go through the table with a super plex!! Both lie in the wreckage obviously feeling the effects of the move. Adam Cole kicks up, and tries to float into the cover, but Jackson Gunner sensing this, does the same thing, and at the same time both wrestlers legs hook each other. The ref counts 1………….2……….3!!]

JR-The ref…counted someone down.

[The ref sits there for a few moments as both wrestlers are feeling the effects of the move. Finally Adam Cole rolls out of the ring, and he grabs a microphone and the title belt.]

Adam Cole-and NEW Extreme champion…ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!

(Adam Cole walks up the ramp with the championship, just before he disappears Howard Finkel talks.)

Howard Finkel-Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention. The referee has just informed me he counted down both wrestlers shoulders. Therefore this match…is a draw. Therefore, STILL Extreme champion…Jackson Gunner!!

(the ref takes the Extreme championship away and he brings it to the ring. Adam Cole is arguing with the ref all the way down to the ring. Suddenly “Iron Man” blasts on the PA system. Prez Mike walks on the stage.)

.::Prez Mike::.-Draw? No…..not at First Blood….that’s why I’m restarting this match right now, ring the bell!!

[Adam Cole is still yelling at the ref about thinking he should be champion right now. Adam Cole finally gets his head in the game as Jackson Gunner is trying to pull himself off of the mat. Adam Cole tries to pull him up to his knee’s for the Final shot Jackson Gunner reaches up, and he captures Adam Cole into a small package pinning combination. The ref counts 1……………2……………3!!]

King-That wasn’t fair. Adam Cole clearly won the championship!

JR-Says what King?

("How Strong Do You Think I Am" plays over the PA System and out comes Catherine Walker ahead of her championship match.)

JR: Catherine is finally getting her rematch.... and on the grandest stage.

King: Some would say she never should have lost the belt in the first place.

Eddie: Me and my monkeys agree!

("Boss It" plays next and out comes the EMF Women's Champion, Eva Marie. She has the belt over her shoulder and is flanked by both Doudrop and Becky Bayless. The three of them make their way down the ramp.)

JR: Eva has been champion for some time, but we're yet to really see what she can do....

King: I hear she is the best wrestler in the world, she just doesn't want to share it with anyone else.

Eddie: If she was that good, she would have monkeys named after her...

(The bell rings and the match is underway. Catherine charges at Eva, but Eva quickly grabs hold of the top rope, and the referee then gets between them. Eva motions for Catherine to back off, and then she screams out in pain. She starts yelling that she broke a nail. Doudrop and Becky look concerned and Eva slides to the outside and the pair of them check on her. Eva starts shaking her head and says they need to leave, she won't compete under these circumstances. The crowd boo as Eva, Doudrop and Becky start to head up the ramp with Doudrop and Becky pretending to be legitimately concerned about Eva. The referee begins to count Eva out. As Eva gets to the top of the ramp, the crowd cheers as Mickie James, Amy Dumas, Nikki Bella and Velvet Sky appear at the top, blocking her path. Doudrop and Becky run at them and a brawl breaks out. While she's distracted, Catherine slides out of the ring and grabs Eva and tries to throw her into the ring, but Eva dives under it, and crawls away. Catherine dives under it to follow her and grabs Eva, kicking and screaming, and pulls her out from under the ring. Eva kicks Catherine away and the referee reaches a 10 count and throws the match out as a Double Count Out.)

JR: Son of a bitch.... she managed to stall long enough and the match is over.

King: Too right! She shouldn't have to compete in these conditions.

Eddie: Catherine's Vagina will not be pleased the match didn't really happen....

(We see that the divas who were on the ramp have all brawled backstage, apart from Mickie James. As Eva tries to run up the ramp, Mickie connects with the Mick Kick. Eva goes down like she's been shot and Mickie throws her into the ring. Catherine grabs her Money in the Bank Contract and hands it to the referee. He goes straight over and cashes it in, and Catherine has another title shot. Catherine wastes no time climbing to the top rope. She leaps off and nails the OMG on Eva Marie. The crowd are going wild as Catherine Walker hooks the leg for 1..... 2..... 3!)

JR: SHE'S DONE IT! She needed to cash in the contract.... but she gets her revenge!

Eddie: YES! It's time to party with Catherine's Vagina!

King: You know how weird that sounds.... right?

(Catherine is handed the championship and her music plays, but it's cut off suddenly by Eva who has rolled out of the ring, overselling the moves she's taken and clutching a microphone.)

Eva Marie: Don't celebrate too fast. Did you really think I was going to give any of the sluts in that Lock Box match a Money in the Bank contract? Read it again..... Princess... and then get your damn paws off my championship!

(The referee takes the contract back, and he and Catherine read it, and her face drops.)

Eva Marie: That's right.... you got Money in the Bank bitch..... $10! Ten whole dollars going into your bank! Don't spend it all at once! Oh and by the way... your real "prize" is inside the smaller lock box.... You're going to love that when you open it, but you better believe me when I tell you... none of the boxes are giving ANYONE a shot at my title! Now GIVE IT BACK!

(The referee apologises but takes the championship from Catherine and Eva gets up on the apron and snatches it straight from him. She heads up the ramp and raises the title above her head to a chorus of boos. Catherine looks upset in the ring as she watches Eva leave with the gold.)

(“Radio” blasts on the PA system. Zack Ryder walks out on the stage with his web camera, and he enters the chamber.)

JR-Ryder is a veteran of many First Bloods.

King-Yet he still doesn’t want to share his web footage.

Kris Gaffney-I get a feeling we’d just be disappointed.

Ricky comes onto the ramp with a huge grin, accompanied by Miss Meadows and a pair of nameless showgirls. On occasion, he will toss commemorative casino chips into the crowd. Once arriving at the ring, Miss Meadows will instruct the showgirls to wait backstage.

JR-Ricky Vegas is looking to get a victory in his home state.

King-Miss Meadows would approve.

Kris Gaffney-She would…

("Bring It Down" begins to blast through the PA speakers, signifying the entrance of the man that just betrayed Roman Reigns at Cold Day in Hell. The fans immediately start booing loud enough for a man to go deaf, Will Ospreay steps out onto the stage wearing his green coat, looking out at the fans in disgust before starting to make his way towards the ring. Ospreay stops midway on the ramp, spotting a fan holding a sign that says "Ospreay Fears Roman!" in the front row. Ospreay takes the sign away from the fan, proceeding to rip it in half, smirking after the job's done. The fan begins to flip Ospreay off, which only manages to please Ospreay more before he continues making his way to the ring. Will Ospreay slowly makes his way up the steel stairs, making sure to take a long time just to annoy the fans even more. Ospreay turns towards the fans when he's on the apron, looking out at the crowd that has a murderous presence right now. Will Ospreay steps through the middle ropes, going to the center of the ring where he outstretches his arms with his palms facing upwards. He slowly spins around, letting the crowd know that they are currently in the presence of a god. Ospreay goes into his respective corner afterwards to start the match.)

JR-Will Ospreay was able to get a win over the Wretched Nobody, that’s why he’s here.

King-He probably is going to wish he wasn’t though.

The sound of a revolver being loaded stuns the crowd. Instantly the lights drop, plunging the arena into total darkness. Suddenly “Get the strap” by 6ix9ine & 50 Cent blares out over the speakers and the reaction is mixed. The first 12-13 seconds play with no sign of Wade until “Grr grr Go get the strap” bellows out. Wade strolls out calmly to the ring announcement. Not bothered by the cheers and jeers from the crowd, Wade pays little attention as he narrows in on the ring before sliding under the bottom rope. Removing his jacket and tee in the centre of the ring he stands ready for his opponent.

JR-The World Champion is going to have a hard time retaining.

King-Still it’s not impossible.

Kris Gaffney-Someone does need to win after all.

(“Game on” blasts on the PA system. Tony Ikeda walks out on the stage, and he enters the elimination chamber.)

We hear the gentle sounds of a music box eerily creep throughout the arena growing more ominous, as Lux Aeterna Tenebrosi Stellata plays.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen…. Brace yourselves!

Smoke crawls across the canvas surrounding everyone in the ring, at ringside and the front row of the audience. Grace walks out into the middle of the stage smiling ear to ear as the arena lights flicker again, through the strobe we see The Wretched Nobody appear from nowhere.

Ring Announcer: Making her way down the aisle the lovely, and loathsome Morose Rose - Miss Macabre, herself, Grace Brutal! Her Dark Star hails from The Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Salem Massachusetts and at Six Foot Eleven inches tall – at Four Hundred and Twenty Pounds he is… the Five Time EMF Heavyweight Champion of the Woooooorld! THE WRETCHED NOBODY!

Nobody slithers under the bottom rope, and slides back sitting in the corner. Nobody reaches for the top rope and pulls himself back to his feet. He rolls his neck and glares hard at the floor as he rocks from side to side in his corner.

JR-Tony Ikeda and the Wretched Nobody have had quite the feud recently.

King-It’s made Grace crazy for sure.

Kris Gaffney-As well as censors.

[The two rivals Tony Ikeda and The Wretched Nobody stand in the middle of the ring staring down as the bell rings. The two start to throw fists to the face, despite being out matched in power. Tony Ikeda is able to hold his ground against the monster. The Wretched Nobody getting frustrated hits a knee lift to break the exchange. The Wretched Nobody runs to the ropes, and he bounces off of the ropes. Tony Ikeda answers with a drop kick that knocks the Wretched Nobody falls backwards. He staggers backwards. Tony Ikeda hits a kick to the gut, and he drops him with a DDT. Tony Ikeda goes into the cover on the Wretched Nobody. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………….2……the Wretched Nobody powers out throwing Tony Ikeda flying through the air.]

JR-At this point, this probably doesn’t shock Tony.

King-Doesn’t shock him, but probably still isn’t a fan.

Kris Gaffney-Probably not.

[Tony Ikeda measures up on the Wretched Nobody who is getting up near the ropes, Tony Ikeda runs at The Wretched Nobody, but the Wretched Nobody is able to counter with a back body drop that sends Tony Ikeda flying over the top rope, and he crashes hard into the steel around ring side. The Wretched Nobody grabs Tony Ikeda, and he runs towards the side of the cage, and as that is going on the count has already started…5….4….3….2….1. William Ospreay comes into the ring, and Will Ospreay runs towards the Wretched Nobody and he connects with a fists to the face. The Wretched Nobody throws a wild fist, and Will Ospreay connects with an ezuguri to the side of the head. The Wretched Nobody staggers around. Will Ospreay goes to the nearest turnbuckle, and he climbs up to the top rope, and he jumps off, but the Wretched Nobody takes him out of the air with a trephination. Tony Ikeda sneaks up on Wretch and drops him with a full nelson slam on the hard steel floor. Tony Ikeda goes into the cover on Will Ospreay. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………2…………3!! WILL OSPREAY IS ELIMINATED!!]

JR-Will Ospreay tried to come in and strike quickly, but it left him open for a big move.

King-I’m certain that went better in his head.

Kris Gaffney-Almost certain.

[Tony Ikeda waits for the Wretched Nobody to get up to his feet, and once he gets up to his feet. Tony Ikeda hooks him for a full nelson suplex, but the Wretched Nobody fights out of it. Tony Ikeda falls into the ropes. The Wretched Nobody goes for the trephination, but Tony Ikeda ducks it, Wretch is caught on the ropes, and Tony Ikeda rolls up The Wretched Nobody with a school boy. The ref counts 1……………2………….3!! THE WRETCHED NOBODY IS ELIMINATED. Tony Ikeda and the Wretched Nobody get up, but the Wretched Nobody flattens Tony with the trephination. Wretch leaves as Tony is still out. Time goes on, and the next competitor to enter the chamber enters. It’s Wade Flow. Wade Flow steps inside of the ring and he see’s Tony trying to pull himself up, Wade Flow measures up on Tony, and Wade Flow runs towards Tony Ikeda, and he connects with the flow stopper. Tony Ikeda seems out of it. Wade Flow goes into the cover on Tony Ikeda. The ref counts 1…………….2……….3!! TONY IKEDA IS ELIMINATED!!]

JR-Tony Ikeda had no chance after being hit with the trephination.

King- Kimberly Walker isn’t going to like this.

Kris Gaffney-She does hate being ripped off.

[The next competitor is let out of their chamber, it’s Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder and Wade Flow throw fists to the face, Wade Flow ducks under one of the fists, and he runs to the ropes. Zack Ryder connects with a drop kick which makes Wade Flow stumble backwards. Zack Ryder runs at Wade Flow, but Wade Flow counters with a hot shot into the ropes. Zack Ryder stumbles out of the ropes, and Wade Flow connects with the code breaker. Zack Ryder seems out of it. Wade Flow goes into the cover on Zack Ryder. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………….2…KICK OUT by Zack Ryder. Wade Flow hits a few punches to the downed Zack Ryder.]

JR-Zack Ryder might be in trouble here.

King-Maybe he shouldn’t have run in against Wade Flow.

Kris Gaffney-It’s Zack Ryder, he probably doesn’t regret anything.

[Zack Ryder gets picked up by Wade Flow, and he gets whipped to the ropes, and Wade Flow tries to lift him up for a spine buster, but Zack Ryder is able to hit a few elbows to the shoulder as he gets up, and he is able to counter with a DDT. The count down starts….Zack Ryder runs towards the corner as Wade Flow is in the corner. He connects with a running clothesline in the corner, and he stumbles around. Wade Flow falls into the corner, and Wade Flow falls down on the mat into a seated position. Zack Ryder looks around, and see’s Ricky Vegas out of his pod in the chamber, but it seems like he doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush. Zack Ryder fists pumps Woo! Woo! Woo! Zack Ryder runs towards Wade Flow. He connects with the Broski boot to the side of the face that almost makes Flow fall out of the ropes.]

JR-Ricky Vegas seemly learned from Zack Ryder however.

King-I knew there was a reason I liked Ricky Vegas.

[Zack Ryder pulls Wade Flow out of the corner, and then he turns around right into a full house by Ricky Vegas. Ricky Vegas goes into the cover on Wade Flow. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1………..2….KICK OUT by Wade Flow. Ricky Vegas gets up and he sees Zack Ryder in the corner, Ricky Vegas runs towards the corner, but Zack Ryder gets hit boot up. Ricky Vegas staggers backwards. Zack Ryder measures up on Ricky Vegas, and he goes for the Rough Ryder, but Ricky Vegas is able to block it. Zack Ryder hits a few fists to the head Ricky Vegas lets Zack Ryder fall out of the back. Wade Flow comes into the picture. Ricky Vegas ducks under a flow stopper, but it connects with Zack Ryder. Ricky Vegas throws Wade Flow out of the ring. Ricky Vegas goes into the cover on Zack Ryder. The ref goes into position to make the count. The ref counts 1…………2…………3!! ZACK RYDER IS ELIMINATED!!]

JR-It’s down to Ricky Vegas and Wade Flow.

King-I like those odd’s *places a bet*

Kris Gaffney-We are in the right state for that.

[Wade Flow seems to be ready to attack Ricky Vegas. Ricky Vegas ducks under, and Wade Flow turns around and he connects with a jab (ONE), another jab (TWO), another jab (THREE), another jab (FOUR), another jab (FIVE), another jab (SIX). Ricky Vegas backs up, and he connects hard fist to the face that knocks him down on the mat. Wade Flow rolls under the ropes, and he grabs Wade Flow, and he throws him hard into the cage side. Wade Flow falls backwards into the ring. Ricky Vegas waits for Wade Flow to get up to his feet. Ricky Vegas hits a body slam…Ricky Vegas picks up Wade Flow, and he drops him with another body slam. Ricky Vegas picks him up, and he goes for another body slam. But Wade Flow fights out of it. Ricky Vegas turns around into a Flow stopper. Ricky Vegas goes down on the mat. Wade Flow goes into the cover on Ricky Vegas. The ref counts 1…………..2………3!! RICKY VEGAS IS ELIMINATED!! Wade Flow wins the match!!]

JR-Through it all, the world champion walks in the chamber as champion and walks out as champion.

King- And that’s who I totally bet on…if you excuse me for a second…

Kris Gaffney-Somehow I think he’s lying..

(Wade Flow holds up the World Championship as pryrotechnics blasts on the stage as First Blood goes off the air.)